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Durable and reliable despite the years and miles put into it.

The truck has 210,000+ miles on it, so naturally there are parts and components that have needed to be replaced. For example we have replaced: the brakes pads, fuel pump, water pump, power steering line, hoses, belts, and regular oil changes. Nearly all repairs have been done by my husband with the help of YouTube videos. The two truck features I like most would be the driver seat position presets, since my husband and I frequently take turns driving it is as easy as a touch of a button to adjust the seat back to mine or his setting. The seat warmer is a close second, I am in Texas so although it sounds contradicting, it is perfect to warm up before leaving in the winter since my Texan body absolutely dreads sitting on a cold seat during my daily commute. I'd say it is a very reliable truck, and I love having it.

- Kathleen K

A beater with a heater, it is got that going for it at least.

Well my truck is a beater with a heater, this is now my second Silverado 1500 I've owned and I have learned from many, they all seem to have a lot of the same problems. I am currently dealing with the frame of it is going bad, not fun. I am constantly getting something fixed on it. I myself ain't a Chevy kind of person, and my truck reminds me as to why, pretty much daily. I don't think the performance is necessarily bad. . . When its performing. Not a very reliable vehicle, would not take it to a very long distant drive. The truck is very comfortable and has a lot of space which is really nice with having 2 kids. There aren't any crazy features, it has 4 doors, automatic headlights, 4 wheel drive, and that is about it. I wouldn't recommend any Chevy Silverado 1500 from 1995-2005 to my worst enemy honestly.

- Natasha W

Chevy 1500 4.3 liter V6 amazing vehicle! Chevy is the best

I had a Chevy Silverado 1500 single cab 4.3 liter V6 2002 model bright yellow. I love my truck I love Chevy and GMC the only thing that I do not like about it is because it is a 2000 and newer model it is fiberglass it's not like the older style trucks that are really made to last the engine is so compacted and you cannot tell anything apart from what is what fuel pump all that is expensive I love Chevy I prefer older vehicles the performance is excellent at handles curves and heels and pulls really good. If you're looking for a good vehicle Chevy is the brand to go with and of course a truck thank you

- Sarah N

It is a Chevrolet with Z71 and 4x4. It has power windows and locks and is in great condition.

My truck is gold with silver trim. It has big mud tires and silver wheels. It has 4x4 and z72 stamped on the rear. It has a cowboy bumper and a cowboy hitch. The interior is brown and you can shift into four wheel drive while in the cab. It also is equipped with an expensive stereo system with large subwoofers. The windows are tinted limo black. It has two separate mufflers that are designed to make it loud when you accelerate. This truck is very appealing in that the paint job is immaculate. The truck has great acceleration and plenty of power. It has power windows and locks

- Tyler P

Old Chevy sinks like a rock.

My truck is extended cab so I have to open the front door to allow passengers into rear seat. The gas mileage is not the best especially in city. The performance is lacking also. The engine could have more power and torque to move such a heavy truck. The transmission has been constantly broken down and given me multiple problems. The security or factory alarm sucks balls and is not good at all. The ignition system sucks balls and is very easy to steal the vehicle. The overall truck needs improvement in the weight, suspension and overall performance, cooling and mileage.

- Van V

One of the most important things about this car is it is amazing on gas.

The problem with the car the most is from. Wheel bearing battery dies pretty quick. With the performance it has awesome steering braking and acceleration if you maintain the everyday upkeep as in oil changes tires tune-ups the reliability on this card is amazing comfort level on it I really do like I take my family of 5 on road trips and we fit in the car with extra leg space the trunk is big enough to load up six suitcases the secrets for the car you should really enjoy it has power steering cruise control power locks abs system.

- Kimberly R

Chevy Silverado 1500 2002.

Bought truck used, low miles, 82000, 13 yrs old when purchased, in great shape, just like new. Outside of normal maintenance, I have put on all new brakes, and new tires. The vehicle runs great and have not had any issues. Has 6 cylinder engine and I pull a heavy boat with it, no issues. Live in Wisconsin. In minus 30 temperature has started every time and is kept outside. I am very happy with my purchase, and have complete confidence will last me many years.

- Tom C

My beautiful Chevy Silverado.

The Chevy Silverado is one of the most comfortable vehicles I have owned. The seats are perfectly cushioned for long distance drives. While my vehicle is a less loaded model, I feel like I am riding in luxury. It drives great, only issues I have had to address since purchasing it is the rear differential and a wheel bearing, outside of normal wear and tear maintenance. It hauls like a charm. I couldn't ask for a better truck.

- Brie R

2002 Chevy Silverado owner's review.

I wish I would've got an extended cab or crew cab but all-in-all, I love my pickup! It is 4x4 capabilities are outstanding and it has never had any drivetrain issues. I have also used it to tow an atv out to my hunting camp and it handled it just fine. Also, my pickup only has the 5. 3l engine instead of the typical Chevy 5. 7l but I will say that the 5. 3l is just as capable as the 5. 7 and has better gas mileage.

