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Cadillac srx is not worth buying!

Cadillac srx runs very smooth, but has many issues within. From the motor, cat converter, and suspension. Have had the car for a while and had to put extensive work into maintaining it. Went through two catalytic converters and had to replace suspension in back tires. Have had the car over ten plus year and would recommend not buying the srx, better off getting a newer model which runs way better. Plus I have heard this from multiple Cadillac srx owners, not just an issue with my car.

- Matt L

My vehicle has proven to be everything we were looking for in a vehicle.

I really like this vehicle. It is roomy, rides comfortably, good gas mileage and looks great! It has a third row seat which is great for grandkids. My absolute favorite feature is the heated seats! Living in upstate New York it gets pretty cold in winter. Heated seats are a great feature.

- Marcia F

Great quality car, terrible gas mileage.

The car is very reliable and will easily get you from point A to point B. However, the car gets terrible gas mileage and I find myself filling up more than the average person. It is not a great car is you do lots of long road trips, but it is great for getting you around town.

- Carlie V

Cadillac srx review cons of the 2004 model.

The parts for the Cadillac are outrageously expensive. Most of the parts are only able to be bought at a Chevy dealer. The car has recalls a lot. It seems like once you get one thing fixed another thing is breaking. It is not worth the money for what you are getting.

- Chandi T

Sensors - mileage, oil, tranny fluid, window wash, back up sensors.

Any maintenance on your vehicle, you have to take the entire engine out to do, and that causes a lot of issues for me, because labor is expensive. Also, there are a lot of sensors and they all tend to go out at the same time, causing expensive costs as well.

- Jessica D

Expensive to maintain and drive.

It is extremely expensive to maintain. Simple things like oil change, transmission fluid change cost a fortune. It has lots of mechanical issues. It has an extremely low mile per gallon value. Despite the v8 engine that it has it is really slow on climbs.

- Ben Y

How comfortable it is to be in. Makes running around town easy.

Very smooth ride. Sometimes hard to feel honest how fast you are going in it. So be careful and watch the speedometer. Comfortable and great for the family. Looks nice even though its an older vehicle. Expensive to fix.

- Megan M

Smooth ride reasonably priced. Heated steering wheel and seats. Back up view. Great sound system, spacious seating.

It is a very smooth ride with a moon roof, that I love. The color is a reddish/burgundy color. bose speakers. Spacious with beige leather interior. Love my car!!

- Beverly B

Cadillac Is a great name in luxury vehicles but needs a lot of service.

I love all the comfort features that the car has. I hate that since we purchased it, we have spend as much money on we owe on the car to keep it running!.

- Rebecca F

Parts are expensive. Even getting an oil change is expensive.

Service stability system constantly comes on the screen. When it does, the car pulls to the left. Abs constantly turns on whether Its raining or dry out.

- Kelly H

A Cadillac srx is a great vehicle to own.

Comfortable, nice looking, and reliable. Expensive to fix. Cannot feel the speed that you are going so pay attention to the speedometer.

- Megan M

It is super reliable and it does not waste gas.

It is super reliable no problems and it does not waste so much gas and there is a lot of room for my kids and family members or friends.

- Cesar G

Like A Boss, Runs Like A Caddy

Beautiful used car for $3000. It runs really smooth and handles like a boss. Lots of storage spots and decent leg room.

- Erica G

Not very good on gas mileage.

I really like the sun/moonroof. Dislike the radio system because it is not always clear. Like the size of the vehicle.

- Ava B

Things break easily. Expensive parts.

Nothing but problems with this vehicle. Being that it is a cadillac, all the parts are 10 times more expensive.

- Laura A

Very comfortable ride attractive inside and nice leather seats

Like everything everything it is a great dependable vehicle with little need for greater mechanical problems.

- Marcia H

The Cadillac brand has been around a long time and is a reliable manufacturer producing quality cars.

Seats are heated adjustable and comfortable. Third row seating available. Good sound system.

- Lenore B