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The best in its class, the Chrysler 300.

The Chrysler 300s 2015 model is a very great car. It looks and feels like luxury but it also looks sporty. For the size of this car it gets decent gas mileage. Averaging at about 24 mpg. I have the all wheel drive package. I�m winter this automatically turns on and I love this feature. It gives you more comfort while driving in the winter months when it�s snowing. The leather interior looks amazing. The seats are beautiful with the white stitching and the S accents on the front seats. The backseat even for taller people is amazing. The seats are big and you get a lot of legroom, both in the front and back. The UConnect System is wonderful. It automatically connects to your phone when you enter the vehicle. The performance of this car is outstanding. You have 3 different options for the steering wheel, comfort, sport, and regular mode. These three option will tighten or loosen the steering wheel depending on your preference and how you're driving. In the class that the Chrysler 300 is in, I would say it is the best in its class.

- Theresa O

Overall it is a great vehicle.

I personally have yet to have any problems with my vehicle. It has always been my dream car. The performance is good for me. It's not a fast car however, mine does not pick up speed very well. Its super comfortable to me. While driving I don't feel the road or hear it too loud. The only thing I am not too fond of is my car jerking when I press the gas after stopping. I've had multiple drive it just to make sure I don't have a heavy foot and it jerks no matter what.

- Alyssa G

family car, all electric, touch screen radio, etc.bt.capt.USB

My vehicle is great on gas it's very smooth on rides an seats very comfortable and its luxury black with touch screen radio Wi-Fi capability XM radio etc. The seats are back leather with electric controls.Bluetooth compatible and also has USB where u can charge your phone are play your USB device its has lots of trunk space for luggage if traveling out of town are simply shopping for groceries I think it's a great family car

- Heather J

Luxury without the luxury price tag

I love the features of my car. I enjoy the heated seats. I like the Bluetooth ability. I can use it to stream my music or make a quick phone call. Also, I have access to Siri. I also enjoy the handy controls on the steering wheel. The backup camera is also really useful. It is also very comfortable. The soft leather seats are amazing. The exterior looks classy which is nice. I also love that I don't see the car everywhere.

- Heather P

Chrysler 200s is a wonderful sporty car

I enjoy by car, a few options S for sport, D for realgar driving and pedal shifters. Very roomy, comfortable leather seats. Nice Spanish de compartments. Lots of trunk room. I would recommend it to anyone. Have a sporty feeling to it when you drive, about 6 cup holders. My passages never complain about space or end up falling asleep due to how smooth the ride is.

- Ariel V

Great car comfortable and beautiful to look at.

Nothing is wrong with the car it�s just a big car. It�s a little bigger than I had thought when buying the car. It�s a little hard to park. The car is beautiful paint color is amazing. The rims on this model are great. I get compliments on the car daily. Highly recommend. It has a huge trunk and I never have to worry if something is going to fit

- Megan S

Safe car Comfortable seats and a lot of space Big trunk Lots of applications

It�s really comfortable and you have a lot of space in the backseat row. The trunk has also a lot of space it�s perfect for a big grocery shopping day! It�s smooth to drive and very modern. I like all the applications and features that my car offers. It�s a really safe car and I would recommend it to student drivers as well as families

- Anna F

Favorite things about my Chrysler

I love the speed, it rides so smoothly. It is very good on gas as well I love that because I travel a lot. It is a roomy car and very nice. I love all the little features that it has that others don't, I have beats speakers and a sunroof and moonroof. It doesn't seem like a luxury car but it definitely is nice compared to regular cars.

- Anna C

My Chrysler, a extraordinary car that has supplied me with transport for years!

My car is a 2015 Chrysler 300. It is extremely reliable, as the only problem I have ever had was a oil leak, but the repair cost was small. The comfort overall is good, maybe a little bit more cushioning in the seats would be nice. I haven't had really any other problems besides a issue with my radio, but my CDs suffice. My for life!

