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2015 Buick Encore: Power Boost issues

I initially LOVED this vehicle when I first bought it. I bought it second-hand at a huge retailer in Indiana. The first few months of having it, everything was 'okay'. There was a slight whirring sound every time the A/C was on, but I got over that. However, a few months into driving the vehicle daily, the check engine light came on. It would come on and then go off almost immediately. Sometimes it would stay on longer though. About 7 months ago, the check engine light would come on, and cause the car to have acceleration issues. I went to a certified dealer and they told me it was an issue with the 'power booster'. They swore they fixed the issue, but it keeps happening sporadically in present time.

- Marina D

Amazing ride on my Buick encore.

The ride of this vehicles is amazing. If you drive any distance, this is the car for you. I have never had such a smooth ride. I had narrowed my search for a car down to the Buick or the Chevy traverse. As soon as I drove the Buick, I was hooked. Gas mileage for this car is good. I get between 25-35 mpg. It depends if I am traveling on interstate or going through the mountains as to my actual mileage. . . But I am happy with it. I have not had any mechanical problems with this car since purchasing it but I do oil changes every 3, 000-4, 000 miles. The tires on my car are the originals and I have 50, 000 miles on them.

- Mary B

Small but powerful and easy to maneuver

It has good gas mileage, which saves a me a good amount of money each time I stop to fill up at a gas station. The car is small and easy to drive and steer. It is small but has enough room to comfortably sit 5 people, which fits my lifestyle. The compact size makes it easier to park than other cars, and fits into cramped areas. I would recommend this car to people who are teaching a teenager or young person to drive because it is easy to handle and park.It's easy to clean and the was not very expensive. Another plus was that it very quiet when driving and does not make very loud rumbling or driving noises.

- Hoi D

Ok for small family around town type driving. Not good for long distance travel.

The car is absolutely Beautiful and I think that it would be perfect if it were larger on the inside. I am 5'11' and when we take road trips I am absolutely miserable. The car is comfortable for around the town type driving but long trips it is difficult and that is something being as it is supposed to be a luxury vehicle. Also the front passenger seat has no armrest! What kind of luxury vehicle only has a driver armrest? Saying that the driver armrest is small and not that comfortable. If I were to purchase again I would go for a larger model with a bigger arm rest and leg room area.

- Jessie P

To be careful of the 'blind spots' found in the rear two corners.

My Buick Encore is the perfect size for 2 adults. It is luxury enough to be very comfortable, yet not to luxury to be able to take into the mountains for camping. It handles very well on the mountain roads. It has a reverse camera which gives a wide range of view, and bluetooth capability almost words to well. The one downfall for the car are the "blind spots". Especially the back two corners. Yes that is why there is a backup camera, but they still are rather wide. We keep up on oil changes and overall inspections and have had no problems in 3 years.

- Rebecca L

The only thing I do not like about my car is GPS is not touch.

My car is very reliable. I have not had a no start problem. For a small car it is super comfortable. The leather is sleek and beautiful black. My Buick is great on gas. I am able to continue passing gas stations. I have automatic start which means on cold days or hot days I can start my car without having to get in, thereby being comfortable when I get in with either heat or air condition. Everything in the vehicle is automatic so once you set your seats and mirrors they are set until you change them. I would buy this car again.

- Henry G

With it being AWD it is a very safe car to drive.

It is AWD and drives great when there is water or snow on the roads. It picks up rather quickly as long as the air conditioner is not running. It sits up higher on the road making the field of site better. I did need to have the air conditioning unit replaced. Thank goodness it was still under warranty. The only drawback is the size. I would prefer more legroom in the backseat and a larger hatch back area. I do find that my 6'3" grandson cannot sit in the backseat comfortably and I quickly run out of room in the back.

- Elizabeth K

The Buick Encore offers a spacious interior, inside of a small package.

I love my car. It is small enough to fit into any spot, but with a quick reconfiguration of the back seats it reveals a surprisingly huge interior. I have a Boxer and a Great Dane and all 3 of us fit perfectly with room to spare. The performance of my little car is outstanding. It has the power to get up and go when I need it to and the ability to just cruise to save on gas. It has plenty of storage compartments, the interior lighting is wonderful. It is without a doubt the best car I've ever owned.


A safe yet stylish compact SUV.

We love our Buick encore. It handles well and has amazing gas mileage. It is small enough for me to feel comfortable driving yet large enough to store much luggage when we travel to visit two of our children who live out of state. It is both stylish and practical and understated yet fashionable. My favorite safety feature is the. Lane change warning lights which enables me to feel safe with my peripheral vision problem. It is the ideal compact SUV for us!

