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Town and country's are great for kids!

This vehicle is very reliable. I like that the seats fold down. We have one DVD player that comes with headphones so the driver does not have to listen to what's on the DVD. There is plenty of room to seat 7. One downfall is that when the 3rd row is up it really limits your trunk space. We have been using the 3rd row as a split bench which gives a little more trunk room. Car seats are easy to move around with the latch system. We are able to put one car seat in each of the captain's chairs and 1 car seat in the 3rd row. It would be nice if the anchor points for the latch system in the 3rd row were not in the middle spot so that it could accommodate a car seat better. Our vehicle has push button start and keyless entry. It makes it easier with children to get in-and-out of the vehicle and not have to worry about your keys. Another good feature is the button to open and close the trunk and open and close the side sliding doors. That feature is very helpful when you have small children and you have the controls right above your head in the front seat. The miles to empty feature as well as the tire pressure feature are extremely handy and make it easier to monitor what is happening with your vehicle. All in all I would recommend this van to anyone with children.

- J G

Chrysler town and country.

I really like my Chrysler town and country for many reasons. First, there is plenty on space for myself, my four kids and husband and we even have enough space for our dog if has tagging along plus all of the kids equipment, whether its for sports, hunting or just play. I like the heated features for our cold winter months including heating seats and steering wheel plus back control so the children can control their own heat. I absolutely love how all the back seats fold down into the floor so make transporting large items easy and possible! The van ride smooth and the seats are comfortable. I like the leather material as it is easy to clean and looks nice. I like the fact that you can check your air pressure and it alerts when you need to change your oil. There are also charging ports all over the vehicle, which I love! The DVD system is nice for long trips and stores away easily. I really can't think of anything I do not like about my Chrysler town and country minivan.

- Katie M

Voice operated Bluetooth in radio is just the start.

I like that the seat goes up and down as well as back and forth being short it makes a real difference. I love the backup camera. It is a great tool you still need to look around but the camera helps immensely. The Bluetooth feature is wonderful. I do not use call people or text when driving. With the Bluetooth I still do not however, I am able to answer the phone without taking my eyes off the road. There is a DVD player so our backseat riders can watch a movie while we travel. There is also a screen in the front that you can watch it from but only when the car is in park. It also has several places to plug in your phones or tablets. Also in the back the is a electric plug we can plug in our fan. In our older van you could take the seat out but in this van you can fold the seats down into the floor. It has a built-in garage door opener, which I love. Since we only has 2 and this being 3rd vehicle I didn't have to purchase another remote.

- Debra M

The perfect vehicle for a busy family that is always on the go.

In the 2 years and 3 months that I have own this vehicle we have had no mechanical issues or concerns. It is an extremely reliable vehicle for me and my family. We can easily fit our family of 5 along with all kinds of sporting equipment to shuttle my children around to their games and practices. We have all electric doors which is a convenience when trying to load the vehicle with an armload of goods. The simple touch of a button on the key will open the second row doors and the rear gate. We absolutely love the store away seats which enables us to easily flip the seats down to haul bigger items. The stow away seats also give extra storage in the middle row of the seats are in the upright position. We also have the DVD player which entertains the kids for longer trips. It is the perfect vehicle for a busy family that is always on the go!

- Kim N

Gunmetal grey minivan and I love it.

I love the interior size of my car. I like how it does not have leather seats as I hate them. I wish it would connect to my phone more than text and calls (navigation, music). I like the gun metal grey color as well. The heated seats and steering wheel is great and I really enjoy the keyless remote as well. The trunk is roomy, perfect for groceries. I like the store and go seating as well. It has been great for long trips. I do not like the crappy tires. They slide around in the snow and rain. The TV for the kids is a nice extra for long trips as well. Overall, I would purchase this car again and am considering purchasing it when my lease is up. This will depend on the residual value of the car though. I am please with my town and country car.

- Kelley P

A realistic minivan review.

There are some quality control issues with the town & country. The plastic piece behind the driver's side mirror fell off and is not replaceable. The Uconnect software for Bluetooth is not reliable and lags in response time. The aerodynamics of the minivan are clearly not there when driving in windy conditions. You can feel the van veering. On the positive side, the in car entertainment (DVD) is loved by my children. The headphones were not included when we purchased our minivan (purchased used within a year of model year). We purchased two sets from amazon. The minivan is fairly roomy. We can fit drywall sheets in the van, if you pull the front seats all the way forward (making driving a bit uncomfortable). The sliding doors are convenient.

- Cam W

My town and country. Love the storage capability and roominess of the interior.

My town and country is perfect for a family of six or seven. It can be easily converted for moving things because all the seats behind the front bucket seats come out or fold into the floor. If not folding into floor that space can be used for storage. Gas mileage is great whether city, 18 mpg, or highway at about 25 mpg. It has a back up camera, video player and many cup holders for the whole family. It is also equipped with two glove compartments and even more storage between the front seats. The stereo is great and compatible if you like XM and has a DVD player included.

- Terri B

It rides very comfortably and holds up to 7 adults.

I love the dual sliding doors and rear trunk assist. It drives very well and I feel that it is very stable on the roads and highways. We have a dvd player which comes in handy for long road trips and additional USB ports to plug up electronics if necessary. It has lots of cup holders and can seat 7 adults comfortably. The middle row and back row seats are able to be put down in to the base of the car to create more room for bigger items. The only downside is the gas mileage is not the best. Although it does use flex fuel if you have access to that type of gasoline.

