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Love my Volvo! I love how dependable it has been for me the past 8 years.

This is the best, most reliable car I have owned. It is 10 years old and I am not even considering trading it in. I follow the book on maintenance schedules and suggested fluids, etc. I have a very bad neck and back and many cars are impossible for me to drive because the seats are so uncomfortable. I am also a petite person so that adds to the problem of finding a drivers seat that does not cause me migraine headaches. My Volvo s40 is easy for me to adjust the driver's seat so that I have no neck or back pain when I am driving. That means more to me than anything. I will admit that it is suggested to use the highest grade of gasoline in the car and I do this. I do not mind paying the extra money to keep my car working well. Yes, parts cost a little more, I do not buy them at fleet farm, and my mechanic only works on foreign German cars, and my Volvo. In the 8 years I have owned this car it has only been in to the shop for “normal” visits such as oil changes, brakes and tires. I love my Volvo!

- Peggy M

Sporty, good-handling, efficient sedan with an amazing sound system!

I have had to keep up with regular maintenance, just as you should any vehicle. The biggest problem I've had out of it all relates to the air conditioning system only partially cooling or not at all. I've had it repaired once already, and then again this summer it's acting up the same way. The car performs pretty well, and hugs every single turn on the road. It's been a very reliable little car while being very aesthetically pleasing. It has a sunroof which is awesome come fall or spring. The best part is the Bose sound system in the car making it sound as if subwoofers have been installed.

- Stephanie K

My car is an overall decent vehicle and serves its purpose.

The main thing I like about my car is the size. I'm a small person (5'1" and petite), and it's a great sized sedan for me to easily handle. My major complaint, however, is that I've had several very expensive repairs in the past few years. Volvos are very expensive to fix, and that's definitely a consideration for future vehicle purchases.

- Kristen A

It is very safe and sturdy; I once had an accident and no one got hurt.

It is very strong and sturdy, handles well and looks chic when it is clean. I have black leather interior seats and seat warmers in the front as well as a sunroof. Main problem is that repairs and parts are very expensive, like I had to replace both keys due to a programming issue in them and it cost $400!

- Sara K

Volvo makes a great car and I love mine!

Great car but does not get the best gas mileage, small gas tank. Have had the car just under a year and have had no issues with it, just regular oil changes and new tires! Great commuter car and fits me and two kids just fine, I do wish the back seat was a little larger and had heated seats.

- Volvo V

Other all a very safe and reliable car.

I have experienced no problems with this vehicle at all. It is been a very safe and reliable car. The interior seems to be it is only problem as the door panels and gear shift panel have titanium around them and dent easily and the material on the cloth seats stains easily and cracks.

- Donna B

Save yourself time and headaches and just buy a Volvo.

My Volvo is the easiest car I've ever owned, and my last car was a Honda, so that's saying something. I do my yearly maintenance, and that's it. It's over 100,000 miles, and sure, occasionally things break, but they're never that big a deal to fix. Would recommend.

- Evan H

Volvo is the safest small car and has a high survival rate.

I enjoy my Volvo s40. It has heated seats, sunroof, good air conditioner, it is very reliable, good on gas, and has a lot of room for a small car. I get 26 mpg city and 32 mpg highway and it is a very nice price to see when filling up my tank.

- Faith B

It's a silver gray color and I get compliments on the car all the time. People have told me that they thought my vehicle was new.

I like my vehicle a lot. It drives great and runs smoothly. It's a reliable vehicle and it had comfort features. Heated seats and the volume for the music is very nice. I love driving my vehicle to & from work everyday.

- Gwendolyn M

Ten years in, it's still running well and looks great!

I like the compact size and the way it looks, as well as the interior. I like that the seats fold down. I don't like the way the high beams work, or that there is no interior button to open the trunk.

- Whitney B

It is a four door car, it has warm up seats, it is a beautiful silver gray.

I love my vehicle it is a luxury drive and it is a very dependable car. I always get compliments on the car & people think it is a new car. It is pretty good on gas and it is a silverfish gray color.

- Gwendolyn M

Comfort & safety. In Arizona air conditioning is important; cools very quickly.

The Volvo s40 is reliable and easy to maintain; it has been in 3 accidents that required a new engine. No transmission or brake problems other than normal wear. Would buy again!

- Robin K

It is very safe and strong and can handle well.

Likes: very safe, good stereo system, handles well, black leather interior seats. Dislikes: wish it had Bluetooth connectivity though, also repair parts are really expensive.

- Sara K

Great lines, comfortable quiet ride.

The Volvo S40 may be compact but offers a roomy interior. The interior does offer a quiet ride. Excellent gas mileage. Upgraded interiors are offered with leather and wood.

- Karen W

My car is actually pretty good on gas.

Both of the headlight shorts, I have to move the cables around to get them to work, sometimes the key glitches and wont allow me to turn the car on.

- Miguel G

You have to slam the trunk closed really hard or it isn't actually closed

I like it a lot but it's starting to get old. One of the wheels squeaks. Also, the aux port broke so now I can't connect my phone to the radio

- Melanie G

Its safety record in collisions.

Sturdy, dependable, good gas mileage, comfortable long trips, heated leather seat, dislike cost of repairs.

- Debbie B

It drives very well all the time handles very well

I like the design and size. it's perfect for driving. I think it's safe. it's the perfect car for me.

- blanca a

you have to slam the trunk when you close it or it won't actually close

I don't really dislike anything about the car. It just had a lot of repairs so it's in good shape

- Meredith A