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The Gladiator of cars the Chrysler 300.

My chrysler 300 is very comfortable. It has heated seats for driver and passenger. It also has a sunroof, with driver and passenger air condition temperature controls. Self adjusting high beams, cruise control, disc brakes front and back, a spacious trunk, alarm system, FM and Am cd radio with screen display for gpc and control buttons for seat adjustments. Very good car. Good on gas if regular oil changes are performed. Good for long trips. All around good car.

- James F

Too hot to handle the pressure.

My problems with the 2009 Pontiac has been related thermostat issues with the car running hot. The thermostat has a pressure release screw on top of the housing it self. So when the car is low on coolant and you refill with coolant and water, you have to curb the air out this pressure release screw. This is very big problem with this car. If you don't release the air the car will get hot and cause you problems. Me not knowing this ended up blowing a head gasket.

- James F

Good car gets the job done but has a recall on it!

When I first purchased this car is was used. It was in good condition. It drives pretty smooth and does the job. The only downside I have had so far is a recall on the airbags! I haven't went to get it fixed yet but it has not caused me any problems yet. I don't really like when a car has a recall because then I have to car to the car dealership and make time for it and wait 'til it gets done!

- Diana D

2009 Chrysler 300 comfort all around.

I love how roomy the vehicle is. The gas mileage is not the best but with a bigger tank you definitely get your money's worth. It is a very comfortable sedan. Whether driving or a passenger I would give it a 9 in comfort. Although it is a bigger sedan than most the speed of the vehicle is great. It is a slow take off but once you get going it is such a smooth ride.

- Tanya R

Absolutely love my Chrysler 300!

First and foremost, the car is beautiful. I love the look of the outside and the inside. The fact that it has heated seats is my favorite function. The one negative that I can point out is that it is not very good on gas. It eats it up quickly and does not function great on regular, but otherwise, I couldn't be happier with my purchase.

- Stacy S

Nice car even after nine years.

My 300 is a comfortable ride. The front part of the car is easy to hit on concrete buffers which is a drag. It is easy to get dirt around the shifter. I get a lot of positive looks from people when they see my car, even being nine years old. I like the gold Chrysler emblem better than the silver that came out in 2010.

- Cathy T

Smooth ride but low profile vehicle.

It is a comfortable ride that does not allow a lot of road noise in. But it is very low to the ground and tends to get stuck on parking curbs. The trunk is huge so traveling is very easy, even with more than one full size suitcase. And there is plenty of room for everything else inside the back seat.

- Jeanne B

Sleek lines, pretty car. Classy. Good mileage.

Good gas mileage and comfortable to drive. Nice interior. Seats are comfortable. The only thing is their engines in this 6 cylinder has problems. We had to sue to get our engine replaced at 60k miles. We decided to keep it because overall it is a great car. We would buy the v8 next time.

- Sharon S

The car has a nice ride, very comfortable and gets good gas mileage.

In 2014, with just 65k mileage, our engine blew up. Investigating the issue that caused this we found that Chrysler 300 has a history of this happening due to an oil pressure component that is defective. We sue Chrysler, and they replaced the motor. Other than that, I love it.

- Sharon S

My car is black with aluminum wheels and power steering!

The Chrysler I have found to be very reliable! It is really spacious for tall adults and spacious for children that have long legs such as mine! The trunk is probably my favorite part of the car it is so deep and spacious! You could probably store anything in there!

- Cruz A

Luxurious sedan with little issues.

I have not have any real issues with the vehicle. It is a comfortable ride that looks luxurious. It looks stylish. The leather interior is easy to maintain. The car is very affordable to maintain and like I mentioned I have not had any significant issues with it.

- Logan M

That it has a large inside and has lots of room so you do not feel cramped.

I like that my Chrysler 300 is a larger car and I have lots of room in it. What I dislike about my Chrysler 300 is I have had a motor problems with the car and had to spend $3,000 to have it fixed. Also, I do not like the battery being in the trunk.

- Carla W

Chrysler 300 best vehicle I've ever owned

The Chrysler 300 has been the best vehicle I have ever owned and driven. Smooth ride and very dependable. It has over 146,00 miles and drives like new. Never have had any major problem with the vehicle!

- Chad M

Reliable day to day automobile.

Very reliable, good gas mileage, only problems are minimal (a/c is not the best), does not have a lot of flashy features (CD player, AUX input, automatic windows and car locks).

- Jesse L

It's comfort. It's handling. It's gas mileage

Very comfortable vehicle to drive. Has good handling. Gas mileage for this vehicle is ok. The only knock I can give it is it had early engine troubles.

- Kurt t

Comfortable and reliable!

I really like my car. It's reliable, I haven't had any problems with it. It is really comfortable for both my husband and I. I love the heated seats

- Emily R

It drives as smoothly as it looks.

The vehicle drives very smoothly in town and out of town. The stereo system works excellently. The heating and cooling system is great too.

- Lj M

This car is very reliable and contemporary.

This car rides very smooth and has been very reliable. This car looks very sleek and sophisticated and is for every generation.

- Donald M

It has the best safety record of all cars in the same model size.

I like the engine and how powerful it is.... I also like the interior.... Finally, I dislike the color, it is black..

- David C

It is a extremely reliable car.

I like everything about it has good speakers a TV with a remote comfortable seats a powerful v8 engine and is quite.

- Josh R

Excellent performance and good gas mileage for a larger sedan.

I have been fortunate. No problems except having a censor replaced recently. Roomy and more comfortable than most.

- Jill L

The car has excellent room inside and has a large trunk.

We bought the 300 approximately 3 yrs ago. We have had no issues mechanical or otherwise. Very reliable.

- Aleigha J

It does not take much gas and when you fill your tank up the gas.

Like its size and low on gas do not like the size now that I have a baby and the car seat does not fit.

- Nicole B

Good car for the cost. Good value compared to similar cars.

I like the style and look of the car. No real dislikes Car rides well. Good power and acceleration.

- craig g

That it is an American car and it fits my personality

I like the body and size. It is very luxurious. It is also an American car.

- bee C

My car is the nicest and newest car I've ever had.

It's pretty. Drives fast. Stereo is loud. Decent gas mileage.

- Heather H

Hardly any maintenance issues for this car. Not expensive for repairs and he's fairly good gas mileage. Loaded with tons of extras.. navigation, XM radio,dash cam. Decent miles for a gallon

Rides smoothly. Gas efficient, built in navigation system

- Robert H