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It has an automatic shut off so sometimes when your sitting at the stoplight or thought a drive though it sounds like your car has died but it hasn't.



My Buick lacrosse is fun, comfortable, and safe to drive.

Safety features, such as backup camera, collision alert, and lane change warning lights are some of the reasons I love my car. It is also very comfortable to drive or ride in. It is very roomy all around. The seats are comfy and can be heated. The car is full size, but still easy to park. I have had it two years and it is been reliable except for one time when it wouldn't start. Turns out there was a bad cell in the battery. The gas mileage is acceptable (about 22 mpg) but not wonderful.

- Debra B

My vehicle is very reliable and convenient for person with kids and short budget

My vehicle is a great daily driving car for multiple errands. It is perfect for long distance traveling considering it is great on gas and doesn't take much to fill up the tank. My car is very reliable with no lights on the dashboard and regular oil changes will keep maintenance on the car up to par. I enjoy my comfortable fluffy seats especially in the winter it keeps your behind really warm!

- Ebony T

Safety features. Yep. That's it.

I like my vehicle's safety specs. In west Philadelphia born and raised On the playground was where I spent most of my days Chillin' out maxin' relaxin' all cool And all shootin some b-ball outside of the school When a couple of guys who were up to no good Started making trouble in my neighborhood. Read more: Will Smith - The Fresh Prince Of Bel Air Lyrics | MetroLyrics

- Gin F

My car that runs amazing with heated seats and Bluetooth hands free zone

My car drives really smooth I have no problem starting it right up, it also has a remote starter for on the go fast, I have leather seats and also heated seats to warm up my mirrors also has signals for when a vehicle is passing by and heated mirrors, it also comes with a backup camera as well as Bluetooth to up your phone up

- Joy J

2016 red beauty, enjoyable and recommend.

Well I am pretty happy with the car. It gets me and my family to destinations just fine. My boyfriend insisted on getting the car and I am happy I went along. Not only are there no problems but the miles included are great. The leather seats are comfortable and enjoyable. As well as easy to maintain.

- Julia M

Likes and dislikes of the Buick LaCrosse

Can not access truck lock while in car. The fabric inside does not clean easily. The sensors are always going off and need to be checked. I enjoy the size of the vehicle, how smoothly it rides and the car has a very classy feel to it. I would buy another Buick. Especially a Lacrosse in a newer model

- Amie B

Buick lacrosse. A great example of American ingenuity.

Best performing, most comfortable car I have ever owned. I get excited every time I need to go somewhere. The seats are heated and extremely comfortable. All controls are easily in reach and accessible. Best vehicle I have ever owned. I would highly recommend to anyone looking for a reliable vehicle.

- Barbu L

I love the “but buzzer” which indicates a drift to left or right of lane!

I love my Buick lacrosse. I purchased after riding in the back seat of neighbor’s car and found it completely roomy and comfortable. The safety features are what sold me on this car. I appreciate receiving monthly updates re: tire pressure, life of oil etc. Comfort and style were appreciated.

- Nancy S

The comfortable seats and easy steering.

The body style very sleek. Most comfortable auto I have ever owned. Has the leather package with heated seats, stylist info dash I have run across and great sounding speakers. This vehicle is the fifth Buick I have owned, been driving Buicks since 1980, all were great automobiles.

- Wayne C

Buick lacrosse comfort with style and safety.

No problems comfort quiet and safe the car has ample room for back seat drivers and car seats for children window lock is a bonus with children AWD is wonderful radio is perfect and display is awesome the car is perfect for long drives good on gas and comfortable to drive.

- Sarah S

Good gas mileage. Is very roomy for a family to take on vacation.

It drives smooth, very comfortable good on gas. Very dependable, reliable, and has good gas mileage. When the ignition is on and running you could barely hear it running. It's a good sporty - family car. It has a nice size trunk. Very spacious and family car for vacation

- Brook L

Smart looking car that rides nice.

