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2015 Acura tlx - the upscale sedan you have been waiting for.

I absolutely love my 2015 Acura tlx with the full technology package. In 2015, the Acura tlx was devised to replace the tsx and the tl in Acura lineup of cars. It has every bell and whistle that I could have ever imagined. In addition, I love the color scheme - it is black on the outside and leather chocolate brown on the inside. It has a navigation package, Bluetooth, it drives and curves incredibly well. It has a special beep when someone is in your blind eye, or if it feels as if you are driving too fast behind someone else and are in danger of running into them. It has traction control, stability control, hill assist control and abs (4 - wheel). This car has the technology package to get softer, perforated leather upholstery, for the seats, a navigation system, a premium audio system, and next-generation Acuralink connectivity and services. The technology package also includes rain-sensing wipers, a lane-departure warning and lane-keeping assist system, a blind-spot monitoring system with rear cross-traffic alert, and a forward-collision warning system. For your inside entertainment, the Acura tlx has am/FM stereo, Bluetooth wireless, navigation, premium sound and of course Bluetooth. For your comfort and convenience, it has the best air-conditioning system of any car that I have ever been in. It also has an anti-theft system, cruise control, keyless entry, keyless start, power door locks and power windows. Furthermore, Acura successfully masks the tlx genuine sports sedan characteristics with a suspension that is tuned to feel soft and absorbent around town and on the highway. When the time came to tackle a twisty road in the tlx, I questioned whether or not it could handle a canyon run.

- Lynn S

Acura tlx: an overall excellent, sporty and safe car.

My Acura tlx has been very reliable. It has many features that are useful, but my favorite is its safety features. It has prevented me from getting in an accident by stopping and engaging the seat belt when a car I didn't see ran a red light. It alerts you when a car is passing or if you are about to back into something. The navigation system I find to be too user unfriendly. I can use my phone navigation faster than setting it up on there. It has voice recognition technology, but I haven't had good luck with it when using the navigation system. The car seats are comfortable, but not luxurious. They do have a lot of seat adjustments to make it more comfortable. I love the seat heaters and especially the seat coolers! We live in Texas and the seat coolers are awesome in the heat. Overall performance is very good. It picks up speed well and is easy to maneuver. I like the body style also. It is got a sleek and sporty look to it.

- Lisa G

2015 Acura TLX tech package with push start buttons.

I have a 2015 Acura tl tech package. I love this car and its functions. I have push buttons for everything and I absolutely love that open feel with no shift in the way. I just recently had to change the battery about a month ago, but that was a good run for it being 3 years old already. I received a notification from Acura stating that something on the 2015 Acura tl was malfunctioning, I took it right into the dealership and they checked it out for free and if anything was needed to be fixed then that would have been free too! Acura takes care of their car owners for sure. I love that my windshield has sensors so that way they automatically come on when it starts raining and I also have lane departure and that is from the windshield as well. I have enjoyed owning my 2015 Acura tl.

- Elena H

My Acura is fun to drive and makes a road trip that much more exciting.

I enjoy driving my vehicle in the city. It is sporty and small enough to fit in most parking spots without an issue. The seats are a little tight for backseat passengers, but the interior overall in very nice. My sound system is very clear and most of the interior features are easy to operate. . The performance is satisfactory for my standards. The quality of the ride is a above average, with decent braking and acceleration. I like the overall appearance of my vehicle as it is streamlined and attractive. I have owned my car for three years now and have not had any major issues. It has been very reliable for me. I would recommend this model to others who are in the market for a vehicle.

- Chris V

Great performance with the Acura.

I find the Acura tlx to be a great vehicle. It has the performance I was looking for with the six cylinder engine. The shAWD is also great to have and performs well in the winter. Overall comfort is very good and the ride is very smooth. The only problem I have is the interior controls are not easy to navigate without taking your eyes off the road.

- Robert S

Amazing car for single student.

This vehicle is amazing I have had no problems out of it. The comfort is above average and it is a very reliable car with great features. This was my first time purchasing a Acura but I think my next vehicle will also be Acura but a SUV. The car is amazing because I am a single student but when the family grows I am sure more space will be needed.

- Shay A

Acura tlx is a great sedan.

The Acura tlx + with the six cylinder and she-AWD is a great sedan. It provides great performance with the six cylinder. I also like the she-AWD which performs well in snow or icy roads. The interior is very nice with ventilated leather seats. My only complaint is that some of controls are not easily used without taking your eye off the road.

- Robert S

Great car even if it is old.

