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My Arvato's edition 2013 Chrysler 300.

I have owned by 2013 Chrysler 300 for a little over one year. I have not had any mechanical problems. I did have a problem with the navigation not working. Reliability has been great. I put 25k miles in one year. The comfort of the car is pretty good. It is a good full size car with decent acceleration and good reliability. I am also able to get 31 mpg on the highway. The car is not a super car with a fast engine. It is practical and I have a bumper to bumper warranty that expires in 2022.

- Enrique C

My short Chrysler 300 review.

I have had a few electrical shorts in my windows, my cup warmers, and my Bluetooth. Honestly other than the factory recalls I have had no other problems! One of the best cars I have ever owned. Runs good, drives great, and even looks cooler. I love the inside leather seats with butt warmers and a steering wheel heater, it's a lifesaver in the winter! I am so sad they no longer make these cars, because my next vehicle purchase would have been a newer one!

- Miranda C

Fast and agile: road warrior.

The Chrysler 300 is fast, agile, and a blur on the freeway. Mine has 350+k, but still roars. The auto start saves me time in the morning and the gas mileage has been excellent. Even at the high miles, I've still barely put anything into it. The Bluetooth has gone out so I cant connect my phone anymore as well as the seat warmers. Small problems for such a great car. I am planning on putting a new motor in it as the investment is worth it.

- Jeffrey T

Chrysler 300 driver benefits.

It is a high performance vehicle and very responsive. When I first bought it, I squealed the tires a few times accidentally. It gets up and goes really well. It has a black interior and is difficult to keep cool in the summertime. Although it is a 4-door model, my husband says the interior is smaller than his Toyota Avalon. It is very easy to see all around the car as there are very good adjustments you can make to the seats and mirrors.

- Lynda H

It is a wonder to drive.

It is a wonder to drive good on mileage and great to drive great on gas and beautiful to look at so everybody that sees it says that they would love to have one for themselves. I do not know what else to say about this car but that it a great car to drive and I would tell everyone to go out and buy one for them selfs as they would love to drive it and they would look great while doing it.

- Billy Y

Fast loud great traction mileage radio steering.

Amazing it's perfect really great tires steering guides wonderful I absolutely love this car more than any car I've driven this is one of the best in my opinion I'd you look to buy a car choose this model for sure its a great buy and money that's well spent and so worth it you'd fall in love with it just like me and if you wanna go fast this is the car.

- Renee C

John Varvatos Chrysler 300 eye catching, with minor adjustments needed.

Electronics do not work real well. It is hard to keep the leather on the dashboard from shriveling, even though being kept in garage, and using window shades when outside. The interior plastics are painted, and it rubs off after using handles and knobs. It should have a different coating to prevent it on a limited edition car that costs more money.

- Vicki T

The Chrysler 300 is a quality car.

The Chrysler 300 is a very comfortable and smooth ride. It is a large car so it is not extremely fast but it still has decent speed. I am very impressed with the interior. It has high quality leather and finishes. As far as reliability, after several years of owning I have not had to service the vehicle except for routine work like oil changes.

- Ian L

All the bells and whistles you could ever want on a car.

My car has never had any problems. It gets great gas mileage for the size. It has all the bells and whistles you can buy in a car. It even has hot and warm cup holders in the front and back. It also has heated and cool seats. It has great comfort in the front and back. It is a nice luxury car and drives like a Cadillac.

- Mary M

Pretty cool car, nice wheels!

It's pretty nice, I like the color and engine of the specific car that I have. It drives smoothly and has good mileage, so I can get pretty far off of one tank of gas. I always feel safe when I am driving it which is definitely a positive. I like driving this car a lot and will buy a newer version once it gets too old.

- Jordan C

It has smooth rides and nice on gas.

Its has very good performance, it is good on gas, it has smooth driving when I am on the road, and has nice mileage. My cars speed performance is good as well, I am not really a speed racer guy but it sure does get the job done. With addition I will say the leather seats with the seat warmers are a great complimentary.

- John J

My vehicle is useful and feels like my baby to me.

This 2013 Chrysler is amazing! Runs smoothly, no problems, no accidents, , no nothing just great. Another thing about this car is that is comfortable and spacious in or between the seats. This car is also great for traveling around or for just heading from city to city. Definitely recommend purchasing a car like this!

- Jennifer T

My Chrysler 300 feels like a luxury limo.

Full size sedan. Comfort heated leather seats. And wheel great in winter. Not great gas mileage. I averaged about 18 mpg. It provides a luxury smooth ride and has a luxury look. A local limo place uses the same car! Problem with battery twice and it is located in the trunk so hard to get to and expensive to repair.

- Diane M

Trouble free, smoothing riding vehicle.

I like that the vehicle has lots of room, gets good gas mileage, for a large car, and the fact that it hasn't given me any trouble in the 5 years I've had it. I would say that the only thing I don't like is the car tech is a bit outdated. Even seemed outdated when I bought it brand new 5 years ago.

