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Gorgeous and reliable ride.

This is a great car. It is comfortable, smooth driving and looks great! The seat heaters are superb, and the leather looks good even after several years of wear and tear. The security features make it a safe car for a single driver. For instance you can set the unlock feature to unlock only the door you are using, and no others. It is a great feature for when you are alone.

- Laura S

You cannot go wrong with German engineering.

I love all the safety features like the back up camera and how it beeps when you get. Too close to something. I love the Bose speakers. . . Great music really makes a difference when you are driving. I do not care for the non keyless entry. I wish it came with keyless entry since the car is keyless drive.

- Erica A

Car is recalled often, other than that very good.

This car gets recalled very often where I have to go to the Audi dealership and get it checked. The brakes are also very squeaky. Other than that, it is a very good car. Seats are very comfortable, front seats are heated, and ventilation is good. It is also very room in all parts of the car.

- Tabatha P

I haven't had any issues in 5 years of owning it, Its very dependable.

My q5 is overall comfortable and reliable, my husband and I. Purchased it as we were planning to have a baby and wanted more space and safety. We wish it was more spacious, the backseat can be a bit cramped with a car seat, and they trunk space is a bit small.

- Vanessa E

An interesting detail of this car is that the control knob joystick to change radio stations moves left to go down and right to go up which feels backwards.

The technology in my vehicle is poor and outdated. This car has a lot of issues from brakes to alignment. I would not purchase this car again. Audi has fairly poor customer service as well. I do like the exterior of the car and the heated seats in the front.

- Bren O

It is a luxury car and drives smooth. It also is quiet inside with little road noise.

I like that it rides "quiet" with little outside noise. I like the way it looks and all the technology it includes. Complaints are that the nearest dealer to service is over an hour away and it could use a USB port.

- Brandi F

Best smooth, quick acceleration of any SUV that I have ever driven.

It is roomy, very comfortable, easy to get in and out of, and has very responsive, smooth acceleration. I love that I can open the trunk from the key fob as I am walking to the car.

- Diana M

It does ride nicely and is a comfortable ride for passengers.

I do not have a backup camera. That was an extra for that year. It does not have the button to push for the trunk close. Also have had too many recalls.

- Marcy S

great performance and appearance but expensive upkeep

great performance. maintenance, repairs and gas are expensive. great interior styling that makes you feel like you are driving in luxury.

- nicole p

Comfortable car for commute and looks sleek and nice.

The car is great an is very comfortable for my commute and looks great as well. I wish it didn't take premium gas but is otherwise great.

- Kris B

Frequent recalls, lighting system issues.

I like the comfort, style and driving. I dislike the expensive repairs and the frequent issues with the lighting system and recalls.

- Josie B

It is a very good vehicle.

It has a smooth ride. It comes with all wheel drive and offers fuel efficiency. My only dislike is that the parts are expensive.

- Jessica N

Easy to drive and the extra features are easy to figure it out

Like the way the ride is smooth. it has a lot of room for passengers, however the back area I wish had more space

- Vicki b

The features and how it is safe to drive. I like all the appearance of the car.

I like all the features and high quality car . I like the reputation of the car. I like how it is fun to drive.

- Lily H

Fun to drive, responsive and safe

Overall I like the sport utility vehicle. It is responsive and lots of fun to drive. Rear seats are small

- cic c

comfortable and functional inside the vehicle. very well built.

awesome ride and comfort in the vehicle. great styling. also great service from the dealership and audi.

- felipe r

The all wheel drive is ample to get me out of anything.

Great car performs well. Has over 100k miles still going strong. Will look to buy another in a year or 2.

- Chad S

Car takes premium gas which can get expensive. Or buy gas booster.

Car is great. Wish maintenance was cheaper. Will definitely consider buying another audi in the future.

- Chad D

The most important thing to know about the car is that it is very reliable.

Big, safe, comfortable. Does not break- low maintenance. Okay with gas consumption. Looks beautiful.

- Joanna K

It is a luxury suv with lots of features and it is easy to drive and park.

It's a fun car to drive. Good for kids and road trips. Could use a bit more trunk space.

- Lisa C

The amount of technology in the car allows for routine maintenance to be as easy as possible

My vehicle is fully loaded with the latest technology. It drives unbelievably well.

- Matt J

complaint riddling in sunroof. The size of the car is perfect for all sorts of travel

Good size car and easy for grocery shopping regards to placing bags in trunk

- petra L

I love my Audi. It is sturdy, dependable, smooth riding, and made solid. It is also very safe.

It is a very well built vehicle and is dependable and reliable.

- Denise E

good overall vehicle. Sleek. Family Car Turbo Charge

Maintenance is too high Love the style and the features

- Nicole C