- Jacob J

Chevrolet Silverado are great trucks!

I bought this truck new in November 2001 and it has been the best truck that I have ever owned! I drive it everyday and am so happy with it! I have 210, 000 miles on it and it still is running great! The thing that I did to this truck was at 10, 000 miles I changed the coolant from the orange junk to the Prestone green coolant and I changed the oil to Valvoline syn. power and I change that every 5, 000 miles!

- Larry H

I do not know many things about vehicles so I do not exactly know what to put here.

I am not very informative about vehicles. My truck does really well and has only had a couple small problems. I like a bigger vehicle and super reliable. Only problem I have had that bugged me was the fuel gauge. Something messed up and so even if I have a full tank of gas my truck will say it is low fuel. I never know how much gas I have, because of that I have been stranded on the side of the road before.

- Gabby C

Best truck ever! Bests Ford hands down!

I have had my Silverado since 2007. I have used it to haul hay, horse trailers, pull fords out of ditches, and now as a daily driver in town. I love this truck. It responds well, I have never had to use the 4WD, auto 4WD works perfectly under the worst conditions. Set it and forget it! It is been super dependable, I have only put a u-joint in, and oil changes and lube. I'd buy another one.

- Debbie S

Well utilized Silverado truck.

It's a great truck with the z71 package, it is perfect for winter roads by having the four wheel drive on you will never get stuck on the road, the heat is nice and warm for the cold, and the ac is nice for the summer days. The size of the bed is nice, not too long, I was able to move my stuff from one apartment to another in 3 trips -not bad. Gas mileage is decent.

- Vic R

If you are wanting a truck...

It is up in age and has some mechanical problems that need to be tended to. It is reliable and comfortable to most parts. It has a towing package that works really well and I have used several times. I purchased it used. When purchasing an used vehicle make sure you check the mileage, test drive them, and has a lot of questions like has it been in an accident.

- Sharon J

Long lasting dependable truck.

Overall this has been a very good vehicle. It is very dependable and has been a long lasting truck. All we've done is keep up with regular maintenance, and this truck has lasted a long time for us. The only problem has been the paint job. The original paint on it is starting to fade. However the most important thing is the engine. That is still running great.

- Roy M

It's a wonderful family car.

My truck fits our lifestyle very well. After previously having an SUV I find that I much prefer loading kids gear (bikes, scooters, skateboards) or our camping/ fishing gear into a truck. I very much like the option to seat 6 or have the console down. The A/C cools the cab area much more quickly that my old SUV ever could. I do wish I got better gas mileage.

- Stephanie b

The best decision I ever made.

This truck has been absolutely amazing I got it new and I still have not had any problems. I just do regular maintenance. It drives smoothly. Does not smoke or make any noises. I have taken it on long road trips with no problem. Even the interior is still good. I am absolutely satisfied with this truck. And would most definitely suggest everyone get one.

- Christina W

It is a very reliable and well-built vehicle. Love the body style.

I have had very few problems. The only problems were a fuel pump and brake line replacement due to age of vehicle. Great performance as far as fuel mileage and power. Very reliable and I take very long trips in it. Seats are cloth and very comfortable. All controls and switches are in the right positions. It has anti-lock brakes and has a tow package.

- Joe S

Low maintenance repair what is 2002 Chevy Silverado.

Original catalytic converter went out after 16 years, right hub have to be replaced for worm bushing, replace the fuel pump. Overall ability of the vehicle is outstanding comfort ride good gas mileage, how to replace the radio cuz the lights the radio went out order fill radio through ebay with a lot cheaper and going through the dealer.

- Harold O

The one most important thing others should know about my truck is that it may be old in years, but is in PERFECT condition.

I love that I have a longer bed on my truck. It is very practical to move things around town, even things that are unplanned. I also like sitting higher off the ground when I drive. It's older now, so my truck is starting to have some problems with the wiring harness in the steering column. Other than that, I love my truck!

- Joshua B

It is such a dependable vehicle.

I can't complain about that truck. My husband has owned it for 13 years. It has over 230,000 miles on it and we still trust it to take us on long haul trips. The air runs great. Rides really smooth. The paint is a little worse for wear but that's to be expected. We'll do everything we can to keep that truck up and running.

- Kari C

It's a really great truck to own. It handles extremely well on and off the beaten path!

I love my truck. It drives very smooth. I can tow just anything. The interior is exceptional. I don't even have 90,000 miles on it yet, and I still have not had to do a tune up. It is, by far, the very best vehicle that I have ever owned! I would by another and do plan to buy another Chevy Truck in the near future.

