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Fuel economy of the 2018 Volkswagen passat se is perfect for my daily commute.

The 2018 passat se has been a great car for my daily commute. Even though I usually prefer leather seats over the polyester - regular fabric - seats, these are comfortable and good looking. It is got Bluetooth, along with an auxiliary input and USB port as well. The back and the trunk are both very spacious, the middle console is not so wide but it is deeper than usual. The only slight 'issue' (it is so minor I do not want to call it an issue) I have experienced with my car is a an above average amount of black dust on my front rims from my brake pads, but it makes sense. I would say I get on average 25 mpg (I drive in the city and on the highway). Overall it is a nice and well functioning, modern looking sedan with good mileage.

- Lara L

Great and smooth acceleration/speed.

The 2018 Volkswagen Passat/tsi has been one of my personal favorites. The performance of the car is incredibly smooth and safe. The reliability is a plus too, thanks to the sensors and automated systems that help when it comes to long road trips. Although the car is not much when it comes to space, it is nice for many other reasons. One of those reasons being the tsi, the acceleration and the amount of speed gained within seconds, seat warmers, and the amount of gas it wastes in just a day! I have taken so many long road trips and I only needed to fill up my tank 2 times the most! The 2018 Volkswagen Passat/tsi is something I would recommend to a traveler, business person, or even a college student.

- Vivian V

The car for anyone who wants a reliable and comfortable sedan.

My car is very comfortable. I love the spacious trunk and back seat. The sun roof brightens the car and opens it up. It is moderately fuel efficient and drives really smooth. It comes with apple carplay capability which is really nice and efficient, especially when it reads your texts out loud and lets you respond completely hands free. The blind spot detectors are convenient especially with motorcycles, and the back up camera is great. This car has heated seats and dual-zone climate control which is perfect for maximizing comfort. I would recommend this car to anyone who needs a reliable, spacious, and comfortable sedan.

- Kay A

The Volkswagen Passat: affordable luxury.

The Volkswagen Passat is what I would call 'affordable luxury. ' the interior is very similar to the Audi - the instrumentation is easy to read and displays are customizable. The seating is comfortable in the front and the back seat is roomy. I love the apple carplay capability which allows me to sync my iPhone and use it hands free while driving in addition to allowing the use of the maps app. I also like the new maintenance schedule for the VWs which only require me to return the car for service every 10,000 miles - this is a real money saver!

- Fay P

My favorite part of the car is the turbo engine and the lumbar seats.

The Volkswagen passat is a great driving car. It is very spacious, there is a lot of legroom in the back seat. The trunk is extremely large with lots of room for items such as strollers, walkers, pack and play. I truly have enjoyed this car. I am also looking into purchasing another Volkswagen in the future. I have owned ford, Chevy, and Chrysler automobiles and I can honestly say the Volkswagen has been my favorite automobile.

- Elizabeth N

The 2018 Volkswagen Passat comes with automatic slow down technology.

The Passat is not only a good looking car but very spacious and gets good gas mileage. My plan is to pass this reliable car down to my kid in two years. Then I will purchase another Volkswagen. The options on this car are great. It has just about everything you can imagine. The vehicle is solid and I would recommend the Volkswagen to anyone. It's a very nice mid size sedan.

- Ed G

R-line: simple, but fun and attractive.

Had a few minor problems with the car shortly after purchasing it such as leaky fuel lines, the radiator and interior door handle. The car performs nicely. Moves quickly and is fun to drive. The seats are very comfortable and the cabin is spacious. Although some fancier features are missing from this trim, it is a great looking car and has as good interior package.

- Alyssa S

VW Passat sel - all the luxury car wrapped up into an affordable vehicle.

I love my Passat. It is an sel so it has all the amenities. VW's are extremely reliable. . This is my 3rd VW in 9 years. My Passat has plenty of power and all the luxuries I want. Heated front and back seats, self parking, rain sensing wipers, kick open trunk, adaptive cruise control. It is everything in a car I have always wanted and more.

- Michelle V

Passat 2018, brand new features.

