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It registers 170 miles per hr so punch it squeal tires and ready to go.

I love my Buick lacrosse! It took me a couple of weeks to get use to the backup camera and getting comfortable with the different features. That being said, I love all the safety features: it lets you know when you are getting too close to a car in front of you it lets you know when you are changing lanes and you might be going to hit another car, I love the infotainment center with the Bluetooth phone calling texting it has so many features on the dashboard everything is digital, I love having access to my trunk through the back seat I love the keyless entry I love the fact that I can crank that car start the engine from inside my house and when I get in the car it is cool for me and my special favorite radio station is already on so far I haven't found anything about it that I do not like best car I have ever owned! I love the sporty look of it and the unusual shade of blue this is my third Buick the first two were Buick lesabres I love those but they were nowhere near as classy as the Buick lacrosse!

- Holly J

Naps are good to take in this car.

No problem s with the 2015 lacrosse Buick. It rides very smooth. It gets good gas mileage. There are leather seats that are of excellent quality. The dashboard has not cracked and is of great quality. . . The seats are dual cooled and heated. . . They are comfortable seats that are comfortable for long trips. The heated steering wheel keeps hands warm. The panoramic roof is leak free. The back seats are comfortable and roomy with a comfortable armrest and air vents to stay cool. . . Backseat pockets are handy for trash or to store things. The trunk is large and roomy.

- Janet B

2015 Buick lacrosse review from a proud owner.

This has been an awesome vehicle for our family. It has great performance. It is a very safe car. I love the way it handles the road. Haven't had any problems with it. Just the normal and minimal maintenance issues are all we've had to do. To my knowledge there have been no recall issues with the vehicle. It is very good on gas. I highly suggest and recommend this vehicle to anyone for sure or long trips. We love our Buick.

- Michelle K

Great option for comfort and class.

I bought my vehicle brand new. It ran great in the beginning and after a few months there was a skip in the transmission. I brought the car in on 6 different occasions and they could never find an issue. Finally they identified that there was a bad sensor in the transmission. Once corrected, it ran great. Comfort level for the car is a luxurious feel. The car looks classy and I believe in the Buick brand.

- Tanya C

Great sedan for the whole family.

Excellent performance and acceleration for a v6. Smooth ride, but decent handling. Extremely spacious cabin. Backseat room is best of any car I have ever owned including the big land yachts from the next 1970s no major issues in 3 years of ownership. Minor issues have been some hesitation in acceleration at 45 mph and it is a bit difficult to park due to its long wheelbase.

- Craig B

Drives great! Not the best design though.

I love the way that the vehicle drives, it is very smooth and accelerates quickly and I feel safe in the car. However, I feel like it has too many blind spots. The design of the vehicle takes away visibility and I don't particularly enjoy that. I also cannot drive the car if I have my hair up in a bun because the roof is a bit low.

- Christina S

The most interesting detail to my one that I can't get enough of is the camera that helps you park. I mean how do they come up with this stuff.

I absolutely love my car it rides really smooth. I have been in other cars and you can feel every bump in the road. I like the rear facing camera and park assistance. The stereo and electronic features are excellent. My car is very spacious as well passengers can sit in comfort. There really is nothing I dislike about my car.

- Michael S

Good quality, fast, good running, and it's in good condition.

Runs good, it's good on gas, it drives smooth, it's a good car, it's easy to pay off, great insurance. It's beautiful, I keep it clean and neat, I drive it a lot, it's an amazing car to drive, it's the best thing in the world, I love it, I wouldn't sell it or trade it to anyone, it's valuable to me.

- Kenyon S

Great compact car with amazing features for the price.

I love the heated seats and smooth ride. It has a fast zero to 60 mph leather interior and great stereo system. The color is great and has a nice experience and expensive feel to the interior. It is a great car and would recommend it to anyone else. My family and friends also enjoy riding.

- Karen C

Full size sedan pros/cons.

I like my car because it is a full size sedan so it is perfect for road trips but unfortunately now living in a busy city having such a large car for just my husband and I can make parking difficult as well as absorb a lot of gas. It also is having a lot of technical issues with the radio.

- Katherine A

2015 lacrosse premium plum.

No problems as today runs and rides great getting 30 mpg at 70 mph hid headlights are great and the led fog lights are great also, sound system sounds great also GPS is great only thing the updates are $169.95 the OnStar app for the vehicle is good can start the car from anywhere.

- Greg W

Buick lacrosse. Not an old mans car.

The Buick lacrosse is a great car. It is far more comfortable than any of my friends and families car and far more luxurious. I always get compliments from people whenever they ride in my car. It is very reliable and has so many features that make it so drivable and comfortable.

- Edwin A

The seats are really luxurious and comfortable and would be good for a road trip.

It is a really good luxury car. I love the way it handles on the road. It is very spacious and I haven't had any major issues to fix on the car. As long as I keep it tuned up and oil changed also keep up with basic maintenance, it should last several more years.

- Kimberly H

A little luxury with flex fuel option.

When the warranty ran out I started to see fuel pump and fuel component issues. Comfortable ride and decent value. I like the standard features- leather, heated seats. Also it is a flex fuel car and I can run e85 which is a lot cheaper than regular grade.

- Jeff C

It has excellent acceleration and the turning radius is superb.