- Pete H

All Wheel Drive- great road handling on snow and rain!

I own a Chrysler 300, I like that it is all wheel drive and performs well in snow. I do not like the fact that MPG is not very good, a smaller compact car would have better gas mileage. I like that it has back up cameras but it does not beep when you get close to something when backing up.

- Bridget H

Chrysler 300, drive in style and performance!

Great car! You will ride in style and comfort in this performance sedan. You will love the bells and whistles as well as the feeling of pressing down the pedal. And do not worry, you will still get good mileage on the freeways with the econo drive! The c class, makes me feel like an a+.

- Renee G

This car is a favorite and is the third Chrysler 300 that I have owned.

The vehicle is very comfortable and roomy. It is built very solid and is quiet on the highway. The only issue that I have with it is the shifting stick. Love the heated seats and remote start in the winter. It has a moon roof which is fun and allows more light into the vehicle.

- Nikki G

Chrysler 300 in a nutshell

Had vehicle for three years now, was fine at first now has knocking sound whenever air is on for two long, gas mileage is basically non existent but the luxury and comfort of the vehicle is awesome the leather interior, wood grain trimmings and touch screens are excellent

- Nicole C

Features and color size and brand.

The fast speed the pricing and color how the company setup the car what it can do and my car sometimes get hot and try to move slow and it need to be worked on it's a lot of money, cost and time put in the car I love my car cause it got me through hard times to places.

- Kim P

If I was told the car is not good I have to say there wrong.

It is a very comfortable car we went from Omaha to El Paso and was a wonderful drive very good on gas and the car quiet inside I love the car the engine quite the pick is great cruise control very easy access everything at your fingertips sound of the music fantastic.

- Jeanette R

It is very comfortable to ride in and is very quiet.

It is very comfortable. It gets really good gas mileage. The seats are able to adjust to a high enough level that makes it easy for me to get in and out without difficulty. The only negative thing I have to say is that there is not a lot of legroom in the back seat.

- debbie w

2013 Chrysler 300 is good and safe!

My car is nice for the basic buyer. It is nothing extraordinarily luxurious, but it is reliable and works well. Sometimes the air conditioning breaks but as I live in a colder climate that is not really an issue. It is a basic car but a good car. I do recommend it.

- Sarah L

I love the technology in this car.

When I first got the vehicle it was pre owned I had for a week before we had an issue with the alternator which was quickly fixed by the dealership and have not had an issue since its a reliable car, gets me everywhere I need to be. Its beautiful inside and out.

- Lilly D

Best car everyone should have a 300.

The 300 is very comfortable for long trips, get great gas mileage, I will buy my next car will be a 300, my family enjoys, this is the car we use every weekend, we are going on a trip for thanksgiving we will take my car, we have had no problems with this car.

- Carole S

I love my car. Love the look, the style the ride and everything about this car.

When I first purchased the car I had problems with the trans but it was replaced. I had trouble with the Uconnect after several years but that was replaced also. I have had great success with this car. This is my second Chrysler 300. Looking to buy my third.

- Virginia P

The most important thing would be the about of gas it uses. Miles per gallon on a Chrysler 300 are not the greatest.

The main thing that i love about my Chrysler 300 is its air ride suspension. The second thing has to be the sound system, it's extremely loud. Last but not least would be the amount of space with in the entire vehicle.

- erik h

It is very dependable and requires little maintenance.

I like my car because it is the most trouble free vehicle I have ever owned. I have only had to perform routine maintenance on it. It has never broken down. I have never had to repair or replace any major items.

- Bernardo D

It is very economical. You can depend upon this car for very good gas mileage.

I love the way the driver's seat sits. I love the way it handles when driving. It is compact enough to park easily but not too compact to be able to have 5 passengers. It does have a blind spot.

- Peg M

I have a S model. sometimes I wonder how I haven't had a ticket yet. but it also has great safety features

Where do I begin. This is the best car I have had. I has a rear view back up camera, beats by dre audio system. I have change the wheels from 20" to 22". I would recommend everyone to own a 300.

- Clayton R

It is a limited edition model.

Drives smooth with good acceleration. Handles well. Option for automatic or shift. I have the John Varvatos model, and it has luxurious upgrades, and exterior garners a lot of attention.

- Vicki T

Do not have any please do not have anything to say.

Good car runs well no GPS. Have a lot of legroom. Not too bad on gas. I am not going to type anything else. I am not going to type anything else. I am not going to type anything else.

- Don S

An amazing vehicle to buy

The car overall is a good car. There is not many problems. The only bad things is how hard the car shifts but that is just how models are bad like this, and i understand that.


It is a great car to own and very luxury.

I love the style of my 300. I love the smooth ride it offers. I love the options it offers. I dislike the fact that the camera went out and it will be very expensive to fix.

- Tom S

The Chrysler 300 is a very reliable and comfortable car.

I like that my car can be started from inside and has heated seats for the wintertime. My car is very comfortable and roomy. My car has great navigation and is reliable.