- Nancy D

2015 blue beauty Buick encore.

I love my Buick encore! I have experienced no mechanical issues to date and the fuel economy is great at 32+ mpg combined. I have an approximately 1 hour commute to and from work, and the seats are most comfortable. The infotainment system is a little tricky to work out -- I had issues getting my Bluetooth to connect -- but once the dealership helped to reset the system, I have had seamless connectivity with my phone. In all, this has been a great car!

- Brie B

Make Your Drive Easier, More Comfortable and More Efficient.

No problems at all. My car is comfortable and since it sits a bit higher, I no longer have neck strain when driving. The seats easily fold down to allow transport of larger items. Love the backup camera, OnStar navigation and the car phone! It has a small turning radius that is very convenient, as is the vehicle diagnostics that allow me to track gas mileage, oil status and the lbs of air in the tires. All in all, I couldn't be more pleased!

- Terrie C

Why Buick isn't my first choice!

I really enjoyed this car at first but have ran into problems recently. The turbo was recalled then within weeks my catalytic converter went bad as well. We went to change the breaks but it turns out you need special tools that normal everyday people usually don't have laying around to get the job done! Both rear brake calipers have broken at this point as well. I would not buy this car again and I have only had it for 1.5 years.

- Amanda S

Buick is made for performance and comfort

I've not had any problems, just replacing brakes and new tires. It's the most reliable vehicle I've ever owned. It's good on gas mileage but still performs very well. It's loaded with features. Leather interior, heated seats, automatic lights, GPS system and the radio shuts off when you open the door. The seats are very comfortable especially considering they are leather. You just can't go wrong with purchasing this vehicle.

- Sina M

Decent gas mileage versus repairs.

Unexpected issues with the make/model, repeated repairs for a newer vehicle. Air conditioning within the car does not circulate well through the vehicle, especially in hot/humid climates. Decent on gas, one of the few perks. Unexpected blind spots due to the size and placement of windows, considered a luxury model vehicle, but does not accelerate well and not enough space within the vehicle cabin.

- Shelley B

I like being able to receive texts and phone calls hands free

I am very pleased with this vehicle. It's perfect size SUV. Not too big not too small. It runs and rides great. It gets great gas mileage. I've never had any problems with it. I like the features it came with such as letting me know when I need air in my tires, when it's time for an oil change. Bluetooth capabilities so I have hands free talking and texting right through the radio.

- Jennifer A

Few flaws and problems but more great things than bad.

I have had issues with overheating because of the reservoir. Also my tire air pressure sensor is bad and the notification is still showing when I put the right amount of air in. Other than that, the car is awesome. It's very spacious when the back seats are manually placed down. There are many compartments for you to put things. I loved it the day I purchased and still do today.

- Dana C

Very nice design:) super roomy in the front. Sleek.

The car is very nice and the ac works amazing. Very sleek design. It is a bit small in the back seat. I love the car so much I bring it everywhere I go and people cannot stop saying how nice it looks. Very good purchase pit for anyone in style. The 2018 one is a bit more on the expensive side if you do not have the money to afford that, this is your next best bet.

- Ashlee R

I recently discovered that the glovebox is illuminated on the outside at night.

My Buick encore is a mix of reliability, performance and comfort. I really enjoy driving this vehicle. My only complaint would be the fan is loud when turned on high. This vehicle has a great sound system. The vehicle controls are easy to use and to see at night. The glovebox even is illuminated so you can see it in the dark. I really enjoy this vehicle.

- Sherry F

It is a well built, safe car with lots of bells and whistles.

It is stylish, gets good gas mileage, well built, has every feature you could want. Love the sunroof, the 2 tone leather interior and heated steering wheel. It has some quirks. The gas tank is hard to fill. The nozzle turns off over and over. The electronics are not very intuitively designed. The interior is pretty small. The GPS is not very good.

- Marilyn M

Get up and goes when you need it to.

I have not had any problems with this car! It is a very comfortable ride. Has the power to get up go when you need and the gas mileage is great! The extra that come standard with this car will just make you fall that much more in love with it! I am planning on buying a new car soon and am going to get the same car again I am that happy with it!

- Renate W

Good safety issues, but multiple unknown noise issues

We have had issues with fan belts and other noises that the dealership has struggled to figure out. We have had to take the vehicle in several times to deal with these issues. I do like the safety features such as the notifications that appear in the driver and passenger windows when other vehicles are present during your lane changes.


