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Easily the nicest car I have ever owned.

A compact, fun, hot hatch. I have had no real problems in three years of ownership. I have replaced the radiator under warranty, and had the manifold gasket replaced. I equipped the car with VW drivers gear springs, shocks, and sway bars, which really improved handling. Coupled with the manual transmission, this car is a blast to drive while also being convenient. I would recommend this car to anyone looking for a small, sporty, hot hatch.

- Eric B

Great ride, comfortable for short trips or long road trips. Has low mpg though.

Great little zippy car. It is runs great, I haven't had any issues with it. I am looking forward to modifying it. Has so many options available for modifications. Great for driving around town or long trips. I do wish mpg was a little higher for in town but it is a zippy car it uses a lot to get up and go.

- Samantha I

This is my third gti that I have owned.

Fun to drive and sharp looking car. It is a head turner, however, the repairs are extensive and expensive. I budget $1, 800-$2, 000 per year just for repairs, not including maintenance! That being said, no other car comes close to the performance and price that a gti offers, so I am happy with my car.

- Rodney C

Volkswagen GTI: The Ultimate Hot Hatch

Extremely reliable and well made piece of German engineering the interior is very well done unlike many American cars, for the price of the vehicle the performance is phenomenal and extremely welcoming to modifications it's extremely comfortable and very enjoyable on long trips

- Ismar T

Fun, fast and cute. Cost of ownership is the only drawback.

Expensive to own. Repairs are difficult and usually require dealership or European auto specialist. However, it is a fun car to drive and is very comfortable. The back seat is roomier than you might think and the 4 door model I have can comfortable fit 4 adults.

- Kirsten F

My car is a manual drive and is quite good with gas.

I love how compact my primary vehicle is. It is a very smooth drive and hasn't gave me any trouble on the road even when I drive long distance. The only downside is when I got the vehicle I learned the speakers didn't work properly in the back seat.

- Paul y

Keep up with maintenance of the vehicle. It can go beyond 200,000 miles.

I like this vehicle because it is small, saves gas and made with quality parts. What I dislike about the vehicle's blind spots. It is a very peppy car and likes to run. Great on the freeway!.

- Bryan R

I drive a manual vehicle and i get very good mileage

I love the speed of the vehicle and how easy it is to use the bluetooth. i do not like how the vehicle does not have a built in navigation system.

- katherine V

The major problem I have is the recalls from the VW corporate. Other than that, it's been very reliable. No issues that's not fixed for free from the recall. It's a sporty car so it's very powerful. Very reliable with the hatchback.

The hatchback is very important. Even though it's a small car, having able to put the seat down and fit large objects have been very useful.

- Maggie K

That they'll love it if they buy one.

It is fast comfortable and rides great. It looks great, the car feels very safe and like it was built well and with care.

- Mike M

Fun car to drive anywhere.

Drives very nice, some mechanical issues, burns oil. Comfortable seat and overall nice interior. Would buy another.

- Jarrett C

It is awesome and practical for everyday use.

Fun, fast and good fuel economy. The build quality is amazing. It also cruises at 120 mph like you are doing 60.

- Kris P

It's the original hot hatchback

I like the power, handling, and the size. I dislike the fact that it's too old to have new driving technology.

- Hil J

The modern style sport feel fast. Impressive for car people

This car is amazing! It is has outstanding pick up on the highway systems. The car is sacedull yet elegant

- Edw M

It's a very fast car. Because of this it is also easy to speed in.

Love the car however have had many issues with the engine and appearance.

- Julie N

Others should know that the car is elegant in its interior while maintaining a sporty image.

I really like the speed and comfort the Volkswagen provides.

- Ed M