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My vehicle rocks! My vehicle has cooled front seats.

The features in this vehicle are amazing. I enjoy the leather, electronic features and heated seats that come with this vehicle. I believe this car is one of the most reliable that I have ever owned. I plan to continue buying this car due to its safety features. It comes equipped with a maxed out air bag system that greatly reduces vehicle injury especially due to the mass that this vehicle requires. I would recommend this to anyone that has a construction company or even a family as it has great safety ratings. This truck is durable, fast and good looking. I believe Chevrolet has really stepped up their truck making game as cars are required to meet a certain standard nowadays.

- Alec S

Love truck but missing fancy details

Dislike that there are no rear vents but the new 2020's will be providing that feature now. Though ours is diesel and cools really well. The towing features and extended mirrors are great. Would be nice if they were made much nicer inside overall. Ford does offer luxury finishes inside that I kind of wish Chevy would step up their game in that department. My husband and I needed a towing truck but that was the one let down I found on the market.

- Jessica T

2017 Chevrolet 2500 is great!

I love my Chevy 2500. It gives me the capabilities that I need for work and pleasure. The Duramax diesel is like no other and gives you that sense of confidence knowing you'll never have any issues or breakdowns due to motor failure. The comfort level in the ltz model is once again like no other equipped with heated/cooled seats, adjustable pedals, and leather throughout the cabin, long distance travel is not an issue.

- Don C

This is the best truck on the market.

Hub had to be replaced at 4000 miles. Also have some brake controller issues for the trailer. But this truck is great otherwise. I would buy another one in a heartbeat. If you auto start the vehicle, it senses the temperature outside and in the winter will turn heat defrosters and heated seats on. In the summer it will turn the air conditioning on and cool the vehicle.

- Ryan T

My truck is very useful . I am proud to own it and it's totally worth it.

My Silverado is double cab . So I really enjoy that extra space . I love the leather seats . I love the look but still want to get better wheels and a lift to make it look more like a monster truck . I like that I can use it for anything . For work , moving etc . I never have to worry about paying extra to get things delivered to me .

- Juan D

It is a 7 inch lifted truck. I love the look and comments I get when driving it.

It's a lifted truck. It does everything I need it to do and I love it great performance. Terrible on gas but a all around great truck. Fits my family of 3 growing into 4 perfectly. I use it to tow occasionally and I can barely feel the difference in driving when towing great all around vehicle.

- Isabel R

Great truck no need for any other truck.

It's perfect for my work duties and hobbies I like to do it also have very great engine great sound system very strong and very reliable in rain sleet or snow it's a very great truck I would recommend it to anybody great sunroof great leather seats warmer and great room all through the truck.

- Fred R

It is not fully loaded but has about every other bell and whistle.

I do not believe there are any problems. The performance is as expected for a gas Chevy 2500. For a truck I believe it runs rather smoothly. My favorite part is the back up camera, front, and rear sensors. Having little one ensures that I will not hurt them with my vehicle.

- Kathryn M

2017 Chevrolet 2500 HD crew cab 4x4.

It's a 2017 Chevrolet 3/4 ton HD crew cab and 4 wheel drive. It has the 6.0 liter gasoline engine in it. White with the base package on the interior. It's been super reliable and not give me any trouble so far. Run's and drives great. Would highly recommend it to anyone

- Scott H

It looks like a beast and it goes anywhere in any kind of weather.

I love my Silverado! It looks awesome. Head turner. Has every luxury available and drives great. Living in New England also helps having a four wheel drive vehicle. I love the remote start on the freezing cold morning and no bad inclement weather will keep me home.

- Debra C

2017 Chevrolet Silverado 2500hd.

2017 Chevrolet Silverado. 2500 had, extended cab, very reliable, 6. 0 vortex engine 360 horsepower, auto overdrive, 9. 6 mpg, very comfortable ride, towing capacity 13,000 to 14,500 lbs., bed length 98. 4", great work truck, 4 wheel drive, towing package,

- Raymond R

Great Truck Gets the job done.

