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Sunroof, backup camera, heated seats, heated steering wheel.

Chrysler 300 is fully loaded and all the bells and whistles. Never had a problem to this date. Only has 33,000 miles and it rides beautiful. The engine on this car is v8 and it has the power. It has seat warmer on the driver side and the passenger side too. I have a camera for backing up and that is nice. It has a screen to block the sun on the back window. And it is computerize with a one touch button on my car dash. It is considered a luxury sedan automobile. Very comfortable to ride and all these wonderful and neat features on this car. It is 4 door and white exterior with black interior. Got a sunroof too. I can use my phone to start the car or unlock. It also revealed the problems on the car. For example, tire pressure, oil, and or anything that is wrong it will show. Oh by the way, it has heated steering wheel and heated seats. I love my car.

- Ronnie D

Chrysler 300 Queen of The Highway

The 2016 Chrysler 300 in my personal experience of purchasing for a second time has been absolutely great. I purchased a 2012 in 2013 and upgraded to a 2016 in 2017. The price for both vehicles were outstanding. I have not had any mechanical problems. Whenever there's a recall I do respond by taking to my nearest dealer. The performance of the horse power 292 to 363 hp. The most important comfort features is remote start. Which is excellent for all seasons of the year. The most important safety feature is back up camera because of the neighborhood I reside in. In addition, MPG is 19 city / 31 highway.


Its starting to have issues.

I love my car. It is a 300 it has a sunroof, navigation, heated and cooling seats and heated steering wheel. Its suppose to have heated a cooling cup holders but for some reason it does not. Its white with black rims and black leather seats. The things I don't like about the car is that the inside is falling apart. The radio is falling out the middle plastic is breaking and the backup camera is starting to have problems. If I had to buy car all over again I probably would go with something else. The car is not even 2 years old and Its already falling apart. Hope this helps.

- Kimberly D

The car is roomy and comfortable for long rides. It has lots of trunk space.

The Chrysler 300 is a great car. This one is the second one I have bought because I love it so much. The truck is so roomy and I can lay the back seats down and make it even bigger. The inside of the vehicle is also very roomy and comfortable. My husband is a very large man and he has no problems getting in and out of the car. He is also very comfortable driving it. I think the interior of the car is so beautiful. It also has wonderful features. I like the heated seats. The console is great for long rides and just going back and forth to work.

- Leah M

Amazing purchase totally recommend it.

I really enjoy driving my 300 the performance and comfort is just the best. I highly recommend this vehicle to families of 4 or less. The colors vary I own a grey vehicle and it looks very classy and sophisticated. I do have one complaint and that is that the doors swing out so far that when you open it and hop in you have to lean in so far. It can get annoying if your new to the car but you get used to it. Overall I love this car and totally recommend it.

- Todo F

2016 Chrysler 300 - anniversary edition.

Very reliable, sleek look, spacious interior, incredibly comfortable and fits a family of four with two car seats comfortably. I haven't had any problems yet with this vehicle but I have only owned it for 6 months. The cars performance is what I would expect. The only thing I have noticed is the cruise control does not seem to hold the steadiest speed when driving on hilly roads.

- Shelly S

A very comfortable full size sedan.

The 300 is a full sized sedan with plenty of room for 5 adults. The ride is smooth and quiet with easy handling and excellent acceleration. The visibility is very good and the backup camera and large screen is helpful. The vehicle has a distinctive style that makes it very stand out from other vehicles. The only negative - I miss having a CD player.

- Ruth A

Chrysler 300 delivers in all areas.

Car has amazing interior, very comfortable ride inside and out. Acceleration is very good for v6 and handles like a dream with its AWD even in cold snowy environments. Tons of trunk space. Not all that great on gas average 22-24 mpg. Problems with window switches can be common. A couple little issues but all in all a pretty solid vehicle.

- Jarred F

not good but not horrible either..

