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I love the way it handles on bad roads.. Holds up with very low maintenance.

This is my third Buick.. It is very reliable.. Comfortable and handles very easily. Never get stuck in snow and it is very low maintenance. I feel safe on long trips and also when taking my grandchildren out. My car is very nice looking from the outside and have gotten many compliments on it. The style does not give the model year away.. In other words appearance is very new looking even though it is not a newer model. I love the features that are part of the interior and they are very easy to find and use. All in all I highly recommend Buicks to anyone looking for either a new or used czar. They really hold their value both in how they run and how they look. I have recommended Buicks to any friend looking to buy a new or used car.

- Diane G

My 2013 Buick lacrosse is the most comfortable handling driving experience ever.

My 2013 Buick lacrosse has been one of my smartest decisions ever. It's very roomy interior is amazing even in the back seat. It has heated leather seats which have been great on a long drive. . . I have a bad back and they feel like a heating pad. The car handles great, holds curves very well an if needed can accelerate like a rocket. It gets awesome gas mileage. It has dual ac and heat up front and driver and passenger can choose their own temperatures. I've never had any worries with my car an am confident in its safety an performance and would highly recommend it to everyone.

- Frances W

It is dependable and reliable. This brand holds its value.

This is a reliable vehicle. It currently has 85,000 miles and I have not had any issues so far. It is a comfortable car equipped with ventilated and heated seats. There is a vent for the back seats which helps with comfort for my kids. I will not consider a vehicle that does not have vents for the back seats. I love the built in navigation system and the safety feature which alerts me when another vehicle is beside me. I would recommend this vehicle/brand to others.

- Sara s

Over all this car has been really Super great

I am in love with my car. My car is very room it is a cream white buick. This car drives very well. While driving this car as long as I have had it for it hasn't given me very many problems. The gas mileage is great. Doesn't waste gas at all lasts me all wee by filling up one time. I did have one problem with my stereo system after having it for the first 3 months. The wiring was all messed up. I was told that this kind of thing happens after to the vehicle.

- Florentina C

Awesome car and fun to drive. It holds the road like a performance vehicle.

I love this car. It handles well on the highway and during bad weather it holds the road. We have taken long trips, over 10 hours, and it is one of the most comfortable vehicles we have ever purchased. So far the reliability has been has been perfect, no breakdowns, and very little maintenance has been done to it so it has been economical. I would buy a newer one of these in a heartbeat.

- Joan M

Lacrosse is a good solid vehicle.

Pleased with the performance of the lacrosse for the most part. It gets good gas mileage on the open road (24-27 mpg) in the city, not so good (18 mpg). The climate control fogs up the windshield. I have almost 70, 000 miles on mine, and haven't really had many issues out of it except for two flat tires. I think the tire issue was my fault.

- Kay T

A Buick’s quality and quantity.

I haven't had any problems. My vehicle is 100% reliable, durable, comfortable, and clean; I love it! The Buick is a little bit on the expensive side, but it will last you forever and is totally worth it. I could not be happier with my decision either the choice I made a couple of years ago to invest in my Buick car.

- Lacey H

Feels like a grown-up's car. Fancy.

Love the heated seats, leather seats and remote start. Trunk is too small. Back seat is too large. You have to remember to duck your head when getting into the car. Too many computer options on the screen. Seats are comfortable and easy to keep clean. It needs a compartment for glasses and sunglasses.

- Cheryl P

Perfect sporty sedan for a growing family.

Most roomy sedan I have enter owned. It feels luxurious and drives comfortably with a family on long distances. The transmission is smooth and picks up quickly for those on highway and of highway moments. The back seats fold down making it easy for transporting or purchasing larger items.

- Nicole L

I love this vehicle and this brand.

Very reliable, comfortable, and has touchscreen features, leather interior, sunroof, large middle console, heated seats, reclining seats, very modern, nice speakers, good bass, good navigation system, sound quality, drives smooth, good size, easy to drive, good steering wheel functions.

- Katie M

2013 Buick Lacrosse Review

I would rate the comfort level a 10/10. Very comfortable and nice interior. Rides very well, especially compared to my mother's Chevy Malibu. So far, after almost 6 years of owning the vehicle, the only problem I have had is when the screen on the display broke (technological issues).