Very reliable only a few issues in the long time I have owned my car. Maintenance is not an issue as long as you take car of it. There are occasional issues when trying to connect phones to Bluetooth, but it will work after some manipulation. The interior features are fantastic and feel new even compared to more recently developed cars.

- John H

TX is a sporty vehicle that is plagued with transmission & mechanical issues.

The 2015 Acura tsx is plagued with transmission and electrical issues. It also suffers from frequent battery drain. Tires and brakes installed from factory are not quality. Acura/American Honda refuse to stand behind their product. In addition to the mechanical issues with the vehicle there are flaws in the paint.

- Erica Y

One of the important things others should know about my car is that I have a keyless ignition system and I also have an alarm system built inside my car.

I love my vehicle so much because it is my first car and I got it on my own. One of the things I can say that I don't like about is that it don't last with gas, but overall it is awesome. I really love that my seats warm up and I have a backup camera. As long as it gets me two and from then I can't complain.

- NyQuanda A

It has amazing leather seats with seat warmers and easy to use technology.

Glitches with technical issues with electronics in the car. All occurring after one year of owning it. I do not understand why navigation will not work and it sometimes will not allow me to drive, like my ignition is not working but has been seen by many mechanics who say there is nothing wrong.

- Abraham H

This is a great car! You need it!

I love my Acura tlx. I have had no problems with it at all. It has been good at performance. It has been very reliable at all times. Wow! It is very comfortable. I love the heated seats. I love the Bluetooth feature. If you are looking for a luxurious reliable car, this one's for you.

- Danny A

Great automobile to drive and own.

The vehicle is a pleasure to own. Low cost of ownership with no repair issues. Comfortable and looks good. The only problem is the push button transmission slows down the changing of gears. Gas mileage is about 25 miles per gallon with the six cylinder engine which is very good.

- Wayne H

Acura tlx awesome drive and very sharp.

Vehicle is excellent. Drives and handles perfect looks sharp and is very good on gas. Has great extras as far as technology package, moonroof, heated seat and much more. Car offers an excellent driving experience. It is very spacious front and back and very comfortable to be in.

- Marc D

Its brown and durable. It is dependable and has great mileage.

The car runs very smooth and the gas and mileage is very affordable. I recommend it highly to those seeking their first car. It helps to have a car that is dependable and affordable. If you want a car that is dependable then this is the car you should buy. Hands down the best.

- Emily C

Good reliable car! Would recommend.

It is a reliable car, I am just looking for a newer one. Interior is nice stays clean does not scratch easily. Gas mileage is okay long distance going to Tahoe takes a lot obviously but seems to drain faster. Overall good car for the time being, ready for a new one!

- Riley F

Fun to drive and reliable.

The vehicle drives well. It is responsive and feels safe. I drive in sport mode. It could be more comfortable. I tend to have sciatica flare ups if driving over 30 minutes at a time. It is reliable and not too pricey for parts when necessary. Overall I am happy.

- Cynthia P

Too Much Technology - Needs Simplification and a Spare Tire!

Too much technology, to the point that I have to take my eyes off the road to do simple things like changing the fan speed of the AC (wading through menus). No spare tire, are you kidding? Brakes squeal. Not what Acuras used to be, I will not buy another one.

- Frank M

I have a white 2015 Acura tlx and it is so great!

It runs very smoothly and is the perfect size! I take on long trips and put s good out of miles in it and it still runs like the day I got it! I have had absolutely no problems with and will no doubt be keeping it for a couple more years, because it is great!

- Morgan J

Thx... Awesome for the money.

None. Comfortable. Awesome drive. Worth every penny. Reliable. Outstanding colors and support. Fuel efficient. Value proposition is strong. Would prefer an easier interface on the console for voice commands and GPS will not take inputs if car is running.

- Tom T

the TLX has been a dependable car so far with no minor or major issues with the exception of squeaky brakes

acura is overpriced, the tech package was a waste of money, the navigation system is difficult to use and for the price you pay for this car free navigation upgrades should be included. My brake pads squeak and the dealer cannot find the problem

- melissa d

I really like the navigation system - easy to use. This is the first car I've owned that came with one.

I bought the car used from a dealer. Initially there was a problem with the battery. Once it was identity and replaced the car has been completely reliable. The ride is quiet and comfortable. Performance is good even in economy mode.

- Sean A

It is a really reliable car that is a great value for the money.

I think my car is a very good value for the money. It is comfortable and mostly intuitive to drive. I only wish the navigation and music system worked off of my phone (i.s., Apple Carplay) rather than Its own system (which is dated).