The tires weren't the original tires that went on there before but we got newer ones. There's this knock that randomly happens somewhere in the ac/heating. It's kind of low to the ground my mom use to have a jeep liberty that was higher up. The driver side isn't tall people friendly I'm about 6'5ish. The trunk has a lot of room.

- Edward B

Classy comfortable and reliable ride

The only problem that I have had is the rear window shade has been off track and replaced twice I love the comfy ride and stylish look. Get so many compliments on it and love taking it on long road trips. It's the most comfortable car I've ever had. I highly recommend it and plan to replace it with another when the time comes.

- Tammy S

The integration of the steering wheel with the backup camera is helpful.

The Chrysler 300 is completely reliable and very comfortable. One extremely helpful feature is the fine backup camera. The navigation system works very well. Heated seats make it very comfortable. Acceleration is excellent. Gas mileage seems fine too. Headlights and running lights make for good visibility under all conditions.

- Stuart B

Two section sunroof is a fun feature that provides a panoramic view when opened.

The 300 is quick to respond, roomy, comfortable and stylish. It has a very large trunk, a deep center console and a glove box for lots of storage. ? There is one feature that is missing from this car- a memory for the seats. I would like to be able to program a couple of options in the car. Other than that, it is a nice ride.

- Michele F

It's a little low to the ground, so be careful with any bumps.

We tradef in our 2006 300 for the 2016. We loved the first one, so it was a given that we would love the new one. We have had a few minor issues, such as the backup camera not working all the time and the seal around the door came undone, but simple fixes. We don't recommend getting one in black if you live in a hot climate.

- Brittany S

I am finally driving my dream car.

I love my Chrysler 300 pearl white all leather interior with heated seats, I love the roominess of it and the electric windows, and how it driving the passenger each can set different controls and have them saved, so at the push of a button which you saved controls your stuff so you have to do it every time, I love it.

- Mary S

The car is very fast, goes up to 160, and has good horsepower.

I love my car, its fast, smart and has an ease to drive. I just believe that it should have air in the back. Plus if it were to have an outlet or a USB or even an AUX cord, it would be better. I would also look to have the speedometer to go up to 180, I love seeing that in car or even a 160. It is amazing.

- Harriet J

The Chrysler 300 is the perfect car for families as it is roomy.

I absolutely love my Chrysler 300 it is my second one that I owned. It drives smooth and the look is sporty. It has plenty of room for people and luggage. I take very good care of it and change the oil every five thousand miles. I highly recommend my Chrysler 300 and look forward to purchasing my next one.

- Laura F

Just a nice road car if you do a lot of traveling.

No problem with car just isn't kind of car we usually by. A good road car. Seats not very comfortable but a ok car. Nice car if you like a nice road car. If it was my kind of car I would buy another one. Rides well, has a nice stereo system. Seats 5 comfortable has a good cooling and heating system.

- J M

Chrysler honestly changed my entire life! So luxurious and glamorous!

The only issue I'm having is with the temperature gauge sticking or something causing it to overheat. Other than that, it's great for highway miles, it's very luxurious, has amazing audio and video, and it's also very spacious. I feel so spoiled when driving it around town or on longer road trips.

- Rachel B

Very good on gas and for a room space comfortable.

I love my car is good on gas it is really very comfortable haven't had any problem out of it so nice car nice color electronically work very well it's just a nice car overall if I didn't have this car I will certainly purchase it will be very interested in buying it is a family car it is nice.

- Lavette W

I love the sunroof, it opens up really wide.

Drives great. Really spacious, feels like your driving a space shuttle. Very good sound system. It's the their one I've owned and until I can afford a Bentley, it's what i'll keep driving. My model has no CD/DVD players, that's one negative for sure. My 2015 one had it. . And my kids loved it.

- Patrick P

This is a decent car with average features.

I like the interior features such as the radio and console, as well as trunk space and sunroof. I do not like the blind spots and seat fabric as well as the gas mileage and maintenance expenses. That is all that I feel about this car at this particular time as I am looking to buy another car.

