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Cadillac six stylish comfort.

Like our six. Very comfortable with a smooth ride. Handling is great. Sound system is very good. Air conditioning works great, vehicle cools very quickly. Have had no mechanical issues, just perform normally scheduled maintenance. V6 has plenty of power. Highway mileage is super. City mileage is not that good. I do average 19 to 20 mpg.

- Ron K

It's a small SUV that gets good gas mileage.

The blinkers keep shorting out and it takes about 2 hours to change the bulbs out. It's ridiculous. And because its a "luxury" vehicle I have to buy all parts at the GMC house. I will never buy a Cadillac again. I've spent approx. $300 this past year on just replacing the blinkers.

- Mary T

My car has, so far, has been a good vehicle.

I bought my car used. I have had to put brakes on it but other then that, I have had no problems. I like the roominess it offers. The only drawback, it does not have third row seating. For the year, the mileage is ok. It had a very nice ride and has a lot of life left in it.

- Carrie S

2005 Cadillac srx best American car.

There had been no problems with my vehicle I have kept my oil changed and it has been a great vehicle to me. I do not desire to have anything else. It is not to big not to small and great on gas. The maintenance had been limited along with repairs. I raster is as great.

- Donet T

It rides very well almost as good as a car.

It is a thirsty vehicle with a large tank. However, it does have powerful acceleration and speed. Also, it does have great cargo space and comfort. I really wish it did not require premium gas, filling up my car can be expensive.

- Jonathan F

Sleek, fashion, without all the luxuries of the newer makes.

I love that my car, despite being a little older, still looks sleek and nice. The problem is that because it's a luxury car, it's expensive to fix. Due to Its age, it's needing more repairs than it's worth.

- Anna N

The up keep of maintenance is more expensive than most.

It is old, and everything is falling apart on it. I like that it still runs. Cadillacs are expensive to fix and you have to buy parts through dealer.

- Mary T

Smooth ride in all weather

I like that it handles well in all weather, has a comfortable interior. I don't like that we have to go to the dealership for every minor repair.

- Nicole W

It is a very nice ride. Very powerful. Is a bit costly.

The car has a very smooth ride. However it had been a bit of an issue. The motor needed to be replaced as well as the suspension. Very costly.

- Tom M

The ride is great, and it drive good.

It is ride, good drives, good gas mileage not bad if driven right. It' looks good, nice air, nice heat long sunroof.

- Melvin D

Everything is breaking down on it now. It's sounds horrible and dies all the time.

Everything is too difficult to get to for repairs. It's also too expensive. And everything is breaking down now.

- Brian H

One thing for sure is that it's not the best on gas

Great for family or someone single. People like it with moon roof and GPS and Bose system. Has plenty of power too

- Bryan C

Others should know that the car has no aid cord, and the system is quite old.

I love the color and the moon roof. I dislike the gas it wastes.

- Yadira A

It's reliable and drives very good

It's good to drive and feels comfortable

- Grisel G