- Adelaide M

That it gets 30 miles to the gallon on average that is all.

I like the black on black and with big rims. Also like that it gets around 30 MPG. Only complaint, had to buy a bulb for my headlight and it was a few hundred dollars.

- kristin s

Safety is important with the backup camera and ease of use is great - push button start is wonderful!

I dislike that it has a delay when I hit the gas. I love the space in the vehicle. Other than the delay it is a smooth ride. The interior is very comfortable, too.

- Lori W

That it is very clean inside and out.

I love the interior designs and how the car looks from the outside as well. I love that it has a lot of power and makes driving anywhere very easy.

- dave t

It is very dependable and i have had no issues with it.

The car handles well. It is spacious. It rides well and is comfortable. It has a powerful engine which i like when i need it to quickly go faster.

- Margaret H

Being it is an older model they should know that means no Apple CarPlay or Android Auto. Also, the only aftermarket kit to allow switching to a unit with these features does not work as advertised.

It has great exceleration and the ride is very comfortable. It is a shame it didn't come with CarPlay. We really are blessed to have this vehicle.

- Paul W

I think that others should know about the car is that it is good on gas.

I do not have any complaints. I love my car. It is the first real purchase I made. I do not plan on ever selling this car or getting rid of it.

- Ashley M

A highlight of an interesting detail on my car is the touch screen radio, I can call people on it and use Bluetooth on it

My 2013 Chrysler 300 is a great car, it's very liable and it has heated seat, touch screen radio. There's no problems with the vehicle itself.

- Courtney A

That it has the big body feel to it but still drives like a compact car

It's a great comfortable ride had a lot of recalls but i love it it fits my family perfect it is the perfect mix between sporty and family car

- Chris A

How reliable this car is, it is also economical as it drops to eco mode when required

I like all the extras my car has, also as it is the 300c the power of the engine, so far I do not have any complaints with the car or services

- Barry E

The car has great gas mileage.

My car gets great gas mileage. It's easy to control and drive. I also really like the design, because it has a sporty and luxury look to it.

- Kiara C

It picks up speed really well. Great car overall. Better on gas on highways.

It sits low, not good for floods. Luxury car, really good looking. Inside is nice but need detailing. . Regular cleaning will not cut it.

- Jazzman B

The car is very reliable and drives smooth, and saves you money on gas.

I like the car is a sport car. I like the car has rims and beats speakers in it. I dislike the car having a lot of electronic problems.

- Kevin B

My car has some interesting settings. You can adjust the 2 front seats to warm or cool and the back window has a shade that goes up.

I have a 2013 Chrysler hemi. I absolutely love my car from the leather seats to the dark wood grain. Very spacious and comfortable.

- Marjorie D

No-one is to eat or drink in my car and definitely no drinking

Love everything about it. Looks. I love the power and how it rides. I love to travel in it it's so comfortable. I love the color

- Nicki W

It has many safety features.

I love that it is roomy and rides smooth. It has good gas mileage. It is a sharp looking car and I get lots of compliments.

- Beth O

The best of your looking for style and comfort

Very dependable car especially considering the size of the vehicle good in the snow and has a very stylish style

- Victor A

2014 Black Chrysler 300 Great

It's a great car, very spacious and sleek and is pretty great when it comes to gas. It is a easy car to maintain

- Alex H

Good gas mileage easy to find with key fob and blue tooth easy set up and find.

It gets good gas mileage. Nice body shape and rides very comfortable. I dislike price I paid. I need a new car.

- Early H

Keep up with factory maintenance.

I like the ride, interior and exterior, sunroof, tires, wheels reliable. I dislike the ac should blow cooler.

- Mark K

It's a fancier practical car

Has a lot of features. Large amount of room. Just ok on gas mileage. Issue with A/C in less than 5 years

- Mark H

The one thing others should know is the fact that it has so many recalls.

I love the ride, smooth and quiet. I do not like the softer, it is hard to change from reverse to drive.

- Nikki G

Great mileage. Very quiet. Great stereo with Sirius Xmas

Chrysler can not make transmissions that last. Replaced twice.luckily I took out extended warranty

- Lloyd L

It has a back up camera, and it will not ride if the trunk is open.

I love my car, it is all wheel drive. Very advanced & secure. The technology it has is very cool.

- Cecilia G

Others should know that convertibles are really cool but that you don't use them as often as you'd think.

I love that it's a Convertible but the maintenance on it is a pain. The parts are expensive.

- Dave F

Handles very nicely. Easy on gas and has a lot of power.

I am very pleased with the ride and comfort. I have no complaints.

- Tracey B

does need minor repairs often. but is well worth the aggravation

Convertible that is fun to drive and somewhat good on gas

- Ann H

it is great . but it does has a couple of recalls

i love my car . the thing i wish is that it was bigger

- sam t

It doesn't have navigation.

It drives quiet, very smooth and has a lot of power!

- Anthony E