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For 11 yrs old still sounds and handles brand new. And that says a lot.

I really love my vehicle. It has more modern functions then most cars from that year. It lets me know when one of the tires are low and which one. It not only tells you engine problem with the light but actually tell you what the problem is. The car handles like a dream very smooth ride. No one believes it's 11 years old. I haven't had a single problem with the car. It is very comfortable to be in for long or short rides. The seats are heated for colder days. Air conditioning and heat everyone can control their own comfort. Stereo sounds awesome came with Bose speakers and has 5 disc CD player. I haven't had any problems at all with her. I am the second owner. And I did check car facts and she hasn't been in any accidents before I bought her. When I am ready for a new car I believe I will be buying another Cadillac. They are very dependable.

- Robin C

Cadillac cts: smooth, stylish and comfortable ride.

This car is very fast, dependable, quiet and still drives good. I service it at the miles requested and keep the synthetic oil changed. It has very few problems and Cadillac stands behind their vehicles with great customer service. My car only has 51k miles on it and drives like brand new. I would not hesitate to purchase another Cadillac in the future. This is a smooth riding car, with quick acceleration and very airtight. I do not use the sunroof, and would not purchase one in the future. It has a great sound system and very attractive body style. It was Motor Trend car of the year when I purchased it. I test drove the new SUV and would consider purchasing it in the future. It drove well too.

- Liz A

I’d say that overall the car is comfortable and luxurious way to ride in style.

I love my Cadillac cuts. It is a very reliable car. The Bose sound system that comes with the car sounds really great! I also enjoy using the beautiful sunroof during the warmer weather. The leather interior is very comfortable and soft. The car also has a seat warmer which helps so much during the colder weather days. The air conditioning system cools the car immediately. The on star feature helps if you lock your keys inside, you can call and have them open the door for you and lets you drive it to without the keys. The overall performance of the Cadillac cuts is great.

- Ruby B

It is as smooth as glass I love it.

I own a 2008 Cadillac cts v6 direct-injection. I love my car I has 130 thousand miles on it never had a problem. Interesting enough this is the only car I have owned that you do not have to rotate the tires they all wear the same always. Only parts I had to buy for is driver's and passenger disc brake rotors. And driver's side door lock solenoid. I have never had any other problems. Oh and a tune-up spark plugs air filter that is it. When I purchase the vehicle had 78000 miles on it.

- Daniel M

My Cadillac has been very reliable and I have been very happy with my choice.

I bought my car in 2012. I love the style of the car. I have had it for over 7 years now and it has been very reliable. I have only experienced a few issues with it. I have had to replace the battery once and the daytime headlights a few times. The only thing I do not love about this car is that is has a very rough ride when driving around town. It is very smooth on The freeway but very bumpy around town. I wish it had a smoother ride.

- Amy S

Great car to drive and very reliable. Also looks cool.

There has been very few problems with my car. It is a very comfortable drive and can handle long distances whether its 2 hours or 21 hours. The car runs smoothly with only a few minor issues. The timing chain wore down and needed to be fixed which was very pricy. I also would prefer a car with more leg room for the backseat since passengers are usually squished. Huge trunk though. Very slick car to drive.

- Ashley B

Great sturdy and reliable

Great reliable vehicle that I really feel safe in. Great on gas and so far not many issues for being 11 years old. Only things that have come up have been basic maintenance as well as replacing the tire sensor. A friend also had one that she was in a nasty accident in and she walked away completely unharmed. This is definitely a car I would recommend or invest in going forward with the later models.

- Kea S

Caddy review great car for the past 10 years.

It is a good car have not really had any problems with it except for leaking in trunk and interior, I also do not like that you have to open trunk through the back seat, if you have stuff or a person is sitting there then you have to move everything thing in order to pull the seat down and pull the clasp to open it up, but other than that there have been 0 problems in 10 years.

- Elizabeth P

Sporty sedan with a lot of power.

I love the cts it glides on the road you do not feel the bumps, the moonroof is a wonderful feature we never had a problem with leaks. The all-wheel drive is very nice handling on the road in snow and ice. The car makes sharp turns which is a nice feature and some vehicles do not make very sharp turns. I like the v6 as it takes off when you push the gas there is no hesitation.

- June W

Very reliable. Great on gas.

