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2015 Cadillac Escalade- ESV The best full size SUV on the market.

I traded in my 2016 Yukon Denali with 75k miles on it for a 2015 Cadillac Escalade ESV with 27k miles. The added room was the main reason for the trade. I thought my Denali was top of the line for an SUV but I didn't realize until I got in the Caddy what top of the line was for an SUV. I haven't had any issues yet with my new car. I purchased the 2019 navigation upgrade online. It was sent to me in the form of a USB stick and the instructions were very clear and easy on how to install. I also took it in to my nearest Chevy dealer and had them upgrade the radio to the latest 2019 version and warranty covered that. So I have a beautiful car with all of the upgrades I can get. Talking about the car.. the comfort of the seats are great. The seats even massage your back when you are driving! We have already gone on several road trips and the seats are absolutely amazing. There are 3 DVD players in the car. At first I was thinking that's too much technology, but now I am so happy we have them available! Each front seat headrest has a TV on the back side for the 2nd row passengers. They can watch their own movies and the sound is by headphone only and doesn't have to go thru the radio for the whole car to hear. This is a great feature!! The main DVD players in the ceiling of the 2nd and 3rd row, however, do go thru the main speakers for sound. The car has been extremely reliable this far. I have had zero issues. The new body style is sleek and everyone notices it when I drive by. I am so happy with my purchase and will probably get a new one in a couple of years!

- Faye F

I feel like I am riding on doves with my Escalade.

Very comfortable. Fit my whole family without discomfort. High performance, haven't had any problems with it, I just service and do oil changes as recommended by the manufacturer. Easy to drive and handle. I love how luxurious and the many features from the camera while packing to child safety. My family and kids are one of the reason for this buy and I am happy. If I am getting another it is to upgrade.

- Sherwin L

Perks of the 2015 escalade.

My vehicle is one that has proven to be very reliable for me in the short time I had it. But being such a young driver, I am still figuring everything out about my car. For one, my car has never broken down on me and has never been in the shop. Secondly, my car offers comfortability along with such great performance. Overall I wouldn't trade my car for the world.

- Cairo K

Luxury Cadillac Escalade 2015.

I really love my vehicle. This is the second Cadillac Escalade that I have owned. The only issue that I have had with my current one is drive ability seems a little off when taking off after sitting overnight. The dealership is working with my warranty to get it figured out. Other then that I think it is a great truck. 3rd row seats. Plenty of space.

- Samantha H

I rides like a Cadillac, and has all the luxury you can get in a Truck/SUV. It's perfect for travel very spacious.

I like having a bigger vehicle but still enjoy the luxury. It rides very smooth especially on road trips. And I also love the 5 monitor theater with surround sound. And the ability to use E85 or Premium is very cost efficient. The only real dislike would be some of the interior pieces and moldings has come off or loose quit often.

- Barbara H

Good and bad in a Cadillac car.

Its spacey but hard on maintenance it ride good but if needed to be taken care of it don't ride good at all meaning if its down you Should know when you are driving but once it's in running condition it rides smooth but parts cost money so keep that in mind hard but smooth car.

- Yvonne T

It is comfortable, luxurious, smooth and reliable.

It has always been reliable for me, as long as I take care of it, there's never a problem. Its smooth, modern and attractive so I really like it, the design and overall everything about it. I imagine I wont start having problems naturally with enough mileage either.

- Vanessa G

Safety ratings. Primary car for transportation of 6 week old son.

Like: spacious, gas mileage is ok, leather heated/air conditioned seats, entertainment system, lane change indicators, independent climate control system. Dislike: shifts hard, transmission issue. I have been to several dealerships without it being fixed.

- Lauren K

My Cadillac Escalade ESV is a blessing from God!

This vehicle provides a smooth ride, extreme comfort, and an entertainment system second. We have the extended version, so it is great for hauling and tollway. We really haven't had major issues. And with the flex fuel option gas mileage is amazing.

- Jeremy M

It's a very comfortable, luxurious ride for a truck!

It's a vehicle we waited 10 years to buy. It's a comfortable ride. My complaint would be that the top left (driver's side) windguard keeps coming off, the inside plastic dash is cracked and replacement parts are EXPENSIVE!

- Kathy E

It's a great running truck!

Runs great but have had issues with the starter from the beginning. But the dealership has always replaced it no problem. Had to replace a window unit a few months back but that was nothing. Overall it's a great truck.

- Thomas C

The beautiful color, the style, and it is easy to operate.

The ride, sound system, the cargo room is outstanding. It is a well built and heavy card. It drives extremely well. I feel very safe riding or driving this car. It is a well built car. I have no complaints.

- Diana M

That it's all about luxury and style. When its washed and waxed, it a fabulous looking and performing SUV.

It a high quality vehicle with a lot of innovation it has. Its a real head turner, and I love the style and class it represents. Overall I would say it's the best vehicle I've owned so far

- Joseph C

It feels very safe and easy to drive.

Love the visibility and height. Miss not having car play. The seats do not fold down completely flat. Need a net to stuff from falling out when opening back door. Love everything else.

- Cathy E

Warm and reliable car, has been through alot.

The car has a great heating system that allows my family to stay warm during the winter. It is reliable and can handle a lot of the wear and tear i have put it through.

- Liam D

One of the best riding suvs I have ever driven .

I have no complaints , it drives very well . Top quality , all the way . I will most likely purchase another one when it is time for a new one .

- Charles B

How quiet and smooth ride is. Love the way it handles.

I cannot say I have any dislikes. Cannot figure out phone. Very quiet and smooth ride. Very roomy. Love the media system. A lot of extras.

- Beverly U

Unique and very high quality.

My vehicle has no problems, it is unique, great and very high quality. I love it and am very comfortable, I would recommend it to anyone

- Michelle W

It has great safety features.

It is reliable, fits 7 people comfortably, and has all the extra features we look for in a vehicle. At this time I have no complaints.

- Trish S

it is comfortable and strong.

love the smooth ride, the feel of the car. love that i have enough space for my family plus a friend or two. love that i feel safe.

- Annamaria S

It's a really cute little car but its not always the most reliable.

I love my car. It gives good mileage. Great for long drives. The only dislike is my car does not have roof top and good speakers.

- Meghan B

Love the camera feature and safety.

I love my vehicle. Very spacious comfy and feel like my second home. Takes a lot of gas but I love it because I have a family.

- Sherwin C

Very luxurious. . . Great for family and trips. . .

I give it a 5 star rating. . . Love my truck. . . Runs great. . . Comfortable. . . Great in the snow. . . Very dependable. . .

- Stephanie B

The alarm actually works!

Backup camera is amazing. Ability to sync bluetooth is also very convenient. It is also equipped with remote start.

- Amy E

Works well for most of the time.

It works well. Drives smoothly. Looks good. Had some minor problems at the beginning but it is all resolved now.

- Kim C

It drives well in any condition,

There are no complaints. Its a Cadillac. It is very comfortable, smooth driving, good in snow and fully-loaded.

- Tania S

Bad on gas. And costa lotto fill up.

Like.Size..Dislike the price of gas. Cost too much for gas. Drives great though. Price cost a lot.

- Sam S

The safety features and safety ratings. How well the car handles on the road

Love the feel of the car, love the look, the luxury! Would like a little bit more cargo space

- Trish A

Fun to drive especially when the weather's bad

Love the size of my car. Love the way it handles. Love the reliability of my car.

- phillip M

It's reliable and dependable

I bought my vehicle in 2015., It was my dream car. I love it. it drives great

- steve R

its great. One of the best cars on the market. Buy one

it's a beautiful vehicle and anyone would love to have one

- steve Y