- Sarah K

Buick lacrosse nice smooth ride, good handling.

Blind spot on left hand side of windshield. Ac not powerful. Nice seat adjustments. Good sound system. Middle armrest awful. Smooth ride. Good acceleration. Full size back seat. Nice display. Good handling. Nice seat warmer and seat air. Good defrost. Windshield wipers good coverage.

- Ann M

I would give it a 10. I love that I can cool off or heat up my seats.

I love my Buick. It is a very reliable brand. I make sure I take it to the dealer for regular check ups, to ensure everything is ok. My vehicle has most of the latest technology features in it. I love being able to Bluetooth my phone to the car I also love my backup camera.

- Nicole S

Best car I have ever owned.

Best riding vehicle I have ever owned love the heads up display heated seats and voice commands to change radio stations or adjust the temperatures in the car very roomy only drawback is trunk is smaller than you would expect I would buy this car again without reservation.

- Cheryl J

My Buick lacrosse by Dave.

Trusty, reliable and always raring to go. Great looking as well.. This gm vehicle is a stalwart among the many vehicles on the road today. I have always wanted a new Buick and I have had two. Before my Buick lacrosse I owned a brand new Buick regal, and I loved it..

- Dave N

The great features of 2013 Buick lacrosse.

It is very dependable. I went out to a dead battery one day, and read the owner's manual. It was able to recharge itself, so I wasn't set back much. The ride is smooth. The seats are very comfortable. Anyone that has ridden in it, always points out those two things.

- Christie H

Buick Lacrosse with extended moonroof

I like the newness of my car. I like the reliability. I wish the cigarette lighter were not inside the counsel. I wish the cup holders were side by side instead of 1 in front of the other. I like the extended moonroof. I like the backup camera and the touch screen.

- Michelle S

Drive like the big boys drive.

The Buick lacrosse is a luxury vehicle that I am able to afford. It offers features available in some of the more expensive models. It is a reliable car with good Buick service options at dealerships. People always think I paid more for my car than I actually did.

- Charles A

It is a nice car that has a good amount of features but is nothing over the top.

The pain chipped very easily on the corner of my trunk and I have had issues with it staying aligned. It is very comfortable and plenty of space in the front, the back does get smaller if taller people are in the front. It is a nice looking car and handles well.

- Julie S

Sporty looking with a quiet ride.

Very sporty looking. The windows are small so there are blind spots. When I back out of my driveway the back up camera goes off but when I put it in drive it comes back on for a short time. The leather seats are very comfortable. It has a very quiet ride.

- Cynthia P

The best car on the planet.

My car is cool sleek & elegant. Drives smooth & handles well. Not high maintenance & parts are easy to find. This is my third Buick, very reliable cars. Very spacious with luxurious leather seats. Blue light strips all through the vehicle, women love it.

- Donovan D

2013 Buick lacrosse likes and dislikes.

Two of the four wheel bearings went before the car was four years old. The trunk is small because of the battery that is housed in it. Love the leather heated seats and the interior. Spacious back seats and a fun loving sunroof. Average on gas mileage.

- Pam D

Buick lacrosse with leather.

I like my vehicle, it is gets good gas mileage and operates great. The interior silver covering on the door handles has worn off without major wear and tear. The trunk is huge, smaller opening to the trunk prevents it from being used to its capacity.

- LeAnne C

It gets great mileage per gallon.

I love my Buick lacrosse. It has incredible space for five adults inside. The ride and fuel efficiency is great. You sacrifice a little trunk space in the semi hybrid edition I have, but what I gain in functionality far out way that concern.

- David M

I have owned several Buick's over my lifetime & have found them to be a very reliable automobile.

My Buick is the perfect size for me. It is easy to drive, comfortable, good gas mileage, good cargo space & comes with all the easy to use accessories that I need. I trust the Buick brand to be reliable.

- Linda B

It's not for everyone, but it's a good fit for me.

The size seems to be a good fit. It is comfortable to drive and doesn't have too many of the modern bells and whistles. The gas mileage could be better. It does offer a quiet ride.

- steve G

That it is a very safe, dependable car.