- Robert M

Dependable and affordable option

No issues whatsoever in terms of drivability, affordability, or aesthetic. Starter malfunctioned after about 3 years but was a quick fix when we took it into the dealer, was told it happens quite often with these models. Back seat area does seem a bit cramped but not a big deal unless you are driving very tall people around lol

- Jackie V

Good overall vehicle with little to minimum issues

Some recalls. But good car overall. Car runs really well is little to minimum problems and I really like it a lot. Not too many issues. The recalls are minor transmission problems but other than that when I take it to get it serviced it's okay. Car is all I need for my current situation and I have no problems in my corner.

- Valerie M

This vehicle is a technological dream! Smooth ride and drive!

The Chrysler 300S is the smoothest ride I've had with a vehicle. I love the driver and passenger heated seats. The moon roof is great on clear nights and sunny days. I rarely have to put the car into sport mode but when I do it's like I'm not even fast. I love the hands free mode with UConnect and keyless key fob!


Great, reliable, beautiful car. With a bunch of great features.

It's a very reliable vehicle, leather seats which is great when you have kids, amazing gas mileage, and beautiful features inside like the blue lights on dash & screen. Has a back up camera, and amazing sound system. It has charging ports in the back and front. Backseat can fit 3 car seats and trunk space is great.

- Andrea M

2015 Chrysler 300 review on the one I own.

Rides good, reliable but sometimes I have problems with Bluetooth connecting. Have had to put in shop to get fix before even having it 30 Days. It now runs good and I have not had any more problems with it. Overall it is a great car. It looks like luxury. It looks nicer than some of the higher priced cars.

- April F

Good on gas and comfortability.

So far I haven't had any problems with this vehicle. I have had my car for over 2 years now and it is been wonderful. This is a very powerful car with speed and agility good on gas lots of room inside very spacious and comfortable I have the c model which is fully equipped. This is a very good car to own.

- Richard C

It is a must drive luxury car.

My 300 is a smooth ride with all the comfort features that I love, electric everything dual temp control, great stereo system. It is fast yet smooth and a great travel car. My 300 is the platinum edition and I love the 2 tone interior. Overall a great reliable car that I love driving! A must drive!!

- Melissa A

A well maintained Chrysler 300. It looks almost new.

My car is a luxury car. It was a gift from my husband. It is a little large but very nice and classy. I do not have any problems with it. I am on top of all factory recalls and regular maintenance. It is a very comfortable car. The car is black and the interior is black leather. It still looks new.

- Doris H

Interesting detail. You need to push a bottom and break to turn on.

No problem with the car love the way it rides very smooth and features gots everything for your safety and best of all gas economic. Gots leather seats with heater and also Bluetooth for your phone it is a very reliable car I do recommend. It also has a remote key to turn on from inside the house.

- Dora A

My car, stylish, comfortable looks expensive and looks it.

Chrysler 300 c. Looks good, drives and handles good, plenty of power, with all the safety options, excellent car, very comfortable excellent on long trips, very quiet, warranty up to 70, 000 miles, has 55, 000 and so far no warranty problems. Excellent support from factory and local dealership.

- Steve J

I love my Chrysler 300 because it has a very cool presidential look.

I have a really nice Chrysler 300, this is my third Chrysler 300. It drives really good and rides very comfortably. It has a very distinguished look. I love the way the lights look at night time. I keep the maintenance regularly, so thankful I have no problems it is very roomy and lots of space.

- Linda L

Best car you can buy that�s not a bad gamble.

I've had this Chrysler for about 4 months and I have not had any problems. Great interior and controls. Easy to use and never had a problem. I currently have the 300s and I love the sport feature. By far best car I've bought. Only thing is I got it in black and with this Texas heat is no good.

- Abraham T

Why my Chrysler 300 is awesome.

I absolutely love my Chrysler 300. It performs really well and drives really well. It's very reliable and dependable and I've never had an issue. The interior is comfortable and the features are awesome. I have dual airbags, heated seats and tinted windows. The sound system is awesome as well.

