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Cadillac Escalade luxury everything is expensive

I own 2006 Cadillac Escalade luxury 2wd white. As for comfort it's amazing. Gas mileage isn't very good at 16.9. We also live In the country and have to drive gravel roads daily so 2 wheel drive sucks. Have put a lot of money into it just fixing things that include rear air ride shocks and compressor, new radiator, lights, tie rods, pitman arm, idler arm, rebuilt transmission, battery, sway bar links, waterpump and thermostat, steering wheel sensor and gearbox, 5 sets of tires, new defrost heat and cool pigtail and relay,

- Joseph B

From hauling the kids to school to hauling the boat to the ocean...

My Escalade has given me many years of reliable performance. I have stayed up to date on preventive maintenance and have had no major issues with anything going wrong. My suspension squeaks more than I would like it to and since there are no grease pivots I don't really know how to fix that but other than that I have gotten a lot of good miles out of my truck. The heated seats and remote start have really been a blessing in winter and when I do end up buying another vehicle it will most definitely be an Escalade.

- David M

Luxury at a reasonable price.

My vehicle is a Cadillac escalade esv. It's a really nice vehicle that I purchased at a reasonable price. I do have a few minor problems that can be fixed. Having a warranty does help with the cost of the repairs. What has really been a benefit about having such a large vehicle is having so much space to transport, store, or utilize when needed. It also has good features that make this vehicle very comfortable for wherever you go. Overall it's a great vehicle to have if you can afford it.

- Damon S

Leather heated seats, wood grain accents, and lots of added luxury.

I big dollar problem me was the HID light bulbs. When they go out they're $125 a piece. They used to be dealer only but I've found some websites have got it down to $75. It has a lot of power and rides smooth. Very reliable and many different features like seat warms makes it comfortable. Gas mileage not the best but it's nice smooth comfortable ride on long trips.

- Abdul S

A real jewel. Great SUV that looks sharp and very reliable.

Excellent vehicle with no major problems.. It is very reliable even though an older model. The truck has been well taken care of by the previous owner and it drives like it is new. My favorite features are the sunroof, third seat, and sound system. It is a comfort to drive a SUV that is the same size as a Tahoe and easy to drive but very heavy-which is a safety factor.

- Julie T

Expect parts and repairs to be costly.

I have had it since 2006. It has been a very reliable vehicle. It is expensive for some repairs, such as headlights 100. 004 for one bulb. Also, at roughly about 250, 000 miles expect to replace transmission. I have no complaints though, except for it can be costly in gas on short trips. Long trips it does great on gas.

- Judith S

Smooth ride with comfort.

This vehicle has a smooth ride. The seats are also comfortable and in the winter, the seat warmers are a blessing. It is very roomy and rear seats lift up when needed. The a/c performs better than most vehicles I have been in. The steering lights do not work anymore and have been replace but still don't last long.

- Cynthia S

Transmission bloopers are common

Handles well on the hwy, but the in town fuel economy is terrible. I've also already been through two transmissions, and I've only got 168,000 miles.! I've had alternator problems as well, and have had to replace the alternator twice. Again thought I truly like the ride it gives on the freeway

- Steven G

The most important thing others should know about my car is that it gets me where I need to go every time.

There really is not anything I dislike about it, but I would love to have a newer one. Hopefully it would get better gas mileage. I love the space it has. I love that it get me from point A to point B every time. Leather seats are nice. DVD player in the back is great too.

- Kami C

It's best for a larger/taller person. Handles well in bad weather.

We bought it used. It handles well in snowy weather and can tow a heavy load. I don't like it as it is a very big vehicle. The seats are too big for a smaller person. It's difficult to adjust to see out the front window well. It performs well and has been reliable.

- Annie S

Cadillac escalade. With leather seats.

The Cadillac escalade rides incredibly smooth. The sun roof, movie player and heated leather seats are wonderful. The back hatch has given us problems by refusing to unlock or even lock for extended periods of time. The kids love the bucket seats in the middle.

- Heather F

Great ride for big families.

Design is functional to everyday use. Features are standard and will use all. Performance is good as maintenance and upkeep is minimum and repairs affordable. Plenty of room for hauling and storage. Great drive in winter and big to oversee all roads ahead.

- Lillian P

How dependable and reliable it is.

I like that it's spacious and comfortable for the family, I dislike it because it's a gas guzzler on an average I am spending about 80 dollars a week on gas just to commute to work not to mention the gas I waste on running errands.

- Julio R

Good fuel mileage, nice eco button to save gas on long trips.

I love the fact we found the year we wanted and color. We looked until we found the price we could afFord. I didn't like salesman he was a butt. His father did apologize to us and also fired his son for it so I called that even.

- Melissa P

It's very comfortable and a great family car! It's also very reliable. Other than needing new tires it's a great car!

My Cadillac is a great car! It does need new tires which I plan to buy soon. It drives great and is very reliable! If you have ever been in a Cadillac you know how comfortable they are. It's my favorite car I have ever owned.

- Allie B

the car is very comfortable and spacious

I have a Cadillac escalade there's currently no problems its very spacious and very comfortable for family and myself it's reliable because I am able to fit a big party of people the only thing is that it is a gas guzzler.

- Julio R

Cadillac Escalade 2006 Review

We love our vehicle. It is roomy and the backseat is comfortable. The heated seats are a wonderful bonus!! The stereo system is a BOSE and we enjoy rocking out while cruising along. Great family vehicle!

- April O

The vehicle is an excellent choice if you have a large family.

I like the styling & roominess of the vehicle. The ride extremely smooth and comfortable. The only downside as the large engine gives it a little bit of bad gas mileage.

- Aaron R

That is when buying replacement parts can be very expensive.

It is a great vehicle. . Lots of room for the family. . Has plenty of storage when taking trips. . Downside is the parts are very expensive to replace.

- Michelle E

Its large enough to take camping.

I love every single detail about my car! From the size to the way it drives! I have absolutely no complaints whatsoever!.

- Veronica G

Expensive Expensive Expensive Expensive

GOOD COMFORTABLE RIDE, POOR MPG. Good storage space. Costly to repair...tailgate lock mechanism has broken 3 times.


Eats up gas but the luxury, comfortability is worth the price.

Luxury vehicle, live leather, sunroof, very comfortable and a very smooth ride. Nothing like traveling in luxury.

- Angela M

That I love it, everything about it. Color, interior, exterior and driving it.

I love my car, I always wanted one and in 2006 I was fortunate enough to get my dream car, platinum edition.

- Nancy S

The SUV stands up to the Cadillac name and its stylist great performance outstanding vehicle

Smooth riding, all the bells and whistles , the color the way it have performed through the years great SUV

- Evelyn J

It can fit a lot of people.

I like the amount of seats. The air conditioning is very refreshing and cooling. No complaints here.

- Amber L

It cost a lot to repair any damages to body or if any issues if the car needs any body parts to run.

It's uses a lot of gas. It has a lot of problems going wrong at once. It is very expensive to fix.

- Rachel C

Nice car to drive around in and show off.

- Leann V