- grace p

Only 1 car seat anchor in the 3rd row can make placing car seats can be a problem.

I love my van! We have a couple of minor issues that we deal with since we are out of our warranty. Mainly one our sliding doors tends to get stuck and needs to be closed manually. Otherwise the performance is good, I get decent gas mileage for a car of it is size, I love the stow and go options and the ability to have extra people ride with me or have all. Of the seats down for moving stuff. I do not like that there is only 1 car seat anchor in the 3rd row, there should be at least 2 since it is recommended that all forward facing car seats be tethered.

- Sommer P

Very roomy, comfortable and reliable.

My Chrysler Town and Country has served my family of 6, very well. We have taken it on road trips, sporting events and around town. It has been very reliable and has okay gas mileage. The vehicle is equipped with a video player, perfect for the children to watch their favorite movies. The only issue we have is the air conditioning. The back passengers complain that the air conditioner is not as effective as when they sit up front. The fans are not placed well for people who are short and tend to cool the middle better than the sides.

- sonia c

Passenger side doors - only issue.

The only problem I have had with the van is the power doors. Sometimes the doors will not close automatically; they close so far and them pop back open. In that case, we have to push the door closed. Another issue is a grinding sound sometime when the door is closing. The sound will last a day or so and them go away. I suspect that something might be in the way of the door closing mechanism but we never see anything. The seats are comfortable and I often fall asleep when my husband is driving on longer trips.

- Lisa P

It is great car for a large family because it has a lot of space and is easy to store a lot of stuff and convert from seats to without seats.

I love how easy it is to put the back seats up and down. I also like how far up you sit when driving. It is even better than the other van that we own. I also like that there are not cloth seats with having kids that could make a mess. The screen and DVD player are also nice for long car trips. I do wish that our model would have a remote starter. That would be helpful sometimes. We also had to replace the track shortly after the warranty ended. That was a little frustrating, but it has worked great since.

- Jeremy G

It is not AWD or fwd. Making winter driving a little harder.

It is a great vehicle. Some things I like are the automatic sliding doors. Great for getting kids in and out of car seats. Love the heated seats and the heated steering wheel. The DVD player is a life saver with kids! Lots of room! Some things I don't like are the lack of Fwd. or AWD. And wish it was a little higher off the ground. I also would like for it to have cooled seats. It is a push button start which is nice in some ways but irritating in others, like one more thing to replace the battery in.

- Megan A

Very functional for a family.

I love how functional it is for a family. The automatic doors make drop off and pick up really easy while the other children are entertained by the DVD player. The leather seats provide for easy clean up and I love that they fold into the floor. I enjoy crafting and can fit whole boards from the hardware store in the back of my van. My family all fits with plenty of room and since they are bucket seats I do not have kids climbing over or stuck in the back everything is easily accessible.

- Jenna C

Town and country, ease and luxury.

Our town and country is the best! When driving you are sitting up high and the windshield is large enough to see entire road. The passenger seating is great! There is plenty of legroom and the seats can fold down under the car providing lots of room for luggage or groceries. The back cargo area is deep and the hatch opens with the click of a button. It drives smooth and we get great mileage. We Did opt for the DVD player and it has been. Great for long trips with the kids.

- Nicole F

With the 3rd row and stow and go seating there is so much room!

My van gets up and goes! It can seat 7, and the stow and go seating make it so easy to haul anything big! The leather seats are so comfortable, and the DVD player keeps the kids busy for long car rides. Rear view camera is also a nice perk! We switched from a Tahoe to this van, and the #1 thing I like better than any other 3rd row vehicle is all the space behind the 3rd row! I can actually fit groceries and my kids sporting equipment. The gas mileage is also a huge plus!

- Erica H

Very safe to be in. Air bags, side panel protection and alarm system make this a very safe vehicle

It is a Platinum, so it has everything. Drives easy,and fast. Easy to park, seats are more comfortable than my furniture in house. It is classy looking. I'm really glad I don't have the vcr screens in the headrest like a Pacifica. I won't buy a Pacifica. Love the way seats go into floor, much easier than my 2006 T & C. Really, really like it. Wish it had a front camera like the rear camera. Sometimes it is hard to see how close it is to something.

- Sherry C

Hands-free doors are the best!

With four kids, I absolutely love the hands-free operation of the doors and trunk. It is so nice to be able to quickly open and close them from the driver’s seat or from afar. They are simple enough that my 4 year old can do it. They open and close slowly enough that I do not worry about someone getting hurt. It is also a very comfortable ride. I am glad that I purchased this car. We have used for everyday errands as well as distance traveling.

- Cassie J

Not an all weather or powerful vehicle.

Very comfortable vehicle- love the heated seats and steering- it does not drive well in winter and slides all over. It does not have good acceleration when pulling out. Needs a more powerful engine and all wheel drive. We need this size vehicle for our family but will probably have to go to an SUV to get the things it is lacking. I like the sliding doors and being able to move around from front to back in the vehicle.

- Shannon E

Our family van. We love that everyone in our family can be comfortable

It is perfect for our family of 5. We love that we can put down the seats without having to take them out like they did in the old days. We love that there is a dvd player for the kids and the headphone ability is amazing. It is comfortable and we love the different abilities to make the back seats cooler or warmer without us in the front being uncomfortable. Would highly recommend this van for families.

- Angel M

Amazing vehicle that is both comfortable and economical.

