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2003 Cadillac CTS: When it's running, it's great. Not for the faint of wallet.

The performance of the 3.2-liter v6 engine is quite impressive. The comfort I would say could be improved, as the stock seats, leather and design feel rather rigid. The features are quite nice, as it has buttons on the steering wheel to control quite several things on the car. The reliability I wish I could say was better, as I find this car to be extremely finicky when it comes to this subject. The battery has very strict voltage requirements, and if it's only a few tenths of a volt lower than it should be, it will start to act crazy! I have had a few problems dealing with this car that also are a detriment to its reliability factor. For example, this vehicle always has something going on within the electrical system, regardless of what it is complaining about has been repaired. The fuel pump is an absolute nightmare to change out, as one has to lift the rear end of the vehicle, lower the subframe almost 2 feet, and then remove around eight or nine oddly placed bolts. The labor in replacing the gas tank alone is rated at 10 hours. This car is not for someone who is scared to spend some money. Overall, I feel this vehicle has had its ups and downs, but there are worse out there at the same time. If one can afford the upkeep, and take good care of the vehicle, they make for one of the smoothest rides on the road.

- Joshua J

CTS Luxury sports sedan. Quick, responsive and stylish.

The CTS is a great car. It was my introduction to the Luxury Sports Sedan market and I am hooked. I am the second owner of this car. It handles very well, turning is responsive and easy. The accelerator is sensitive and the car can fly. I have no trouble merging onto busy highways and can keep up with the traffic easily. It's quiet from inside and you can't tell the difference from 45 - 65 mph. The cabin is a 5 seater and seats 4 adults comfortably. The seats feel great driver and passenger seats are fully adjustable, seat heaters are really nice in the winter. The dual climate control is great and easy to navigate. The sunroof control is a simple dial, you can go with preset positions or whatever in between. Also the information center is clear, bright and easy to use. I can't wait to purchase a newer model. I will continue to own CTS models.

- Sidney A

My 03 Cadillac cts keeps heads turning and making me look like a million bucks!

If your looking for a car with great performance, great mpg and style, then the 2003 Cadillac cts is for you. On a winding road look to be impressed with the way it handles tight corners. Seats five people, features 5 speed transmission with manual w/overdrive. I like the fact you can change your music station from the steering wheel. Not really a family car, and I do not like the rear wheel drive. Living in northern Minnesota it is not something you want to drive in the winter. All in all I do like my 2003 Cadillac cts, it is a fun car to drive.

- Belita L

It is dark grey. 20� rims. Low to the ground in the front. It is beautiful.

Well it is quite an old car. I bought it brand new in 2003. It is still in extremely good condition. But with Cadillac's you just have to make sure you can afford the upkeep in order to have your Cadillac run like it is brand new. Some issues I have it the gas tank light comes on and sometimes I fix the problem but it doesn't go off. I've had to replace the driver's side window because it started to leak. But it had been a very good car I've had to buy one battery but that's expected.

- Jade F

The look is still a luxury looking car that drives and feels almost like a new car. I get so many "Likes" and shocking revelations from people who have no idea is 15 years old.

My initial problems that I had years ago with the car, cost me Thousands of dollars, I needed all kinds of Sensor and a New Computer. Well, I wasn't driving the car, I thought covering it up and not driving it would make it last longer. Well I was so wrong...After the CTS became my main vehicle, I have had no major problems, all it needed was the general maintenance of every vehicle. The body and Interior is still in excellent condition. People are surprised that it is a 2003!

- Pamela W

Prestigious, a class of its own, a class apart, ferocious wonderfully made sedan.

I love everything about the car. This is the first Cadillac I have ever owned. My kids love it as well. The only thing I do not like about the car is that it does not have a AUX cord hookup nor does it have Bluetooth so its either CDs or the radio. Besides that I can't really think about anything else that I do not like about the car. It runs great its in its own class of car. The gas mileage is amazing the power is amazing great poise and performance.

- Amber P

Good mid size sedan with plenty of legroom. Very dependable.

The 2003 cadillac cts is a medium sized sedan. It is very appealing body style wise. I get good gas mileage and my car is very reliable. It has several standard features such as a fast working heater and a super cool ac. The instrument panel is very easy to figure out and use. My only complaint is mine is the basic model and does not feel very luxurious to ride in. You feel everything. Also, the dash is very hard to see especially in the daytime.

- Jo K

Interesting detail about it though is for the year the body looks great!

Well for starters, my fuel pump went out and every time one problem ends another begins. It is horrible I have an oil leak, all of my window seals leak. My back passenger window is broken and always falls down. My car runs hot constantly and shuts down while I am driving on the interstate at 70 mph. It has power steering so when it does that my brakes, steering and pedals all lock up. I hate my car.

- Rachel B

It had continuous problems due to leaking when it rains

The car leaks when it rains, water gets into the trunk and the doors and had to be drained. Now the car has electrical problems due to the water leak and the mechanic is unable to locate the source of the wiring issue. The car is rear wheel drive and is awful in the snow and/or rain because the traction control prevents it from moving when the road is wet. It is also not very good on gas.

- jacqueline F

The gas gauge has also went out in it.

Really comfortable ride. Has problems leaking oil and leather seats are tearing. When I put gas in it car always dies. I have to start it and rev the motor up before I can leave gas station. Other than that it has been a really reliable car. Radio is great but, the air conditioner is not so great. The air conditioner doesn't blow hard enough because I think it's how the vents are made.

- Kelley P

Why should you own a 2003 Cadillac cts?

