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2016 Acura Is it a Good Buy?

Recently the engine light and parking light came on all at once stating there was some problem. Apparently this model has a recall on fuel injector sensor which effects other functions with the car. It is great in gas and is otherwise a great road car. I don't like the automatic shut off when the brake is pressed. It has to be disabled whenever you start the car. Sometimes when it's on the car will not automatically restart and you have to put it in park and re-crank it.

- Jane W

Decently reliable car�for people who need an affordable option

For my purposes, the car is convenient and comfortable enough, though it is not exactly a great or ideal car. Doesn't run out of gas too frequently, is a decently smooth ride, and easy to control/maneuver. It's reliable for a starting driver or someone who simply doesn't have the budget to get a nice car. I like it because it helps me get to work and places I need without worrying too much.

- Mel R

Loving the advance system in Acura vehicles.

Love the performance, usually leave it on economy. Great app integration. Smooth ride. The advance system is my favorite feature and makes driving so much safer. I have not had any problems as of 45,000 miles, except replacing the tires which performed very good for being factory supplied. I am looking forward to buying a newer year model when it is time to replace this model.

- Jeffrey C

The Commoner: Affordability

The Acura TLX 2016 is an extraordinary car. With push to start and buttons as gear shifts, it creates a friendly learning environment for even new drivers. It's all four wheel drive provide the traction needed when achieving high speeds. Overall it's a very reliable car with few flaws. Personally, the only annoying concern has been the car shutting off periodically but rarely.

- Johnny L

Acura baby, best car for under $50k on the market.

Very reliable, never have to worry about breakdowns non starts or basic technical issues that modern consumer drivers shouldn't have to deal with. Great on gas, gets miles upon miles upon miles on 1 tank. Beautiful frame and bass, rides smooth and gives me a sense of ease when driving along with luxury comfort one might not expect from Acura, great car highly recommend.

- Brandon P

It is reliable and affordable.

I love my basic model. It is dependable, spacious, and comfortable. The sink into my seat every time. The specs and features on the car helps me maintain it. I love that it tells me when. To change my oil and how many miles I have left till my car is going to stop running. I chose this car because I have family members that own Acura and it has not disappoint.

- Jenny C

Safety, style, comfort and reliability.

This car is stylish and comfy with a roomy interior. All-wheel -drive system is outstanding. Driver seat is very comfortable with power lumbar. Sleek and beautiful dash with dual screen infotainment. Excellent safety features includes blind spot warning and parking sensors. Best thing about this car is its reliability.. I have had zero problems in 2 years.

- Mel W

I love this car, the way it handles it amazing and gas mileage is great

None this car is great! I have no complaints and have owned the TLX for over 2 years! If you are thinking of getting one just do it. You will have no regrets and will absolutely fall in love. It rides smoothly and gets great gas mileage too. Make sure to stay up on the maintenance to ensure your car stay in good condition and runs properly.

- Amanda N

Great And Reliable Vehicle

I love my 2016 Acura TLX. This car has only failed me one time. The battery actually didn't turn over due to dying. When I went to the dealer they quickly charged it up and fixed the problem. They also were able to update my computer system and I have not had any problems since. Reliable comfortable and luxurious vehicle. No complaints.

- Autumn D

Very specific the honest god like truth.

My Acura tlx is a very durable car. The only issues I had was with my seat belt (passenger) it stopped working due to a mechanical issue other that it drives smooth just like a Cadillac. The heat and ac works perfect. As long you get your oil changes done every 3, 000 miles there shouldn't be any problems.

- Kevin B

Performance, comfortable seats, great tires & smooth riding.

I believe that my car which is the Acura tlx is one of the best cars I have been in & that I drive because the performance is perfect to me it drives smoothly & does not take that much gas so you do not have to fill it as much, seats are very comfortable & I think it is my favorite 4 door car.

- Richie C

Very reliable. Can be used as a small family car. Very spacious and comfortable.