- Chelsea K

Loving my beautiful 2016 Chrysler 300.

The vehicle looks great, sharp look compared to other vehicles. The wheels and tires are sleek. It drives great, smooth, easy and is comfortable for both driver and passengers. Accelerates awesome, has good gas mileage and we love the moonroof and heated seats. The features are easy to use.

- Paula C

Absolutely amazing car. Would definitely buy another one.

Absolutely love my Chrysler 300c. It gets great gas mileage and has no road noise. The most comfortable riding car I have ever owned. I would definitely buy another one in a heartbeat. Everything about it is convenient from the drink holders that light up to the sunshade in the back window.

- Stormy H

Chrysler Blue Thunder, dark blue with white interior, full sunroof.

Very comfortable and reliable. Currently over 91,000 miles and no issues. Steering wheel controls work well. Touch handle to unlock. Roomy trunk. Back seat very roomy and comfortable. Radio display clear and easy to use. Bluetooth for phone and music connects dependably. Very happy with it!

- Amy G

Chrysler 300 C is the best car I have ever had!

I love this car. It has great gas mileage and runs great. I haven't had any problems with this car at all. The interior is great as well. Built in navigation system with hands free system that makes all trips much easier. I would recommend this car to anyone who is shopping for a new car.

- Sara W

My Chrysler 300. She is beautiful.

I have yet to have an issue with my 300 in the 2+ years I have had it. Rides smooth and has all the bells and whistles you need. Everything from heated seats, back up cam, Sirius xm, sport shifting, and it is just a beautiful car. There’s not much else that you really need to know.

- Jr. J

Power meets luxury. Price and performance must.

Amazing driving experience. It has the power of a sports car with the comfort of luxury sedan. Flaws would have to be tire and brake wear and tear. Speed sensor on tires goes out after a couple years. Best feature would have to be price and power. I would buy this car again.

- Aaron L

I really enjoy the heated seats.

It's a be as beautiful car. And a joy to drive. I do not drive a lot, but I drive only to work and home. I really love the heated seats. It makes my joints feel good I hope you guy enjoy this car too. I drive a chrysler 300c black on the outside and black on the inside.

- Rebecca S

Love my Chrysler 300, amazing features.

My car is very spacious inside and has a large trunk. Seats and dash makes it easy to clean. Rear sunshade and full sunroof are amazing features. Sound system is great. Car does have a few blind spot areas when driving so you have to double check before changing lanes.

- Brittany W

Chrysler 300. Fully loaded. Interior is leather. Runs perfectly great.

It is a very nice car. I love it. Runs smoothly. And always minor problems. I don't think I ever had many problems with it. Tires are good. Stereo is good. Everything runs fine. The body structure too fire. Interior is leather. Heated seats. Everything is fully loaded.

- Angel G

Good and bad of the mighty 300.

It is a very reliable and efficient vehicle with all the bells and whistles you could imagine. Beats speakers, touchscreen, and performs like a dream. Surprisingly strong engine and has good pick up on the highway. The only drawback is that you will pay a lot in gas.

- Donald F

Chrysler 300 awd: Very smooth ride, looks great!

My 300 rides very smooth, smoother than any other vehicle I have had. The car is fast and I am still getting around 27 mpg on the highway. The AWD is nice and gives me great traction. The downfall is the rattle that I hear inside of the car coming from the dashboard.

- Todd T

I especially like the sophisticated body style.

I have not had any issues at all with my Chrysler 300 other than routine maintenance issues. Overall, it has been a very reliable car. My only issue is I wish it got better gas mileage. Other than that I would definitely recommend this car to friends and family.

- Trinity M

The Chrysler 300 reliable, comfortable, sporty and trustworthy.

Very dependable, very comfortable, lots of extra convenient features such as Bluetooth compatible, excellent radio quality, on star with up to date navigation system, easy to drive, runs smooth, quiet motor, great even in the rain. Definitely worth the purchase.

