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2004 Cadillac CTS Black on Black

My car is a mid sized sedan that is easy to handle. It features a sunroof, power windows, doors and locks. A CD player, heated seats, mirrors and steering wheel. It has a 3.6 liter and even though it is a 2004 it hasn't given me any trouble. It tells you what if anything is happening to it on the dash so no worries whatsoever when it comes to this car. The only issue we have ever had was the fuel pump and the security system. Both easy, inexpensive fixes.

- Heather D

My cadillac. This car is the most comfortable car I have ever owned.

This car is a very smooth ride. Accelerates and brakes very smoothly. My Cadillac is very comfortable to drive, and has roomy interior. Although it is a 2004 model the interior seating has held up very well. I have had no issues with the car. Only general servicing has been needed to keep it running so well. No trips to the mechanic for major issues. I would definitely buy this car again.

- Peggy H

Good and bad of the cts Cadillac.

Ac leaks a lot in passenger floor. Not very good gas mileage. Pretty expensive to work on. Power steering line broke and is leaking. Had to replace brake pads. Pins in the shifting are messed up makes a rattling sound when you shift. Uses a lot of oil quick. Had to replace plugs and Cadillac converters. Has pretty decent ac/heat. Suspension is not that great.

- Ashley W

It is a great car it gets me where I need to be my car it I do not have to put.

It is a great car, runs very well, it get me were I need to be at all times, does not need a lot of work to be put in, I keep it nice and clean, and that is all I really have to say, it's a great car and I will not be looking to buy a new car no time soon, I am happy with what I have for now and I need the car to get to and from.

- Brittany L

Love my Cadillac would rebuy in a heartbeat.

Has been a great car other than normal wear and tear it is never broken and has almost 200 thousand miles definitely would buy another. . Ride is smooth has great features love the sound system and seats have held up very well my favorite feature is auto lights never have to worry about draining my battery.

- Michelle B

The highlight is the car was free and it is a Cadillac. So great!!

Rides awesome. Specially in the rain. Just glides as if it were not. Main thing I hate is sunroof leaks and water does come in so that starts making electric problems and draining my battery and list keeps going. And it can handle hitting 3 different deer and even have busted headlights and still works.

- Morgan L

The highlight of my car is its longevity. I believe the car will outlive me.

Cadillac comfort is foremost in all models. The performance is unbelievable and the reliability is beyond description. I can always count on my car. It is a 2004, only has 80, 000 miles on it and I have had no problems with it since I bought it. I anticipate driving it for many more years to come.

- William B

The most interesting thing about my vehicle is that it's cheap and luxurious.

It's a super comfortable ride, feels like a cloud driving it. Gotten me from A to B always and is super cheap and stylish. If you want a luxury car for cheap that will look good, feel good and drive good. Then a Cadillac cts is the car for you. And the 2004 body style is sleek.

- Cameron C

It is an overall great car.

The car runs really well, I did have an issue with the power steering and had to replace part of that but other than that it has been great, the air is great I like that it has leather seats and cup holders in the back but I do wish there were air conditioner vents in the back.

- Brittany D

You will love the way this car performs.

I love this car because of the way it handles and performs. Also the sound system in my car is absolutely amazing. The stylist interior is nothing to sneeze at either. But the one complaint i do have is the cost of repairs. Everything on this car is very expensive to repair.

- Melody D

That It's not made in america It's a foreign car and needs to b treated and taken care of in such a manner.

I love the majority of my vehicle's features, such as the chromed out grill in the front of it. I love the nice smooth feeling when I'm driving. But on the flip side a major con is the fact that It's foreign so anytime anything messes up It's very expensive to repair.

- Jasmine w

Looks good and drives great.

Haven't had any major problems replaced tires, fan belt, two coils, takes a little oil but other than that great car, it was purchased used and has 186000 miles on it at present and I plan on driving it several more years. The car looks good and drives great.

- Gunnar B

Can't check transmission fluid on own has to go to dealership has a seal on it.

I bought this car from a used dealership about two years ago. Haven't had any engine issues just regular maintenance, new tires, oil change and new spark plugs. Have driven this car on several family vacations out of state very reliable car.

- Delilah C

It's a great car it is a green color and it drives really smooth

i have a 2004 cadillac sts i love this car it rides very smooth and it is big so my whole family can fit in the care . It can take some hits and i like that. i don't like the fact that it cost so much to be worked on

- Marquis F

To replace front headlights and high beam headlights you practically have to take throne bumper off. $100 to 150 for the Manual labor

This car is very good on gas, performance, reliability, comfort, and features. But to change lights; such as headlights it presents a real expensive problem. You practically have to take the front bumper off!

- Mildred M

It's fun to drive, has plenty of legroom and great for long trips.

I like the color and style of my vehicles. I also like the roomy interior and how the leather seats feel. Also, I like the heated seats and how they relieve backache.

- Mary s

It is great for road trips because there are lots of seats available.

No none at all. I love this car. Drives very smooth and is a sturdy car. It looks and feels like a dream. Bought it in 2009 and it drives the same today as it did then.

- Donna M

How costly and the difficulty it is to have repairs done

I like the size of the vehicle. I do not like the difficulty in getting repairs. I also do not like how the vehicle burns through gas and oil

- Amber B

The color of this car is gorgeous

I love my car. Just recently bought from my mom because she no longer drives. I'm used to trucks and suv so this is a nice change

- Sheila M

It is dependable, have not had any issues with the vehicle.

I like how it drives. I like how dependable it is. I dislike the gas mileage it gets.

- Erin E

It drives amazing, it handles corners like no other car I've driven. I owned buicks and I will buy a Cadillac again

Love how it drives I love the Bose sound Love the seats I love this car

- Cindy L

This car is classy and fast, an overall delight to drive.

The smooth ride. The sleek design. The internal features.

- Chester S

I have the best luxury car on the market at that time I brought it in 2004.

I love it and it last a long time and save me money.

- Robert H