The Buick Encore is a great mid size hatchback, but does not possess anything exceptional. It's the definition of "middle of the road."

My Buick Encore is durable and reliable, and has good safety features installed. The interior is comfortable and easy to keep clean, and has the appropriate amount of storage. The exterior is a little dull in color, but has held up well in inclement weather. The engine makes for a good A to B car, but does not have very much horsepower.

- Heather T

Buick encore small problems but overall big satisfaction.

I have had the vehicle for three years and it was reliable. I had minimal issues with the vehicle except after 2 1/2 years an ignition coil and spark plug had to be replaced (vehicle was sputtering on acceleration, and the repair was covered under warranty). I thought other than that issue it handled well and the interior was roomy.

- Christina M

Buick encore: small but rewarding.

The Buick encore is a compact SUV. My model is all wheel drive which functions perfectly. I like the way that the car handles and that I can fit in tight spaces. It rides comfortably and has a surprising amount of storage space. While the rear seat passengers do not have much leg room, the front seat passengers sit comfortably.

- Bob B

2015 Buick encore - the pros and cons.

Problems: car has no heat until you rev my car up to 4000 rpms. Need to already put it in the shop. Performance is great. Reliability is good so far. Gets me from point A to point B. Comfort is not that comfortable on long trips. Just comfortable of short distances. Features are fantastic. A lot of bells and whistles.

- J M

Betsy is the best car ever!

Just got it over a year ago. It's very comfortable very nice on the inside. It allows me to go to places and do multiple activities while still looking classy. It's comfortable. I can do groceries and have a baby in the car multiple people without having any issues plus has compacted so it fits and every parking space

- Joan V

That it is reliable & it drives very good.

The performance of my vehicle is great. I have been having it for a little over a year now & I haven't had any problems except for the battery. I changed it once. It drives very well with no problem. I change the oil when it needs to be changed & that one reason the reliability is good. It is small & I love it.

- Beverly T

Reliable and good on gas. Just too small.

I haven't had any problems with the encore and it is good on gas. It does not have enough room. I would say it is very reliable. All I have had done is the oil change and the tires rotated. I just do not like the appearance. It is too small but the bigger the vehicle the more gas it uses so I cannot complain.

- Shelley D

Why I like my SUV crossover vehicle...

It run great, for a small 1.4 liter engine, it runs like a sports car. Great gas mileage. Very reliable. I have good field of vision. I don't feel like I'm driving a compact car. All of the features work great. I love the Bluetooth feature best. It gives me easy Hand's-free cell phone use while driving.

- Carol M

We went 4 years before we had to get a new battery.

No problems with my vehicle. Gets great mileage. Is roomy. Interior is easy to clean. Went 4 years before we had to replace the battery. Only bad thing I could think about this car is that it only has one arm rest for the front seat passengers. When you are both learners one arm rest is not enough.

- Sandra S

Great little crossover with room for improvement

Easy to get in and out, stylish, efficient, good storage and seating options are some of my favorite features. However the voice activation for navigation, really needs an overhaul. Bad directions, late turn notices, horrible recognition of addresses or spoken destinations are a headache to deal with.

- Patricia C

It�s a beautiful caramel car with black customs seats

It's amazing. The interior is great. The engine is amazing. I've got a lot done to it by adding additional paint and objects to it. The AC blows beautifully. It's GREAT. You'll really love this car and want to drive it any and everywhere. My family and I always go on vacations just to ride in the car.

- Luke P

Great small car. Convince package.

I have had no problems with anything. It is a small car both inside and out. I would suggest you both sit in and drive it before you buy. The trunk area is very small. You can't carry much with you. I find it great for what I need. I love it but do wish I would have gotten the convenience package.

- Susan S

Excellent small SUV. Great handling; fuel efficient.

I really like this vehicle. It is a great size for a single person, handles well and is fuel efficient. My only complaint about the Encore lineup is that to get all the best safety features, you have to get the top end model which also includes leather seats (which I do not like and do not want).

- Christa S

All in all this is an amazing family car, so roomy we love it.

The car is amazing! It is extremely comfortable for long trips it is perfect. The performance is everything you'd want in a car. The stock speakers are bad like most other stock speakers. The only problem I have with this car is the blind spots. You really cannot see all around you like I'd like.

- Zhoe G

Amazing and reliable SUV for everyday use.