- Diane R

While the initial price is expensive, it shouldn't prevent you from looking into buying this car. It is sleek, advanced, has many safety and technology features and looks great.

I like this Acura, the only thing that held me aback at first was the overall price. But so far it has been a good car, it looks very sleek/stylish, has a lot of advanced features, rides very well, has not had many mechanical issues.

- aly s

It is a jerky ride and you feel all the bumps in the road.

I like that it gets good fuel mileage. I like that it is easy to maneuver. I hate that when you gently attempt to accelerate it still lurches forward. There are also times where I feel like it wants to stall out.

- Lisa S

It has a lot of space and it has a lot of seats. It fits my family of 7 perfectly. Then it converts to even more space for groceries and stuff.

I like the space in the vehicle. The seats being able to let down and add more space is a plus. I dislike that the lights continue to stay on if I forget to lock the doors, then my battery dies.

- Raven J

Comfortable with good performance, but occasional reliability issues

Day to day, I like my car a lot - the features, comfort, and design are all good. However, it has had reliability issues, with strange engine noises and intermittent transmission issues.

- Andrew K

The car has gat value for purchase price.

It is my second acura. Dependability and great service at the acura dealership every time I take my car in. I also like acura gives me free rentals when my car needs servicing.

- Martha M

Great mileage, fun to drive, every day!

My TLX is reliable, fun to drive and can be really fast if needed. Every day I get into the vehicle is a fun experience to drive. I do thoroughly enjoy driving this car.

- David B

It is sporty but not overpowering. It gets excellent gas mileage.

Excellent gas mileage. Fits me. Love my car. There really is nothing i do not like about the tlx. If i were to purchase another car today it would be the same car.

- Melinda M

Parts for an Acura are cheap and easier to find than any other make of cars.

It is very easy to go fast and I love to go fast. I like the body shape of all auras but mostly mine. It gets a lot of attention and has lasted me a long time.

- April B

It's a good starter car, comfortable.

I have to refill the gas tank every week even though my daily commute is 20 miles. There is not enough legroom in the front passenger seat, and the back seats.

- Susan K

Great Sporty Car With Stylish Looks

The vehicle is fantastic. Looks good, has good performance and good gas mileage. The only thing I don't like is that sometimes it sounds funny when it idles.

- mark m

They are long lasting cars, and a great value for the price

It is a nice looking vehicle that very few people in my area have. Routine maintenance is kind of expensive on it but it gets great gas mileage

- Rebecca R

It is my car and I take care of it the best I can.

I like the features that it has and also additional safety features. Something I don't like is sometimes the Bluetooth doesn't work properly.

- Jo G

A great car. The performance, style and functionality is unbeatable for this price range.

Love the build, style and engine specifications of the car. What I dislike is that it isn't Android Auto compatible like it's newer models.

- Khushbu K

The car is very comfortable for long distance driving or for someone who drives a lot.

I love how comfortable my car is. The seats are heated and cooled, and the ride is smooth. My only complaint is that the GPS loads slowly

- Tracy D

Great gas mileage from a V6

Overall a very good car. Minimal problems. The leather they use for eh interior though is not very good. To thin and wears through quickly

- Marty f

The engine has a lot of pick up for a i4.

I like the gas mileage, comfort and technology this car offers. It is a perfect car for commuting to work. Dislike the transmission.

- James S

This captivating, sophisticated car, provides luxurious, up to date, aspects of a normal and luxury car.

My vehicle is very clean and modern. For instance, my vehicle is a decent size and is not that dirty and the prices are just right!

- Billy C

It's nice to drive, acts powerful and makes you feel powerful, too.

It's sleek and modern and cool-looking, I like the aesthetic it brings. So far, I have no complaints. The air and motor work well.

- KC J

Acura�s lane assistance and sport mode.

My Acura is a smooth ride specifically on close turns and narrow roads. Lane assistance and �sport mode� is extremely useful.

- Stephanie R

Comfortable and safe. Car is reliable.

I love the size or style and the comfortable interior. I love the amenities. The car is reliable good looking and drive smoothly.

- Christin F

It is very luxurious at an affordable price.

I love it. Everything about my car is amazing. The only thing I could say is that gas is expensive since I have to use premium.

- Ariel G

I have not ever had any problems with this car. It is very reliable with a very smooth drive and is a very good looking car.

It is quality built. It is not cheaply built like an American car, or a cheaper quality foreign car such as a Honda or Toyota.

- Camiele P

It's a good car and it's reliable with a good gas mileage.

I don't really have any problems with my car it has never broken down and nothing bad has happened to it since I've gotten to.