This vehicle has all the amenities that anyone could want. It is a pleasure to drive and is very comfortable. The gas mileage is not the best but being comfortable is more important to me.

- Rob M

Believe it or not it gets great gas mileage for a six cylinder.

It has a very smooth ride. It is quiet on the highway. I like the added features like leather seat, Sirius radio, etc. It is also very stylish looking on the outside.

- David A

A very safe vehicle for trips. Quality of the vehicle is great.

Love the backup camera, smooth ride, safety features, gas mileage is good. Hard to see out the back windows if you are a short adult though as seats are too low.

- Linda G

That the car feels like it is a safe car and you can trust this brand.

The car is really easy to handle. It's doesn't need a lot gas and there is enough space to carry all things. I don't like the brakes they are too sensitive.

- Lena H

It has a lot of pick up and go. And heated leather seats.

Comfortable. Bluetooth. V6 engine. Powerful. I do not like the seat moving every time I am in and out and the rearview mirror I have to adjust every time.

- Debbie H

Powerful motor with get up and go.

Love it because it is a great riding car. Also love that we got a four door car this time around because it is easier with the adults to get in the back.

- Valerie D

It is really cool car to me

Many fixes on this car. I have put so much money in it. The one tire always leaks too. Very attached to it so I am not ready to turn it in yet

- Phil R

Buick is a well built car and I have always found their cars to be of high quality that they stand behind faithfully.

It's a very comfortable car and It is the perfect size for my wife and I. Has all the bells and whistles and it looks like a premium vehicle.

- Sam P

It was not an inexpensive purchase, but I believe it was worth the money.

It's a nice, fairly large car. Mileage around town is only about 19 mpg but around 33 on the highway. Very comfortable for long drives.


Comfortable to drive. I do not feel the bumps in the road.

It is comfortable and smooth driving. I do not have any complaints. It is good on gas and I have not had any major breakdowns.

- Susan J

It has a six cylinder engine that is very efficient. Even though it is a larger car it is surprisingly sporty

The Buick is a comfortable car .It's ride is solid but not stiff. The interior is attractive but not full of luxury gadgets.

- Larry H

Buy one. It's a good make and model at a very reasonable price.

I like everything about it. It gets good gas mileage and it doesn't need more than basic maintenance so it's very economical.

- Pike N

I love this car! Awesome decision.

I absolutely love my Buick. Spacious, reliable and great on gas! All the features are great. Luxury feel and fairly priced.

- Sydney W

The car is very basic and plain.

Like the rear back up camera, dislike that there is no cruise control, no sirius radio, no controls on the steering wheel.

- Michelle F

Buick Quality satisfies me.

It has a smooth, comfortable ride. It has reliable performance and is durable. It is a worthy successor to Oldsmobile.

- Jim G

The leather seats is a big perk.

The vehicle is very reliable and I would recommend it to anyone in the area that wants a car that is reliable.

- Taylor M

very comfortable to drive and is good on mileage and th grandkids love it.

great gas mileage,low maintenance costs and very comfortable. great in bad weather and it had a great price.

- paul s

I own it. I hate paying payments.

I love the gas mph. Sporty look to the frame. Not too low. Interior looks luxury. Maintenance not a hassle.

- Dominique T

It feels comfortable, stylish and is safe. It is great for long rides and not to bad on gas.

I love my Buick. It is very stylish and comfortable. It has numerous safety features as well as innovation.

- Maggie L

I very much like the quiet and smooth ride. It is very comfortable on long trips.

I like the smooth ride. Also, the quiet and well appointed interior. The body styling is very attractive.

- Don P

It is an excellent value.for the money because it has very low upkeep costs.

I love my car. It's reliable and perfectly suited for me. It has excellent gas mileage and a smooth ride.

- Terry K

It handles well. It is maneuverable. I enjoy driving it.

I like the way it looks and the way it drives. It is comfortable and roomy. It gets good gas mileage.

- Linda C

It's reliable. It has low upkeep, is stylish and comfortable.

I love it because it has never given me any trouble. It handles well and is comfortable and reliable.

- Arthur c

that it is a good car,good in gas,very comfortable to drive

I like that it has navigation.I like that it has bluetooth.It's a very comfortable car to drive.

- anna l

Good car that goes the distance in driving to long areas.

Good fuel mileage. Better controls with stability. Always good handling. Its brake.

- Kendrick B

It is a good ride and gets over 27 mpg in combined mileage

Like the ride and the on-board nav system. Gives great gas mileage. No dislikes

- Edward B

It runs great, everything works very well, and it is a very smooth ride.

I dislike the sightlines through the rear window to the sides (thick pillars)

- V A

safety features and the smooth ride

all the safety features navigation smoothness of ride The look of it

- James M

It is very Dependable! It is very comfortable! Good customer service!

It is Comfortable. It is dependable. It is low maintenance.

- Karyn M

Good car. I wish I would have purchased something else but it gets me by for now.

It can be fun to drive but repairs tend to be costly.

- Tammy R

Well built, comfortable ride, classy, rear view assist.

It is very dependable, it never leaves me stranded.

- Cathleen N

It drives smoothly and it looks beautiful and it is a dream to drive

It is a wonderful smooth driving car and I love it

- Pam S