Never had a problem with reliability. I love my Buick and will never buy anything else! It rides quietly, comfortably and great for long trips. It is great on gas mileage too. Only problem I have had so far is a manifold leak that was covered under my warranty. Other than that, it's been awesome!

- Sherry B

The Buick encore is a small vehicle but with good room inside.

The only complaint that I have regarding vehicle is that does not have options for passenger side seating. It is not very comfortable. Performs well. Plenty of room in back for the average size person. For me the seat warmers is a definite plus! I also like the information given for maintaining.

- Laura S

Smooth ride and good gas mileage.

What I like about my vehicle is the color, it is beautiful! I like the size and storage area within the car. I like that my two children's car seats fit well. I like how smooth it drives and the gas mileage I get; nearly 30 mpg. I do wish at times it was a bit larger for the trunk space.

- Kassie O

I drive a sleek, small crossover. It�s a perfect car for a single woman/dog mom.

The only issue I've had is that the check engine light comes on frequently but nothing is actually wrong - related to this, when it's below 40 degrees F, the computerized system for backup camera, radio, Bluetooth, etc. won't work in the car unless you turn it on and let it heat up first.

- Alicia M

I enjoy the color of the car and the smoothness of it when you drive it.

I do not have any issues with my car I am just kind of sick of having it. I drive my car a lot and there is quit a few of miles on it and sometimes it makes a weird noise when I start it but I usually ignore it and I know that is bad but I do not have the money to go and get it looked at.

- Emma H

The Buick Encore is a right-sized SUV

My Buick Encore is very comfortable. I can raise my arms without hitting my elbows on the door. I drive an hour to work every day and have no problems with reliability or comfort. The seats in the back easily lay down to convert this into more of the SUV side for the transporting things.

- Melanie O

Colorado Buick encore highlights.

Buick encore is fuel efficient and comfortable. Back end has ample room. Rear seating is ample. All gauges are readable. Has several ways to track fuel consumption. Heater and ac are compatible with conditions for Colorado. In comparison to others in its class it is holding its value.

- Kenneth S

Buick encore rocks - a family tradition of Buicks.

There were electrical issues, tires continuously deflating despite patches and replacement tires. I like the sound system and the overall mileage. I only have to fill the tank once a week. I am coming up on my lease and am considering leasing another encore for another three years.

- Jane A

Great small SUV, this should be your next car.

Love this car. Good mileage, comfortable. Very good on the interstates, easy to drive around town. Haven't had any trouble yet. Seats four comfortably. Good looking too, had several people stop me at the gas station to talk about it, people like the way it looks inside and out.

- John W

All the comfort of a car in the size of a SUV.

I have owned my car for 2 years and I haven't really had any problems so far! I love it because it is like driving a car but has all wheel drive. It is great for city driving while still being able to haul stuff. The back up camera and sensors on the vehicle are truly amazing.

- Chelsea S

I like the way it drives and handles the road.

Car is too small for a big family. It has too many blind spots, and the console is too small and just about sits on the floor. Two people put down a cup of something to drink it is hard to reach it as the second person is reaching his or hers also. I do love the way it drives.

- Tina P

It's comfortable and good on gas, we have taken it on a couple of road trips and no problems

great car for a small family. Would have preferred the Enclave for more room. The thing I dislike the most is only space for 4 people but to get more space It's another $25.,000. The seats are really comfortable but Buick on this model does not have any advanced features.

- cheryl L

My SUV. Keeps me elevated so I can see well.

The seats are a little small for the average size person. And, the back of front seats are not adjustable. I life the lumbar support and the simplicity of the control panel I. E. Phone, radio stations. Heat/cool fan and dual temperature control. I love the large windshield.

- Anita H

I love that I can connect my cell phone to radio.

I love it enjoy being hire up when I drive. I will never go back to a car. The only thing I don't like is hatch is very small love the color and the friendly sales people also when on the road it drives smooth and gets good gas mileage very comfy to drive in and ride in.

- Sue K

Bluetooth capability and back up camera.

Car is small but roomy. Gets great gas mileage. It sits higher off the ground so it is easier for older people to get in and out of. I love the usage of the space with several storage places. It is Bluetooth capable which is great for taking hands free while traveling.

- Rhonda C

the extra storage on the sides of the doors and trunk

It is a great vehicle. It always starts even when we had -30 degree weather this winter. It is very good on road trips and the gas mileage is awesome. Could have bigger trunk space. Stereo system is good. Glove compartment is nice size. Doors have storage on the sides.

- Karen S

Turbocharged comfort affordable luxury.