It drives smooth, and the leather interior is great is does not scuff easily. The new headlights are really fancy and ultra bright. The rear view camera is clear and provides good scope of what’s behind the car. The side mirrors have a sensor that allow you to see if there is a car in the lane next to you so you do not change lanes.

- Bianca G

Volkswagen Passat: luxurious while economical.

My Volkswagen Passat is the most comfortable, fuel efficient, technologically advanced vehicle I have ever owned. Interior has lots of room. When traveling it is superior in mileage, comfort, and technologies that keep you safe in your travels. I travel long distances frequently and find this vehicle exceptional in all aspects.

- Karla K

The Passat is safe and fun to drive.

The Passat is a fun car to drive and is very safe and reliable. It is very roomy on the inside and comfortably fits five people. This is my third Passat. I would definitely purchase this model again. The vehicle has great pick up and go. It looks great and handles great. I feel like this is a very safe car for me and my family.

- Amy P

Super passat! The ride and looks make this close to my perfect car!

First hardtop I have owned in many years. Prefer convertible but the deal on my passat was too good to pass up! Rides great and looks better! Make it a convertible and it would be my perfect car! The addition of nav as a regular option would help. It already has all the safety options I would want other than nav.

- David M

Volkswagen Passat se is amazing.

Peppy engine other than that perfect. Drives smoothly, apple carplay and Bluetooth work perfectly. Back up camera works efficiently as well as windshield wipers, ac, heat, blinkers, seat warmers, turn signals and more. Safe car, has a lot of room, I'd say it is a very large sedan. I love this car!!

- Mackenzie L

Reliable and stylish at a reasonable price point.

My VW is reliable. Gets good gas mileage and is very stylish, the main point is that it is priced at an affordable level. The interior is very stylish. The car is loaded with options. It is a good and safe car for the money. Color combinations for outside and inside are good and stylish.

- Dom A

Smooth riding on long trips.

I love the Volkswagen Passat, so comfortable on trips. Smooth running car, has a lot of get up and go. Has a very roomy backseat. a lot of legroom, in the back. Makes it comfortable on long trips. Has a large trunk also. Really love the backing up camera, and the hands free phone system.

- Vera M

It is really cool, the radio speaker quality is nice and it drives very smoothly.

The car itself is wonderful, it is fast and has a lot of power. Although, the car lacks an internal GPS system so a phone is needed to use that feature. Also, only the driver's seat has mechanical seat mechanisms to move the placement, the passenger seat must be adjusted manually.

- Ashley T

2018 Volkswagen best design yet!

My vehicle had a lot of comfort since it is a med size car. The features on the car are great. The car has back up camera, automatic brakes, blind spot sensors. I love this vehicle it makes it so easy to drive in a busy city. The best part is the car has automatic cruise control!

- Lea H

Love the color and also the new lights. Like the new smaller steering.

Passat feels smooth on driving. It is strong and sturdy. No complaints. Comfortable seats. We have always had VW and it never disappointed us. It is long lasting. Greater protection. The only thing that needs to be changed are the wipers. They are rough and do not last long.

- Paula S

That VW is offering great deals on new vehicles as they try to recover from the disastrous year they have had. The car is solid.

I like the car and most everything about it. The downs are that the front bumper is too low. You can not pull close to a curb without striking it. Another down is the pressure from the dealership to up sell items. The mileage I get is good and service intervals are long.

- Martin H

Very roomy, comfortable, handles well and gets great gas mileage.

I haven't had any vehicle problems, did have to replace two tires that picked up something during all the stuff in the road from the hurricane, costly tires, care ride great, very roomy, very comfortable. Never have to worry if it is going to start, get great gas mileage.

- Sharon R

Great gas mileage and very smooth ride.

No issues with this vehicle. Love the roominess of this VW and the safety features that it offers. The ride is very smooth and it gives great gas mileage. Went to Wisconsin from TN and only took 1 1/2 tanks to get there! I would recommend this vehicle to anyone.

- Chris H

Passat the Swiss army knife of mid size cars.

The passat is a very nice all around mid size vehicle. It does almost everything right. It has a comfortable predictable ride with adequate power and surprisingly good mileage. It has a well conceived interior with exceptional spacing, comfort and storage.

