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Great family car that gets you around town in comfort and style while being safe

The car is truly reliable. It gets me to and from work and children activities with no problems. It is great on gas. With regular maintenance I have not experienced any major mechanical problems. It is extremely comfortable. W My small family of three rides comfortably for short and long distances. The passenger side has extra leg room for tall riders. The backseat is roomy for my children and friends to travel in great comfort. It is all automatic and has a passive alarm system so it is also secure. I love this vehicle and it has been reliable for my family for as long as we have owned it.

- Lorraine F

The pros and cons of a 2005 Chrysler Sebring.

I really like the vehicle. It gets decent gas mileage considering the year the car was made. It has quite a bit of mileage on it and it runs pretty well and no major problems have occurred. Mostly just maintenance issues such as new tires, oil changes, new brakes, etc. That have to be replaced or changed periodically. The only thing is that it does not have some of the modern conveniences as newer cars such as heated seats, rear view cameras, navigation, etc.

- Nicole T

Very slick, highlight feature of this vehicle would be that it is a convertible.

The comfort of this vehicle is very high, I am considerably short so I have no problem with how low this car is. The convertible feature is very nice for a warm summer day. One of my favorite features is also that there are warming seats. Performance wise, this car has been pretty good and easy to manage, very straight forward car. The only problem I find with this car is that is has poor gas mileage. I end up paying about $40 every time I fill up the tank.

- Autumn G

A reliable car with minor issues.

Passenger window does not come down or convertible top plus overheats from time to time radio cuts out as well need new struts but with all these minor problem I've driven the car to Miami Florida 3 times South Carolina once basically since having the car I've been all over the state of Florida practically I mean it's a good running car with a few minor fixes it'll be an even better car suitable for reliance.

- Maurice E

Good, reliable, comfortable transportation.

I really enjoy my car. It is a comfortable size for seating & maneuverability. The trunk does not look that large from the outside, but it can hold an amazing amount of "stuff. " It is pretty reliable, & only in the past couple of years has it had problems that were on the expensive side. It does not have a lot of bells & whistles, but it has met my needs very well.

- Joanne B

It is dependable, low-maintenance, and handles well.

It is a full-size sedan that handles well - I like the amount of pickup it has and It's stability in highway driving. It's a little large and the turning radius is terrible, and for some reason you can switch gears while barely touching the shift. I'm not a fan of the color or interior (white, and tan canvas), but overall I like the car and enjoy driving it.

- Cate s

Our car is a convertible and that is the best part about it.

The car is a convertible and the back window of the rag top is missing and has been replace with plastic. This plastic rattles when the car is on the road. Also the radio does not work. And the air conditioner does not work. The trunk is missing the cover over the spare tire and when one puts groceries in the trunk they have to go on top of the spare tire.

- Frances W

It is a great car. It runs very great. And it also have a very great style.

It is a very great car in general. I have had a few problems with it, but other than that it runs great. I have taken long trips in my car. Everything is underneath the car though. It is hard to get to the battery. You have to take the whole entire driver side tire off in the front, and then take off the side paneling just to get to the battery.

- Chelsea M

It has awesome gas mileage ex specialty when going on long trips b.

Well since I have owned it I have had to put a new starter alternator battery and water pump on it and I have had it for 2 yrs. Now it feels like the transmission is going out. I really need to find a new one. But I do love the stereo in it and the sunroof. It has a 3. 0 v6 engine. So it does have the power but just not now.

- Melissa C

Always wanted a convertible.

It has been a reliable car mechanic wise. Have had trouble with rear window not functioning properly and the top not functioning properly. Love having a convertible, great gas mileage, easy to drive and very comfortable. . The back seat is not the most comfortable for taller adults and the wind is bad when top down.

- Jackie T

Luxurious inside, no signs of breaking down. No smoking engine no overheating.

Only problem I have is dash lights don't work. So I put in a light to attach on the dash to see speedometer and oil light and temp gauge in the car. I had to put a headlight and a new tire and fix the roof interior a bit. I gave car an oil change and antifreeze to winterize it. Put brake disc on was squealing a bit.