- Penni L

Dream southern comfort stepside pickup.

Lt is a classic southern comfort. It drives and runs like a brand new truck. Could not be more pleased with it as it is very reliable and beautiful. It gets fantastic gas mile to be a v8. It is painted canary yellow with black leather seats that are adjustable by the touch of button. Also it has the tilt steering wheel.

- Mary A

The best detail about it is the way it runs.

It needs some work but I can get it fixed at my own pace. The body work does not affect my ability to drive. It is the most reliable source of transportation I have owned and it runs like a champ. I keep up with the oil changed and tires. Its gas mileage is excellent. It does not matter the distance I get every penny.

- Melissa M

Roomy truck with back seats.

The size is comfortable with backseat and suicide back doors. It is got plenary of room to fit 5 people with even 3 car seats in back if needed. There’s a large cab for hauling stuff. Automatic heated seats as well as rear defrost. The front seats are fluffy and oversized with automatic pillow control on the back.

- Amber M

Roomy cab bag gas mileage.

I do not like the gas mileage it gets. It only gets 19 miles to the gallon. Other than the mileage the truck is easy to take care of as far as maintaining the upkeep. It drives well, it is quiet and is roomy inside. Good for moving stuff with the long bed of the truck. Has back seats with back seat suicide doors.

- Amber L

The gas mileage on the vehicle is very important.

I save gas. I can work on it if needed. The engine is now over 200,000 miles. I rather have an American truck or car over any of the foreign vehicles they build today. I can change most of the parts on my truck myself if anything breaks on it. I get a fair length of gas mileage too on the engine of the truck.

- Darryl O

Honest opinion on Silverado.

The 4l60e transmission is not a very reliable transmission. It is very weak point in the truck. It has plenty of power and does good in 4 wheel drive. I could use a little more room on the interior but is plenty for being extended cab! The body style I have is also really bad about rust on the rocker panels.

- Brandon M

Problems with the Chevy Silverado.

I love the comfort of a truck, but our truck is costing us a lot of money due to the brake system that these trucks are known to have problems with, abs, brake lines, and then the normal wear and tear on a vehicle that people do maintenance for. I would recommend a GMC sierra over a Chevy Silverado.

- Patricia K

Great truck to buy and own.

Bought it with 25k miles on it, has been a great truck. No major issues, very dependable, I would buy another one in a heartbeat. Have over 200k on it now and everything still works on it like a brand new truck. I have bragged to all of my fam about this truck and how good of a truck it has been.

- Brandon K

My truck never let me down.

I have only one issue with my Chevrolet Silverado 1500 and that's the front passenger side tire brake locks down. Other than that, she get me to all my doctor's appointments. She get me to work on time. The best thing I love about my truck, I can drag things or haul, whichever I choose to do.

- Thomas R

It has served my purpose for work and personal use in helping people move.

I like the comfort, look and capabilities I have with this vehicle. I have had this truck for a long time and have had very few problems. I have used it for work for hauling and it has served me well. I did have to repaint the whole truck for my pride of ownership to continue two years ago.

- Mark S

It is very fast, very spacious for our little family perfect for family of four.

It has no problems I love it! Very reliable. My main source of transportation. I haven't had any problems out of it. Literally since we have owned it but we take great care of it. We bought it from my boyfriends dad. And his dad had it before him so it is a very well taken care of vehicle.

- Mckenzie P

Reliable truck, some aesthetic issues.

I love the bed of the truck. Front has seats of room but the back seats are a little cramped. The truck is 16 years old and is doing well mechanically. Weather stripping is falling off along with plastic piece of running board. This truck has had regular oil changes. Shocks need replaced.

- Carli P

It has 146, 00 miles and still drives like a new truck.

I am very happy with my truck. It has been very dependable and has not let me down. I is still a very clean and good running truck. My truck has 146, 000 miles and still drives like a brand new one. I would not hesitate to drive it anywhere. Overall it has been proven to be a great truck.

- Carson F

Roomy & comfortable truck.

My Chevy pick up truck is nice for my line of work which requires a longer pickup bed. However we have had different code issues and sometimes hard to find parts. But it is a very room vehicle and relatively durable. Gas mileage is not the best so it does not do well on out of town trips.

- Sarah R

Very universal vehicle for the price.

It is very reliable. It is very easy to work on. It gets decent gas mileage for being a pickup. It can haul a lot with the extended cab and bed. Insurance is cheap being it is an older vehicle. It looks nice and clean and holds up to rust very well. It is perfect for all weather driving.

- Tom S

2002 Chevy Silverado 1500 ls.

My 2002 Silverado 1500 ls has 186,000 miles and still really reliable. It still runs and drives strong. Transmission was replaced at 165,000 miles. New starter and fuel pump at 184,000 miles. There is typical rust on the rocker panels and cab corners. Which is typical for the trucks age.

