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The 6 way lumbar heated seats are great for people that have back problems!

It is an extended cab is that it has plenty of cargo room, enough room to comfortably fit 3 car seats for the grandkids. It has all electric, heated front seats with all leather interior. We have never had any mechanical problems since owning the vehicle. It is extremely comfortable that has fold down armrests and with the heated seats makes getting in it in the wintertime a n added bonus. It also helps having the lumbar support, mix that with the heated seats and it helps my back problems. It is 4-wheel drive which is easily accomplished with a press of a button. You can also press a button to adjust the torque if you are pulling a trailer. You can press the button where you adjust mirrors & it will fold in the mirrors for safety at the car wash or when you want to pull up close to the ATM machine. It has factory tinted windows which helps keeping the sun from blinding you. It had several options that could be ordered when initially buying the vehicle and we purchased second hand but everything works incredibly well. The bed liner has protected the bed of the truck wonderfully and the 4-wheel drive has come in incredibly handy, quickly, without having to get out of the vehicle. We love everything about our truck and hope that this helps future buyers of vehicles similar to it!

- Lisa H

My grey truck is beautiful and I love her.

For being 12 years old with over 200, 000 miles on it, my vehicle runs so smooth. It is 100% reliable and still runs beautifully, and is a tank during an accident. I've been hit twice (not my fault) and in both scenarios I walked away with no injuries (aside just being a little sore of course) and minimal to some damage to my vehicle while both vehicles that hit me were totalled. With regular maintenance, she never quits.

- Anastasia J

My special car that never lets me down and still ride really good.

It was the last car my husband got for me. So I try to take care of it I keep it up. I like the way it is ride I also like that is I knows it is taken me were I need to go. It been a good run car I would probably but another one. Everything stills work in the car it still all work good it is all just like we bought it I think it needs a new radio in it because you can't turn it up and down.

- Cindy T

My Chevy Silverado is reliable and tough.

Awesome truck. I purchased the truck used. I use it for work. It looks professional and can handle the heavy loads I haul. I have never had mechanical issues. The body is virtually rust free. The extended bed has been a life saver. The rear seats are handy for storing tools or passengers. Very comfortable and reliable.

- Scott M

Very cost efficient and family friendly. Easy riding on long trips.

Nothing wrong with it I love it drives great needs more space for kids. More doors and it would be great to have 4 wheel drive over all though it is a good pick up. It gets really good gas mileage my husband loves it. He uses it for work. And it great for pulling or hauling, just about anything.

- June L

My 2006 Chevy Silverado 1500 hd.

My truck is 12 years old & I keep it in top shape. It rewards me with reliable service. It is a crew cab & comfortably holds five or even six people. The only breakdown I have ever had is when the fuel pump gave out. It is got 145, 000 miles on it which is not a lot for a truck that old.

- Lucky L

The Silverado truth of the matter.

It holds together well enough, but the size of the vehicle makes for difficult driving in tighter spaces within the city. Parking parallel can be a nightmare. That said, it is never broken down and has held up for years, still a comfy ride overall. Gas mileage can be tough too.

- Mason H

Reliable truck, rust issues though.

Started making strange sounds, rusts easily when exposed to elements. Reliable for normal and casual use. Not recommended for hauling huge things, if so shock absorbers might need to be replaced after a short while. Emergency tire is hard to remove from below the truck.

- Tim J

That it is a 1500 but it has a towing capacity of a 2500

I like that it's a 1500 and it can still tow a lot and that it's in good condition. I don't like that it eats a lot of gas I'm filling up a few times a week and also that the paint is chipping away. It is in runs good for the year that it is

- Teress C

Peace of mind and a smooth ride.

It is very durable and it is my first vehicle that I have peace of mind that it is not going to have something break every week. It rides extremely smooth, has good power, and fairly decent gas mileage.

- David S

Its very sturdy reliable Its a long lasting vehicle it will take u anywhere.

It's a great truck but Its too big for me and It's a gas hog it does great on freeways gas wise but driving in town is a killer on your wallet.

- Gayle W

It is state of the art. Like the handling. Like the tires. Enjoy the handling.

I love my truck I use it for work and for casual use and it never fails me there are time I even use it to tow cars I love my Chevy trucks.

- Crystal H

Easy to maneuver around and easy to park. Very dependable vehicle.

Love it. it is a very dependable vehicle. It also get good gas mileage and performs well on the road. It is also a very comfortable ride.

- Donna K

It is in very good condition, nothing wrong with it, it has been very reliable for me for 6 years.

My truck is a dark blue color. I love it like it's my baby! No complaints at all besides the fact they stopped making them.

- Tyler C

The rear brakes, and drum, are brand new. It has brand new Michelin tires.

My truck is in great shape, 4 wheel drive, and has 89,000 low miles. I wish it was a 3/4 ton, for pulling trailers.

- Cathy B

It's the first vehicle I purchased on my own. It runs really well.

It runs really well. I have had to do little work to it. The one downside is It's got a lot of miles on it.

- Dusty B

It is a solid, all around vehicle. It's good for every season.

I love the four wheel drive. It has plenty of power. I dislike the electrical system.

- Russell M