Very comfortable. Has seat settings. Seat warmers. Nothing really that I do not like about the car. Just if they can add seat coolers for us Arizona drivers. Very reliable and spacious. I was about to take it through a rough desert area and it was able to make it up the mountain and down with no issues.

- Sophia C

The color is unique and striking.

The vehicle is quiet and a very smooth ride. Gas is a bit of a disappointment as it doesn't get the best MPG. I think I average about 14 mpg. The radio and the sound systems is great but the overall outside look is a bit bland. I do have a really great blue color which I get compliments on a lot.

- elizabeth T

My 2016 Acura TLX Summary

My vehicle drives very well for the most part, sometimes I have difficulty starting it in the cold weather though. I know other people with this same brand of vehicle and they say the same thing about their vehicle as well. I would recommend this vehicle though, it's very smooth to drive.

- Angel F

Acura 2016 Standard base with V6 engine.

The Acura tlx is the best in its series. Only problem I had was having to change the spark plugs fairly quickly. The model shape is cutting edge with standard heated seat and Gps. Overall this car was a great buy that fit well into my budget. I would recommend this vehicle to consumers.

- kim A

Little maintenance on Acura cars.

The car has required very little maintenance. It automatically tells us when it needs service. We change the oil regularly and this helps a lot. Also we only use high premium gas. Our mechanic told us as long as we do these things we should be driving this car for a long time.

- Howard S

I love my Acura tlx. I think everyone should have one.

I do not have any problems with my car. I recommend it very highly. It is a luxury car. But at the same time it is very sporty. It is also extremely well on gas. And you have four modes in which you can set it for. It can be in economy or regular or advance or advance plus.

- Caroline K

Dual video screen on Acura tlx makes for easy navigation.

The driver's seat is uncomfortable for long drives and there are no arm rests. I have a problem with the passenger door handle sticking. Gas mileage is ok but not great. Reliable. I like the dual screen and nav system. Performance is slow until the car warms up, then good.

- Betty T

Love how it handles and the comfort the vehicle provides.

This vehicle has every comfort I need. The only thing that could make this vehicle better for me would be to have the navigation system and a v6 engine. It has such a smooth ride. I enjoy it everyday. I used to own Hondas but I will continue to purchase Acura.

- Julie K

The Acura tlx is a classic, attractive, high-quality vehicle.

I love the way Acura’s drive. They are made well and are reliable, as well as spacious and comfy. Also attractive looking. They are affordable but great quality. Heated seats and automatic controls. Touch screen for radio and settings. It is a great car.

- Sandra M

I love my 2016 Acura tlx!

This is the nicest car I have ever owned. It is very quiet, has all the safety features, and it is fun to drive. The car pays attention to its surroundings which makes me feel safe when I drive. The thing I like best is that it gets around 40 mpg average!

- Steve W

Safety features throughout the car. I loved the headlights !

No complaints thus far . I love the space in the back seat even if the front seats are backed up all the way , the back seat still has enough leg room I love it's level of technology and it's sleekness . The most loved feature are all the safety features.

- Brenda S

Acura TLX Generally Very Good

Very comfortable, generally love the car and all the features, had to have the starter replaced and that was a pain. Don't love the push button gear shifter. The seats could be more comfortable. The car handles well on the road. It is not gas efficient

- Karen L

The car I have Acura the way it drives is great. The space is great.

The problems I have with my Acura the wiper blades sometimes get stuck and the breaks are not as great as they once were. The car tends to fog up when it is raining and or snowing even with the heat or ac on which takes a while to clear up. Also seats.

- Sime G

The car does not require a lot of fuel like other luxury cars and the interior is very comfortable and spacious.

The 2016 TLX Acura is very comfortable and fits my lifestyle. Beside the good aesthetics, it does not require a lot of effort to maintain other from regular maintenance so it is reliable. It is quite energy efficient as well.