I love Dodge and Chrysler vehicles. I have owned many since 1995. They have great ratings and are very reliable. I like the vans especially on long trips, they are the most comfortable as far as seats go and leg room. The only problem I have are the head rest area. On a long trip you can not get comfortable. I really wish they would redesign this. I have stuck with this car and will continue to buy.

- Joann M

The stow and go seating is a plus!

We love our Chrysler minivan because we can haul so much stuff in it. We have the stow and go back seats that go down into the floor which provides a long span to haul almost anything. It also can haul 7 people with the second and third row of seats. The car rides very smooth and quiet. This minivan also has a great console area but not so large that I can not get into the back seat to get something.

- Vendetta J

Best vehicle I have purchased.

This vehicle is comfortable. 7 Passenger van all seat recline and all the windows goes down. . It has 2 built in TV . Leather seats and storage compartments under the seats. The seat can be removed or go in the storage compartment and you have like a space of a pickup truck to transport furniture or other things like a full size real Christmas tree. Love it especially for road trips with my family.

- Daphne D

always have your software upgraded and checked when you get your vehicle serviced for oil changes.

The minivan has many accessories and options for additional packages installed. Maintenance expenses can be very costly at first, but new parts seem to be much more dependable and long lasting than factory installed parts. Common issues are exhaust problems, brakes, and some electrical issues, many of the engine problems exist from the vans computer problems or needed upgrades.

- chris C

It has so much space! Seats fold flat into the ground to make so much room in the back.

I absolutely love my Van. We use it like a truck because all the seats fold into the floor and it can carry and haul so much. My kids love the space they have and the dvd player in the ceiling. It also has running lights along the middle of the roof and my kids think it looks like airplane lights. My only complaint is that it doesn't do well climbing the mountain roads.

- Amanda G

Lots of room, cup holders and outlets but has mechanical issues.

I keep having a misfire in the 6th cylinder even though we replaced the spark plugs and coil. After one year of having this car I had to replace the battery after it completely died on me leaving me stranded in a parking lot. I like that this car has lots of cup holders and outlets for charging electronics as I have several kids and we travel in this vehicle a lot.

- Emily J

Love my town and country.

I absolutely love our car. Great gas mileage and fits 7 people comfortably. Features are easy to use. We've already made several long trips and the car performed great. Only issue we've had is that the power adjustment controls for the driver's seat have had to be repaired. Still waiting for dealer to fix. (issue with insurance deciding the best route of repair).

- Larry B

Comfort, space, and entertainment.

We purchased our Chrysler town and country when my daughter was 2 weeks old after we realized our current car just wasn't roomy enough. We love the stow and go seating. There's plenty of room for all the things that come with having a baby. Now that our daughter is a little older, the DVD player is an excellent feature to keep her entertained during long trips.

- Bobbi T

Nice riding vehicle. Low maintenance.

The only problem I have noticed is the transmission jumps once in awhile. Otherwise, we love the back up cam, the DVD player and all doors open from the key fob. There's plenty of space in the rear hatch, to fit all groceries and my travel scooter. Everything on the interior is easy to clean and maintain. It does use a little more gas than our previous one.

- Christy G

Town and Country vs Honda Odyssey

If this was my first van, I think I'd be happy with the quality. Seeing as how this is my third van, the previous all being Honda Odyssey, I can tell a huge difference. The town and country isn't as sturdy. The seats aren't as cushy and comfortable. We've had more issues with this van in the first year of ownership than we ever had with any of our Honda's.

- Andrea H

Stow and go provides so much extra room in the vehicle.

Rides and drives really great on long trips, the stow and go is a fantastic feature for us because my husband has to rest a lot with back issues. We put a twin mattress in the back when travelling and he can rest as needed. Third row seating is great when traveling with all of the grandkids. Great handling of the road so feel safer when on the interstates.

- Sharon F

A vehicle designed for families and expected families.

From the heated seats to the rear view camera, the features are superb. The vehicle handles extremely well. The DVD player is exceptional for families on trips as short as to the grocery store all the way to far Edge of the country. Every seat is adjustable and provides maximum comfort. Anyone looking to buy this vehicle you will be highly satisfied.

- Nicholas P

It is very spacious. Perfect for families with children. The automatic side doors make life a lot easier. Back up camera is a nice extra as well.

I love the room we have inside the van. My kids have so much space for their legs and feet. The trunk space is awesome for grocery store trips. I also like that it has a DVD player built in, so the kids can watch while we are driving. I don't like that it doesn't have heated seats or remote start. I also think the setup of the auxiliary port is odd.

- Savannah K

The touch screen and built in GPS is a great feature.

Battery just messed up other than that no problems really I do need to change fuses sometimes for the electric parts such as doors and things like that. This is a great vehicle my kids love watching movies while traveling on the drop down screen. They even use it when they just want to stay in the car when it is cold outside due to sport games.

- Tiffany T

That it is a multi-purpose. From travelling with pets, to taking everything you need on a family vacation, the storage and space cannot be beat. People need to move past the perception of having a minivan are and truly understand the benefits it provides.

I like the vehicle because of Its storage capacity. It can hold items for the yard, such as bags of mulch as well as fully loading all the items we want to take on a family beach vacation. lastly, we had two Labradors and it is great for loading them in and bringing them along. On the downside, he gas mileage is just OK, a bit above 20 mpg.

- Rob B

Gorgeous yet cheap car for family or disabled people.