The Cadillac cts is a modern yet sleek vehicle to drive. There's plenty of legroom in the front and back, and super spacious trunk for those groceries and whatever else you need to carry. It's great on gas and only costs $50 to fill it up. It fits my family of 4 perfectly with extra space. She drives smooth and light like a feather. That's why you should get an 2003 Cadillac cts.

- Cor O

Seat warmers, great on gas, all leather dream ride.

I love my car what I like most is that the car will shut off and not allow itself to overheat and will shut down to cool off if there is a problem. The car rides smooth and is very lovely on the inside full leather. It also has seat warmers for them cold winter mornings, great on gas and it's just a all around great car.

- Tia J

My midnight blue car with woodgrain dash and security system

Great 4 door vehicle midnight blue has a dent on the side door but a nice sunroof. I got it for 2500 but I wouldn't trade it for the world. It has black alloy wheels and a super nice stereo system. 2.6l engine and barely needs work. The interior is sand brown with wood grain on the dash and steering wheel

- Jon J

The Cadillac cts is a great small family car.

This is a great driving car. The gas mileage on it is not that great around town, but highway mileage is pretty good. Very comfortable and plenty of backseat legroom. Fits 5 adults comfortably and 2 adults and three car seats. The maintenance is a little on the expensive side but parts last.

- Cody M

Good car for old men to own and be seen in.

This is a very good car the only thing is they are expensive to have worked on but they do not have to many problems. The ride is very good on long trips fuel economy is fair, I have owned this car for about 15 years, and would say the annual upkeep has been about 1000 dollars a year. .

- Jack K

so interesting and does not take long to load and it does not spend a lot of gas

My car is nice and I love it. I love how I can drive it on the road, I feel comfortable and always I find it real. It does not spend more fuel so is going to be good in long distance travels. So I feel anyone beside me will like it so much and give it a try.

- Noor awad A

When someone puts their key in it will program the position of your seat.

I love the smooth ride. It has a sensor for just about every functional thing on the car. Only problem is the gas gauge quit working about a year ago. The trunk light does not work. It gets really good gas mileage even though the gas gauge is not working.

- Kelley P

Smooth acceleration. Certain handling.

Rear wheel drive car which is not optimal in deep snow. Late in car life catalytic converter issues. Repair expenses generally high a dealership. Otherwise, very reliable car. We have had to spend very little except ordinary maintenance and oil changes.

- Jill J

Ride In Luxury and reliability with the Cadillac cts

I had received my car as used. It's never really gave my problems just regular maintenance, and a few replacements but that's normal seeing how many miles is on it. It fits my family comfortably and is very reliable.

- Sandra E

Very nice car, with smooth driving and very few problems within the future.

2003 Cadillac cts drives really smooth, takes nice turns. The base for the radio is clear and nice and loud. Had it for years so the rotors are squeaking, other than that never had any big problems with the car.

- Kennedy W

If you are considering purchasing a cadillac, you are a complete moron and have more money than brains!

When It's running the ride is smooth? Everything else about the car is horrible, Expensive repairs, always having some kind of problem. Only good to own if you plan on doing a lot of walking

- Brad B

It will hold up over time and keep its beauty as long as you take car of it

It is a little older now but still has held up it's beauty ,Has very good power ,reliable but as it got older the repairs started to come and the parts for this car are very expensive

- David V

It is a great car to drive and it runs very smoothly.

I love that it is comfortable and easy to drive. I dislike that it is hard to find parts for it. I don't have too many complaints other than the part issue, it is a great car.

- Laura T

That it is luxury and you have to be very careful with it because any damage is going to be highly expensive

I have no complaints I like the color of my vehicle wish is silver I enjoy the wood grain steering wheel & what I love the most about my car is the sunroof

- Brandon B

I am a very safe driver and pay attention to what I am doing.

I like that I have a vehicle to take me where I need to go. I dislike all the things that is tearing up on it. Many, many things needs to be fixed.

- Stephanie M

It has been very reliable

I love my car. I've had it 12 yrs and have never had a point where I wanted to get rid of it. It's fun to drive, safe and gets good gas mileage

- Tywanna L

03 CTS looks cool but has lots of small issues.

The vehicle is ok at best. There seems to be quite a few issues that come with the 03 models that I am quickly starting to deal with.

- Brandon N

orange pumpkin.....Beautiful rich orange color, love it

very comfortable, great sound system. The car feels strong and safe, not a tin can. Great gas mileage. Love the body style.

- Mary B

Only that if they need a ride I have no a/c.

I like the way my car drives. The car has only one issue the a/c. Went out on it. Other than that no other issues found.

- Martha V

Others, when they see this car, immediately know that this car is special, and not the normal CTS.

This cadillac is one of a kind. It has accoutrements that are only on this cadillac, which makes it one of a kind.

- Sando G

Great reliable car! Fast, sporty and fun, yet family friendly!

It is a great car! It is fast and luxurious . Most important it is reliable.Cadillac really thought of everything!

- mandy s

Make sure u keep up on all the oil changes and use good oil in it.

It's sporty looking yet has room for everyone to ride. I don't think there is anything I really dislike about it.

- Heather M

Everyone should know the most important things about me car is its first rattle

My sunroof is am awesome features. I like that it's paid off. I like the color of my car.

- Patty F

You should probably avoid an older luxury car, they are expensive to repair.

It's had a lot of expensive repairs.Cadillacs are expensive to receive service.

- Ben L

the most important thing other should know about my car is comfortable

I dislike the fact that it use too much gas but I like it cause is reliable.

- thomas k

it is mine... there is nothing else to say... I don't care what others think....

meets my needs. has what I wanted. has aged well along with me,

- vic w

Be aware of blind spots that obstruct your vision

I love the car and the styling, but there are blind spots.

- Chester H