- Jake P

Great fuel mileage and the initial coast.

I like the power and speed. I like the appearance. I enjoy the sunroof and the compliments. I do not like the gas mileage.

- Damien C

It's got a very large trunk.

I love this car no complaints. Power r seat sunroof leather seat v6 engine. The gps could be better.. Secure in this car.

- Sylvie M

It is perfect for a student or for anyone that needs an affordable car.

It is really smooth. I have no issues with transmission or anything else. Looks nice, and has almost perfect gas Usage.

- Lance G

A safe, reliable, and comfortable ride.

Comfortable, easy maintenance. Has a navigation system, which is very helpful, but it takes a long time to input data.

- Gail G

Has a lot of technology that comes with the tlx package.

I love the ride the way it handles. Also like the technology package. Gas mileage is acceptable and great for travel.

- Marc D

Quiet ride. Seats are comfortable and provide lumbar support. Great gas mileage and doesn't require premium fuel. The key battery died after two years, which seemed fast, but there was plenty of notice from the car that the battery was low. Lane keeping assist and forward collision warning are nice safety features.

Lots of safety features other than just multiple airbags; lane keeping assist alerts, forward collision warning, etc.

- Blair D

Mediocre at best. Bad buy at worst

Doesn't have enough leg room or amenities. The suspension is stiff and it needs a better city mpg for gas savings

- Randy B

That it's beautifully crafted.

I like that it is comfortable. It's a from a manufacturer (ACURA) that I trust. It's a car that I know will last.

- Chris C

Great adult car that both husband and wife can drive and feel comfortable.

This is a great vehicle. It is a really smooth ride. The best part is the ability to use the sport mode feature.

- Charles P

When the steering wheel is stuck, you can fix it by sticking a pen into the opening by the shift gear.

I like that it's spacious and the speakers make sound great. I dislike that having it repaired is so expensive.

- Maria G

The car runs smooth and the brake system is great.

I like that the interior is nice. I also like the space that is inside the car. The engine in the car is great.

- Alex C

The maintenance on this vehicle more is then it should be.

I don't like it needs high test gas. It does not get the mpg it should get. I do like the ride and handling.

- aj k

It has a dual clutch transmission.

It is very comfortable. It is very reliable. It gets great gas mileage. It looks great and is a head turner.

- Scott S

I peed and farded and shidded and camed

All around decent car, nothing great or bad to say about it. If you want fuel efficiency it isn't the worst.

- Noel K

That it's very reliable and I don't usually have to worry about expensive maintenance costs.

My Acura is very reliable but a bit too conservative for my liking. It's a four door and kind of "stodgy".

- jane e

Very reliable . Have had no problems

It's a really good car except for the gas consumption. Other than that it gets me from point a to point b

- Kayla G

My Acura is so comfortable to ride in, especially on long trips

Appearance is great Drives well Very comfortable i Dislike it is so expensive to run...uses premium gas

- Ava F

Love my Acura tlx - fix battery drain

Battery dies quickly if the car is in accessory mode. Overall love the vehicle and have had no problems

- Michelle B

It is a good value. It is affordable to maintain and continue to use.

It is reliable. It has good acceleration. It has all the bells and whistles I need for the most part.

- Dude q

Looks and feels great. Very stylish, it has multiple driving modes.

My car is very comfortable. Live the sunroof and navi system. I dislike I have to use Premium gas.

- Richard B

It's spacious and luxurious car, with up-to-date technology

As it is a luxury car it's very comfortable and comes with all the latest technology.

- Isha G

not fun to drive and slow in acceleration

Like: reliability Dislike: acceleration, size, front wheel drive based awd system

- William C

The most important thing about the car is that it runs well.

Runs well, not found of the front number on car, No Apple system integration.

- Karen K

Very fun to drive with a very stylish look. Good investment.

I love the look. I live the dependability. I wish it got better gas mileage.

- Marjory G

Don't buy the 2015 TLX. You can do better. Try another brand.

This Acura is the worst if the 3 I've had. Nothing works well.

- Shar R

The car is very comfortable for a tall person. Good trunk space.

Like the technology this car offers. Dislike the transmission.

- James S

Millage and efficiency of fuel as well as emissions

No complaint so far in three years. Still running like new

- Hem B

I enjoy my Acura. It's very reliable and get me to places without any problems. It's fuel efficient. I spend very little on fuel weekly.

It's very reliable I have little problems with it.

- Gerardo M

safety & reliability...quality throughout

like everything & dislike nothing...no complaints

- John M