I do like the comfort when sitting in the car. I do not like the small trunk. It gets good gas mileage. It is smart looking too. I can go for a long ways before I need to change the oil. I like the sound system and how it sounds it is a turbo so it goes really fast.

- Carolyn C

Very comfy ride with lots of features

It is a very nice case that is comfortable to drive and ride in. It is very quiet and a very smooth ride. It has lots of very nice features. I really like the car a lot and the design. It is a very reliable car. I have had no problems with the car. I like it a lot.

- Court J

The articulating headlights are fantastic if you drive at night.

I love the articulating headlights. Also I love the power of the turbo charged v-6. It does not ride as comfortable as my 2004 Buick Park Avenue did. I don't like the short width of the front seats. It fails to provide comfort in the backside of the knee area,

- Bud L

It is great for night time driving. The articulating headlights really light up the roadway when you corner or go around curves.

I like the articulating headlights, the turbo-charged V-6 power, the steering wheel controlled devices. I dislike the seats on long trips. The seats do not support behind the knees. The seat support stops about 6 inches above the knee on the back of the thigh.

- Bud C

Great on gas, very comfortable, great for long road trips

Rides smooth and great on gas mileage.. very comfortable and great for long road trip. I would recommend this vehicle. This is my second Buick and I'm definitely looking for to purchasing another. All leather seats, great on mileage and great for a big family

- Tracy A

Great luxury car for the price.

No problems with car.I have never had to have it serviced. I love the back up camera and the keyless lock and unlock feature. Very comfortable, climate controls are easy to use. It is also very responsive for a larger car. Great pick up on the freeway.

- Martin S

Good riding car with stylish body type.

Very comfortable easy to drive with good gas mileage very good body style with lots of room in the back seat the truck space. Very comfortable easy to drive with good gas mileage very good body style with lots of room in the back seat the truck space.

- Alan B

That it is a good highway car; holds the road, smooth ride.

I like the look of the car, the color, the interior space and the trunk space. I dislike the infotainment center because it is spotty in performance--I paired my telephone to the car and the reception goes in and out.

- Judith D

Very fuel efficient. Also an extremely comfortable ride.

My Buick is really good on gas for the size car that it is. I have had a couple of minor warranty problems. I went in for service yesterday and they found a small oil drip. Scheduled an appointment for next week.

- Doug L

good pick up and very quiet

it is great looking car. the paint is great. the vehicle is very quiet. it is very hard to get the seats adjusted right. the transmission shifts poorly. dealer says this is normal. large back seat. small trunk.

- michael f

A smooth driving and classy looking pick up van with some speed

I like my vehicle because of its slick modern look. I also like smooth driving. You don't hear much outside of the car when driving and it has a great stereo system which makes for enjoyable drived

- Jayelin W

That is it is very dependable.

My car is very reliable. My car is great on gas mileage. My car is very roomy. I wish that my car was faster than it is now. I also would like if Buick mechanical parts wouldn't be so expensive.

- Gabriel B

All in all it is comfortable, stylish and a good driving experience.

It has a smooth ride as all of my Buicks have had. Gas mileage is fairly good(depending on if the wife uses it or not). I have a good reliable and fair dealer who takes care of me and my car.

- Richard M

I really do love the backup camera.

I have degenerative disk disease and it hurts my neck getting in and out of the car because I have the seat all the way forward, if the front glass wasn't so sloped I would be ok.

- Patty W

The love for my Buick lacrosse.

I am so in love with my car, its very comfortable and spacious, my kids love it, I have no problems at all with it so far, if I had to buy all over again i'll choose it again.

- Sharon D

My Buick Lacrosse is reliable, and luxurious and it is NOT for Grandparents only!

I have no complaints about my Buick Lacrosse. I love the smoothness, quietness and luxury feel of it. I also like the navigation, heated seats and Apple Carplay.

- Catherine P

All the safety features, car recognition, and line crossing alert.