Love the great ride and all the bells and whistles. The only 26th ng I do not like is the shift between the seats. Would rather that be storage and the shift on the column.

- Karen J

It gets good gas mileage for Its size and is very comfortable.

I love how roomy it is on the inside. I also love how it drives like a smaller car. The energy saving engine that kicks on when you are stopped is really neat as well.

- Andrea h

Buick LaCrosse Has great Features

I love the Buick Lacrosse it handles great has great acceleration, and a great braking system. Keeping up with regular maintenance, the car will last a long time.

- Amin W

It is a great modern car with plenty of interior space.

I like how durable my car is for travelling. I wish it had better acceleration especially uphill. I like the amount of interior space and smooth engine it has.

- Chris S

Buick lacrosse the speakers are great.

I actually have had no problems as of yet with my car it had 1 previous owner. I love the warming seats and steering wheel yes it's pretty dog gone awesome.

- Creta B

On a long ride it is very comfortable.

It is a beautiful looking car. Roomy. Inside is luxurious. Good on gas. Comfortable ride. Only dislike the seats do not heat up as warm as I would like.

- Deb F

It gets good gas mileage, and handles well on the road.

I love the color. It's got a classy look. It drives nicely, and everything works as it should. The only dislike is that it does not have a GPS system.

- Sandra W

Fully Loaded 2013 Buick Lacrosse

This vehicle is fully loaded and it rides smoothly. Have always loved driving a Buick. Has not caused me any problems in the 4 years of owning it.

- Jennifer M

It is a great running car and still spectacular condition.

I do not have any complaints. I like the color and room that it has. It is elegant and made just for my size. It runs smoothly on the highway.

- Ann A

Great car, great conveniences decent gas mileage and it looks good.

The rn.tuThe ride is great and it has all the "bells and whistles" The only complaint is that the front pillars interfere when making a left

- Sal V

It has been a very reliable vehicle. Never breaks down.

Has a very comfortable ride, is attractive, roomy, and never needs repairs. I do wish that it had wifi. Only a few months left to pay on it.

- Susan T

They are great cars. Buicks hold their value.

I have no dislikes. I love my car. I have no complaints. Really good gas car. It is drives smooth and runs great. It is in great condition.

- Christina H

Comfortable and great mileage.

Great on gas, very comfortable. I have 215000 miles, still going. Only major repair was the power cord(of death) for the hybrid section.

- Becky C

It is luxurious and does not cost a ton.

It is comfortable, gets good gas mileage, and looks good. I like the color and the radio system. It drives smoothly and is dependable.

- Laurence G

I drive a large sedan with room for everyone. I love the features of this car and the color. It makes driving fun and gets ok gas mileage.

I want others to know that my car is fun to drive. It can hold five adults comfortably, but is best with four. It's a reliable car.

- Melinda T

It is a reliable vehicle.

There is a blind spot. I like the way it handles and the options that are included. I like that it is an affordable luxury vehicle.

- Gail W

The care is a great looking vehicle.

This is my first Buick that I have ever driven, it has comfort, great car to drive, it gets great gas mileage and is good to drive.

- Bill R

It is a reliable vehicle to have.

I like the style of the vehicle. It is also equipped with most of the latest technology. I hate that the car does not have wifi.

- Shaw A

My car is very comfortable. It drives smoothly and runs great. I love the sleek look on the outside. The interior is top notch. After one year of owning my car, I still love to just sit in it and enjoy it

Driving a Buick does not make me old! It's the most comfortable and smoothest driving car I've ever owned. Plus it looks nice.

- Rachel M

Buick is a reliable brand. I would recommend this brand to family and friends.

I love the style of my car. The features it has are great. Buick is a dependable brand. I hate it wasn't equipped with wi fi.

- Audria S

Made in the USA. Easy to drive. Attractive to look at.

Love the outside color and trim. Pleased with the leather interior and the heated seats. Have nothing I dislike about it.

- Lois B

I like that my car is reliable.

I like my car because of the brand and reliability. I do not dislike my car, but wish it had a back-up camera and leather.

- Charles D

The car is reliable. Has backup assist, so you can so you can see if anything is behind or coming behind, before you back up.

