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Beware of the quality of a Cadillac!! Nothing but problems with the vehicle!!

The stx has had problems from the beginning, 1st after the car sat overnight the next morning the battery would be dead, Cadillac dealer would bring another battery then it would start for about 3 months then again the battery would be dead, I have had it to the dealer and they still to this day find the problem why this was happening. The next problem was the sunroof leaked which the dealer did repair, the sensor on the hatch went out as I was putting groceries into my car if I had it gotten out of the way it would have crushed me to death, the dealer replaced the sensor. It has never had a smooth ride, before buying the Cadillac I owned a GMC Envoy and it ride 10 times smoother than the caddy. The running light on passenger side went out, it is something to go with a computer chip & will cost $1, 400. 00 to repair, now the timing chains need replacing at $5000. 00. It is not worth putting that much money into, I am going to drive it until the engine dies from the timing chains. It is been a piece of junk from the start!! I would never buy another caddy, gm buys from the cheapest supplier and there quality has gone down the tubes!! They need to go back to making a good product and be loyal to their customers. They want customers to buy their products but they do not want to stand behind there products like in day gone buy!! Google the Cadillac and you will read about all the problems, I would advise not buying one unless you want problems!

- Sheila C

You will be happy with the Cadillac SRX!

I own a 2010 Cadillac SRX. I love love this car. I was lucky enough to buy it with ALL the bells and whistles!!! From seat warmer to the panoramic sunroof. It's all electric, tinted windows. Leather seats, Bose speakers (front an back) it has anything and everything you would ever need. It drives like a dream. The power is unbelievable, 0-60 in 10 secs. Or less. You don't even know the engine is on it's so quiet. The gas mileage is awesome, weather your driving city or freeway. In june, of this year (2018) myself, my husband and my 30yr old son went on vacation for 2 weeks. We started the drive in San Diego CA. And drove to Washington State. It was the best drive I have ever experienced. All 3 of us fought every time we got in the car about who was going to drive!!!! I would happily by this car all over again, and constantly sing its praises to friends, family and people who ask about my car.

- Karen M

It is expensive to repair.

I like the way the car handles and drives. There is enough room for passengers to be comfortable. The brake and accelerator pedal are adjustable. I love the heated seats. The panoramic sunroof is an awesome feature. There are huge blind spots due t the frame around the windshield. I have purchased blind spot mirrors for the side view mirrors. This has helped with the side view blind spots. The major problem that has occurred is a need to replace wheel bearings often in the last 2 years. There is a defect in the headlights that causes condensation on the inside. Repairs are expensive.

- Deb B

Modern and sitting inside feels like you are in luxury.

The cars performance is the best of any car I have ever had, it is extremely reliable which often surprises me because I am so used to cars that do not work that I am always prepared for bad situations. Bad situations do not come up with this car however. The car is insanely comfortable with a spacious trunk, however the back seating is not convenient which is disappointing. It is too crammed. It has features such as remote start, seat warmers, panoramic roof, mirrors point downwards when in reverse, mirror tints up when it is daylight. The car is amazing.

- Emma S

Nice ride for smaller SUV.

Silver striping is coming off on dash area. Paint on mirrors is not holding up. It is a comfortable ride for the size car it is, which is why we bought it. The radio is unable to pick up in some areas, which I have never had a problem with in other cars. No backup camera which we have had in older vehicles, so I was surprised with it being a luxury car. We love how it rides though so will keep it until the need for another.

- Libby G

Smooth comfortable safe ride.

Smooth ride, best car I have ever owned, it is the luxury edition so it has all that I want and more. The reverse camera has been extremely helpful, as well as the front sensor so I do not park too close to the edge of the parking garage. It has been a major upgrade from my last car, I drive a lot so it has been a smooth dependable car making my commute not feel nearly as long.

- Amy C

Cadillac offers the luxury and style of a great family vehicle!