The first year the car drove amazing. Now the right passenger door doesn't work nor will that window. It's nice interior but you can clearly tell it was cheaply put together. Also the buttons on the driver side window popped off. So now I can't roll down the down 3 of my windows: the driver side, the passenger side, & the back passenger side.

- Marisa S

Love my minivan (never thought I'd say that!!).

I think the front seats could be more comfortable, they feel quite stiff. That being said, we do not take real long car rides in it so just tooling around town it is more than adequate. I love the stow and go functions. So easy to use even with kids running all over. My little kids can easily push the buttons to make the doors open and close.

- Lura O

Town and country 2016 s - good overall car with room and drop down seats.

Car is very comfortable and convenient. Love the room and drop down seats. Like the convenience of the sliding doors and the gas economy. Plenty of room for all equipment etc. East to drive. I had problems with features - the heat seat and the chargers. The back bumper had a gloss black that was easily scratched and now looks terrible.

- Jen D

Kid Hauler with plenty of Storage

I love my town and country! We needed a vehicle with room enough to haul 5 kids and groceries or other stuff at the same time. This vehicle does that! Even with all the kids in the van, I can still get plenty of stuff in the back. Being able to fold down the back seats is a plus as well as being able to store stuff under the middle seats.

- Melissa W

All of the back seats drop down into the floor. Since this is possible, I've been able to carry plywood, sheetrock, twin mattress, and even a washer and dryer together.

I love the functionality. It is great for road trips with your family. I'm also able to drop the seats and move furniture or pick up home improvement supplies. I love the DVD player and the multiple places I'm able to hook up electronic devices. The automatic open and close doors are great when your hands are full and the weather is bad.

- Jacinda H

The Rear air conditioner doesn't cool well in Florida.

I love the sliding doors and fold down seats. Unfortunately I have already had more issues with this vehicle than I did in over 10 years with my previous vehicle. The rear ac doesn't seem to ever really cool the backseat which is a problem in Florida with young children in the back. I have also had issues with the drive shaft.

- Stacy P

its reliable, has great horsepower and fits everyone comfortably

my car is very roomy with lots of extra storage space. i love the no key feature and being able to open all doors with a push of a button. i feel my car is very safe and reliable. this is my 2nd town and country and so far my biggest prob is having to put air in my tires and im grateful my car notifies me when it's time.

- beth d

It is huge and has great gas mileage. It is the best family van!

I really love the room in it. I love how big the very back seat is. I love how the two middle seats fold down into the bottom. We can fit all of our kids' car seats and still have room to haul things. I love the DVD player. The only thing I dislike is how the doors cannot really be used manually but have to be automated

- Bex S

Family van for the economical American.

This van is plenty roomy. It has lots of storage. The vehicle provides a smooth ride. Manufacturers have it reasonably priced. Great road trip and family vehicle. Has all necessary things in the base model, plus leather seats. Serviceability on this vehicle is economical and local shops can work on it without challenges.

- Matt N

Great family vehicle for traveling to any getaway.

I like the built in navigation system, the TV/DVD system, the seats that easily fold into the floor, it is a great vehicle for family road trips. I don't like the fact that you cannot manually close the power doors, that seems like it will be a problem if they ever break. The gas mileage could be better but it is ok.

- Ste C

Fully functional family friendly minivan.

I love my town and country minivan. It is easily accessible and has many useful features that we use regularly with children in and out of the vehicle. It gets good gas mileage for a minivan and runs very smooth. The seats are very adjustable for comfort and easy to clean up common spills associated with children.

- Barbie B

I love my vehicle it has been the perfect choice!

I love my minivan it is a 2016 Chrysler town and country! It is maroon! I have leather seats but they are covered with chair covers! Tire light comes on a lot but that is just showing low air! It is annoying that the seat belt sings if not buckles! The back seats are hard to fold down back very handy once down!

- Kelly L

My vehicle is the best thank you.

There is no problems with my cars The performance is great and reliable You would love my cars so comfortable and so nice and clean smells good and so much space And can fit babies in there to and will be able to store so much gas in it you should really buy the cars that I have you would very much love them.

- Princeton G

The major delights of the car.

The car is a good family car. It's good for a musician that travels. The car is very comfortable. The has a built in TV system and Bluetooth capability. The car had. The problems that the car has is that after a certain amount of miles the cars parts starts to break down. It starts to have electrical problem.

- Timothy G

Once you use the automatic doors and automatic trunk, you'll never be able to go back to your previous car. It's amazingly convenient.

I love that it fits my whole family, which includes three kids and a large dog. I love the "extras," like the television, the headphones, the climate control, etc. I also LOVE that you can store things under the floor. I wish that it was easier to reach the back row to put my kids in their car seats.

- Julia f

This vehicle needs a reset button or reception on the message board itself.

The only problem that I have with the town and country vehicle is that on the message board the oil change message comes up it does not reset when you get your oil change done. And there is no clear way to reset it is a pain to do it. I always felt there should be a reset option on the message board.

- Zara N

White Chrysler town and country, one of our favorite minivans.

The grandkids love the car. We have the DVD upgrades so the kids can watch their own movies which is a godsend:). So far a very reliable car with few complaints. This would be about the fifth or so minivan that my family has owned and from what they have said it is definitely their favorite thus far.

- Joseph A

It has over 300,000 miles and no major repairs.

I like all of the power doors on my vehicle as well as the store and go seats. My specific model has navigation and a DVD player which is wonderful for road trips. The vehicle is very comfortable for the family and has nice gas mileage. The only thing I wish it did have but doesn't, is remote start.