I have only had my car for a year now. There have been no problems. But. . . I recently ran over a rabbit and the whole thing messed up. Bumper fell off. Exhilarators messed up, $500 worth of damages because of a rabbit. Not okay for how much I pay. As far as comfort, the front seat has plenty of space. The back seat on the other hand is so small. Very uncomfortable to travel.

- Jessica H

Great gas mileage for a large car with all the bells and whistles.

My caddy give a smooth ride with comfortable leather adjustable seats. The Bose sound system is clear and relaxing during a long ride for any type of music. What can I say about the color choice it a head turner, depending on how the light shines on her, she can be purple or maroon just like a woman cannot decide what looks good so put on what is right for the time of day.

- Jeannette B

2008 Cadillac cts with new brakes and tires. Nice and most 100 thousand miles

I have a 2008 Cadillac cts its silver. It's a great family car plenty of space. It's runs good the only problem I've had is with the over heating other than that it's a wonderful smooth ride. It has close to 100 thousand miles and it's up to date with oil changes and I do tune up every year to ensure it runs the very best. The breaks are new as well as the tires.

- L S

Not easy to get in the car.

It is difficult to get in because it sits so low. When you attempt to get in the car, you must bend your neck sideways to keep from bumping your head. The navigation system somewhat outdated and it does not always take you to the route you select. It does not have Bluetooth capability with mobile phones and I do not wish to pay for the OnStar feature.

- Cathy J

The color and the brand. I love it.

I love it, its comfortable and easy to drive. I can use it anywhere I want very nice and amazing. This is the most beautiful car I ever had. I love the style and color. My husband love it too. If I am going to buy another car I would the same brand but made it sooner and newer. I am so lucky I drive this car very nice. I love it.

- Hon S

Best mid size Cadillac ever.

The cts is a very reliable and convenient care. Fast and fuel efficient. Daily driver. I have only had 1 problem. I had to change the battery and spark plugs. I am still on the original set of tires and brakes. I might need to change the timing belt at 100k miles. The paint still looks great and the interior is perfect.

- Chris S

Silver 2008 Cadillac cts 4 doors with sunroof.

The car is a family car. It is very comfortable. Sunroof that goes all the way back. Sport mode and cruise control are applied. The body of the car is very attractive. The car is an eye-catcher. At first I didn't like it but the car feels like it is flying in the air when it drives. It is good on gas as well.

- Hannah S

The Cadillac CTS is a nice enough car.

The Cadillac CTS is a nice car with a lot of nice features. It's reliable enough but one issue I have with it is it is really hard on gas. It has a large engine, which requires a lot of gas to run. This is something I was not aware of when I bought the vehicle. But other than that it is a good car.

- Shelly S

A great looking car with lots of pep and energy.

I have had no problems with this vehicle, it is very comfortable and easy to drive and very stylish. If you have company you can easily seat five people and has enough pep to get you where you are going. I have had a lot of people come up to me and ask me about it as they admire the looks of it.

- Suzanne D

It is a luxury car at a reasonable price.

The Cadillac is a comfortable car. Is very roomy. Definitely plenty of room in the back. The wait and heat work well but blows very loud which can be irritating. Besides the problems with the sparks plugs (think because is an older car and bad mechanics ) have not had a lot of problems with it.

- Christine F

standard 6 speed vehicle with rear wheel drive

very nice vehicle, smooth yet powerful, very fun to drive. The only issues I have with the Cadillac are the lack of AWD as well as the weight of the car... it's a boat yet handles quite well. I would recommend the cts to anyone looking for a reliable and safe vehicle that also packs a punch.

- Case C

The sport mode it goes really fast.

Its really reliable and comfortable I've had it for years. It really is stylish and is a great brand Cadillac really takes care of their buyers. Pleases them by offering loaner cars when your car is in service. I have always been placed into great loaner cars and given good customer service.

- Lara R

Okay car. Cheap quality considering cost of car and the parts.

Have had many issues. Have replaced 4 of 6 cylinders. Needs a new timing chain. Only has 90, 000 miles on it. Looks sharp, but durability isn't good. Bought because it has all wheel drive, which is nice. Parts are of course expensive so take that in consideration. Including headlight bulbs.

- Amanda K

It is beige with leather and wood grain interior.

I haven't had any problems other than when I bought it I didn't notice it didn't have aux. It averages probably 25-30 mph. It is pretty reliable, it is an everyday driver. It has pretty comfortable leather seats which wood grain interior. It has heated seats which is pretty great too.