- Amber B

Silverado - still runs like new 16 years later.

Very comfortable, especially for an older truck. Engine is still running strong, no problems there. Normal wear and tear for something that is 16 years old, had to replace the fuel filler hose, things like that but nothing major! I love my truck, best purchase I have made in a while.

- Suzanne P

Old faithful. I call it this because of its dependability.

Even though it is old, it is still dependable. The motor and transmission is in very good shape. The interior needs updating. It is fabric and it is severely worn. I get timely oil changes and I always check the fluid levels. I also rotate the tires and check the brakes often.

- Spencer B

For a 2002 with almost 200k miles on my truck is still holding up.

The one thing I hate is that there is always one running light out. It seems to be a common thing with Chevy trucks. Driving it in the snow for me is why I have my truck. It handles pretty good for MN weather. The 4 wheel drive seems to maneuver well in thick snow and ice.

- Amy J

2002 Silverado mechanical issues.

Older truck, 250k miles, white paint chipping off, terrible gas mileage, cat converter has failed, most mechanical components need to be replaced; front end suspension such as ball joints, control arms, idler & pitman arms, tie rods. Vent blower in cabin makes noise.

- Todd S

My Chevy Silverado 1500 pick up truck.

It is a 2002 Chevy 1500 Silverado metallic blue with a custom shell on a 8 foot bed. It is a 2wd with a towing package. Automatic 4 wheel disc brakes. It is great on gas getting between 17 to 23 miles per gallon on the highway and 13 to 16 miles per gallon in the city.

- Steven L

My 2002 Chevy Silverado z71.

My truck is a very reliable vehicle. I have had no serious problems with it in the 3 years I have owned it. Just regular maintenance and all has been good. Performance has been everything I expected. Comfort is pretty average it is no luxury truck but gets the job done.

- Chris M

Hard working partner - not a truck at all.

Perfect size for all my chores, great running truck, great fuel economy, quite reliable. Great ride. When it wears out, I will buy another Silverado based on my experience with this one. This is the first Chevy truck I have ever bought as I have always been a Ford fan.

- Mary Jo T

Best truck ever, very dependable!

Very dependable! This truck has really been put to the test and never failed. The preferred choice for durability. Not only has this truck lasted for the past 17 years, it still lives up to the daily task. This makes a great work truck for daily use. Best buy ever!

- Etta W

Almost 20 years old and still performs better than the majority of new vehicles.

The truck is almost 20 years old and still going strong. Needs minor repairs. Tail light keeps going out and the window motor is out. Have a leak in the gas line. But nothing that can't be fixed on the weekend. Has over 200, 000 miles on her and she's still going.

- Jean C

It needs a new paint job the paint is really faded out.

Really great truck handles great 250k miles and still runs amazing. Only complaint is the typical Chevy drive shaft problem I had to fix. Other than that it is a really reliable truck the 5. 3l vortec engine has never failed despite the abuse it is had to endure.

- Daniel T

Love my Chevy truck. Very reliable vehicle.

Comfortable, reliable, reasonably priced, easily repaired(parts) if needed, good on gas for a truck, easy to drive. I enjoy driving s truck in tough winter weather. View from all sides very clear. Four wheel drive a nice bonus. Highly recommend Chevrolet product.

- Cindy B

The paint job is beautiful, deep green, and sometimes looks black, real shiny.

Been lucky haven't had really any problems, new tires, battery,water pump, always starts, it has over 234000. Miles on the motor,doesn't burn oil or leak. A little ruff riding, starting to rust a little, as always sit outside. I think that's about it. Thank you.

- Lorraine J

Offroad race ready and ready to go the distance.

My 2002 Chevrolet Silverado 1500 pickup is a good reliable vehicle with a 170,000 miles it has comfortable cloth seats with room for six options of all wheel drive, racing engine and 6 foot bed no major problems other than routine maintenance runs like a champ.

- James J

Very safe and dependable vehicle.

Only problem we've ever had was a computer sensor went bad. And we had to replace back passenger side vent window. Kids throwing rocks broke it. It drives very well and has plenty of room for 4 adults. The next pick up we buy will be another Chevy Silverado.

- Brenda T

The reliability of Chevy. Chevy has proven track record.

Have problems with age related things. Rust is a big problem. Also have problems with suspension. Ride is a little rough. Mostly because of the struts and shocks starting to show age. Has a outdated stereo systems. That is about all of it is problems.

- Wally S

Chevrolet Silverado 1500 is a solid reliable vehicle.

It is a chevrolet silverado 1500. Gas mileage is not great, but everyone needs a truck. I've had no major maintenance issues at all and the truck is 16 years old. Paint still looks good. It's a very reliable vehicle. It is hard to park though.

- Jeff P

It's a basic work truck and works well for that task.