- Alex H

If you desperately need a minivan on a low budget, this van works but if you can afford better, do it.

I like that the vehicle fits my family of six and the price was right for us; however, the think keep breaking. For instance, one of the stow and go seats is locked upright and won't fold down and the remote open door on one side wouldn't open/close properly. We've already had it in the shop twice.

- Devon O

Chrysler town and country a great car for families!

Lots of room! Easy to clean. A lot of storage consoles and cup holders- great for large families and families with young kids. Automated doors make getting in and out with young kids much smoother and time efficient. Our kids love the TV feature, helpful and entertaining for long trips in the car!

- Michelle C

Automatic back/side doors makes it easy for the kids to be independent.

Haven't had any issues and works great for transporting 3 children to daycare/school on a daily basis. We have driven the van to Florida, and several family get always and it has held up thus far. Staying regular with vehicle maintenance has helped to prevent any issues we could have encountered.

- Liz M

It's great for families and gets surprisingly good gas mileage for being a minivan.

Love the space and the stow and go seats to easily change the layout no matter where we are. Plenty of room for two car seats plus extra passengers in back, plus large jogging stroller. Winter traction could be better but that probably has more to do with the terrible stock tires it came with.

- Jenn S

Best minivan on the market

Love the vehicle. I'm impressed with how much power it has and how it handles in the snow. I love the two tv displays in the back. The kids certainly enjoy them on a long trip. My only issue I've had so far is I keep having my interior lights fuse keep blowing out and can't figure out why yet.

- Gregory A

Chrysler town and country approval.

My vehicle has lots of cup holders which is a must for my family. It has dual heating and air. I like the sliding automatic doors. I also like it has an automatic button to open and close the back. It has an entertainment center for the kids and you can hook up a gaming system if you had one.

- Tracey H

Spacious, reliable family vehicle.

My van runs really good. It is very reliable. I have 3 kids so it helps that I have store and go and they love that we have a built in DVD player. That has made trips so much better for them. I also love how easy it is to fold down the seats. Over all, I would recommend this van to everyone!

- Christine H

Great family vehicle with many perks.

It has a lot of room. Car seats fit easily. Stow and go seats are easy to maneuver and convenient. Automatic windshield wipers and lights are an added bonus. DVD player is great for the kids on long trips. Leather is easy to clean. Individual climate controls keep all passengers comfortable.

- Ashley C

2016 Chrysler town and country van.

The Chrysler 2016 town and country van is a very good car. Fit with 7 seats and a TV, it has Bluetooth to hook up your phone and 3 charging areas. So far we have had no issues. It does good on gas mileage and works good on long car rides. Highly recommended for big families and road trips.

- Ashlyn C

Best Family Van EVERY! If you have kids that like to watch TV during car ride I would recommend this van. If you like comfort and Automated functions to make life better get this type of van.

I have owned only Town and Countries they are so reliable, comfortable, I love the automatic door openers along with the auto seats. It comes with a DVD for kids. Blue tooth and your able to talk on your phone through your van . I will never get another type of van but a Town and Country.

- Shannon W

Chrysler minivans lead the van in value and comfort.

This vehicle gets great gas mileage, seats 7 people and drives comfortably. It has a backup camera, Sirius XM radio and a DVD player. The interior is beautiful and the leather seating is beautiful. Driving this feels just like a luxury vehicle would. The maintenance on this is reasonable.

- Christina E

Best vehicle for me and my family.

I love Chryslers I have had many town and countries I just continue to buy newer models. They are reliable comfortable good on gas. And they are nice on inside. I have used mine on many trips. Compared to other vans these are the best made ones. They are good in all weather conditions.

- Robin L

A minivan for a active family.

My minivan is super comfy to drive with great handling on the road. It has plenty of bells and whistles to meet my needs and my family’s needs and wants. The foldaway seating allows easy configuration for your loading needs whether it be a 200 pound mastiff or a piece of furniture.

- Heather G

Comfort meets practicality.

We love our Chrysler town & country. It drives smooth; there's plenty of room for our family of six. It is where comfort meets practicality. We couldn't have picked a better vehicle. It meets all of our needs and looks sleek and modern. This van has been my favorite family vehicle.

- Ashley H

So many places to plug in and charge devices!

My vehicle is great for a family car! There is enough room for everyone, including animals. There is lots of storage and it is comfortable. I love all the the places to plug in devices. It does not get the best gas mileage and I wished the front passenger seat would go back more.

- Stephanie B

Great van and great space.

Drives great has good features love the movie player and easy touch button accesses back up camera is great and trunk space is spacious. Seats are roomy and fold down very easy to give space for bulk items to hall and easy to put back up. Air controls are good for front and back.

- Amber L

Chrysler town and country.

Tires are replaced often, trim on interior has come loose, engine light on frequently and battery already replaced. It is very comfortable and the seats all fold to form a flat surface. The seating is very comfortable and it gets decent gas mileage. Overall it has been reliable.

- Samantha H

If you are looking for a van that fits only 7 and not worried about gas.

Gas hog and not enough seating. Do like the sliding door and the built in DVD player. Helps with the kids on road trips. Would like if could separate the movie to the back and have the music upfront. The volume if under 17 it is hard to hear especially from the back of the van.

- Christopher B

It is comfortable, roomy, reliable, and has plenty of storage.

My vehicle is reliable, comfortable, and roomy for my family of 6. It has lots of storage and we can easily fit all of our luggage when traveling. It has lots of small storage spaces as well. We love the window shades and we love that the windows in the middle roll down too.

