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Fast life, great travel car!

I went to originally buy a SUV and did not like the choices offered my sales rep suggested I test drive the VW CC sport at first I was skeptical because it was a car but just sitting in it you don't feel like your sitting low to the ground it's very comfortable I have only had this car for 6 months but I'm already in love trips (which I take a lot of) are very gas saving I get almost 500 miles to gallon on how heavy miles however driving city miles not so great though because of the turbo and my heavy foot I fill my tank about 2 a week and Im only 8 miles from work home commute... also a few electrical issues like the doors and radio this was a used car when I bought so it could just be from previous owner.

- Rose R

The amazing 2014 Volkswagens cc, a car for those looking for excitement.

My vehicle is amazing, from the sporty look, beautiful stitched leather seats, turning headlights, lighting on the side mirrors for night visibility to the 2. 0 t power, what more can I ask for. The sound quality of the phone, Bluetooth and satellite capabilities sounds crisp and vibrant. The multiple dash indicators from low tire pressure to speed limit notifications makes the drive ability that much better.

- Clint A

My favorite car ever: sassy, blue, and fast

The CC is sleek and stylish as well as practical for our family. The interior feels like high end luxury with fine leather, electronics, sound system, heated seats, and navigation. The CC handles beautifully and is exceptionally fun on curvy mountain roads. We have had no problems with our CC; only having to perform routine maintenance.

- Rachel B

Still performs like it is brand new.

The car performs well and holds up well. It still feels brand new and I never have any problems with performance or tech in the car. Everything works. It is expensive and timely to fix if you ever have an accident though, as all parts are made in Germany and shipped over. It is a small price to pay for a well made vehicle though.

- Alexandra D

The Volkswagen cc, perfect for me and my family.

My Volkswagen cc is the most amazing, luxury and comfortable vehicle that I have ever had. It is completely reliable, my daughter love it in the back seat, it is so spacious and with all the these features that she and I both love. The cc is so stable on the road, so soft to drive and so fast, I just love it!

- Maria O

It has dual suspension for a smoother ride.

It's performance is well. There is very little bad with the car. German engineering at its best. Only problem is the malfunction with the sensors. They came on one day and never went back off. It doesn't affect driving it though. I would recommend it to anyone that love foreign automobiles.

- Shay J

Positive views of Volkswagen CC

My Volkswagen CC is such a fun vehicle to drive. The seats are adjustable. The headlights are really cool when you turn on the car. The back seat has so much leg room. The gas is very sufficient. The trunk has so much space that you cannot believe. Overall I have no complaints.

- Karen F

Not a family car minor electrical issues otherwise runs great!

The car has bucket seats in back and we have 15 month old twins and this makes it difficult for car seats to fit properly otherwise the performance is good drives well good on gas however it does short out electrically the windows and the trunk we have had issues with.

- Nicole J

The CC is overall a good car, reliable, fun, and stylish.

I bought this car in 2015 brand new. Had a few small manufacturing issues with the frameless windows. Has had a few recalls, but overall really has been a reliable fun vehicle. Small issues would be some of the fit finish on the dash squeaks over time/rattle.

- Brandon J

The All Wheel Drive is a must in the Minnesota winters.

This is my first new car purchased. I love that it is very sporty and luxurious. My only complaint is that it is extremely difficult to clean the inside of the back window, because of the dramatically sleek, but very narrow slant toward the rear of the window.

- Tim L

The seats are very sporty and comfortable.

Electrical issues. But the very comfortable to drive. Has really luxurious features. My trunk has issues staying closed. I love the GPS. The reverse cam is elite. Drives smooth. Speakers works wonders. Feels like you're floating when driving on the freeway.

- Tyler K

It�s black, five seater, seat warmers, interior is Black and Tan,

Belt problem, it's reliable, the a/c went out and haven't got it fixed yet. It's the luxury version so it has swag warmers which is great in the winter. It's been a great vehicle and it hasn't let me down. I would definitely recommend purchasing one.

- Emerald A

How smart it is! These cars are very intelligent!

Recently purchased this vehicle, so far I am in love! I hope it does well on the snow during the winter. I was driving an AWD vehicle, this one is fwd.

- Lisa B

That it is paid for and maintenance free.

Secure, comfy, reliable, it does not consume much gas. Enough room for five persons with enough space in the trunk as well.

- Kevin K