- Mark V

Great family car. Always wants one and it meets all standards.

Love it. Heavy so great in the snow. Comfortable interior. Room for everyone. Large trunk. Good family car. Plus looks great. Gas mileage is descent for large car. Easy to learn all of the buttons. Has Bluetooth/hands free phone system. Need to purchase the app to reply text though.

- Cathy H

Its white paint. Black wheels and all black interior I use my vehicle.

My vehicle is amazing it does great on gas. I have had the tire light on cause the sensor is faulty. But its all black interior and tinted it's an amazing car. Performance wise I recommend plenty of hp. Its very reliable and comfortable with plenty of leg room and head room.

- Charles S

Luxurious yet sporty with a High class interior

I have had no problems. The interior is very luxurious and big so it makes for a comfy ride. It�s quick and drives smooth. I highly recommend this vehicle. It�s been extremely dependable with just routine oil changes. I just now have to get brakes out on at 41,000 miles.

- Nicole S

Great car! Great buy! You won't be disappointed.

Love the performance, comfort, and reliability. I love the panoramic roof. The leather heated seats are very comfy especially in the winter time. The Remote control start also makes the car more appealing. All in all it is a great car. I would recommend it to all consumers.

- Trey A

2015 Chrysler 300 comes with beats speakers made by drw

It's good on gas. Rides smooth and comes with beats speakers made by the rap singer dre so the factory radio is awesome too. Mine is solid black with dark tinted windows. I would most definitely recommended this car. I've had mine a few years and it's still like brand new

- Brandy R

Not much else to say about this car really do love it a lot.

Backup camera does have some issues randomly. And after 30000 miles you need to get everything checked out. Things will go down hill very fast if you don't one by one. First it was my backup camera than one windshield then my tires then the ecm system glitches sometimes.

- Andrea J

Travel in comfort & luxury.

I love the looks both inside and out. Nice instrument panel. Gas mileage is good, plenty of power when I need it. Plows through the snow better than FWD vehicles that I have owned. I drive back and forth between California and Ohio every year, very comfortable ride.

- Maureen M

The Chrysler 300 is almost like having a luxury vehicle.

I really like the Chrysler 300. A very smooth riding car. Has GPS, drew beats and is fully loaded. So far I haven't had any major problems with it. I bought the town car and it is like having a luxury vehicle. I would definitely recommend buying this vehicle.

- Glen G

It a cutie car for someone that likes the look and heavy on gas.

The car is great it's just small to me and has a lot of problems with fuel system the care rides nice just heavy on gas I think it is a reliable I guess it's just not the car for me. Performance is alright I have the v6 so that could be why it lack in power.

- Preston A

The 300 is a great highway vehicle

Car has been amazing. Issues with ball joints in front axle - a 'banging' noise. 4 recalls that have been fixed quickly and easily. The car is amazing for highway travel, if you were going to driving the city more often, it is not a great car for that

- Christian C

Roomy, spacious, and family friendly.

I love how roomy it is - both leg room and area to sit/move around. I also love the trunk size. When you can put groceries in with the stroller and other trunk extras that is a huge plus. The biggest complaint I have is the amount of blind spots it has.

- Dan F

Will be someone's cup of tea!

It has electric start button... realized later that means one more thing to go wrong! I like that it tells me air pressure, and when I need an oil change. Not the smoothest car, a little jerky. Overall not a bad car, just not one I would purchase again.

- Gabrielle L

For the car buyer looking for a top quality car nothing beats the Chrysler 300.

The Chrysler is an attractive car and extremely comfortable. The item I love is the GPS. Aside from the direction location abilities it shows a lot of information pertaining to the car. When the time comes I will definitely buy another Chrysler.

- Edward W

This car is beautiful. Great attention has been paid to detail inside and out.

The best car I've ever owned. The paddle shifting in sport mode is super fun. Satellite radio, built in GPS, Bluetooth. Nothing this car can't take care of for you. Dual climate zones and heated seats mean we don't argue about the temp anymore.