My silverado is pretty great. It has 4 wheel drive and it is completely paid off so I have no car payment! It is also a very practical vehicle for home improvement project hauling tasks. The only downside is it doesn't get great gas mileage.

- Nick l

It doesn't for the most part break down.

It is a very reliable truck. It has Its own share of problems but what vehicle don't? It has over 200, 000 miles on it and the odometer is broken. But I solved that problem by getting a GPS to account for what speed I am going. And it works.

- Charlotte D

Do not beat on it and you will get great gas mileage.

Basic pickup truck great for hauling towing extremely comfortable very reliable handles great in the snow fits 4 to 5 adults comfortably never had any major mechanical issues keep up with general maintenance and truck is a dream vehicle.

- Lynn P

Vibrant red sporty single cab stepside z71.

I love these trucks! This is my second one of this year model. The 5.3 motor has always giving me the power to haul what I've needed and speed. Not the most fuel efficient but I've always been more of a smiles per gallon kind of man.

- Cody C

Chevy is a very well made vehicle and when maintained will last a very long time.

It is very well made. I have had very few repairs that have had to be done to it and it has very high miles on it. I like have the extended cab so I have room for the grandkids. And I like being able hail things when I need to.

- Robin W

Great on fuel big enough to move things and hitch a trailer.

It is good on gas. It does not have a step side. We've only had to replace fuel pump and breaks. We change the oil every 5000 miles because we use systematic oil. Only half doors in the back which I would prefer full doors.

- Vanessa E

Horsepower,4x4 system, comfort,and style.

I love the power it has amd torque it puts down to the wheels. As of comfort it is a z71 and rides close to a Cadillac. Now looks i love it and going to be adding aftermarket parts to help look and perform much much better.

- Phillip G

Very safe, reliable dependable and good for hauling.

A great truck to have engine is reliable excellent work truck dependable tough and has a lot of space can drive the whole family around all around good truck has a little rust but that does not bother me It's a workhorse.

- Corey W

Love the truck but...its like a boat

I really like this truck. It's very versatile. Parking is horrible though. Feels like i am trying to park a boat. It is starting to nickel and dime us though so might be time to start looking for a new vehicle...

- Kristen B

Chevy: comfort and reliable.

I have had no problems with my vehicles they both perform great and are very reliable vehicles. They are both very comfortable vehicles and are vehicles that I would take on long trips without a second thought.

- David P

Need to haul something? A truck is the way to go!

No problems for a vehicle that is 16 years old. I'm pleased. I sometimes have problems with the tires and have to replace each of them a few times a year. But that is a tire problem, not a truck problem.

- DeAna B

I love the room with having a big family it comes in handy

white chevy suburban with a cracked windshield, just had the whole brake system redone and new axle but it. I just spent over 2000 in repair on the truck, but i got it for free so the work is all worth it.

- heidi g

Lift Kit for 2002 1500 Chevy Silverado

Regular maintenance required. I have had this truck for 2 years. I change the oil every 5,000 miles. I have a 6 inch lift kit on it with 35" Grabber tires. I take my truck offroading and love it!

- Emma G

2002 Chevy Silverado 1500

I really like my truck. I like how I am able to sit up high in it and always feel safe while driving. However, it is starting to rust, the engine light comes on a lot, and the gas mileage isn't good.

- Sam W

It is very reliable and long lasting.

I dislike the power and smooth ride that the truck has to offer. It is very reliable and has never had any mechanical issues, despite the age and mileage. The only downside is the poor fuel economy.

- James w

My American made Chevrolet

I am very pleased with my Chevrolet. The price was fair, the quality is good, American made, haven't had any problems other then general maintenance and I have 175,000, miles so I am pleased.

- Kasey R

One important thing to know about the car would probably be that the bed of the pickup is not as durable as it may look.

It has been a very reliable vehicle. It has lasted me the last few years and has gotten me from point A to point B with little to know problems at all. It is also very comfortable to ride in.

- Xavier L

2002 chevrolet Silverado 1500 v8 5.3 vortec.

Great truck, has ran for almost 17 years. Has 200000+ miles and is still running strong. Very little mechanical issues, the body has held up well, comfortable ride, it's a nice looking truck.

- Jacob F

Meet my Best Friend: A Chevy Pickup

Tough, reliable and a best friend. I have driven that truck from Nebraska to California so many times it could drive itself. The few mechanical problems were easily fixed. I love that truck.

- Jack G

It's been totally Dependable, rides smooth down the road.

I love my truck but I wish I would have bought one with automatic windows. It hauls many of my projects and holds to the road true to its name. This truck is comfortable and a smooth rider.

- Marie R

Reliable Silverado with minimal repairs in the past 13 years.

