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Wonderful daily driver if it is just you.

My 128i is the 6 speed m sport option. Reliability has been very good over the 30k I have driven. Performance is good but they do make a faster one. It has great balance and I really enjoy driving it. The only thing that has gone wrong is the windshield washer pump failing. My least favorite part of the car is it gets the same mpg as my turbocharged SUV.

- Wes B

A great value and a car you'll love to drive.

I like the looks, small size and easy maneuverability of my car and I think it was a good value. I also liked the free maintenance feature. Although it is a coupe and it is not very easy for a larger person to get into the back seat, once you get in there is actually quite a bit of room back there. My passengers are always pleasantly surprised at this.

- Sharon E

The 128i is a perfect car to save on gas and enjoy a comfortable sporty ride.

The 128i has not caused me any problems in all 80, 000 miles I have owned it. Basic maintenance any vehicle needs is all it requires. Fast, comfortable and good on gas. Easy to park and handles very well. Great speakers. The car is very comfortable to drive in rainy conditions and handles bumps in the road well.

- Frank F

Fun to drive with plenty of power.

The 2011 BMW 128i rides nice and has plenty of power. I haven't had any mechanical issues with this car. It gets about 25-30 mpg on the highway. I love driving this car. It is perfect for commuting around a busy city and back and forth to work. For a small car and me being 6ft, it is very roomy and comfortable.

- Anthony E

Very good car, but limited space if you're tall. Worth it if you have money.

It has very good horsepower. Decent on gas and it does not break down as long as you keep it up to date. If something is wrong it will be very expensive tho. Very comfortable would suggest for 2 people especially if you are tall. Has GPS Bluetooth pairing and aux cord. Overall a very solid car.

- Julian M

Small and fun but older car lacking new features.

My vehicle is older and does not have a lot of features that newer cars have. It would be nice to have an interface screen for the media/radio and a back up camera. Otherwise, it does not have any performance issues or reliability issues that I have dealt with other than general maintenance.

- Mollie C

A 2011 BMW 128i convertible.

The 2011 BMW 128i convertible is great. This vehicle handles excellent, pretty good on gas and has plenty of room to transport up to 3 other passengers comfortably. The only downfall is that it is expensive to fix, but that is expected with foreign vehicles.

- Sam G

It is got a vtec in the motor bay.

I like the color, style & comfort of my car. I dislike the repair & fuel prices for it. Additionally, I dislike that when I wish to take my mom & friends out, the ate very uncomfortable riding in my small car.

- Jen F

It is built with safety in mind and is built to prevent crushing if/when wrecked.

I like how it drives, and that it is small and convenient. I do not like that it is a little outdated and lacks a few features I would want, and how expensive maintenance is.

- Mollie C

How safe it is. It reacts quickly in situations

I love how reliable and safe my car is. For all the time I've had it the only complaint I have is that I have had issues with my engine coils breaking

- Steph S

That's it's hella fast and they should get out of my way

i like the power and luxury of the car. It has all the luxuries of a bmw with an inline 6 turbocharged engine that produces 300hp.

- Steve B

its beautiful type of car

its good I love my car it drives very nice. the only issue is it eats up on gas and that becomes problem since I work far

- john s

My complaints are that the car gets very bad road rash which is expensive because it frequently needs a new paint job. I love the way the car drives. It's fast and feels very sturdy.

It needs super gas and oil changes and service are more expensive because it is a foreign car.

- Tyra R