- Nicole G

A truly great 4 door sedan.

The car is really quite good. It is quite attractive what I really like is the GPS. It is easy to use and give a lot of useful information aside from directions. Another useful item is the 2 usb ports. I connect tablets to these outlets.

- Edward W

It is a reliable vehicle.

The reason why I enjoy my vehicle is because of the gas mileage. The second reason I enjoy my vehicle is because of the body style. Something I dislike about the vehicle is the ac does not hit the back of the car as well.

- Johan Z

It is comfortable to drive and easy to drive. I love that you cannot lock your keys inside the vehicle.

The main problem I have with my vehicle is that the navigation system is extremely inaccurate. The navigation takes me the long way to get anywhere and out of the way for same as well, it's very annoying.


Very nice car to drive and for any occasion. Even the kids love my car.

I have a Chrysler 300 touring. Eggshell color. 4 door sedan. I love this car. It is very pretty, roomy and drives very well. I wouldn't change anything about the car at all. It is nice altogether.

- Susan L

It has lots of important safety features including side airbags.

I like the color, the engine has been good for me as well. I think the best feature is the automatic controls inside to control radio and such on my steering wheel. I also, love my moon roof.

- Wes W

One of the most important things others should know is that it is safe.

The reason that I like my car is that it is easy to operate, cheap to fix, and big enough for my family. I dislike how hard it is to park and how often I have to get an oil change.

- Mikaela G

It is safe and roomy a great running car.

Comfortable drive, size well for passengers front and back seats. Low maintenance, good gas mileage.. Do not like microphone for car phone use, poor sound quality for conversation.

- Pam B

Great gas mileage, very comfortable, rides smooth, it's such a pleasure to go on any kind of road trips in this car

I absolutely love my Chrysler 300. It's great for long or short road trips. It's amazing on gas mileage. It's very luxury type comfortable I will never buy a different model!!

- Christi R

It's a great ride on the highway. plus very good on gas.it averages about 20 miles per gallon.i can go about 320 miles on a tank full.

i think my car is a great car it rides very nice ,plus It's great on gas .it also has a lot of power. the thing i don't like about this car is It's not very good in the snow.

- Donald F

Why I'm happy I bought my 300

I absolutely love this car. I have the AWD and it is amazing in the snow. It also has tremendous power for a V6 and the 8 speed transmission helps to get great gas mileage.

- Silas M

It is great on gas. Mileage.

Too small for our family. We are a family of 4. 2 adults, 10 yr. Old boy and 12 yr. Old boy. We take a few trips a year and need more room for our luggage.

- Brenda M

Large car not made for economy more for luxury. Comparable to a bmw 6 series.

Chrysler 300 is a faster car than it looks. So if you are looking for power it has it. Sleek black leather interior, and huge 8.5 inch navigation monitor.

- Troy H

Fun and comfortable ride.

I love my car, the style, the ride, and it's a sport so the performance is fun. It was a leased vehicle, and it's missing some features like navigation

- Chrissy H

Dependable, great style, comfortable.

Best riding car, great on highway, good gas mileage, nice big sturdy car. Great stereo system, back seats very roomy and comfortable for passengers.

- Harold U

Sleek exterior lines, luxury inside.

Sleek exterior lines, fully loaded with my favorite feature the panoramic sunroof. V-8 allows for quick pep when you accelerate. Love this car!

- Danielle G

The engine has messed up and I had to replace it. . A lot of problems.

My car is very fast and rides smooth. Once I hit 75000 miles it started having a lot of problems. . For the most part it is very roomy.

- Patience C

It is worth the money. Great vehicle for the price

chrysler is the perfect combination of comfort , luxury and reliability. It holds its value and gets me from point a to n in style

- Mark S

Great car I would suggest if your looking to look into this vehicle

This is an amazing vehicle. Mine is fully loaded and I am in love with all of its features. The seats are easy to clean as well.

