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It is extremely comfortable, with heated seats.

My car is easy to get in and out of, I can swing my legs out instead of having to climb out. There is plenty of legroom in front and back seats. Back window is large so I can easily see to backup. Windshield wipers have sensor to adjust to how hard it is raining. Front has heated seats. No console in the front, love that, hate consoles. This car is perfect for an older person. The only thing I have a complaint about is the location of the place where you check the power steering fluid. It is way back behind the motor and almost impossible to get to.

- Sherry R

Sweet and comfy, this elderly gal has plenty of go.

Our 2001 Buick Park Avenue is an elderly sweetheart! She has a few quirks, like the driver's window not liking to work in cold weather, but she is super dependable. She's built for speed and comfort--she likes to go fast, and can easily skim down the highway a bit over the speed limit. She is cushy and comfortable on long trips, and takes me anywhere I want to go.

- Karen V

It's a very strong and safe car.

I love the body of this car. It has plenty of space for long trips with friends or kids. Get great gas mileage. I have had many problems with the windows not wanting to go up or down. I haven't had major issues with this car but many small things that have gone bad which nickel and dimed me. Overall I feel safe and very comfortable driving this car.

- Shannon R

Door locks when you start your car.

When I first got it I had dry rot tires where I got from just washed them. It run real good had to get a new battery. And a new motor belt and brakes. It is very comfortable heated seats and that's nice when it cold outside power seats and power windows and the door locks when you start your car.

- Shirley C

You can't have it. And that they have stopped making this model of car.

I love my car! It has heated seats (which I sometimes use even in the summer, to keep pizza warm on the way home), and is so comfortable to drive. It's like it fits me. Only recently has the light for the outside temperature stopped working right, which is sad, and I will get fixed.

- Lisa G

Having a Buick: Park Avenue.

For starters, I love my car. She's always taken me everywhere I have needed to go. She's good on gas, have heated leather seats and ride as smooth as ever! I have had a couple problems but nothing a little work couldn't fix. Fixable things like a new battery and tires.

- Marissa P

Buick park avenue features.

I really love my Buick park ave. It has been such a reliable car. It has a lot of room which is great for my family. The seats are really comfy and it has a lot of adjustments on the seat to get it to fit to your body. The only downfall is the transmission is slipping.

- Ashley C

Buying used cars without getting them inspected.

Well for one the fuel pump keeps going in and out and drains the gas very quickly. The car jerks and stutters every time you going up a hill or when you come to a complete stop. It cuts out a random times. You can smell gas every now and then when your driving.

- Sierra B

We live in Michigan where we have numerous potholes. Lucky for us we have this!

Started to overheat this winter. Fixed thermostat and that was it. Lost all heat. I think we had a vapor locked happen. We really love this car but now we have to put money in to keep it on road. Overall this car was fantastic, drove so nice on highway.

- Angel O

Do not put smaller tires than what is recommended for your vehicle.

I have some engine problems because I put tires too small on my car. This act of mine caused the underside of the engine to really bang against the pavement numerous times. This has caused a fuel or oil leak that is noticeable to me when I start my car.

- Ralph S

The vehicle has amazing acceleration power and handles very well overall.

The digital display for the odometer and the gas gauge meter do not work. I had to have the door fixed to get into the driver's door. The driver's window does not open unless I open the door a little bit first.

- Emily W

It is solidly built and drives and rides well. Parts and service are easily available.

I like the roomy front seat. It has plenty of power when I need to pass. The trunk is very large and separate from the passenger area. My car has been very dependable.

- Carlyn J

It has a good size gas tank and has a decent mile per gallon average.

The vehicle cab has plenty of room. It's easy to control and the ride is smooth. The only complaint I have is the dashboard lights are on for no reason.

- raymond w

Buick park ave does not age well

Was excellent when new. Has hit the age where everything is needing to be replaced. As soon as you fix something another important part goes out.

- Rebecca D

Quality counts in the cars features.

The car has smooth ride, but vibrates when driving over 75mph. Gas mileage sucks. Love driver memory for seat position.

- Linda R

Buick park avenue - reliable car.

It is a reliable car and gets me everywhere I need to go but, recently has been needing repairs every couple of months.

- Miranda D

It gets me from point A to point B.

It runs good at times. When you accelerate to hard though, the car kind of jumps. It does drive smoothly.

- Janet M

It has a very smooth ride and is very fuel efficient.

the ride is smooth. It is very fuel efficient and has a nice strong engine to boot.

- Blaine J