- Ann D

Very good handling and suspension.

Great ride, comfortable, smooth steering, good mileage for a large sedan. I have had some problems with the computer screen that required dealer correction. It was covered under warranty. I would recommend this car and will likely buy another in a few years.

- Leslie S

Chrysler 300 s series review

Car has a very comfortable and luxurious feeling, it's roomie and has an easy ride. Features are easy to use and understand. Especially buttons on steering wheel. Problems with rotors and brakes shaking when stopping but once changed, the problem was fixed.

- Nikki S

292-horsepower engine and optional all-wheel drive.

This car gets 33 miles to gallon on highway. The front cabin is exceptionally roomy and the ride is very stable and comfortable. The electronics are some of the easiest to navigate and the climate control is nearly instant as soon as you start the vehicle..

- Rory L

Technically a v8 with ability to become a v4 if driven a certain way.

The car runs awesome it is a v8 so it is good on the freeway but errands and such around town is definitely not great on gas. Also very roomy in the back. My 3 kids can fit comfortably with legroom, one kid is 26 and 6 feet tall and he stays comfortable.

- Virginia G

It is a midsize luxury sedan dark blue with slightly leather interior.

I have had no issues at this point. Runs like a dream. I would definitely purchase another one next time I buy a new car. The one issue I would say with the car is it is not the best in gas. Other than that it's perfect in every way and a joy to drive.

- Daniel A

Safe, comfortable. Wouldn't drive anything else.

I absolutely love my 2016 Chrysler 300. It is reliable and super comfortable. I haven't had any problems with my car I just do regular maintenance to keep it running just like it is brand new. I would never choose another brand or model. I love my car.

- Michelle V

How much space there is; both inside as well as storage.

I like the design, especially the roominess of both the interior as well as the trunk size. It handles well. My only real complaint are the blind spots -especially in the sides. Thankfully I normally turn to look, but still.

- Dani W

Very good on gas mileage.

My Chrysler 300 is the most comfortable car I have ever owned. It rides smoothly, has a large trunk and is really good on gas. The backseat does not seem to have a lot of legroom but for short distances, it is great.

- Karen F

This vehicle is very reliable and good value for the money.

I currently drive a Chrysler 300, my last 6 vehicles have been the Chrysler 300. I like the look of the vehicle as well as the ride and amenities it has to offer. It is roomy and handles the road very well.

- Crystal F

It's extremely roomie. Fits two teenagers and a convertible car seat in the back seat supe comfortably.

It's a great dependable car but the problem is that it's too big and goes through a ton of gas I wish it had a smaller engine but on the plus side it fits my two teenagers and a toddler car seat perfectly.

- Angie G

It's full size with lots of room even in the back seats, it's very stylish.

I love the style of a chrysler 300. The car drives like a dream with a lot of options. The is my second Chrysler 300 but there seems to be a problem with rear noise when driving over bumps in the road.

- Lisa R

Car is mechanically sound and reliable performance. .

excellent mileage for size of vehicle.Nice ride on open highway. Good control on highway. Free of anything significant as far as problems and really, very few minor irritations. Real pleased with it.

- james s

back up camera, blind spot sensors,

I have the 300 limited. As far as my car goes I love it. I'm 6'3 and the interior is very roomy. I have the blind spot features. my only problem is once you get front-end damage, it's never the same

- Donnell W

It has lasted 18 years with minimal repairs.

It runs smoothly.. Its small but runs very well.. 5 seats people nice.. White color.. Seats are very comfortable and I always feel happy while driving it.

- Peter S

Built in seat warmers are your best friend in the winter.

It's just amazing. Does good on gas. No general problems. Smooth driving. Screen is very helpful with navigation and Bluetooth pairing is very useful.