- Tonee J

It is comfortable to sleep in.

It drives very smooth. It gets good gas mileage. Music sounds amazing in this car. I like the longer sunroof and it gets fast.

- Aaron A

The all wheel drive makes it much better in the snow.

I like the way it looks and the interior. I also like how it handles. It is all wheel drive so not too bad in the snow.

- Rosanne M

Cherry red, black rims, double sun roof, along with tons of other features.

This is the best car I have ever owned. Reliable, fully loaded, low maintenance, and better gas mileage than expected.

- Sarah B

My 300 is an enjoyable car to drive.

My car is very comfortable to drive. It has good power yet it still gets decent gas mileage. Also, it looks great.

- Doug M

Huge car. Inside and out full size not midsize.

Chrysler 300 is built for luxury and speed. Sleek leather interior and a huge 8. 5 touchscreen navigation system.

- Troy H

It is a really great car with many great features for a great price!!

I love the gas mileage. I can to park my car really easily. I have large members in my family and everyone fits.

- Cindy K

gets good gas mileage both in city and especially on highway

I love the look, interior space, trunk room, heated seats and steering wheel. I do wish it also had a CD player

- Karen I

It's very comfortable and fun to drive.

It's a nice luxury vehicle. It looks amazing. Great performance. It is very comfortable to take on vacation.

- Douglas M

A great family car. It is easy to get the kids in and out and rides comfortably.

It drives smooth. It is a comfortable car. It has good options and a nice radio. The gas mileage is decent.

- Carissa C

Leather seats are very comfortable And trunk is good sized

Very comfortable, reliable and has very good gas mileage compared to other luxury vehicles on the market.

- James D

It's very roomy it lots of room in the trunk also.

My Chrysler 300 has comfortable leather seats and rides so smooth and it is great on gas and very roomy.

- Zachary S

It's a very comfortable and quiet ride.

My vehicle is very comfortable and efficient. It is a quiet ride. The gas mileage isn't the best though.

- Deborah S

It rides as good as it looks.

I like the look of it, the way it handles on corners, the only thing I dislike is the price tag"!Lol.

- Anna S

. I have three large dogs and they love being able to spread out.

I love everything about this car. It is very roomy and has huge trunk. Gas is pretty good in to also.

- Jennifer C

It's great on gas and has nice unique features.

i like the fact that it looks really cute. i like the gas mileage. I just wish it was a bit bigger.

- Jennifer D

The alerts when someone is close to you in your mirrors

I like the comfort. How the car handles. All the great features it has. Wish it had a better gps.

- Rochelle K

Even though it's a larger automobile, I still get great gas mileage.

It's a luxurious ride and can fit my entire household (6 people). Three adults and three kids.

- John N

That it is a very safe vehicle and very comfortable for a person over six feet tall

The car gives me a smooth ride and it does not waste much gas the seats are very comfortable.

- steve g

It's very comfortable and easy to drive.

I like the way it drives and I've had no problems. I have regular maintenance done.

- Jill D

Nothing stands out about it. There are other cars with more features for a similar price range

It works. Uncomfortable and there have been minor issues and numerous recalls

- Jon R

It's faster than it looks, rides smooth, quiet, and has great tech features

Power, tech package, luxury, comfort, 20 inch rims, styling, road presence

- Steve A

Size of the car . It is very roomy but still considered a car.

I love the size. I love 4 doors. I love the gas mileage. No complaints.

- Marie D

Performance Equipment Ride Roomy Good Average Low Maintenance

This is my third Chrysler 300 and is the best car that ever bought.

- Daniel D

No complaints, it's a great car. Durable and reliable car. Great family car.

Great and reliable. We never had issues with it. Great gas mileage

- Bezayda R

It is a very solid and good looking cars. 19 inch premium wheels

I dislike the size, I do like that it's awd. It's a nice car,

- George T

It drives like a race car.

I like the Chrysler 300 S because It's an All Wheel Drive.

- Jennifer S