Great car, powerful, but great on gas. . Bose sound system is awesome as well as heated seats and lumbar support. Very reliable no problems so far. Engine purrs like a bmw and mercedes. For a small care very roomy and comfortable. I definitely recommend this vehicle.

- kathy T

Nice jazzy and smooth with a touch of hip hop.

I love my car because I have not had any problems with the motor, it sound very quiet and good on gas. Inside is nicely leather pad and very comfortable. It has air bags on both driver and passenger side. I love the built in surround sound crystal clear Audio sound.

- Cherish R

My Buick experience. Small SUV, blind side detection, Wifi available.

I love my Buick encore 2015 experience. Perfect choice for first new car. Its classy, stylish, unique, roomy inside, blindside detection, backup view, OnStar equipped. Its small SUV size makes it easy to find parking. Its does not pick up speed quickly on highway.

- Beverly C

Love my cute and safe Buick encore.

I love my vehicle. It has many safety features that make me feel safe on busy highways. It is small and nimble so parking is a breeze. There is plenty of storage room for hauling what I need to haul. Plus, it is so cute! I love the sunroof and the tinted windows.

- Robin E

The Buick Encore is an affordable car that feels like a luxury vehicle.

I love my Buick Encore. The seats are comfortable for long trips. It gets good gas mileage. I love some of the added features such as heated seats, automatic wipers and remote start. The only thing that I would change is that it needs a bit more cargo space.

- Stephanie B

Use your mirrors carefully. Blind spots when someone passes you.

I love the luxury and reliability of this vehicle. So far no issues. Only one concern. There are several blind spots due to the design of the rear side windows. The side mirrors have lights that come on when a vehicle is passing but they are hard to get used to.

- Deb N

Cute small technology inclined vehicle.

I have no problems with the vehicle. None I have no problems with the vehicle it is good on gas and it starts up every time. But the seats are not very comfortable the seats do not have the adjustments that makes it comfortable seating. The features are great.

- Yvonne R

I love my Buick. It is extremely comfortable and the ride is very smooth.

I haven't experienced any issues with my car yet. It is very reliable and very comfortable on long trips. I love the features such as the "my Buick" app which lets you start the car, check gas and oil levels as well as keep up to date on required maintenance.

- Dale V

Small trunk, but good looking.

For the most part, I love my encore. The few things that I would change would be the trunk space. It is very small. There is hardly enough room to put 2 laundry bags. That really is my only complaint. The seats are comfortable and I love how it looks.

- Jennifer Y

Buick encore premium - amazing

I love my car - the interior is a beautiful grey and blue and it has all the bells and whistles. The Bose sound system is amazing and the heated seats as well. The backseat is a little small, but it is plenty of room for me. Love the all wheel drive

- Shawn S

The back seats fold down in a 2 step sequence.

I purchased my car used. It drives comfortably, it handles well. Its relatively comfortable. I really enjoy driving it. I definitely appreciate the safety features of the car, especially the blind spot notification lights on the side view mirrors.

- Catherine P

Love the look of the vehicle. Would love a sunroof.

It could be a little bigger in the trunk compartment. Gas mileage is good and I would recommend this car to anyone. I love the backup feature. Do not like the screen on the dashboard. Would like the seat adjustment to be automated and easier to find.

- Linda S

Gets great gas mileage and is all wheel drive.

I love that it gets better mileage than my last vehicle. I love sitting up higher than cars. I love that it drives like a little sports car. I wish it would ride a little smoother. I also wish it would shift gears a little smoother.

- Amie G

The best vehicle I could�ve bought!

The Buick encore is so comfortable and the perfect size for a single person or small family. This has been the most reliable vehicle because I have only had the take it to the garage for oil changes; no major issues at all!

- Danielle G

Buick makes great vehicles and they come with 4 year 50,000 mile warranties, you get a lot of luxury for a fair price.

I like the luxury that Buick offers on its vehicles. The Encore is fun to drive and gets great gas mileage. The only negative comment I have about the Encore is there is not a lot of cargo space, the trunk area is small.

- Barb B

It is fun to drive and easy to zip through traffic, if you are like me and drive just for fun you will enjoy it.

I like it, good acceleration, very responsive and pretty good gas mileage. On the negative side, it feels smaller on the inside than I thought it would be, not much space to carry things even with the back seats down.

- Jimi W

Good Little Car: Safe, affordable

easy to maintain; fuel-efficient, comfortable; safety features--front and side airbags, back up monitor; dashboard screen with up to date data on vehicle performance and safety; one drawback: very limited cargo area

- Geraldine N

They should know that the 2015 Buick Encore is a good A to B car, but struggles on the highway for long trips.

