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Cadillac escalade: best SUV.

I love my 2014 Cadillac escalade. This is my second escalade and I find them to be very comfortable to drive and roomy inside. They are a little on the expensive side, but I think they are well worth the money. All of the features inside of the truck are easy to use and right on the steering wheel so you never have to look around to find anything. All the seats are powered, heated and cooled, which makes it easy to adjust and stay comfortable. I would highly recommend purchasing a Cadillac escalade.

- Andrea L

Good car. Has good space as in seats Good space in the back.

My vehicle is a reliable car. I rarely need any work done on it. It's a big car so it doesn't feel like your driving on the floor. I like how many people it can fit. The back is pretty big as well, you have more than enough space for your things. The color is also a good thing. I pick a white, because it is easier to see at night. This way car can see if you coming. Less crashes.

- Carmen A

It is very spacious and comfortable when we take long trips.

I like the comfortable ride and all the gadgets it has like the set warmers and the DVD player for my kids. I also like how everything is electronic. The back up camera is nice as well. I wish it had a place for my sunglass to be when I have it parked or it is dark so they don't get broken. I also wish it had a better place for a cell phone mount.

- Mariah T

I love the design and the overall performance of the car.

Since it's sort of old I have to repair it more often like I usually always have oil leaks or my brakes will always need repair other than that it's a pretty good car this survey wants me to write 250 words like this is a school essay this is ridiculous I already said what I needed to say about the car there is nothing else to say.

- Galaxy R

It is a very dependable. . My family is very satisfied with this vehicle.

It is great. I love how comfortable it is. It is very safe. I can depend on it. It is awesome. The anti lock brakes makes me and my family feel very safe. It is performance is unbelievable. The CD player and speaker is outstanding. I haven't had any problem at all with my vehicle. I would recommend the vehicle to anyone. .

- Minnie S

I have had many different cars a 1953 ford 0n up and this is the best.

The only problems I have is normal wear and tear. I haven't had any serious problems but I make sure I do all the recommended procedures the factory says to do. I travel from arkansas to california 3 times a year and have never had a problem. The ride is very comfortable and the car is easy to drive.

- Richard B

I have the platinum edition.

He drives smoothly but does take a ton of gas. Not everything works and no one tells you how to do that. It does cost more to fix than a ford, Chevy or Dodge. The look of the vehicle is very nice though. The seats are very comfortable as well. I do love this car.

- Annie O

Amazing luxury and very safe.

We have had very little mechanical issues with our Cadillac. We have had it at the dealership for service once and the customer service was great. The truck is very comfortable and the engine performance is great. I feel my family is safe in this truck.

- Joshua B

Safety remarks are great.

The one thing I absolutely love is the room it has for my family and i. Another thing I love is my rear view camera. I do not like the gas mileage, but when you have a bigger vehicle it requires more gas.

- Lisa R

If you are looking for a good reliable SUV this is your car. It has amazing power for such a smooth ride.

It's the whole package! It fits my entire family with plenty of legroom for my tall people. It is comfortable inside with all the modern conveniences.

- Sona P

It is a great family car. It has room enough for a family trip and taking kids and their friends places.

It is comfortable and roomy. The ride is smooth and it accelerates quickly. I feel confident that my family is safe. I love the built in GSP

- Dawn P

The car has been hit by lightning twice, causing damage to the electrical system

It is a luxury SUV with advanced technology and lousy gas mileage. It has advanced safety features and also has a good resale value to it.

- Robert B

It drives smooth and fits a big family.

It is a great family vehicle we have a family of six it fits us comfortably. It drives smooth and quiet. Also it is very spacious.

- Robin V

It's dependable no matter the weather I can always count on it

I love the size the power is I drive up the interstate and the look but it takes too much gas unladylike and limited parking spot

- Trakesha P

It's very comfortable and rides very smoothly. I feel very safe driving it.

I like the navigation. I like the way the truck rides. I like the DVD system for the kids. I dislike the gas mileage.

- Amber H

Most Comfortable Vehicle ever

This Cadillac Escalade has to be one of the nicest and most comfortable vehicles that I have ever owned.

- cathy T

That it's a really great car, and you will have a great time driving it.

I love this car. It's performed well over the last few years. And it's comfortable for long car rides.

- Sno S

It's a plush luxury. Stylish vehicle. It rides nice and smooth.

I love the luxury features the vehicle have. I dislike the style of the new bodies of the newer models.

- Alyssah C

It's a great ride and gets the job done.

I don't have any complaints about my vehicle. It is great and gets the job done. It's perfect.

- Mark F

That my vehicle is reliable. The make is great. It will last a long time.

I like the size. I like the style. And I like the company

- Janet M