I purchased my Cadillac as a used vehicle, and it has far exceeded what I desired in a family car. It gets great gas mileage and is the perfect size. The back end offers a large amount of cargo space. The heated seats and full size extended sun/moonroof offers an amazing ride while offering a lot of sunlight. Definitely a great purchase and i'll forever be a Cadillac owner!

- Lisa H

Cadillac does not make durable vehicles. You buy style and luxury but not durability.

I liked my car a lot when I first got it, but within a year of purchasing it, it began to be troublesome. Not only did I have to take it in for extensive repairs within the first 3 years of owning it, it has some awful blind spots, the headrests are incredibly uncomfortable to me, and it's just the worse car (and most expensive) I have ever owned.

- Rebecca P

2010 Cadillac srx - dog friendly and comfortable.

I have had the Cadillac srx for 8 years and have not had any problems. Its performance is great with heated and cooled seats, plus heated seats in the back. Being able to put the back seats down allows for more room for the dogs to be comfortable and safe. I believe in the saying if you take care of your vehicle, it will take care of you!

- Dawn G

Non-luxury Cadillac problems.

Bought the vehicle after two owners. There is lemon law on the title. It has a lot of electrical issues. Radio does not always work. Many issues with rear axle. All wheel. Drive does not work anymore and it stalls out. Not very luxurious or comfortable for being a Cadillac. Plus the heated seats do not work half the time.

- Megs L

Cadillac sax's are the best SUV around.

Cadillac products are the best. I have driven a Cadillac for a long time. This is my first six and I bought it used but I have not any problems with it at all. The dealership is very upscale and they really enjoy spoiling their clinics. My six is very comfortable and you sit higher and can see more when driving.

- Janet R

It's very important for anyone who own a Cadillac to stay on top of the maintenance. The parts can be very expensive and chain reaction problems are common but if you take care of this care it can last a lifetime.

The car is a very smooth ride always wanna go for a drive plus the mileage is pretty good for a big vehicle. The features like the nav system heated seats and back up camera makes driving a breeze and im worry free. The back seat are uncomfortable and there isn't much trunk space but other than that i'm happy

- Francisco H

Vehicle has many great quality features, a few annoyances as well.

Nice vehicle, some issues now that it is getting up there in miles. Replacement parts and maintenance can be costly. The vehicle drives nicely but I dislike the back up camera and how it is preset to angle down when in reverse. View is somewhat limited especially to the side/ blind spot.

- Nicole F

Get yourself a caddie and I am not talking about golf.

I love it, the performance is great, I loved the heated seats in the winter, had only minor repairs, it gets very good gas mileage, it rides like you are floating on a cloud, always keep a good set of tires, it let's you know when you need certain types of checks, meaning oil and other.

- Georgette R

Love the look of the Cadillac six.

When we purchased the Cadillac six it was the first year the model was available. As a result we had several issues which though a hassle were covered by the manufacturer. Since it was a first year the model was made we did have issues however it was covered.

- Pat F

The heated seats and comfort and handling for an SUV - technically it is classified as a station wagon.

I love the ride in my Cadillac SRX and I worry when it comes time to purchase a new vehicle that we can not find one with a nice smooth ride like this since the newer SRX's have a smaller wheel base which changes how the SRX rides

- bonnie H

Brakes failing on 2018 Cadillac SRX for no reason.

Brakes now and again go to the floor for no reason. This has happened at least 10 times since I acquired the vehicle in March 2018. Also the navigation unit has failed twice and the amp blew for no reason.

- Kimberly M

It's very comfy. Sits up high, air is nice and cool.

I like the visibility, the luxury, and the fact that it sits high enough to be easy to get in and out of. At times I don't care for the leather seats because sometimes I sweat because of them.

- dave W

It is very reliable BUT the car has a problem with the headlight. It is a known problem and I wish Cadillac would recall this part to fix the problem.