- Crystal L

this automobile is a very comfortable and affordable luxury sedan

very comfortable ride. looks great. i get a lot of compliments. it has cruise control, heated seats. lumbar support. i am not tired when traveling

- marsha c

The power and room in the car. It has passing power when you need it, and still gets great mileage. Looks great, too!

I like the style. It has ample leg and head room. It gets great gas mileage for a full size car. My teenage sons fit comfortably in the rear seat

- Arcangelo C

The car is stylish it is a 2016 four door sedan comfortable driving.

Well I really do not have problem with my car but I car reliable and it gets me from A to B I love the radio feature and the style and the drive.

- John T

It drives very good on the road and on all surfaces

I like the features and benefits. I like the way it drives on the road. I like the look of my vehicle. I like the room in essential of the car

- Ricky P

This car is one of the safest vehicles ever.

I like the speed and build of my vehicle. It takes me to and from point a to b so I'm not complaining. I dislike the technical issues it has.

- Shaila L

2016 Chrysler s 300 review.

Performance is expected. Really comfortable ride and I have had no mechanical issues. I recommend this vehicle for young and older drivers.

- Jared S

It is spacious and mostly reliable.

I do not have any dislikes about my car nor complaints other than the monthly payments are too high. I love most everything about my car.

- Kristina H

Chrysler 300 class and swag.

It is a comfortable and very smooth riding vehicle. It has a lot of bells and whistles and it is great on gas. Also great for traveling.

- Jonathan W




It has two car seats in the back, my family is the most important thing to me.

I like how smooth it drives. I like the tinted windows and I also like the rims. Anything thing I like about it is the beat speakers.

- Tommy R

This is by far the fastest car I've ever driven and owned.

Best car I've ever owned. It had an amazing warranty, all the features. I never had a problem with it at all. I live Chevrolet.

- Christina R

When it's time to change oil and put antifreeze in the car rotate tires.

I like my vehicle cause it take me where I need to go. I dislike when something goes wrong with my car and I have to fix it.

- Sarah W

Love the luxury for the price!

Love the bells and whistles on my car. Love the weather alerts, super convenient! Cooled seats help cool it off quick too!

- Jessica S




It's super overpriced for the car features.

Easy on gas. Fairly spacious. Its pretty slow as far as horsepower goes unfortunately. All around it's an okay vehicle.

- Sun S

Chrysler , The Best Value for Money ! Great comfort and Size

it is a high quality value vehicle that is a great size and i love the comfort that it gives me as I travel around.

- Mark S

My Chrysler 300 Is the best vehicle I driven in a while

I have the chrysler 300 and it is a well design car i have not have any problems with the car since i purchase it

- marques H

I really like the backup camera I never had it before on previous vehicles its handy

I really love the overall comfort of the vehicle and it's updated features. Its safety and updated gadgets.

- Taylor B

they safety features, work very well.

great reliable family vehicle. My family has purchase this brand many times in the past and we love it.

- nicole H

It drives and rides really smooth. It doesn't even feel like you're driving in a car.

I love the navigation system built into my car. I enjoy the sound system. It has a really smooth ride.

- Jennie Q

At 54,000 miles, never been garaged for repairs, only maintenance.

Traditional rear wheel drive, full sized American sedan. Smooth, quiet ride. Good value for the money.

- Lee A

It's very fast. You have to be careful to not speed. And to not get pulled over

It looks nice and it drives fast. It gets good mileage. It's really smooth and comfortable inside

- Lauren T

I've never had a problem with it and consider it very reliable

I like the way it looks and drives. I miss the air conditioned seats of my previous model.

- renee l

It's very roomy, comfortable for travel, and gets excellent gas mileage.

It's large and comfortable. It gets good gas mileage. It's a pretty color.

- Linda H

It's fast and handles great!! Never a problem doing into a turn or getting off an exit.

My car doesn't have a cd player but awesome pick up!

- Jennifer E


love the silver clock. Has good power. looks nice.

- cherie s



- BILL a