- Susan A

Fold and go seats are great for providing a place to lay down in the back or pack for a long trip.

I love the fold and go seats, my husband and I travel and the ability to choose to have any of the back seats up or down allows us extra storage space. We have had the car two years, the only issue is the car is loud the doors do not properly close to keep out all the wind.

- Ann j

The town and country minivans have it all.

I love my van. It drives very quietly. It gets very good gas mileage. The seats are very comfortable. If you get the lumbar support in the seats, that really helps for long road trips. The seats fold down into the floor. Which makes it really nice for carting bigger things.

- Christina B

A great family van for small trips around town or for long distances

I like the features of the van including the stow and go storage. I also like the dvd player and spacious seating. The control panel in the front seat is great too. Especially love the heated steering wheel and the heated seats. And the dual control temperature settings

- Leslie M

It depends on who you are talking to, but I would say the gas mileage is really good for a van.

I like the way my car drives. I love that I can fold all of my seats in so I have plenty of storage. And when my kids are with me they have plenty of room and can watch a movie. The van is decent on gas. The only thing I don't love is the tire sensor is very sensitive.

- Christine G

It came in 2nd as the BEST in front in crashes. I know this first hand when I wreck our 2015. I was hurt and all the airbags came out. It also has airbag for your knees.

I really like the navigation system. It has a big screen and it's easy to see and operate. I love the all the backseats can be stored in the floor. What I don't like is how it drives. I thought it drove good until I drove a Pacifica. They are a lot smoother ride.

- Cathy L

Like how it seats so many people.

It's a nice van rides nice and has lots of room if u have kids. The van is comfy has lots of legroom and seats a bunch of people. It's a very reliable van. Haven't had any problems yet. The performance is very nice has some speed to it and the pick up on it is nice.

- Roy S

it is perfect for the family- with the option of how you can fold down seats you can have a huge trunk or fold down the middle and have access from both sides- great for seating lots of kids

I really like that it can seat 7 people and that it has stow'n go seating. I like that it has auto power doors and trunk and I like that it has a dvd player for the kids. I don't really dislike it but it has a lot more accessories on it than are necessary for anyone

- Grace W

Minivans are awesome! They are not (just) for soccer moms.

I love almost everything about this minivan. I would prefer to have a towing package, which I did not get as I had to buy it used. Which is due to the fact they no longer make this model. Which will be my biggest complaint! The pacifica is okay, but not as good!!!

- Kenneth R

It has tons of storage and easy to open sliding doors.

I like the amount of room it has, nice interior package and gets decent gas mileage. But I've had electrical issues with it frequently. Brake lights and turn signals have had to he replaced about every 3 months and the DVD broke after the first month of owning it

- Jennifer K

A wonderful minivan with so many features to love.

It is a great vehicle. Very reliable, good on gas mileage and very comfortable. It has many great features include a backup camera, heated seats, GPS, and indicators for when a car is in your blind spot. The cargo space is amazing and the seats fold down easily.

- Ginger Y

I love my amazing luxury/sporty minivan

I love my minivan. It's like driving a sports car/ luxury car but in a minivan. I love that all the windows open. The stow and go seating. The heated seats and steering wheel. I love the compact air compressor that comes with it now. This is an amazing minivan.

- Christy h

Storage is good. Easy for all five kids to get to their seat.

Small things have gone wrong easy fixes like high beams, door openings, plastic around seat pops loose, phone Charger does not work in glove box all these things add up to just time out from life required. Appointment easy to make just very hard to keep.

- Vicki M

Get the most out of a minivan without the cost.

My minivan has been very reliable. I have not had to bring it to the garage for any major problems. I love the stow and go storage available. And the sliding doors that allow the window to open...my last town and country did not have that feature.

- karen w

Great family car but a little loud

The Chrysler town and country is a great family car. It seats 7 good with space. Car seats easily attached securely. It is noisier they older models. A Lot of times I feel as though a window is window but it is not. Radio is a bit touchy as well

- Sarah D

Perfect family van with room for everyone and all their things, plus all the comforts and extras.

It's very roomy. I can fit all my kids and three car seats with room to spare. It has stow and go seating and lots of storage room. There are plenty of outlets and USB ports. It gets great gas mileage for a minivan and it's a comfortable ride.

- Martha M

Safety and performance are number one for me. That way I know my family is safe and how the vehicle will fit into my monthly budget.

I love the features that it has like sliding doors, hands free rear gate, entertainment package. Love that it hauls a large family. Dislike that the actuator in sliding door goes out and. Chrysler makes it harder and harder to repair yourself.

- James E

It's very reliable and gets great gas mileage.

This van has been the best one we have ever bought. Its very roomy, especially in the back. The fold down seats are very easy to use. There is numerous cup holders throughout the whole van. There is also a few USB ports and regular plugs.

- Mary Beth W

Spacious Stow and Go Seating for the growing family.

This has proven to be a very reliable vehicle, excellent gas mileage, spacious, and easy to use stow and go seating. Dvd players are a huge plus for the long road trips with kids! Would highly recommend this vehicle to any growing family.

- Amanda B

Best van we have ever owned!

This van is so reliable, we've owned it about a year and a half and have had no problems. It's very roomy, especially in the back. The fold down seats are very easy to use. There is cup holders all throughout the van. And a few usb ports

- Maribeth W

Roomy, Family friendly Van full of goodies for the whole family

I like that the seats fold flat into the floor to transport large items. I love the trunk space. I don't like the limited availability of only being able to hook up one rear facing car seat or 5 point harness car seat in the back seat.