- Shirley W

My car is red and sporty really looks nice! Has 4 doors and quite roomy.

I love the car but the switch that controls the interior light and headlights are pretty much faulty! If the headlights are on the dash lights wont work if the interior light isn't on and the headlights don't turn off without clicking the switch twice! Other then that it is a awesome car good on gas and its fast!

- Marilyn S

Love my Chrysler Sebring convertible.

Love the sporty convertible. Great, smooth ride for a front wheel drive. Only problem is, I am getting older, 68, and this car is low to ground. Getting harder for my hubby and I to get in and out of. Otherwise, great vehicle. I hope to have her for many more years, she is just about to turn 100, 000 miles!

- Sandie W

Great car for a family with kids. The radio is touch screen and can play movies.

The car is pretty reliable, has good performance, and is comfortable inside and overall. The vehicle has good control and some nice features. The only thing I really dislike about my vehicle is it feels it has too many blind spots for me. I would recommend this car to someone looking to purchase a vehicle.

- Lauren K

Convertible in chilly winters.

It's good. But sometimes in winter it takes a long time to heat up. Also in summers its best as you open the roof and enjoy. It's perfect. In summer it makes eyes turn. Also in winters its bit problematic. Good mileage and less gas consumption. But overall the car is good and ok to use.

- John D

About my Chrysler Sebring convertible.

I love my car but it is a convertible and has, of late, started to leak slightly on the driver side. It is a nuisance. It is a comfortable ride and the one thing I do not like is the car is low to the ground. I am 68 and my husband is 74 and getting in and out of this car can be a challenge.

- Sandie W

Jade satin Chrysler Sebring.

I enjoy how durable this specific car is, especially because it is lasted since 2005 and still runs today. It rides smooth, has great gas mileage, and looks sleek. There's just no AUX cable port, but that is a minor personal issue; the point is, it is a wonderful car for commuters.

- Gisel T

Still runs. Dependable so far. Just needed standard old car replacement stuff.

Replaced battery, alternator, o2 sensor,windshield wiper motor, and have been driving for months with the engine light on. CD player quit working, panel for window control on the drivers door fell off. It was not too bad when I bought it 2 years ago. It just started falling apart.

- Ruth K

Great car if you love convertibles.

My car is very reliable. As long as you service regularly it will go forever. The only issue I've had is the convertible top where the window separated from the top. I had to replace the top which costs around 1800 dollars. But it is great. The paint is a little oxidized as well.

- Lisa P

Good car spend on gas and minor issues.

It's good for a first car. Some minor issues but fixable. Got it cheap which was a good deal. Drive it everyday. A little spend on gas other than that it's a good car. Squeaky turning wheels, dent in the car door, and back window doesn't work, but other than that it's a good car.

- Alex M

I Love My Chrysler Sebring

My Chrysler is a Sebring Convertible. It drives like a dream & is a very comfortable car on road trips. She get around 28 mph on the highway & 22 in the city. She is also sleek & well designed. She is low maintenance despite being 14 years old. I love my Sebring.

- Ruth T

Reliable and affordable ragtop Chrysler sebring with low mileage.

It is a good running vehicle with a sporty appearance. Reliable and often times fun to drive. It has cool air in the summer and warm air in the winter. It is a ragtop convertible with leather interior. Midnight blue on the outside and a gun metal grey colored leather upholstery.

- Aaron B

2005 Chrysler sebring GTC convertible.

Vehicle is great on gas, rides nicely and has easy to find parts for when repairs are needed. The only negative is that the check engine light keeps coming on even after I repair the issue. Cooling thermostat has been replaced twice now and the heat only works when on high fan.

- Heather D

My cars a v6 so it's amazing on gas and I can put 20 in and it will last a week.

I love my car I have had it a year and never had a problem with it. It runs like a champ and the heat is killer. You turn the car on and in less then 10 minutes its warmed up and ready to go. My fabric seats are the best as well I love my car. Highly recommend it to everyone.