Have had no problems with this vehicle, it performs exactly as it should. It is very comfortable, leather seats great features. If I had any complaints it would be gas mileage, But I knew what that was when I bought it.

- Candace Y

Chevy 2500hd is a great work truck.

I have had my 2017 Chevy 2500hd work truck for a year now and I have no complaints in general. If there would be anything I would like improved with it though, it would be a better smoother ride while traveling.

- Laurie S

Back up camera makes it easy to hook up to our trailers as well as tell if there is something behind us that we need to avoid.

It's heavy duty and pulls our RV well (biggest V8) out there and it rides well on the highway for being a truck with 4 wheel drive. Nice backup camera. No complaints yet but we've only had it for 1 year

- Debra B

Luxurious yet down to earth, accommodating yet strong, safe yet fun to drive

The most comfortable and accommodating vehicles I have ever owned. Love the corrective driving features as well as the spacious interior. I will only ever purchase Chevrolet from here on out!!

- Steph C

It has great power for towing anything you need. It also has great interior space for people or cargo.

I absolutely like the room between driver and each passenger. I like the towing power. I like the design of the the truck. I like the amount of seating space and the amount of cargo area.

- Jason W

It is not a cheap vehicle. But it is worth every penny we spent.

Love the options like XM, onstar, heated seats. The long box is great for hauling. Pulls out trailer with ease. Diesel engine is nice, but diesel costs a bit extra.

- Zachary l

that is perfectly fit to pull and hook up RV

Love my truck because looks so beautiful inside and out. All black exterior and interior. Really perfect to have too full and hook up my RV. No complaints at all

- marites r

Silverado, its like your living room with wheels

from start that I have this vehicle I have the best performance, without any problem I can do all I want, cross for all roads and have a comfort exceptional

- Brad R

If you can find this pickup at a good price, then go for it! I'm happy with my purchase and wouldn't want any other pickup.

I like that it's a diesel that gets great mileage. It's an all around good pickup. I like the interior and overall look of the pickup as well.

- April F

my comfortable big machine

my vehicle is a real machine, tough and strong, with a great performance in any circumstance, but at the same time it's too comfortable

- ander b

This vehicle is all about comfort,

The ride is incredible, gas mileage is good, the sound system is great, and the interior is spacious. I am 100% satisfied,

- Troy J

feel like a rampage with style

i love the performance of my car, is the best thing I can have, its rude, bold, and edgy make me feel like something cool

- gabriel m

Great truck ....... plenty of power.

My Chevrolet Silverado 2500HD has the new 6.6 Duramax Diesel engine. I like the smoothness and power of the new design.

- James B

It has a very powerful diesel engine and is an off road vehicle.

I like that it is a 2500hd 4wd. I like that it has a large Duramax engine. I like that it is a definite panty dropper!

- Mark B

The best performance in one place

i love my truck, i can do all i need when i need and it's a pleasure, i have the best performance with all the comfort

- andre t

White crew cab 4x4 trucks

Reliable dependable great fuel mileage and durability Beat truck I have ever owned would recommend to others

- Billy E

Even though it is pretty, it is pretty crappy.

It rides smooth and it goes fast. I cannot figure out how to work the Charger on the console though. .

- Lilly R

That I love it and it is awesome! It has everything I wanted on it

It is my dream truck and i love it. It has all of the options I wanted on it.

- Todd E

it's a great option for someone who love do everything with comfort

It's big, comfortable and I love how it sounds, its beautiful

- Leslie A

the innovation and unique excellent service vehicule

vehicule unique and innovative proportion service confial

- mary s

That is a vehicle for make everything, you can pass for all the roads

is a pick-up that i love it, is the best car that i have

- aiden T

good smooth ride and tows boats and trailers well.

roomy, trendy, classy, love the dealer. no complaints.

- gloria f