- Carolyn W

It holds a ton, whether the seats are up or down!

I love the stow n go seating, the automatic doors and trunk and overall comfort I dislike that it started rusting within a year, one of the locks makes a terrible noise, and the lack of car seat anchors in the 3rd row is frustrating

- Rachel s

chrysler makes makes a good product. we hope to keep it for years. Recommend chrysler because of a good experience. But town and country is no longer being made so it's not an option anymore unfortunately however the new models look just as promising

town and country runs like a charm like it because it is big and people tend to get out of our way instead of visa versa. we can transport a lot of people, stuff. It is loaded and equipped with everything so it's a fun ride.

- claire k

It is the perfect first car.

My car performs very well and does great on gas. Seats and seatbelts themselves are comfortable and driving is a pleasure. And I have owned the car for over a year and have yet to encounter any problems, and brakes are smooth.

- Addison H

It's kid friendly. The sliding doors are great to avoid hitting other cars and people, and there's plenty of storage.

I have two children so it is very convenient because of its size. I can easily fit 2 car seats and store a bunch of stuff for them. I wish it was a little more affordable so I could have afforded more of the extra amenities.

- Christy P

It keeps 3 teenagers entertained for long periods of time.

I dislike the chrome accents in the center console, it reflects the sun in my eyes. I also dislike it comes with 2 headphones for 5 seats. No one with only 2 kids buys a minivan. I like everything else about the vehicle.

- Ray H

Seats fold into the floorboard. Van also has a DVD player.

I don't have any complaints about this vehicle. I don't have any dislikes about the vehicle. I do love that the Town and Country seats fold into the floorboard. They also have a DVD player. I would definitely buy again.

- amy p

Comfortable, dependable and economical as well as being beautiful

I love it. It's very comfortable on long trips. It also has a lot of room to load large things in the back. We have 3 dogs and each has their own seat in the back. They sit quietly on 1200 mile trips and love the ride!

- Brenda R

Great reliability for a minivan.

I like the freedom of being able to transport several people at once and sit up a bit higher than most of traffic. I also like the ability to easily change the seating arrangements. I do wish it got better gas mileage.

- Al T

My minivan gets very good gas mileage, is comfortable and easy to drive, and enables me to take my son and his power chair anywhere we need to go

Love having the ability to carry my sons power chair, as well as luggage or another things that would never work with a regular car. It is roomy but drives and rides like a car. This is my second Town and Country

- Dianne W

It is a good family car that runs well and is a nice car to have.

The vehicle has been a good van. It is loaded with leather seats and TV so it is very nice inside. It doesn't have a lot of power so that is one thing that I don't really appreciate. Otherwise I really like it.

- John P

Safe and convenient for families

Convenient for young kids. Ours has a two video players, sliding rear doors. The in floor storage has been a lifesaver on long trips. And lots of cup holders! Safety features like side airbags are a win too!

- Sheri T

Great for families with multiple kids who need multiple car seats

I have a larger family with 3 boys and this minivan is perfect for everything we possibly need. We have enough room for all of our needs from simple grocery trips to cross-country road trips. We love this car!

- Erika A

Comfort and entertainment all in one!

I love my Town and Country. The kids love the DVD player feature which is also really nice during long car rides! The seats are very comfortable and the sto-n-go seating is an extreme bonus for Costco trips!

- Courtney J

That it can seat 7 people.

I like being able to unlock and open all doors at a touch of a button. It is able to seat my entire family comfortably. My grandkids are kept entertained with DVDs. I like the lights going off automatically.

- Darlene A

How comfortable it is. Both to drive and to ride in.

I love my minivan. It has heated seats front and back seats, rear DVD players. Under the rear seat storage. Removable back seats. Satellite radio, navigational system, and cruise control. Seating for seven.

- Cheryl E

You don't need to be a soccer mom to drive it!!!

I love the Chrysler minivan. It is great when you have to drive kids and their friends. I also love love love stow and go. I can go to pick up flats of flowers and make one trip! Absolutely no complaints!!!

- Tammy C

Great family car. Recommend it.

Very comfortable. Love the leather seat with two small kids. Easy in and out. And smooth driving. My 6 year old love watching movies especially on long car rides. He can easily operate the door as well.

- Kimberly V

It is a perfect family car because of its size.

I love all the room and compartments and how comfy the seating is. I also love that it has a DVD player. I don't like how cheap some of the material is. Plastic on the floor has cracked and broken off.

- Rebecca C

Chrysler town and country a dream can To own! Too bad they're discontinuing this model!

The 2016 is a smooth comfortable ride. Seats that fold into the floor make it easy to load item into the vehicle. The ease of opening and closing the doors with little kids makes this vehicle a dream!

- Amanda W

Chrysler Town & Country - A Solid Choice

It has a smooth ride, longer mileage before oil changes. I love the remote entry and automatic doors. It has easy to use cruise control. The steering wheel menu for set up could be more user friendly.

- Kim Y

Even though it is a minivan, it drives easily just like a car.

Lots of room to carry my stuff like grandchildren. Love all the perks like heated seats and the indicator that shows someone is driving next to me. I wish it had all wheel drive for winter driving...

- Jacqueline B

Safe van, great features. I love my van.