My car is great! It has leather seats, built in tv's, heated seats and rides smoothly. It is very reliable but does have a problem where the headlight tends to go out from time to time.

- christina l

Makes me feel safe while riding around town.

The motor and brake work wonderful. Ac, heater and the gears work perfectly. Mirrors help me be safe and protected. Child lock works great!.. But some of the buttons are unfunctional..

- Jacqui I

Car is very reliable. Driving and riding is smooth.

Tailgate sensor goes out. Headlights are expensive to change out. Not very gas savvy. Car drives very smooth. Very comfortable vehicle to ride and drive. overall a great vehicle.

- Cathy P

Reliable solid transportation.

Enjoy driving in town & on the highway. Does have a few blind spots but wound not keep me from purchasing another Cadillac someday or recommending one to family or friends.

- Patty T

It was a great investment for the price we paid 8 years ago.

I like the medium SUV size. It is easy to park and use for carrying stuff in the back hatch area. It has GREAT comfort amenities and it has been completely reliable.

- Kay P

It's AWD so it handles well in all weather situations. I feel safe when I'm driving it.

My SRX is very pretty to look at but I do not like how it rides. I know it is a crossover but expected it to be a lot smoother ride for a Cadillac.

- Teresa R

It's junk! And was very expensive

I like that it an suv. I don't like that it always has problem. And lots of blind spots when driving. The ac is not very good.

- Debbie M

Great SUV with lots of extras

Sporty and nice looking vehicle. Lacks on room once starting a family but great smaller body SUV with lots of great features.

- Kelli F

I love the light color In my car

Really love this vehicle I have had no issues with it in the years I've had it. the seats are very comfortable for long trips

- becca b

It is very fun to drive and looks good.

All wheel drive. It is very roomy. Push button to open hatch. Only thing I dislike is it doesn't have 3rd row seating.

- Patricia B

Trouble free automobile. Good looking and stylish and comfortable.

A luxury midsize suv. Runs well with good poker. Very comfortable. Good on long distance trips or short ones too

- Peter M

Very nice to drive on long road trips.

I like it is fast and I like the back hatch is messed up. No complaints it is a Cadillac and is an awesome car.

- Joe C

Cadillac SRX runs and drives great.

Headlights have bad condensation causing electrical issues. Sunroof leaks and you can hear it in the tracks.

- Mark P

It takes on average 15 gallons to fill the tank up when the gas light turns on.

I like the way it drives, I like the way it looks... I actually like everything about my car. No complaints!.

- Carol M

The six cylinder engine power shift.

I like the seats, heated seats, OnStar, climate control a/c the radio control on steering wheel Bluetooth.

- Dwight T

Love SUV. People have stopped me asking about the SUV. The SUV is very flashy.

I have never had any problems. Just keep up on the scheduled maintenance as per the dealer. Love my SUV.

- Patricia C

It drives smooth "like a Cadillac". Very pretty and spacious car.

Sunroof/moonroof, backup camera, heated seats, beeps when another vehicle is too close. Red in color.

- Krissy J

Tune up schedule us very important. Keeping up with and your car will last longer.

The issue with PO0017. This causes the check engine light to come on. There is also a.noise

- Eric B

I love the interior of my vehicle, in terms of design and comfort. My vehicle is also fuel efficient for an SUV and has a strong engine.

That this vehicle is luxurious and dependable overall, but any repairs will be expensive.

- Amanda H

It's a nice car and it drives very smooth over speed bumps.

I like that it's a Cadillac. I like the color. I like the updated technology.

- Krissy J

I love the fact that it is a little bigger than a regular car. It has a lot of extra things on it. Also, it has a built in navigation system.

It is a very comfortable riding car. It has Bluetooth capabilities, also.

- Donna M

The maintenance on the car would be a whole lot cheaper.

I do not have any complaint. My car really has been good to us.

- Sandra G

Reliable and uses regular gas and has powerful engine

No real problems in time I have owned and comfortable to drive

- Peter C