This vehicle has been very reliable, I have owned this vehicle since 2005. Runs as good as always, has over 2, 000 miles on it. Have had to make a couple repairs but all in al very reliable.

- Sherry F

That it is reliable and does what i needed it to do.

My vehicle is very reliable it has never left me stranded..however because it is 16 years old it needs a lot of body work and just normal maintenance for a truck with almost 300k miles.

- Mike B

It is new and has good qualities.

I love my truck. She is not perfect but neither am I so we are perfect for each other. No major complaints. Has a few things that need fixed cosmetically but runs like a brand new one.

- Allie A

My truck made it 200,000 miles and still runs strong

Good reliable vehicle. Runs good. Is easy to work on and maintain when something does go wrong. Biggest defects are: the AC blower motor wires often burn out and the paint job flakes.

- Justin C

It has a rebuilt title on it and it gets the worse gas mileage ever.

I really like that it is 4 wheel drive. I like the color of it. I do not like that it gets terrible gas mileage. I also do not like that it has problems almost on a regular basis.


The mileage is the most impressive in my opinion. I would definitely get another when this motor gives out....

I got 279,000 miles and it's still running great!! I got reupholstered and repainted recently it's been faithful it was my fathers and he gave it to me we've had it since 2005.

- Clarissa S

It is a pretty reliable truck and you'll probably enjoy it.

My truck has been really reliable during the time I have had it, I have had very few issues with it. People compliment my truck all the time, they say it looks really nice.

- Lauren F

I can tow almost anything I want.

It is a powerful truck with a 5. 3 liter v8. It is comfortable for a family of four. I can drive it on the road smoothly or on the farm, in the woods, just fine as well.

- Darrell R

It's loud, worn, and has been used as a mail carrier previously.

It's easy to drive, but it was bought used and has many problems. It gets me where I need to go, but I don't really trust it. I've already broken down once this year.

- Wesley S

There are no rear a/c vents so you might get really hot back there during the summer.

I love how the dash and the body of the truck look. I absolutely dislike how there are no rear seat ac fans for rear passengers. I also dislike how much gas it eats.

- Erick M

Love This Truck - Silverado

I love my truck! It handles really well and the motor runs great - especially considering I am approaching 200k miles. Regular maintenance is the key to longevity!

- Samantha S

My truck is always reliable. Hasn't let me down yet.

I've owned several trucks before this one. This is by far my favorite. I know it will get me where I need to go. Has 250,000 miles and still runs like a beast.

- Bryan E

I love my old faithful Chevy truck.

I have owned my truck for 14 years and absolutely love it. I have performed regular maintenance and have never had any major problems. It is been so reliable.

- Sabino S

The most important thing about my truck is that it has a long bed.

I like that I have a truck. It sits high off the ground and I'm able to haul a lot of things in my bed. The bed is big and I can fit 6 people inside my cab.

- Josh B

It was well made and, even though 16 years old, It has had only minimal work done to it as I have kept up regular maintenance.

I love it because it is a pickup. I sit up high and feel safe in it. I can haul things in the back or easily pull a trailer. It is comfortable to ride in.

- Mark e

Do not have to worry about major problems, like engine, trouble in the long run.

It is a very reliable vehicle. I wish it got better gas mileage, but it is not terrible. When something goes wrong, for the most part, I can fix it myself.

- Cortney B

Problems solved and purrs like a kitten

After 50k miles I'm having issues with acceleration, fuel injection issues, rough idle problems. Nothing that can't be fixed. Otherwise it's a great truck

- Wes W

It's big but gets good gas mileage.

I like the ride.It's really comfortable for a 4WD truck. Reasonably well placed heater/a/c,radio controls. Dislike the fact the clear coat is coming off.

- Jeff H

It needs some work and does not have the best gas mileage

I dislike that not long after I bought it the gas pump went out, the paint peeled completely to the point it looks tacky and the gas mileage really sucks

- Jim A

Different and have different things you can do to it.

No complaints. I like almost everything about it except gas mileage. I like that I can tow things. I do not like how difficult it is to get in and out.

- Mary Anne M

That it is great on gas mileage due to fuel injection alteration.

I like the look of my truck.. I genuinely enjoy driving it.. The mileage to gas ratio is great.... I do not like the dents I accidentally put on it..

- Tom G

I love it because it's a single cab Chevy that is white with black accent. It's has tinted windows so people can't see in and it's small enough for me. It hasn't given me problems within the years I've had it and it's paid off.

It's is extremely durable with minimum upkeep. Of course it takes general maintenance here and there but it keeps me moving from a to b with no issue

- Danielle C

How to judge the correct fuel in your truck when a fuel sensor that is bad.

The only problem I seem to have is the gas sensor does not work correctly. It'll come on correctly and then shut off which makes it read low on fuel.

- Steven L

It is very reliable and I wouldn't be afraid to go anywhere in it.