I like that my 2015 Buick Encore has good gas mileage and seats four people comfortably. I dislike that my Buick Encore doesn't have great storage capabilities, and that it doesn't have a very big engine.

- James s

Reliability - Buicks is our family car and has been since 1971. It never fails.

This is my second Buick Encore and I love it! It is just spacious enough for a family of 2 plus a big dog, it is very safe and secure, and has so many options, I still haven't learned how to use them all!

- Colleen S

Leather interior back up camera rides great holds the road.

The only complaint that I have is it does not have auto lift for the back it heavy and inconvenient when you have your hands full it is good on gas and handles great on the road I love the looks of it.

- Candy R

Buick customer service - they really take care of their customers.

The size is just right for me, gets good gas mileage and I love the on screen navigation and OnStar. Buick has outstanding service when you have issues and I do not dislike anything about my car.

- Jennifer C

It has great gas mileage. It has a small trunk but drives really well. It would be great for a new family. It is tougher with teenagers.

I love the gas mileage. It would have been awesome when my kids were much smaller. Having 2 teenagers just too small. My major disappointments are one arm rest in front and small trunk space.

- Malinda T

i love the display it shows how fast your going plus the digital readouts of the other items on the dash and on the radio shows temp etc

only thing i don't like, there is a little leather on the seat, other than that it's a great little car that i totally love, drives good, good gas mileage, lots of room if you need it,

- mary m

Size the way it? drives gas mileage sitting for everyone.

Perfect for me. It is just the right size easy to pull in spots comfortable to drive and great on gas. Room for five people enough room for groceries traveling is great in this car.

- Kathleen S

Great, compact, good gas mileage, affordable

I like that it is small but comfortable. It makes it perfect for city driving.The roomy interior comfortably fits 5. The truck is very small but with the seats down it's not too bad

- Matthew R

It is extremely safe and very very affordable to fix.

My Buick encore is a very safe and reliable car. It gets really great gas mileage and drives very well. It has a few things that break occasionally but it's under a long warranty.

- Kara F

It is so easy to drive and has many bells and whistles!

I like that it is a SUV, I have never had a SUV. I like its compact size, not too large or not too small. I love the silver color! There is nothing about it that I do not like!

- Brenda R

The safety features are great. I feel really safe in that vehicle.

Love the encore and all the safety features. It is spacious yet compact. It is a fully loaded with a sunroof. I do not like the fact that the seat warmers do not get very warm.

- Laura D

Nice looking SUV. Even got compliments from strangers on how nice it looks.

Love the size of this small SUV. Easy to get in and out of especially for elderly passengers. Like the cargo space in the back and like that the seat lets down for more space.

- Barbara H

Trouble free, easy to maintain, excellent vision as you sit up higher than cars allowing to see wide and clearly around you.

It's all wheel drive, 2 liter turbocharged engine and has every option available. We have had no problems whatsoever and enjoy driving it and the fact that it is so quiet.

- Anthony M

This car is great for all different types of people, young drivers, families and those who are single.

I have a Buick Encore and I truly love this car. It has enough room for bikes and bags without being a huge car I feel I can't drive in. No I currently have no complaints.

- Kayleigh H

It is a very convenient car.

I love the interior of the car and also the seat warmers in the seats. I love the gas mileage of the vehicle compared to my old truck. I dislike how slow the car is.

- Precious daniels D

its fuel economy is on par with other vehicles in its size class

I like the Sleek lines of the vehicle . it is fuel efficient and easy to maintain. the vehicle could be somewhat roomier . it could have a slightly bigger engine

- joseph d

Very Comfortable and nice to look at also. It's just an easy car to maneuver and drive.

I like the Buick Encore because it is a comfortable car to drive and ride in both. There are minimal blind spots which makes it easy to drive. Nice car overall.

- Karen B

It is stylish and reliable. It is comfortable and has many bells and whistles and is intriguing

I love the color and the shape of the vehicle. I love the color and feel of the interior and it is comfortable and fits me perfectly. it is so reliable too

- Andrea F

Buick Encore: better than a sports car

The vehicle was easily affordable, and is a great size. Drives smoothly and has all the features I wanted in a car. I was really happy I went with this car.

- Jessica L

It is great on gas and Buick is stylish and a classic.

Buick is a classic. I love the style. Absolutely love the high quality gray carpet and seats. It is very good on gas and I love all the hands free features.

