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Cadillacs are amazing family or single owner vehicle.

Cadillac SRX is an amazing vehicle, is family size large enough to seat 5 + people crate for a family or just by yourself; I have a child so it is perfect for us. It drives smooth as most Cadillacs drive; my favorite feature is the ac every person can adjust their own even in the backseat. Plenty of room even with a full load of people, easy to drive to work and come home, pick up kids and go out then come home without any problems.

- Ashley H

Wonderful stability when it is parked, hardly moves.

The acceleration is good. It always runs smoothly. Very comfortable with 8 people and four dogs plus grandma. Sits well in the garage uses very little gas when it is not being used. Happy suspension set up easy to use lights and brake with quick stopping time. Tires are very heavy to change for my ten year old. She complains about it every day on the way to jail.

- Donald L

Old car, runs pretty well.

Pretty reliable, old so it has a lot of miles and requires a lot of repair. The rear drivers door lock and unlock does not trigger sometimes. Car drives smooth mostly but sometimes can drive weird. Overall it is a good car, it has a lot of room and a ton of trunk space, the owner before me opted out of 3rd row seating in favor of extra storage space in the trunk.

- Savannah F

It is red and it is fast and beautiful.

It is a little small and after having it for 10 years it is having a little bit of problems but I love it. I would get an upgrade soon but I am not in any rush. If you have a family I would not recommend this type of vehicle but if you can afford it and love riding in style then go for it. You will not regret it.

- Savannah A

Srx quality vehicle well with the money. . Just make sure you can afford parts.

It has an awesome sunroof. It runs really well. We have had very few problems with it. The seats are heated. The only down fail of the srx is that the parts cost a great deal of money when new replacements are required. The tires run about 400 a piece. Also the engine began burning oil at 100. 000.

- Cheryl G

It is truly a luxury ride!

Great performance & reliability!! I feel confident to drive anywhere in the us in this vehicle. It rides smoothly and has adequate power to get out of the way if needed on the road. It has leather seats & front ones heat up. The sunroof is awesome to my little grandsons.

- Desire H

One most important thing about this car is comfort.

Very easy to drive. Great gas mileage! Seats are roomy and easily adjust. No blind spots. Of course, it is a Cadillac so you would expect perfection. I have owned 4 and would consider the same make and model for my next vehicle.

- Sharon V

Love the body style (2010).

Slow take off power. Also the equalizer is notorious for going out. Meaning no radio, back up sounds, blinker or seatbelt notifications. Air conditioner works great but is very loud to were it can drive you crazy.

- Karen R

A lot of luxury features not found on other makes in the same price range.

This car is super quiet. It rides nice. Very comfortable seats. Easy to get in and out. Door locks have been a problem from day one. Gas mileage is more than I expected. 124000 miles.

- Raymond K

The repairs are very expensive!

Very comfortable! Drives smoothly! Spacious interior. Expensive repairs. Just changing a headlight is very expensive. Not great on gas mileage. Overall very happy with this car.

- Jennifer B

I love the luxury of my SUV.

My vehicle is roomy and comfortable for my immediate children. I love the sleek design and color. I wish it had a third row as we are a growing family.

- Samantha B

It is a great vehicle to drive.

Looks really great. It rides very, very well. The engine has very good pickup. Goes well in winter snow and in rainy weather. No complaints.

- David V

The ever awesome caddy srx

It is big and roomy but not annoyingly huge. It is very comfortable. Everything is easy to access. It has heated seats and steering wheel.

- lisa m

The most important thing about this car is that the car parts might be a little inflated because it's a Cadillac

Yes this is a nice car that for an 08 it has great features, like backup sensors. The bad thing is the cost of some parts.

- Jesus A

Expensive to maintain & but has good space.

I do not like the shape. I like the surface window. It is unreliable so I cannot travel far. I like the tech it has.

- Emily C

It has a lot of space in the trunk area.

I love how big it is. There is a lot of space in the trunk part. Has a great moonroof. And it very smooth to drive.

- Autumn O

Overall the vehicle is ok. Great cargo space, but poor gas mileage.

I dislike the poor gas mileage and expensive oil changes. I like the open roof concept and heated seats.

- Rachel L

It has been a very reliable car.

I like the way it performs. I love that it is not low to the ground. I haven't had any problems with it.

- Mary S

Good brand under the gmc logo comparable to a mercedes

I like it seats 7, lots of space can put in lots of boxes. Don't like it as not good gas mileage

- Inge E

expensive to maintain so i keep purchasing extended warranty

Love it except it does not have a back up camera and full navigation but I do have OnStar


Makes me feel safe when I drive it and it is fun to drive love at it is all wheel drive and is great in the snow

Feel safe driving it and is great in the snow with the all wheel drive

- Vicki M

Reliable and durable. Cost to repair is high if your not a mechanic

Love the look Reliable Great in snow or rain Safe

- John W

Transmission issue with this make and model.

Runs good when it not having continuous problems.

- Shon T