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I love that my car is a 2002 but it looks like I am driving a brand new car!

My Cadillac is the most comfortable car I have ever driven. It also is the best car I have ever driven on snow, ice, slush, and rain. I truly feel my family is safe in this car. The problem is I have encountered are minimal. My driver side window has broken twice, I believe it was the cables that roll the window up and down that broke. My dashboard computer also glitches once in a while. I also have found it is hard to find parts for this older Cadillac escalade. Used ones are expensive and they do not make the parts anymore.

- Deborah A

My true & trusted Cadillac Escalade!

I have had my Cadillac Escalade for 17 years and I couldn't be more pleased. My vehicle has been extremely reliable and rewarding over the years. I have enjoyed the very smooth ride and the fact that it doesn't drive live a truck. My Escalade hugs the road with precision due in part to the Stabilitrak System. The problems which I have experienced were in no doubt due to wear and tear. Those problems were related to the battery, fuel pump, the motor of both front seat side windows.

- Mia J

I love the way the mirrors tint when the sun is going down behind you.

The only thing I ever wrong in the 14 years that I have owned my car is a sensor that went bad and the warranty took care of it other than that it is been wearing tear, and I have been loving my car cuz it is never let me down. I replaced the battery a couple of times, the tires have been replaced a few times and the worst thing is other people hitting my car bumping into it slamming doors into it scratching it, but my car has been a good car to me and my kids.

- Mary C

Its awesome I love it I would not ever trade it in.

I have no problems with my vehicle I love it I have ac and heat in it and it smooth riding and lots of room inside very comfortable lots of room for kids and my dog we can take it anywhere it's very reliable we have taking it on many trips to fishing, to mudding or just riding through the country to look how beautiful the world is.

- Tammy R

For being a large vehicle it turns and runs like a dream.

There’s a few things like some buttons that do not work because there’s a small leak on the roof during heavy rain. And the lock buttons do not work but it is also sixteen years old. There’s nothing wrong with the engine so overall I am very satisfied it works well for its age.

- Christian S

How clean I keep it. And when I wash it I like how shiny it gets.

My Cadillac is black. It has 24 inch rims. The rims are platinum and they are spinners. The interior is wood grain color. It has a sunroof. It has a off color which it changes in the summertime. The tires are from firestone. To fill up my truck it takes 90 dollars to fill it up.

- Joseph W

Problems with 2002 Escalade.

Anti lock brakes are problematic and costly to repair the comfort level is great center console lid latch broke and no repair parts are available for it. Rear ac is inoperative and rear seat will not fold as cable has broken to release it. Airbags failed to deploy in accident.

- Walter T

It rides extremely well and roomy.

The truck rides very comfortably the seats are comfortable and is extremely roomie the storage area in the back of the cab is roomy it has this protective covering for us to keep yourself completely dry in bad weather at toes are extremely good as it package.

- Jeff S

Comfortable and very smooth ride

The Cadillac has been a reliable vehicle. All I do is maintain it by regularly changing the oil and doing any other regular maintenance. I have not had any mechanical issues with it. It is very comfortable to ride and drive

- Kim K

No matter how old the vehicle is it rides the same smooth like when it was new.

I really like that it drives very smooth even though its an older car, steering wheel is so easy to maneuver and I really enjoy the heated leather seats in the winter time. I dislike that is a v8 and takes a lot of gas.

- Brenda M

It is unsafe has bald tires and the front end is falling out from under it!

I do not have one! Wish I did! Wish I would wish to have one! A Cadillac escalade special edition low rider with a big speaker box and amplifier!.

- John R

Its very reliable and comfortable.

Love the seating space, comfort. Wish it got better gas mileage and had more storage space for long trips. . Smooth drive for age of vehicle.

- Tee B

I love my escalade! It's the best.

Love my escalade. It's the best car I've ever had. Lots of miles but still runs great. Hoping to get a newer one some day.

- Amy P

It guzzles gas. It is not fuel efficient at all.

I dislike that it is not fuel efficient. I like that it is high off of the ground. I like how it drives in snow.

- Chantelle W

It is voice active and easy to maintain it has 4 wheel drive.

What I like about my vehicle very roomy comfortable and easy to manage I do not have any dislikes at this time.

- Cheryl S

Safety along with comfort & style. Easy to drive with lots of features @ the time I bought my car.

Turns on a dime. Easy to handle & very safe to drive & the comfort is great along with the style

- Blanche B

That my car is so comfy and big although pricey it's well worth it.

Parts are expensive. Waste gas a lot and I wish that they had more room in the back.

- Ivette H

I love it and all the room for the kids, wanting to take care of it is a priority

I like the room that it has. I like the heated seats. I like the reverse alarm

- Kristin C

I love the size, up above the traffic. It is very easy to park despite the size, and I am able to hold 8 people if necessary. I do not like to have to disconnect a bunch of parts just to change the headlight bulb.

It has never once left me stranded ever, and I drive about 60 miles each day.

- Emilu K

It's luxury, it's first class, it's safe and roomy.

I like it, it's roomy, rides smooth, luxury and first class. No complaints.

- Donald S