- Rick D

It's a great car to drive. Great gas mileage.

It is a brand new car very good on gas. Best car I have ever gotten. Has a camera for reverse. Comfortable seats. drives smooth on the highway. Make sure you get gap insurance get free oil change and tire rotation. Grey is the color people should get.

- Debra B

Not sure what the most important thing is about this car, but the mpg is great!

The main reason we purchased this vehicle is for gas mileage purposes and it has not let us down. Besides being great on gas, it rides smooth and is comfortable. We have no regrets about buying this car and would buy it again.

- Candace S

Not just for the older crowd.

It is a great car. The performance is a lot of power for a 4 cylinder. It fits 2 teenagers and a car seat in the back comfortably. The trunk space is huge and has a lot of extras that I didn't expect in the car.

- Sarah G

That the warranty is great!

I like my vehicle because it drives well and I am a big fan of Volkswagen. I also like it because of the warranty Volkswagen offers. One complaint is gas mileage on my make.

- Diego C

Six year 72,000 mile bumper to bumper warranty! A lot of headroom for tall passengers!

Very smooth and quiet ride! Love it!A Lot of headroom for tall passengers is a plus!VW now has a six year 72,000 mile bumper to bumper warranty!! Very awesome! 4 th Vw !

- Doug C

Looks good. They really seem to like how it looks and drives on the road.

A very good car. Easy to drive. No complaints with it at all. I like the way it drives and it get very good gas mileage. Would consider buying this car again.

- Louis L

Drives and handles excellent. It has power when you step on the gas.

I love the 2 liter turbo engine. I also love the appearance of this car. This car drives like a dream. I do not like the android car navigation system.

- Kris P

This car gets good gas mileage, I have been impressed with it so far, I believe I can almost drive to disneyland from Sacramento on a tank!

New and clean car with very good gas mileage. Not very sporty. The tech on the car is good, but the appearance of the tech hasn't been updated.

- Bethany R

The car is expensive and many things go wrong.

I have had to many tech issues with this car. I feel that a car that is 10 months old shouldn't have so many things go wrong.

- Rose P

I believe one of the most important thing should know about a car is the engine.

I do not have any complains about my car. It gets me places where I need to go. It's a great car. I absolutely love my car.

- Melanie C

The paint is very well done. And I love my rear camera. It really helps!

My Passat is great car, with several safety features that I love and is so fuel efficient! Finally I have a beautiful car!

- Michelle S

It is comfortable and an easy drive.

Love the roof, climate control, blind spot indicator and automatic cruise control.. Dislike nothing about my 2018 Passat.

- Amy R

Good gas mileage comfortable and lots of trunk room and inside room.

None really great car fun to drive good on gas lots of room good family car to drive around town and out of town.

- Danielle H

Fuel economy and safety features.

No complaints. Safety features like stopping when you backup and when there is a blind spot and a car is coming.

- Joseph T

That it fully loaded and drives great.

I love everything about it. It has everything I wanted. I wouldn't have bought it if it wasn't what I wanted.

- Melissa K

It is very efficient and has good features.

I like the style. I like the color. I like the features, including air conditioner, radio, navigation, etc.

- Mckenzie W

It has a back camera for backing up, and the phone speaker. Very economic.

I like everything. Maybe adding some more luxury to it. Like leather seats, wood dash and sunroof tops.

- Monica S

SAFETY! This car is the definition of safe. That's the main reason I bought a Volkswagen

I love it! It runs great and looks just as good. Only downside is that everything cost a fortune for it

- Josh B

It rides smooth and is quiet. Other than that there is nothing else I would say.

I don't really have any complaints, I would rather be in a SUV or truck though

- Sue F

I don't like that the heat doesn't hit my feet. I love the color. I don't feel like it gets very good gas mileage.

It doesn't have very good pick up you constantly have to build your speed up.

- Amy B

It was priced right, able to negotiate great deal. Reliable so far, VW has a great reputation.

Excellent on gas. Easy to drive, tight to the road, it's zippy

- Deb D

Good mpg WV is a reliable brand Maintenance is every 10000 mi

Great confort Good mpg Electric plug is delicate Easy to drive

- Andres G