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The engine is not made by Volkswagen. The VW Routan has a town and country engine in it. And that's a good thing because repairs cost less this way. The mechanic said our van is "special" because it evidently has an identity crisis being it has a VW body but a Town and Country (I think that's Chrysler maybe?) engine.

What I like about the van is the roominess of it. I also like how the farthest back seat will fold down into the floorboard to make a huge area to pack stuff. I also like that the van will fit our entire family of five people and our two dogs. What I don't like is that the van has a few problems that we can not afford to get fixed, the rear passenger window quit working. I also don't like that the AC sucks up all the gas really fast when we use it and we need the AC because we have very hot summers here.

- Teresa W

And it is a very comfortable and roomy and stylish minivan.

I really love the room the push buttons that are located conveniently throughout the van all the room the seats fold into the ground the backseat and the two middle seats fold up to room it is very stylish looking inside custom leather plenty of storage holders very comfortable and sleep ready you can lay all seats flat back and go to sleep on a long trip and plenty of room in the trunk when all seats are not folded down.

- Chanel G

Lots of legroom storage and great for family with kids

The car I own is absolutely amazing.It has enough leg room enough storage under car compartments.I can store a medium luggage in the front compartment along with a small box of items.The back seat can be flat and put in all the way in the compartment and becomes a very large trunk area to take bulk sized items.Great family car for kids and adults.Spacious and Efficient.

- Sadia A

This is not your father's VW van...

My vehicle is outstanding. It has great looks. It is really dependable and pretty much maintenance free. It has great power. Not grandfather's van. Gas mileage is pretty good. Very comfortable. I drove it cross country and it was a pleasure. Drivability. Is outstanding. Is smooth and corners and tracks easily. Extremely dependable vehicle.

- William H

It is super versatile and has amazing cargo space.

I love having a minivan and I love my routan. I love the flexibility of changing the seats around and the cargo space, when needs, cannot be beat by an SUV. I can seat 7 in this van, or change it to do school carpool, or change it to pick up furniture. I love the automatic doors and the automatic liftgate. Those are huge bonuses.

- Martha L

The car handles well and drives smoothly, for the most part; we have just had numerous repairs lately. When we first got the car, we enjoyed it a lot.

My husband and I have had numerous repairs in the past 6 months, including replacing the radiator, several hoses, starter, ignition coil, etc... So, I do like my vehicle, but I wish it would quit falling apart. These repairs are adding up, and I feel like we're doing a new repair every month or so.

- Myra T

I drive short distances and not to frequently.

This car is comfortable, very dependable, looks good and not a gas hog. So far, I have only had it for a year) my only complaints are lack of pickup when entering highway and a turning radius that seems to big when parking. Wish I could remove the third row seats and move the second row back a bit.

- Tina B

The Volkswagen Routan is a very stylish vehicle, even though it is a 2009 model.

I have 135000 miles and only problem was cracked radiator. I is a minivan which helps with the accessibility. It is easy to load groceries to the back or small items in the second seat. I do a lot of traveling with my job and I find the gas mileage to be appropriate for the year and model of car.

- Mary D

Nothing interesting. . . My vehicle is awful.

It is falling apart. . . Antifreeze is leaking brakes are going. . . I am always getting something fixed on it. . . Always needs new tires. It is always shaking. . The gas gage does not work. . The door is falling apart. . . It is not safe to drive. . . It is too big always replacing lights.

- Tara D

The car is roomy and easy to drive.

The vehicle has no problems even though it is around 9 years old. The vehicle rarely needs repairs, and it is very roomy. The vehicle control is very easy to use and it is a very good choice of a van. If your child was learning to drive, this would be a great car for them to start on.

- Jason W

Why I choose Volkswagen: the interior. Design got my eye immediately.

Very comfortable - has not failed to start - the options cover anyone would want. The ride is smooth, I particularly like the 25 mph cruise. Because there are many 25 mph zones. I like the cruise control lever as it is so simple to set or reset your options without eye contact.

- Frank L

Volkswagen minivan review.

Comfortable. Great family car. Roomy. . Has a heavy engine and a horrible turning radius. Gas is expensive. Lots of nice features such as buttons for the kids to open and close their door also each seat has its own ac vent. The sears heat and there a DVD hook up.

- Vee I

It is a heavy vehicle and pretty awful when it comes to gas mileage.

I like that my vehicle is large enough for the entire family with plenty of room for luggage and such. But the van has had its fair share of electrical issues. Each of the rear doors are electrical, so they often times give issues on opening.

- Jason H

Our vehicle has leather interior, heated seats, gps, touchscreen radio, power windows and door locks.

I have a 200 Volkswagen routan van. Overall my family loves the van but recently a sensor went bad and the battery also went bad causing our van to stall out without warning. We would be going down the road and it would just cut off.

- Jamie B

It is reliable and dependable. Seldom needs to be serviced and the heated seats were an unexpected bonus.

The Volkswagen Routan is a very comfortable, smooth riding vehicle that gets good gas mileage. It is easy for older persons to get in and out of. It is very low maintenance. My only dislike is that VW parts are expensive to replace.

- Dominic T

I feel pampered and safe in this vehicle., warm in winter, cool in summer.

The seats are very comfortable.The front seats can be heated. The audio system is clear and balanced. The side doors open on both sides, automatically with a key fob. Rear window wiper and defroster helps a lot in the winter.

- Kim K

It provides reliable and comfortable transportation for all three us of us (me, spousal partner and big dog).

I like being able to haul items which I couldn't do in a regular car. We have a nice comfortable place for our dog when she goes with us. I have had few maintenance and repair problems with this van.

- John G

If you are tall you will not like the leg room in this van, even as the driver.

I like the storage in the back of the van. The leg room is small for my tall kids but perfect for me. I like that the seat moves up and the pedals can be adjusted as well.

- Alison M

A great minivan with lots of room for kids or to haul things for vacations, camping trips, etc.

It's a great minivan that we bought used. Once we had 2 kids we knew we needed a minivan. Everything has been great thus far and we do not have any complaints.

- Donald T

Both doors slide open. The back seats fold down.

I just purchased it. So far no problems. Drives great. Nice and roomy. The kids like it. Both doors slide open and the back seats fold down.

- Vee I

It has a lot of convenient amenities.

I like the fold and store away seats to give me a large storage area. Seats seven people. Engine is a bit loud for me.

- Lydia B

Gas mileage is really good.

The size and gas mileage. The van is comfortable. Automatic doors are nice to have. The keyless entry is also a plus.

- Nicole L

It was a good buy I recommend it!

Its a diesel vehicle. It has a lot of room, you can easily carry 5 or 7 people. It is very practical too.

- Thomas J

Runs great lots of room great on gas.

The suspension gives a smooth ride over rough roads and streets. The options makes ease of handling.

- Frank D

It was discontinued and it is cheaply made. I would not purchase this vehicle ever again. If I could I would get my money back for the vehicle.

Lots of problems with breaks and leather in vehicle. The thing is junk.

- Kasey K