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A sturdy, solid little European car!

I have not had any issues with my Volvo. Drives well, handles solidly, and is a sweet little thing to drive. I enjoy a car with a firm feel, not too cushy (for comparison, my first car was a Buick, and while it was comfortable and handled really nicely, I prefer 'feeling the road' like I do with my Volvo) The last time I took my car into the dealership for some maintenance, the mechanic complimented me on the car, saying he couldn't really find anything wrong. Just needed basic maintenance. Over 250,000 miles and going strong!

- Christine C

Love this car! Safe, reliable, good handling

Even for a car from 2004 has a lot of get up and go! Handles great in inclement weather, especially on ice. Very safe car. Gas mileage is not ideal, but the performance and safety is worth the trade off to me. The car has automatic light sensors so I never forget to turn the lights on. I do most minor maintenance myself and the car is relatively friendly to do-it-yourselfers in terms of basic auto repair and maintenance.

- Gabriel K

This vehicle is a good starter car. Has nice features for an older car.

This car is a good choice if you need a way to get around but are not driving it every single day. There is a sunroof which is a nice touch and gives the car a more modern feel. The radio and stereo system is alright, the sound quality could be better. Interior looks nice and is easy to clean for the most part. Ample trunk space to work with. Automatic doors and windows are a nice edition considering it is an older car.

- Megan G

Pros and cons of a 2004 Volvo.

Love the turbo power of car. S40 is a smaller body type. Next car I will purchase a roomier interior with comfortable seating for road trips. The safety reputation was a key point that made my decision on a Volvo. Had transmission issue just a few months after new purchase. Top service technicians were flown in from Sweden to evaluate and replace the transmission at no expense to me.

- Shelley N

This vehicle has lasted me for 4 years now. I've driven it to California

It's a used rebuilt title. Tires are really used, needs new windshield. The seats do not move. It comes with heated seats. It has a sunroof. Radio work great. The heater does not work, A/c works fine. The car is black with Timoteo windows. Needs an oil change, it has over 200k miles on it. I've had it since 2015.

- Marina M

Small but reliable. No bells and whistles but still feel safe driving it.

Smaller car but very reliable. Rarely have problems. I have low mileage. Comfortable for me. Rarely have more than one passenger. Parking is easy. Doesn't have all the bells and whistles of newer cars, however. Trunk is roomy for this size car. The back seats can go down for extra storage space.

- Louise D

That Volvo cars are very reliable and dependable.

I like my vehicle because it has run very efficiently for years with only regular maintenance. My car is still very reliable. I like the style and the sporty look and color of my car. I have no dislikes or complaints.

- Marcia B

Last a long time needs maintenance rarely.

I love the reliability of my Volvo however the cost of the parts is extremely expensive when the parts go out you have to go to Volvo to make sure it's done right.

- David B

That Volvo's last a long time.

I love the durability of Volvo's. They are very stylish and my gas mileage is not bad. I dislike the price for repairs when need. They get a little pricey.

- Lisa S

It is expensive to repair.

It is reliable and is very easy to maintain. It is however expensive to repair and a manual. Comfortable ride.

- Brody W

It is nice inside and it is comfortable to ride and it has good resale value.

the front passenger door lock sometimes does not unlock properly