- Destiny W

It has excellent reliability and comfort.

Overall it has great gas mileage and is low maintenance. It is safe and family friendly with extra airbags and also anti lock brakes. It also features a sunroof for greater pleasure. There is large trunk space and also storage in the back of the car. Overall it is in excellent shape.

- Lance R

Cadillac cuts review 2018.

Car rides smooth at most times and rough at other times during summer months. Nice paint job and good tires. Transmission shifts well. The motor has many miles on it. Windows has a dark tint. Interior has leather seats and brown mats and carpet. Battery is in good working order.

- Manuel H

No spare tire came with this model.

Comfortable, dependable, fuel efficient, looks good, feels like a sports car, sharp body style, great interior, car did not come with a spare tire. . Which can leave you in a bind. I would highly recommend this model of car to anyone. My next car I would like the Cadillac xts.

- Gail W

Fast and sleek automobiles.

There isn't any problems with Cadillac cars. The performance is what you would expect, it handles perfect. Very fast and sleek car that fit in traffic and under the radar. Leather and wood makes it all worth it. The sound system could be better be it suits the car well.

- John B

2008 Cadillac cts silver luxury.

I like my 2008 Cadillac cts but its not very sturdy, as a lot of problems happen with it. The air doesn't always work good depending on the weather out which I have looked up and a lot of other users have had the same issue. The car itself is a very comfortable drive.

- Thomas M

Love the sunroof all over good car very pleased with my black Cadillac.

No problems really love the vehicle. Bought a year ago, good on gas, bought with good tires it was used had under 98 thousands miles on motor. My favorite car that I have ever owned car is black, all leather inside has a sunroof. All over best car I have ever owned.

- Barbara S

The car looks great it runs for 10 yrs, before repairs and runs another 10 yrs.

After 10 years there are a lot of costly repairs. If you get this car you should have about $5000 to repair it because once one thing breaks like the fuel tank then so does everything else. But it's a great looking car and runs well after it has a repair done to it.

- Ria G

Cts awesomely smooth ride.

The cts is very smooth riding but it is very low to the ground and very difficult to get in. It is even harder to get in the back seat. It has a great trunk with lots of room. Because of the year this car was made it does not have a phone Bluetooth ability.

- Cathy J

My car is a very good value. Unlike some cars, after 10 years it is still running very good.

I love the way that my car looks. It was the first car I ever bought on my own and I'm proud of it. I also love the sound system. It has never given me any real problems and it still looks great and runs good after 10 years.

- Brooke B

Comfort! It drives smooth and a ton of room in the car.

Drives so smoother. Air conditioning and heated seats work great. Love the sunroof. It looks so sharp. I dislike the black leather, so hot in the summer. It is also hard to parallel park in the city.

- Ryan S

It is fantastic on gas mileage. Makes it better for traveling.

I love the inside and trunk space. It's a nice looking vehicle from the inside and outside. I just don't like the color of the vehicle. It's my only dislike about it. It's great on gas as well.

- Crystal B

The car has some get up and go with some pretty hi tech bells and whistles

I like the Cadillac CTS because sporty enough and still not from for the family highly doubt trade in value is above-average due to the fact that this particular year had a lot of complications

- Joshua O

Smooth ride and very reliable.

Very smooth ride and does fantastic on gas! I have no issues with maintaining the great condition of the vehicle. As long as you ride responsibly, this vehicle will last a very long time.

- Kris G

The car's interior is beautiful. Even after 10 years, it still looks elegant.

Car gets rained in. It needs a new sunroof. Drive is amazing. It is lasted me 10 years. It does need headlight replacement after 8 years. Which is excusable. Comfortable for long drives.

- Jo G

I bought it from reputable used car dealer the car is good on gas.

I like that it is reliable and rarely has problems. There is nothing I dislike about it. Although it is not the most current car, it can still keep up with the features of today.

- Taylor T

Very reliable. Well worth the money in the long run.

Never have problems with the Cadillac it was well worth the money. Very reliable and i have owned many cars and this is the best. Head turner everyone who sees this loved it.

- Donna S

Cadillac is not just for old people so everyone should check them out

It is an older car so some things are getting worn out but it has lots of great features. I look forward to the day when I can afford to buy a new car in a few years

- Tammy G

That it is good on gasoline. It doesn't take much to get far.