Not enough space for 3 people to sit in the back seats. Trunk space could be bigger. Needs to be kinda like the LeSabre.

- Tim K

That it isn't just an old person's vehicle

It is very modern despite the stigma of Buick being an old person car. I like the way it handles and the features as well

- Jen M

Reliable. Great car for the price perfect full size car

Great car comfortable drive good mileage decent price point very reliable love the style of the car. Will buy another one

- Craig S

Works great and the car makes the driver feel safe driving.

Smooth ride. Excellent accessories. Very comfortable. Spacious seating. More than adequate trunk space. Good gas mileage.

- Janice K

Great to drive. Very comfortable for all passengers. All amentaties present.

Love the room, leather seats, style design, luxury add ins such as bluetooth. Back up camera, chargers, heated seats etc

- Theresa C

Roomy inside seats 5 passenger

Nice full size almost luxury vehicle. Plenty of power with 6 cylinder engine. Leather heated seats. Comfortable ride.

- Steve R

If you want a car that worth your money you need the Buick lacrosse.

I love my car. It's so good in gasoline. And it has a lot of space. I have to kids and they love it. Great family car.

- Adiline B

Luxurious feel. Very smooth driving. Good gas mileage. Has a nice sleek look to it inside and out.

I love the size and comfort of the Buick. My big issue is the trunk is small. Has the look and feel of a luxury car.

- Annette M

Affordable luxury that everyone should try

Very comfortable ride. Has an advanced look that will become classic. Electronics are nice and not too complicated.

- Allan F

Do not like it to big hard to drive.

Not comfortable several blind spots gas hog needs special oil and oil changes are expensive not happy with vehicle.

- Theresa B

It is high in safety ratings.

Luxury of the interior. The backup camera. Easy to manage hands free features. The style and look of the exterior.

- Buick V

There have been no major maintenance problems with the 2013 Buick Lacrosse.

Quick acceleration; good gas mileage; warms up quickly in winter. Problem: there are some really bad blind spots.

- Daniel F

great city and highway gas mileage with low maint.

Comfortable ride, great on gas, no problems mechanically, good extra features like On-star, satellite radio

- Jacqueline S

Stylish, good gas mileage, and easy to drive, and comfortable to ride in

It is a very comfortable riding car that gets great gas mileage. The car is very stylish and great looking.

- Jay B

This car has been extremely dependable. We have taken many road trips no issues.

1. Comfortable seats 5 comfortably, 2. Reliable, very dependable. 3. Economical gas mileage. 4. Nice ride.

- Sue H

It's a great looking car and runs well.

I like this car for space. Its roomy and luxurious. I love the color and style. It's easy on gas also.

- Jill B

My car has heated seating, leather seating, and goes a lot of miles on a full tank. The car only cost 40.00 to fill up and will give you 435 miles to drive on.

I love the ease of the drive, the gas mileage that I get, and the heated seating that it provides.

- Carlton P

Gets great gas mileage and has blind side detection

Very comfy and has the look and feel of a luxury vehicle. Also loaded with lots of great features.

- Erin W

rides nice as get about 23 miles to the gallon for gas mileage

A very good reliable car without having to do anything but change oil and rotate tires

- Gary C

Bad gas mileage. Poor visibility from the driver's seat on the left side.

Have a hard time seeing from the driver's seat the left side. Gas mileage very poor.

- Rita S

Reliable and has many options for driving. Heated seats. Air conditioning seats.

Great engine. Fast. Large and roomy. Has sunroof. Interior is nice. Large seating.

- Marie K

not your grandma's car it is modern good looking and drives nice



It has a smooth, high-performance V6 engine and premium leather seats.

Premium everything. Real class. A fine piece of American-made machinery

- Nope N

Has wi-fi, so no worries when you need to use your cell phone for emergencies

Smooth ride, easy to handle , has wifi and takes me where I need to go

- Rosemary V

very dependable attractive comfortable accurate easy steering great engine very quiet ride

comfortable but hard to drive cause of posts etc. blocking vision.

- Janet B

The ride is very smooth and comfortable as well as quiet

It is nice looking, it rides smoothly and is very comfortable

- ron l

that it is very reliable and good on gas while driving on the highway

i like everything about it and I have now complaints at all

- Ka C