- Marie D

The storm trooper mobile.

It does not have the best suspension. And the brakes run out really fast. However, it is a good car. I wish that it was quieter and didn't require so much gas. But all in all, it is a very good car and I love it. The colors available are also really pretty and it is reliable.

- Page J

Car is stable/functions well. Maintenance keeps it in good condition.

I enjoy the smooth ride is has as well as the durability of the make and functioning of the car. My complaint is that the headlights do not go off automatically when turning off the engine. I must remember to do that although it will 'beep' as a warning, which helps.

- Grace R

Wheel bearings and tie rods need replaced frequently.

I have had minor issues along the way but overall reliable. Wheel bearings seemed to go out frequently and also replaced tie rods more than once. Paint job is peeling but it is to be expected with a 13 year old car. Most other issues were regular maintenance issues.

- Michelle L

Suspension sucks on the Chrysler sebring.

The suspension is not good and makes for a rough ride. It's got a nice radio in it, but it's not the factory one so that's probably why. I can't think of any other major problems or anything that's exceptionally great about it either. It gets me where I need to go.

- Raymond M

Sebring benefits and style.

It is very reliable and gets good gas mileage as well as being stylish. It comes in a variety of colors. It has the latest features including built in GPS. It also comes with setup for no hands for your cell phone. It comes equipped with satellite radio.

- Linda K

Excellent family car for in town use and also for traveling.

I have enjoyed my Chrysler sebring very much. My only complaint is that the engine light stays on and every time we have it fixed it comes back on after a few weeks. It has been an excellent car for my husband and me for in town use and for our travels.

- Muriel S

It is reliable but extremely small. If you are tall or heavy you may have a hard time enjoying it.

It's very short while I'm very tall. The cloth top is also getting damaged from regular use. It often drains the battery even when I'm not using it, too, because it is so reliant on electricity due to premium "bells and whistles".

- Kevin L

Sebring delights, except for seat comfort!

The overall performance is good. I like the look of the car, and the gas mileage. The drawback to the vehicle, are the seats, so not comfortable! They sit too low, cannot be adjusted to fit me. Other than that, I enjoy the car!

- Teresa V

Review of a 2005 Chrysler Sebring

The Sebring is a reliable, basic sedan. The 2005 model has the early features of air conditioning, cruise control, powered windows, but does not have newer features like navigation. The trunk is spacious.

- Leah H

Its tougher to drive in the rain.

My vehicle is reliable. What I do not like is that it needs some work. I can't afFord a new vehicle. It's kind of hard to get around if I have to ride for hours but it's okay to get to close by places.

- Maria B

My very comfortable Sebring

I love my sebring. The only problems I have had with it is a few minor electrical issues plus my ball joints went out. It gets good gas mileage and is a very comfortable car.

- Stephanie F

It is not all that mechanically sound. It is always needing some sort of repair and it bucks when you drive it.

I love that it is a convertible. Since I bought it, it has had one problem after the other. It does not drive smooth and the top does not always go back up without a problem

- katherine c

It is reliable, can fit at least 5 people, is an automatic.

I like that my vehicle has been very reliable. I do not particularly like the color of it or the style. If I could choose I would have more of an SUV in a custom paint job.

- Jessica F

Gets good gas miles drives ride smooth runs smooth all in all its is the best.

I love the way it drives it's like everything about it I like that it's a two door. It get good gas mileage doesn't cost a lot to fill up with gas get good gas mileage.

- Felicia T

It runs good. We have had a lot of work done to it, replaced wheel bearings.

It is getting old and needs work, driver side window will not roll down. It runs good though. It has a big dent on passenger side that we cannot afFord to get fixed.

- Joanne C

There are a lot of maintenance issues with this car.

There are a lot of maintenance issues with this car. I like being able to take the top down when it's not too hot or cold outside. It's not a great family car.

- Amy M

It does not take that much gas to fill up, and it's a four seater.

I like that my car is a convertible, I like the 6 cylinder engine, I like the features such as the 6 discs CD changer, and I like the sporty look my car has.