- Melissa B

That its luxury at an affordable price.

My encore rides smooth and has a lot of luxuries like heated seats and dual climate control and leather seating and interior wood trim very nice I love it.

- Cynthia M

Gas mileage and I hate having to write so many words when it can be said.

I live how easy it is to drive. I love the backup camera. I am disappointed in the storage. The only complaint us that I have to fill in this question.

- Joan S

True luxury! Fun to drive. Decent gas mileage.

I like that the car is compact yet provides enough space for all our needs, and gives a smooth ride. There's nothing that I dislike about the car.

- Dallas C

It has a lot of intuitive features.

I like the shape. It has good mileage. It is low maintenance. I do not like the navigation system and how slowly the radio connects to bluetooth.

- Leigh B

It is a comfortable ride even on long road trips and good on gas

I love how it drives, nice & smooth. It's great on gas but I miss having a bigger gas tank. I wish it was a little bit bigger for storage space.

- Dawn H

It drives well and has good gas mileage.

I love the color and the way it moves. I would like for it to have a V6 engine, but I also love the gas savings. I don't like the car payment.

- Donna S

There is not any AC in the back seats, which makes road trips with more than 2 people uncomfortable. If you have dogs it can also be a concern for their safety when transporting them.

Too many functions that I don't understand. Car handles well, but back up camera seems off. Having no AC in the back seats in really awful.

- Liz E

Great For Student Drivers

I love the size of the car because I don't feel small while I am driving it but when I park I am a small car. It is an easy dependable car.

- Jen L

It's a well made vehicle and it's reasonably priced.

I like my Buick Encore. It's just the right size for me. It's a solid vehicle and well maid. I have no dislikes about it. It's a great car.

- Tina H

Safe, Comfortable, Roomy, Sporty with lots of features

It's super reliable and very comfortable to drive. It's roomy and sporty looking. I love the features like Bluetooth and satellite radio.

- Liz B

Affordable and stylish vehicle.

Economical, comfortable, wish it had a bit more power, easy to clean, occasionally have issues with the radio automatically turning off.

- Tina C

Engine struggles with too much cargo weight. Lots of blind spots.

It struggles if I have too much cargo in the car. It is comfy for a short woman like me. Visibility is limited. Lots of blind spots.

- Roslynn S

Thought of compact size, the Encore delivers power and efficiency.

I like It's power and acceleration. It's fuel economy is great. The dashboard data provided is very helpful in taking care of my car.

- Geraldine p

The care is great gas mileage and runs very smoothly.

The car is a little too small, wish there was more trunk space, however it is very good on gas mileage, and I like all the features.

- Maria H

Easy to drive and handle. Great safety features for blind spots.

Love the vehicle and am comfortable driving it. However, it hesitates when initially accelerating. Once it gets to speed, it's fine.

- Kathy M

Compact suv with all wheel drive. Handles quietly and smoothly.

I love the classy interior. It handles very well and is. Very smooth quiet car. My only complaint is the Bluetooth and our iPhones

- Tammi J

The Encore for the Encore

Comfortable ride. Beautiful interior. Absolutely pleasure to drive and got it for a great price. Wouldn't hesitate to get another.

- Eric F

It is a very economical vehicle but doesn't carry much gas.

I like the height of it to get in & out of it. It is a little small so sometimes in wind & ice it is a little harder to control.

- JoAnn H

I love the smooth ride and comfort

Haven't had any issues with the car yet. The ride is very smooth and comfortable. I love all the features the car comes with.

- Dalibor V

It's awesome in traffic and easy to park and the controls make sense.

It's my first SUV and I'm a short women and it fits me perfectly. I love its size and how easy it drives on long road trips.

- Sherry M

Buick encore is very good gas mileage and is very affordable as well

with this vehicle, fuel economy is outstanding. It has room for a family of four. Simple but it gets us to the destinations

- lou P

It is a small SUV that is great on gas and does not require much maintenance.

I like the fact that it drives smoothly and is really good on gas. I dislike that it is smaller than I imagined originally.

- Phyllis W

Good gas mileage and drives well.

Love upgrades and interior look. Do not like how it does not have much space for children in the back seat with car seats.

- Emma C

Great quality upscale small suv. Glad to see a lot more of them on the road now. Should have a armrest for co-pilot.

Excellent value with lots of creature comforts. Engine has enough power except on real hot texas days with the AC going.

- Tj B

That it is a fun small suv to drive that gets great gas mileage.

