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Warranty nightmare, thanks VW for nothing.

I would not recommend any VW vehicle because of the issues I have had with the company. At 18k miles my router began to shake while at idle. I took it in to the dealership because it was still under warranty. After 2 weeks at the dealership the mechanic agreed there was a issue but was unable to do anything about it because the warranty company would not allow him to do further diagnostics because there were no engine light or codes. After taking the van back to the dealer a few times I ended up going to a mechanic and paid out of pocket to get it fixed. By then the damage had been done and the entire engine had to be replaced. The total cost was 5 thousand dollars for something that was 100% covered by the dealer warranty. I will never purchase another VW. Since having the engine replaced I have had no issues with the van. I have the sell premium trim level. Everything is still in excellent working order. It has 76000 miles on it and we've replaced the tires twice, done the brakes 4 times, had the transmission serviced at 50k miles, and regular oil changes. I have gotten many compliments on the car but still wouldn't recommend it.

- Jackie M

VW badge made by Chrysler for VW!

The VW routan was made by Chrysler, it is not of the same quality as VW made cars. The brakes overheat causing the rotors to warp, the plastic dash makes creaking noises, you hear a lot of road noise and wind going down the highway as well. The sound system is awful as well. Our DVD entertainment center sometimes does not want to work. It is a very comfortable van on long trips vs the Chrysler minivan. I also like the cargo room and the auto hatch and doors.

- Kelly D

You can only take it to certain mechanics which limits your options when it needs to be repaired.

The general feel and feeling while driving is nice. Not too top heavy or bulky and I've grow. To like the backup cam and the push button open doors. My biggest dislike is it can only go to the foreign car mechanic and that when it gets cold the auto doors don't want to function correctly and even manually trying to open or close doors becomes difficult.

- Molly L

It has plenty of space for extra passengers or luggage.

It has plenty of room for luggage, groceries and most anything else you need to haul. The third row of seats can be up, flat or partially up depending on your needs. It works well for kids and the one button push doors are a plus. It does not have enough leg room up front for drivers and passengers. I'm tall and I can't stretch my legs out all the way.

- Margaret S

The van has been great and I would buy it again.

The car has been really great. There have been no major problems. It is comfortable, well insulated with little road noise. It was a good value. There are some quirks with some of the dash lights. It has nearly 200,000 miles and it does leak oil and we are having trouble with the wheel bearings.

- Melissa W

It seats a lot of people but most people have trouble getting in my car

It's pretty comfortable and it works for me. Right after I bought the car I had get the back brakes done and one of the tires had a small hole in it which I got fixed. Most of my church friends have a hard time getting in and out of my car so I'm thinking about getting something different

- Cindy K

Turning radius stinks, 3 point turns are more like 5. And also have to make side turns when pulling into a parking space.

I didn't know when I purchased this car it was not VW but Chrysler built with VW touch's. I wouldn't have bought the car knowing that. This was my first mini van and I have to say I would not purchase another. It does have a lot of room but I don't like driving it.

- Stacey C

While we have loved the van, it is important to consider resale value and potential cost before buying.

I love the space I have in my van. It is nice to be able to carry several people or lots of things. I like the body and the accessories in my van as well. It has needed more work than I would have liked. It has needed several costly repairs (coolant leak, brakes)

- Jeanette R

Won't buy a Volkswagen again

VW vehicles always have a lot of issues, my vehicle has had one problem after another ever since we purchased it. Issues with the battery cables staying on, transmission, the TV's not working. Worst part is that every part is very expensive to replace

- Monica G

That it is comfortable to drive and hasn't required a lot of work over the years.

I like that it is comfortable to drive, even on long road trips. I like that although it is 8 years old it hasn't needed very much work done other than regular maintenance. I also like the fold down seats, we can fit a lot of stuff in it.

- Elisha B

Spacious, not comfortable

Headlights Lights are not automatic, I have to turn switch on and off, Every Time needed. Second row seats are not adjustable, they have one position only and is not the most comfortable, especially when going on long trips.

- Faby T

Comfortable and very reliable vehicle except for the brakes

It has over 125k miles. never had any major issues except brakes. brakes lines are not strong enough for the heavier vehicle. works well for travel, kids, soccer, etc. spend lots of time in it and it's a comfortable ride.

- emily i

It is a used minivan that I needed to buy because we had a third child on the way. Nothing on it works perfectly, but it works well enough to get me to where I need to be. I will be replacing it as soon as I can

I bought it used and it has had nothing but problems. I have already replaced the transmission, oil pan, window latches, brakes, battery, and many other things on this minivan and I haven't even had it for a year yet.

- Grace M

Very reliable car. Car is very roomy; great family car.

Very reliable car. Very comfortable as well. Car seats 7. There are two TVs in the back, one TV up front, that also has a built in GPS system. It is alright on gas. (maybe 14 mpg).

- Jasmine D

Good value, reliable for the most part.

The car is current having issues with cutting off while driving. The seats are falling apart, and the plastic is broken. Over all the car has been good to us

- Tiffany B

It is fun and easy to drive, you don't feel like you are driving a minivan!

I love how smooth it rides. I also really like all of the features it has that make life easier for me with two children. It is also great for road trips.

- Andie W

Very good car to own. I would highly recommend

My car is great. I love all the extra features it has such as dual screen to watch movies. I also love the dependability of my vehicle as well

- Jason W

It's been a great car. It has over a 100,000 miles and we've not had any problems. It's been safe and reliable.

I love the leather seats with built in heat. I love the tv and DVD system. I really like that I can load music directly into the system.

- Anna E

I love all of the bells and whistles on my car. But I have had some issues with the automatic seats, and some engine issues.

It is actually a Dodge with a VW label. It has more options than the Dodge Caravan but, it's the exact same engine and set up.

- Kimberly r

It's a great family vehicle.

I like the spacious layout. My kids enjoy the DVD entertainment package. I also enjoy all the spacious storage spaces.

- Jennifer H

VW Routan Black With leather seats and 2 screen dvd system

The dvd lost its power, and the a/c makes noises. Otherwise it's been a good car. It's comfortable and drives well.

- MaLeisa H

Volkswagen routan love!!

It is comfortable and easy to maintain. There’s enough room and entertainment for all your passengers.

- Jessica S

Volkswagen Routan it is more than a van.

I love my van to me it is a tank that gets me through the rough and still provides comfort when needed.

- Grant R

Good reliable family van.

Dislike the lack of shock and the loudness of it. Love the DVD player and TVs and the space.

- Shanielle K

Great family vehicle and good gas mileage

Able to have up to 7 passengers. Hrs skids love the DVD player Good gas mileage

- Vicky O

Nothing, it is Awful and I don't really like anything about it

I don't like anything about it, it is not a car I picked out

- Amanda S