This truck has performed well with very little maintenance required. It averages about 16.5 miles per gallon regardless of what it is being used for.

- Joey H

It is a very safe and reliable vehicle to own.

My truck is very reliable and very comfortable. It drives smooth and safe. I always buy Chevy trucks. That is the only truck I trust with my family.

- Stuart B

Still going strong at almost a quarter million miles.

Had the truck since 2003 had 1300 miles on it when I got it now has almost 250,000 other than Normal up keep it hasn't really needed anything else

- Jack B

2002 chevy silverado 1500 love it great mileage

Great milage great for hauling And very comfortable rode Love it would buy again very roomy plenty of legroom for construction workers and tools

- Ronald S

Poor gas mileage only gets 19 miles per gallon.

No problems it is just to big for me and uses to much gas. I need something smaller with better gas mileage. The Chevy gets 19 miles per gallon.

- Amber L

It's not good for storing groceries since there isn't a trunk. Groceries are placed in seats or the truck bed.

It can fit my whole family. I can tow large items when I need to. But shopping is a nightmare since there's no storage space for groceries.

- Deana M

Very rusty. These trucks get rusted very bad in Minnesota or other states where it snows.

I like having lots of room and doors. I like having the backseat unlike my last truck. I love how it drives. I dislike how much gas it uses.

- Mallory R

It's powerful, reliable, comfortable, and gets decent gas mileage.

It has the 5.3 liter v8 motor, which is very powerful. I haven't had any mechanical issues with it and it comfortably fits our family of 4.

- Darrell R

Lot of room it can sit people easy.

No complaints I love my truck. I am a Chevy/gmc die hard fan and would not trade it for the world. My next vehicle will be a little newer.

- Julia D

Always trust a Chevy truck!!

Like - reliable, easy to drive, rugged, durable.. Dislike - nothing. Bought used in 2015, incredibly good purchase from a reliable dealer.

- Jodi T

I love it good work horse

I like it is heavy duty.Working as a general contractor i can haul and pick up all sort of supplies.it has seating for plenty of people

- Ronald R

To small for three kids and two dogs.

Has a small knock still drives great not big enough for three car seats have had starter problems and small leak in a wife is attached.

- Skyler B

It is very universal and easy to drive.

I can carry a lot of things in the bed. Still can carry a few people in cab comfortable. I don't like parking it in most parking lots.

- Sam S

The truck looks like it only has two doors but it has 4 which its a weird way to open

The only problem is the rust under the truck everything is perfect with the truck it drives smooth. And it has 4 doors which is great

- Irene R

That it is built well and if you take care of it will be a dependable vehicle.

I love that it is still going strong with over 250,000 miles on it, handles all sorts of roads and conditions. Great vehicle overall.

- Cris B

Very sound and reliable vehicle. Will purchase again.

They have one of the best vehicles we have owned. Very dependable. Haven't had any mechanical issues since we purchased the vehicle.

- Jennifer G

The only problem with my Chevrolet Silverado

I love my Chevy it's great and reliable only problem I have had is with the serpentine belt blowing up twice but always runs nice.

- Dalton P

Car Seat safety! It is safe for my 3 year old and has plenty of room for his legs not to be cramped up

It runs well, but uses a lot of gas. It has a good AC and awesome stereo. Also safe for my 3 year old to ride in which i love.

- Stephanie S

That that truck is built to run and will maintain even with age.

I like the size of the interior quad cab.I dislike the gas mileage.I like the way it handles. I dislike the age of my vehicle.

- Rachelle T

Love the color and lots of years with the car.

Tires are old it needs new tires and it needs an oil change the radio does not work the marker of the gasoline does not work.

- Sandra P

The car has aged, but that is to be expected because nothing is built to last.

It gets me were I need to be and to keep it up, it is very low maintenance. It is dependable and I have had no major issues.

- Kelvin B

That it has 4 seats in it.and I love to take it fishing and it has 4 wheel drive so if I get stuck it is easier to get out.

I love that it has all the room I need and it is very reliable.what I dislike is that it takes a lot of gas to go anywhere.

- Tonia S

it is a really great farm truck and a work horse and can pull more than it looks like it can

easy to drive, does have some bad blind spots, hauls a lot in the bed and love the backseat, does great on our gravel roads

- Mike R

Good gas mileage and handles well.

Reliability, driving ease, and load capacity.. Ease of repair, maintenance, ease of use, and economical replacement parts..

- Brad T

That it shouldn't travel far distances

I dislike how it can sometimes be untrustworthy in the winter time, but it's lasted for years running on its last legs

- Konrad J

It has a third row seat that easily accessible.

I love my truck I likes to ride in truck on the weekends instead of my Lexus. Love my truck this truck is a gas saver.

- Debra T

That it waste a lot of gas.