I like that it is a small suv that can fit in any parking space. It has great gas mileage. And it has a great body style.

- Shawna P

Great small SUV for commuters.

Love the maneuverability of this small SUV. Great on gas mileage and handles well. Would recommend it to all commuters.

- Tina M

Feels like a luxury car but doesn't have the price tag.

I love the size, look and feel. It has plenty of bells and whistles and is gets good gas mileage. It is perfect for me.

- Diane P

It is a joy to drive. Even on an 8 hour drive (on one tank of gas)

It is comfortable, has back up camera and warning lights if there is a car next to me in my blind spot. No complaints.

- Meg T

It is reliable and does not require a lot of maintenance.

I like everything about the vehicle aside from its size. I wish it were a little bit bigger. Otherwise, no complaints.

- Caitlin D

It is a really good car and has nice safety features.

I like the space. It saves me on gas. It rides really smooth, and I like the features like Bluetooth, rear camera.

- Brandy H

It is easy on gas it drives nice. The light color is nice.

I like that is good on gas but I wish it were a little bigger. I like that I sit up higher and the compact size.

- Laura R

it is comfortable and drives very well

It has great gas mileage. It is nice looking. It has a ton of tech features. But the GPS should be touch screen.

- Chris E

It has great gas mileage.

It could be a bit bigger. Great gas mileage and I love all the extras. Like the back up camera and the on star.

- Brenda H

It is a small suv and that limits what you can load and carry in the vehicle

We purchased this vehicle about 4 months ago. We love it so far. It is reliable and gets very good gas mileage.

- david w

It's brand new for me after driving something I didn't really like for forever

I love that I sit up higher. I do wish the engine was a little more powerful and the trunk a little bigger

- Melanie N

Great fuel economy and runs well

It gets great gas mileage! Just large enough for trips and for moving the dogs. Could use all wheel drive

- Michael K

Great car. Definitely would recommend.

No problems with the car absolutely love my car. Small but plenty of room. Definitely recommend this car.

- Karen N

Beautiful blue...Great on mileage and handles easy.

Handles great. Great on mileage. Love the color. The rear view camera is a plus. The monster is a plus.

- Linda L

That it gets around well in the snow but the storage area is small.

I like that it is small but can get around in the snow. I wish that the back seats laid down flatter.

- Doris B

I think my car has good power, big space, luxurious interior, I'm satisfied with my car, I like it.

I think my car has good power, big space, luxurious interior, I'm satisfied with my car, I like it .

- Jennifer j

It is roomier inside than it looks from outside and is very comfortable

I like the size and features. I wish it came with Homelink. I like the service Buick provides.

- Debbie F

this car lets you know if you have car tire issues

I like that i sit up higher than a car......it is hard getting out of the back seat car door

- bonnie m

It's good for your buck but not the fanciest.

I like that it's an suv but it's still kind of small. It's also not fast but it's cheap.

- Lauren S


small, plenty of power, cheap to keep. IT IS VERY RELIABLE AND INEXPENSIVE TO MAINTAIN.

- paul W

It is a reliable vehicle that is good to drive around town

I like that it is equipped with the latest technology and I dislike the costly repairs

- Shapone T

That my car is a dependable car and I would recommend this car to anyone to buy

Like everything dislike nothing no complaints I love to drive my car at all times

- Mike G

It's a great choice if you want a small car. Even with a child it has great storage.

I love the compact size. The gas does great. I love the colors of the interior.

- Corryn M

I think safety is very important.I think safety is very important.

My car has plenty of power and the disadvantage is that it costs more oil.

- thomas b

Smooth riding vehicle with great mileage. What else is there to say?

If I love my car then why would you need additional comments.

- Michelle M

It is a small Suv. Good gas mileage. Drives ok in a moderate amount of snow. Brakes can be touchy when in heavy snow.Have not gotten use to the manual setting. Comfortable to drive long distances. Like the back up camera. Interior looks up scale.

Difficult to know when to use manual setting when driving.

- Lori D

The cargo space is limited but the back seats fold down so you can double the room.

It's a very comfortable ride. I it gets great gas mileage

- Michael B




I think the quality of my car is very reliable, i like it.

Large space Power foot Quality guaranteed Good brand

- trisha b

It's really comfortable to drive, and my friends like it

I like the quality and the look and the performance

- Russell W

It gives a warning when something is in your blind spot

Right size. Good ride. Handles great. Economical

- Victor H

Nice looking, sporty small suv.

Great all wheel drive. Leather, heated seats.

- Joline D