The hologram on the windshield is nice, I do not have to look down to see how fast I am going, I love the touch screen and voice activation. Gets good gas mileage.

- Martha H

Rides like a dream and has had no problems.

This vehicle had the performance, comfort and luxury of many cars that cost thousands more. I have owned several Cadillacs and it performs as well as them all.

- Chris C

It has a smooth ride, a bit too loud on the road noise but still a nice car.

Enjoy the smooth ride, roomy and good gas mileage for a full sized car. . Like the color and the leather interior and all the extras it has for operation.

- Pat W

The most important thing is the car rides smoothly.

I love my Buick! It rides well and I haven't had any real problems with it except one. It makes a clunking noise when it's cranked early in the morning.

- Niko P

It has a handling capability that is beyond the reach of its peers. Whether it is driving at a high speed or playing at a low speed in the city, POLO has always maintained good stability and maneuverability.

The appearance is fashionable and dynamic, especially the headlights, and the LED side turn lamp is a relatively mainstream configuration recently


maroon. very nice in shape. no dents

Very nice car. Best car i have owned. Love the heated seats. Love the different air settings for both sides. Don't quite get all the buttons yet .

- brooke r

Best car we have ever owned. Reliable, luxurious and great gas mileage.

No Complaints. Smooth driving and very comfortable. Excellent gas mileage for a car that size. Lots of room for a mid size sedan.

- 000sharon W

Rides so smooth like I love it!??.

It rides smooth, has good heating and air. , I drive my sister to school and takes my niece to work everyday Monday - Friday.

- Destiny B

It's a great car at a great price and it has very nice features.

My car is a great car to drive in short runs or very lengthy trips. It has good gas mileage and it's very comfortable inside

- Gregory R

Safety and performance. Interior.

Car is nice. Many standard options. The safety features are very nice. Leg room in the back and great visibility throughout.

- James T

It has very good gas mileage for a car of its size. Also large trunk for traveling

No problems with it we get good gas mileage there is lots of legroom very large trunk also like the navigation system

- Barb D

It is comfortable and feels safe.

It is large enough, comfortable to travel in and to drive. It has modern technology, decent gas mileage, and looks nice.

- Debbie B

Great fuel economy for a large car.

Very comfortable car with excellent fuel economy. Miss all wheel drive. No complaints. Might buy it at lease end.

- Doug L

Great gas mileage and low maintenance.

Quick ride with plenty of get up and go.. Easy to drive with cruise control.. Good gas mileage on the open road.

- Alan L

The mileage and history of the first driver.

So don't vehicle problems. . The car rides fabulous and the ac blows a lot. . I am very satisfied with this.

- Milly M

Buick lacrosse black nice coat of paint

Good quality runs good I keep it clean it looks brand new it's,amazing in every way good on gas high quality

- Kenyon S

Very functional and flexible.

Too many blind spots but comfy. And pretty, and safe, and gas mileage, kind of bulky, white shows dirt.

- Martha Y

Very good on gas. Rides good. Good on gas. Looks good and luxury

I love my car. It drive so good. Has all the luxuries. Rides smooth and seats my family comfortably.

- Wynee J

trunk is small and isn't good size for golf clubs or family trips

Car needs a bigger trunk. Barely able to hold golf clubs. Car gets good gas mileage and easy on tires

- gary b

Good gas mileage on the open road fast take off from the lights

It is great nice ride full of options fast take off from lights good gas mileage on the open road

- Allen B

I like the cool and heated seats, the memory seats and all wheel drive. I like the look of it but don't really like the color, but it was the only one the dealership had.

It is quite, dependable and comfortable. It has a great music system.

- cathy p

for a large car I average 32 mpg highway

very comfortable ride. excellent fuel economy. no complaints

- Doug W

Great ride and decent mileage. Dependable, Seats five.

Fun to drive. Smooth ride. It has a sunroof. Bose radio.

- Connie B