- Julia W

my car is good on saving gas and it's a high a performance car at the same time, it hugs curves and come up out of them accelerating like crazy.

my car is like that i haven't had any problems out of it. i was surprised by the price at first but my car performs like it suppose to i am very glad i made the choice i've made as far as purchasing this vehicle

- thomas w

The car is on the small side and is not very roomy.

It is a little on the small size for my needs and don't like the touchscreen controls for the a/c and seat heaters (have to navigate several pages). I like the acceleration of the v-6.

- jeff p

I like the mileage that we get when we are driving.

I like the comfort, all the accessories that came on the car. I dislike the window in the roof. The back seats of the car lower which gives more room to transport things if needed.

- Judith H

Most features are standard in the vehicle (interior leather, sound system, etc), so you really only need to decide if you want the car with or without the navigation/technology package

I love the engine/drive of the vehicle. The interior looks classy and sophisticated. It's great value for the price - compared to other vehicles in its class.

- Bri A

My vehicle has very good gas mileage.

It is very comfortable and rides nicely. It does not have many problems and has nice features. The audio system in the car works very well and sounds excellent.

- Michael D

One more important thing would be the safety elements of the car.

Its roomy and fast.. I love the sunroof and leather seats.. I also like the color and trim.. If I had to get another car I would choose the tlx again.

- Doris T

The bass in this car's speakers is exceptional.

Very reliable car that gets me from point A to point B. If I was only able to drive one car for the rest of my life i would be happy with this car.

- Hyung C

It's durability and minimal maintenance requirements

Durability quality and performance. No complaints whatsoever. I would own another Acura and recommend their cars any time to anyone.

- Tom K

that it is a great car that drives well.

i like that it saves the settings when you get in based on which remote is used. I like the keyless entry. I like the heated seats.

- david S

There is 3.5 liter V6 engine, this is very tough , and strong engine.And fuel efficiency is quite better than the car I had in the past.

Nice looking car, that is the most important things of this car. Also there has been no accident since I have purchased this car.


It's very dependable an good on gas an the cost is reasonable

I love my car because it is good on gas handler the road very well . It's a sporty car to be a 4 door sedan also.

- Cal R

A smooth ride, with a great stereo

No problems! Runs great, miles per gallon is good, has a lot of really good features, and the seats are comfy!

- Aaron H

It has great value, affordable and can last long if well kept and maintained.

I love this car..it is very portable and comfortable plus very affordable. The interior is very modern too.

- Ice C

Enjoyable and helpful design

I really enjoy how reliable it is. The car has sleek design and function it makes driving more enjoyable.

- Katie K

Leader in technology. Handles the road well. Well-made car!

First in its class, gadgets are awesome! Great car body and seats are comfy. Hugs the road!

- Emmy R

It has great pick up and speed And I love the styling

Love the style comfort and speed. This Is my third Acura and I plan on buying another one

- Karen P

Mechanically sound vehicle

It's mechanically sound and good. Like the navigation. Dislike how plain it is.

- Katie S

I like the body style. Acura is a good company. It is a great quality vehicle.

I believe my Acura is of great quality. It has good features and drives well.

- dena r

that it gives you great gas mileage

i love my araca it is a very good car and it gives you great gas mileage

- mike K

not only elegant but easy to drive super dependable and very comfortable

comfortable nice gas dependable advanced fancy my family loves it

- Robin H

Very comfortable car for travel. Car gets good gas mileage. Car is very dependable.

the safety features are very good and easy to activate and use.

- Cindy J

It has a very large trunk for hauling things. It is very comfortable for long drives

It is very comfortable. Easy to drive & handles very well.

- Joni W

That they should buy it and it's a well made car. Castle rock is a good show

Technology. Back up camera. Paint job Rims. Gas mileage

- Douglas B

Size of car too small compared to TSX

Nice car but too small, liked the TSX a lot better.

- Jillian S