This vehicle is a luxury sedan, with beige leather interior. It is comfortable transportation for me and my family! I've never had any problems with it.

- Kyra W

It was purchased on sale so costs a lot less than one would expect.

It's reliable and safe. It has pretty good gas mileage on the highway. It has a good service record. It comes equipped with OnStar and satellite radio.

- Carol W

Great buy for the price. . Comfort is the best.

Great car. . Fun reliable. . All wheel drive. Double sunroof. . Push screen for radio. . Bluetooth capable. . Leather seats. . Great performance car.

- Darian H

The one most important thing is it gets my family from point A to point B safely and in style

I like the car's design I like the car's performance I like the car's color the one thing I dislike is it isn't quite big enough for my family

- Sheila H

It has held up well mechanically and cosmetically.

This car has been reliable, dependable. I have had no problems with it at all. I love the styling of the car and the timelessness of the look.

- Sandra C

It has a lot of power to get going, be careful if you have a lead foot.

I love how comfortable it is and I was surprised that it gets better gas mileage than I had anticipated. I dislike how expensive it is to fix.

- Lindy S

That is breaking down way too early. It only has a hundred thousand miles on it.

Looks good. Drives OK. Not the most reliable. Doesn't handle well in the rain. Leaks from the sunroof and it shouldn't. OK gas mileage.

- Wil L

Made by a company that has proven time and time again to be the most reliable.

I love this car, have never had any major or minor problems with it. This car is classy, very reliable, great mileage and rides so smooth.

- Darlene J

Very safe and reliable comfortable car.

I really love my Cadillac very safe and reliable. Smooth an classy luxury. Love the comfy seats good on gas. Very safe for long trips.

- Alicia S

It is a safe car worth its price. The gas mileage is nice and the car is reliable.

the car is extremely reliable with little to no problems. It has remained in nice condition despite wear, the performance is amazing.

- Kaylin S

It is has an aftermarket exhaust.

I love the look of the design of the car. Also love the special color red that it is. And I love the classic styling of Cadillacs.

- Michael L

Cars and the Cadillac cts.

I like the drive and the sport mode included into the car. I also love the body style and big butt of the car it's not too small.

- Greatest E

It gets me where I need to go and I try to take care of it.

It was used when I got it and still runs good but a lot of features are starting to wear out. The paint is peeling and fading.

- Deborah C

The car had seats that are very comfy

The vehicle is actually really cool and has much room. The car drives smoothly but it takes a lot of gas to fill up the tank.

- Jace G

The most important thing to know is that it can go from a manual to an automatic.

I like the panoramic roof. I like the XM radio. I do not like the gas mileage but that maybe do to a need to change the oil.

- Larry H

Futuristic looking car with luxury

This car is my favorite car it's my everyday driver. A bit a lot and it does run it to problems but it's still reliable.

- Oliver V

My car serves my needs for safety and style well. I'm grateful to have my CTS.

The handling is delicious. The roominess is a plus for my needs. The design flaw in consuming oil is irritating.

- margo g

Fast powerful car, 3.6 liter.

Sporty, fast, big, luxury. Heavy, status symbol.... Not new, so no warranty.. No back up camera or side alerts.

- Lisa V

Amazing car, go get yourself a Cadillac America.

Caddys are spectacular! Why drive fast when you can lounge in your boat?😎 wouldn't want any other car.

- Jose P

Reliable, dependable and stylish looking!

It's stylish looking but the only problem is that it tends to leak in certain places when it rains hard.

- David H

The power that is sometimes underlooked due to its luxurious recognition.

I like that it has a modern, luxurious, and sporty design. I don't like the maintenance expenses

- Cesar C

Outdated technology. Not premium.

Total gas guzzler. Technology in it is extremely outdated. How is this a high end car?

- Dee D

To to properly take care of it and to make sure not to break anything.

It is made in the United States of America and one of the last.

- Brandon M

It drives like a tank. It feels safe.

It is too big and old. I like that I can use it for free.

- Matt B

Has very good acceleration and is very dependable. Not a lot of maintenance required.

Very comfortable car to drive. Good on gas mileage.

- Yolanda B

It's been very reliable. We have not had any problems.

It's tight inside. It rides good. I like the color.

- Constance R

Love this car. Great, smooth ride. The only cons are the same as any car..cost of replacing tires..keeping maintained.

It is very reliable and really comfortable to drive.

- Kate G