- Michael M

It is comfortable and reliable.

overall I like Chryslers but mine has some problems. Chrysler a/c and heat operate quickly and efficiently. They are good basic vehicles that are reliable.

- Sherry W

It is older but runs smoothly.

I cannot complain because as of right now there are no problems as far as how it runs. Cosmetically there are a few issues, but i got a good deal on it.

- Hannah C

It doesn't handle turns very well. You have to go really slow when turning.

I like that it runs. I do not like how short the inside is. It makes it hard for taller people to sit in the car. The steering wheel is also not great.

- Rachelle S

It is a convertible and drives very well.

I like it is a convertible.. I like its red.. I like it drives well and not breaking den a.. To.. I do not like that paint in peeling on the hood..

- Frances J

It has been reliable. There have been no major issues.

It has good pick up. It has had a minimum of problems. But it didn't get very good gas mileage. The aftermarket features make it more expensive.

- B S

It is maintenance free. And has been since the day I bought it.

Google gas mileage. Very reliable. Very comfortable to drive. I feel very safe when driving and have no concerns. Also car is maintenance free.

- Phil R

It came from my grandmother, only 130k miles, and rebuilt transmission.

I like that it is a convertible. I like that it drives smooth. I do not like that it is two doors. I do not like that transmissions went out.

- Shannon R

It is mechanically sound, with very few problems.

It is a classic and I love that it is a convertible. I have had very few problems mechanically. It runs very well and is quite comfortable.

- Anita K

It doesn't take that much gas to fill up, it's a 6 cylinder engine, it's a 2 door, but with 4 seats.

I like that my car is a convertible, I like the features in my car such as the 6 discs CD changer, and I like the sporty look my car has.

- Tejai M

Tons of fun. Reliable and gets attention wherever I go.

It is great! Lots of fun, looks good, reliable. Over 162, 000 miles on it and going strong. Lots of room for passengers and trunk space.

- Elise P

It is a convertible & life is too short not to have a convertible.

I love the style, the ride, & the fact that it is a convertible. I wish it had 4 doors & that I could find the source of 2 small leaks.

- Ruthanne T

There is no specifically important information that you should know.

The car has held up very well for being 13 years old. Performance and everything is just as to be expected. Very reliable car.

- Sarah C

The handling on this car is fantastic the battery is underneath the left wheel.

I love it cuz it is a convertible I hate it because it needs work done all in all it is a great vehicle just needs work.

- Scott Z

Great gas mileage and easy maintenance.

The car us comfortable and reliable. The only recurring problem I have is that the rear view mirror keeps falling off.

- Becky K

It is reliable, and good gas mileage.

My car is in good shape for the year and mechanically it runs good. Few repairs because I do not drive very much.

- Brenda P

My car still works somewhat.

I like that it runs. I do not appreciate that it keeps breaking and I will need a new one eventually soon.

- Jami V

The car leaks oil and is going to cost money to fix.

I like that it is a car that is reliable for the most part l. However it leaks oil and the sensor is off.

- Renee J

It's a very safe car to ride and drive in. Good on gas as well

It is reliable and is not a problem with gas. Gets me where I need to go and when I need to get there.

- Timothy R

It is a lifeline of my family. It may be an "old gal" but she is still sporty, reliable and dependable.

I love my sebring. It may be an older car by today's standards but it fits my family's needs perfectly.

- Carolyn P

It a great car to ride in

It ride smooth we have had no problem with my car it's a reliable car to get you to work and home it

- Ykeita S

That it is a dependable car.

I love it because it is incredibly reliable. It's comfortable and dependable.

- Alison P

I has amazing trunk space. I love how big the trunk is.

It's not very roomy. I can't have the sun visors down or I can't see at all.

- Michelle W

if there is anything wrong with it . how does it drive

it drives great. dislike nothing. it gets me where i'm gonna love it.

- tina u

Its reliable. It handles wear and tear very well. Its been through a lot and it still works.

It works. When 1 thing goes it seems like everything else goes also.

- Shalena D