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The nicest BMW for being a 2005

I love the car a lot. It's my baby, don't get me wrong but it has its issues. It has had multiple misfires and oil leaks. For a bigger car it does have great pick up and gets you where you need to go. The parts for repairs on this car are very expensive so make sure you are willing and have the money to put into it. It's got a sunroof that goes all the way to the back seats of the car which I really love for when it's nice outside. For an old car it doesn't have a camera but it does have sensors on the front and back of the car so it will notify you when you are coming too close to something. If I didn't have the sensors I would've been in multiple accidents by now. If you like to travel this car is especially great because of its huge trunk. You can fit pretty much anything in the back of the car.

- rachael M

It is very reliable in the snow.

Our x-5 is very reliable. It is a lovely, zippy little car that not only gets us where we need to go, but is a pleasure to drive. It is trustworthy through all sorts of weather, including the rough snows we have to deal with constantly. I think our only complaint is that there are no cup holders in the backseat, which can be a nuisance when we need more than one cup holder. Otherwise, it is in general a very good car with relatively good mileage.

- Isabella M

BMW x5 a great deal new or used.

I love the BMW x5 it's a nice smooth ride and comfortable for road trips. It does have some quirks though - such as it tends to burn oil and repairs can be expensive - particularly the computer modules. I am the 2nd owner for this vehicle and we have had some issues with it, but then again it has over 150 thousand miles on it. I think that the value for the dollar spent is there, and anyone who purchases one won't be disappointed.

- Pamela M

Could be a lot better; should have waited to get a vehicle.

The handles on the door are crappy. The front passenger and back left passenger door will not open. The back right window will not roll up when rolled down. The rear lights and brake lights pop out of their grooves so the car does not register them. It is expensive to do anything yo this car and to fix anything dealing with it. I wish I would have gotten a Honda or a dodge.

- Legend K

Great, dependable family car who like riding in style!

This is a great, dependable family car. Love the features of the heated leather seats and dual climate control. There is plenty of room for passengers in back seat. Rear seats fold all the way down for hauling big items. With seats up there is still a lot of space in back for larger items.

- Lindsey M

It is a great running car that can get you where you need to go

The car is very touchy and delicate. Great car overall you just have to keep up maintenance. Great brand Long running cars if you take care of them. I have owned this car for 2 years and it has been great on getting my family back and forth. Haven't had to do too many repairs

- Jasmine C

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- Lena M

BMW for comfort and travel.

Performs well. Gets good gas mileage. Very few maintenance issues. I live that the seats are heated. That is good in winter. It rides smoothly and has good pickup which helps when going on the freeway. It has good storage space and legroom in the back.

- Cris L

My x5 is both sporty and luxury and I love it.

I love how safe I feel driving my x5. It is spacious enough for road trips but not too ginormous. It is also nice to not be driving a minivan like the other soccer moms out there. I still feel like I have the luxury and sport of my former Bmw models.

- Bethany W

2005 BMW still works but has small issues!

Since it is old, I frequently go to the auto shop for tune ups and filter changes. I am always filling up on gas weekly which is about 55-66$. The leather is starting to lift and tear a lot recently.

- Cameron B

Hold value and runs well even with high mileage.

Very reliable.. Comfortable to drive.. Handles well.. Good in bad weather.. Well made.. Multiple luxury features.. Adequate room for passengers and materials.

- Colleen M

Love it/hate it - love the way it drives, hate the price of repairs.

Burns oil, have invested $1, 000s to get it back up to par. Got it for a great deal, but now it seems that everything is going wrong with it.

- Crystal R

It's a BMW. I upgraded the radio system in it. I love the interior.

It's a unique mid size SUV. It's like a brownish olive color. I love this car because it doesn't go out of style.

- Kim M

BMW is worth it's quality, dependable and efficient.

It's high maintenance but very durable. I Don't have to say that it's my most favorite vehicle that I've owned.

- Mar B

Maintenance is done mostly at 3000 miles.

Although my car is getting old, has been a great value. Very comfortable, perfect size and extremely reliable.

- Denise M

Nice and smooth has class

it has a nice smooth ride .navigation radio inside fits 5 people.it's a nice small sub with lots of room

- momtrail s

They are great luxury cars, and the engine performs very well.

The car handles very well, but the steering is hard and stiff and the brakes frequently require repairs.

- Gillian H

It's very expensive to maintain.

The car is solid. It has great acceleration. I feel very safe driving it.

- John S

I like the color. I also like that it's easy to drive. I dislike how the price is so high up there

That it is expensive. It also needs the most expensive gas

- Jennifer G