I like that my vehicle is spacious. I like that it is been a responsible truck. I dislike that it uses a lot of gas.

- Leticia L

It's a work truck not to much to say about it

It's just a gas drinker. If gas was just 97 cents a gallon again it wouldn't be so bad. But it is very dependable.

- Leo G

Durable hard working dependable.

Blown transfer case, excellent performance, reliable, really comfortable. Great for long rides, great for hauling.

- Mike C

Longevity is a part of Chevrolet.

Bought new, never had problems that were unexpected, expect you get 500, 000 miles on this truck. Runs great now.

- Mark M

It run great and I have never had a problems and I am happy with the price off the car

I like that has four wheel drive. Also I never had a problem with the truck. But it doesn't have power windows.

- Derek S

I like it. It works very well for me and the first truck I've ever owned..

It is a very dependable vehicle. It may not look like much on the outside but the motor is just about perfect .

- Sylvia B

It gets the job done. Everyone wants us to help them move

The a.c. has no pressure the doors open backwards and someone has to be in the passenger seat to close the door

- Michele S

Basic transportation to work

My truck is the basic package. Nothing extra. Manual windows. It gets me to work and back but that's about it.

- Brock C

02 Silverado with 5.3L. Fun to drive but poor MPG.

Fun to drive. Plenty of horsepower with 5.3L Vortec. Gas mileage isn't good. Body rust developing under doors.

- Chris B

2002 chevrolet silverado 1500

Amazing vehicle to own. Good gas mileage. Haven't had too many problems. Great acceleration and good ride.

- Joseph M

The front end is tight engine is leak free.

Basic work truck white runs good, maintenance is kept up to date mechanically sound does not leak fluids.

- Gordon P

My Car is old and tough and was built to last. I have been all over with my Chevy and I love the dang thing

Chevrolets are built to last. I have 320,000 miles on my truck. It is the most comfortable vehicle ever

- Katie P

That Chevy Trucks Rock, and I'd recommend to anyone with confidence.

bought vehicle used from lot with 59000 miles on it. got it heck of a deal no problems with her since.

- john n

It is made well with good materials.

It drives amazing, and I never have issues with the engine. It is good on gas. Very comfortable truck.

- James K

it only had one owner prior to me and it only had 120,000 miles on it when I bought it

I like that it's somewhat an older truck, its a chevy, and there's nothing I dislike about it

- mike j

Dependable. and reliable. I do not know what else to say.

Good and dependable. Could be better on gas, but all in all it is reliable and comfortable.

- owen M

Comfortable riding and plenty of power. CD player included

Love the power of the engine. The interior is comfortable. The sound system is very good

- Kelley A

It is reliable and works very well in the snow and rain.

It's a very smooth ride. The steering isn't great. The turning radius is pretty bad.

- Jared F

It's a 4x4, It's fast. it goes great in the snow. It's fun to drive

I like the 4x4, seating is good. the extra cargo is great. The engine is powerful.

- Mike S

It will get you where you need to go but maybe not as fast as you would like

I like the reliability but hate the rust. Chevrolet has an issue with cheap steel

- Richie P

it's got a 5.3 in it wish it was a dually dramas. but it's a nice truck lil rusty but runs good

I only got 3 brakes on it the rear passenger caliper is zipp tied to the frame

- seth c

It's a chevy and that's all that matters

i love it, simple and functional. runs like a champ and have no complaints

- mike Q

It is there when I need to go somewhere.

Gets me for point a to point be, it is reliable and carries lots of stuff.

- Binmattie G

That it is the type of car that I have been looking for

I love that it has 4x4 And it has a back seat As well as a tool box

- Jeremy K

it is a big truck sits up high

the bed's too short and it needs running boards. That's about it.

- tims H

2002 with 275000 miles, runs great. Power windows work great. Runs great

Has a lot of miles. Runs great, 275k mi. on it. Everything works

- Judson H

It has high mileage but few repairs it's very dependable all of the time

I is very dependable and low maintenance and very nice inside

- Tim D

Since having my truck I had only take it to the shop 4 and the other 3 times was because of me. The fuel pump needed to be replaced and that was it.

It's a Chevy. Dependable. Though. And durable. Made for a man

- Victor P

nothing it's not any of their business to know about my stuff

it is old and way to big its old and to big the size is big

- nunya b

The most important thing about my vehicle is that it is dependable.

I like my vehicle because it has been a dependable ride.

- Corey S

Dependable and reliable and it is by chevy

It is reliable. It is easy to clean. It lasts long time

- Joe T

It has 4*4. Very good on highway and off road trips also.

Has good fuel mileage. Poor CV joints. Stylish design.

- Larry G

great fuel mileage. has power to tow whatever you will need to tow

it's been a great dependable truck. it's a workhorse

- rick c