We bought our 2016 town & country on the same day that our 2013 town & country saved the lives of our family from a high speed crash. Knowing how well the old van kept us safe, I trust this van.

- Jaime S

It drives very smooth, good on gas, & has awesome heated seats

I love my vehicle the only thing wrong is that the back windows only go halfway down. We have a built in cd player that my kid loves. I love that the seats are heated in the front and back.

- stephanie w

If you have children, get leather seats and WeatherTech floor liners or don't let the kids eat or drink in the van.

I love my loaded minivan. I can lay the seats down and haul stuff, loads of room. It has two entertainment screens for my grandkids. Don't like the type of NAV system (not user friendly).

- Sharon S

Dependable, roomy, family vehicle. Fits everyone's needs

I love all the space. I like that the seats fold down for storage. We really enjoy the DVD player and bluetooth headsets. The back up camera and the blue tooth for my phone work great

- Sally C

My car is made for a family.

The first thing I like about my vehicle, is the comfortable seats and ride. The vehicle performance in climbing hills is not so good, it's not as strong. But overall, it's a great car.

- Zachary T

The push button start is wonderful, but he fob still needs to be close to the driver for the car to start. more than once we have had to fish the keys out the diaper bag or grocery bags

i love that my minivan is the right size for my family. we can fit anything we need in the car and still be comfortable. i love that i feel safe while driving my children in the car.

- shira w

Super kid/family friendly!

I love having the room for my multiple car seats. I like that there is a lot of space in the back for strollers and groceries. Backup camera and DVD player are awesome for our trips.

- Samantha B

A comfortable and easy ride.

My town and country performs well. I have had no issues with it to date other than normal maintenance issues. There has been few recall notices. I do wish it was more fuel efficient.

- Jean B

Great gas mileage, very user friendly for a family

Like the stow and go seats, the dvd player, the dual sliding doors, dislike the 3rd row seat setup for car seat installation, I would love to get 3 carseats across the 3rd row seats

- K K

It is a very family friendly vehicle for parents w small children.

I like the bucket seats. Back doors that open. Automatic doors are great for kids. There is lots of room in the trunk for strollers or groceries. The price was great for our family.

- Amy H

It's good on gas mileage. Very efficient. And most wouldn't expect that from a van.

I love this vehicle. It's big and roomy. Comfortable to be in for several hours. I love the console and all the features. Its design is beautiful. I like being noticed in this van.

- Krystin T

the bluetooth hands free capabilities are by far the best feature of the van

There are no complaints. i love the leather seats, backup camera, dvd player. the over all comfort and space inside the vehicle is amazing. it's a big improvement from my old van.

- vanessa B

Versatile for carrying people and luggage - even wedding cakes.

No problems with van. Love the heated seats and steering wheel, the Sirius radio, the power driver's seat, backup camera, blind side monitoring, intermittent windshield wipers.

- Keryn S

Gas mileage was a pleasant surprise. It averages 24 mpg.

Nice looking, handles well, plenty of horsepower, seats 7, plenty of storage, good gas mileage. Configuration can be changed for different types of cargo. No complaints as yet.

- Sarah C

It has so much space. I am a mom of 3 little ones. 2 if my children are in car seats and it has tons of space for that.

I own a black van with leather interior. It has a sunroof which I love. It has 2 monitors for my children to watch movies on. I love that it has a plug in to use if needed.

- Brandie W

It's is quite possibly the most family friendly vehicle I have ever owned.

I love this van. It is perfect for a family and pets. It's comfortable and easy to get in and out. My kids love the being able to watch their favorite movies on road trips.

- Rachel E

Very practical car for a family that has kids needing to get in and out quickly while having enough space.

Perfect for our family of five. Easy to get kids in and out. Terrible gas mileage just driving in town. Transmission doesn't seem to be the best. Love the automatic doors.

- Ashley W

drives like a dream. Love the backup cameras. I can see everything when backing up.

I love everything about my vehicle. I love the stow and go the 3rd row of seating and I love that my children can watch a DVD while we are driving on a long vacation.

- Susan R

Minivans for Moms of Multiples

I love my van. It's been great for having 4 children. But, my youngest are twins and now 5 years old. My next vehicle will be an SUV. Time to put the MiniVan to rest!

- Laura M

I has lots of room and versatility. It is perfect for families!

I love my Chrysler Town & Country. It is a great fit for my family. I especially love the Stow & Go Feature which allows me to configure the seats how I need them.

- Jennifer G

Roomy with stow and go seating. It feels like it would be safe in a crash.

i love that we can fit the whole family. i hate that it is so loud on the expressway though. We can barely hear our movies or music while driving at speeds over 60.

- kelly m

The car is very dependable.

Our van has lots of room for our huge family. Going on having it 2 years now and it has been very reliable and dependable. And the kids love watching movies in it.

- Sheri F

very reliable and a pleasure to drive and ride in.

My Town Country gets great gas mileage and has a very good ride. The only problem I have had is the sliding doors have some noise when they are opened and closed.

- Mike F

That it has excellent safety features and is rated very well.

I love the stow and go seating. I like be that it has room for my whole family and friends too. I love that for a larger vehicle, that it has decent gas mileage.

- Danielle P

My town and country has very good gas mileage and runs nice

My town and country is a very comfortable and very roomy and it is easy to drive the options are very nice from the backup camera to the entertainment package

- Tom W

It is a stable, strong, environmentally conscious minivan that will continue to work for several years.

It is a nice car, but it has its quirks. For example, it doesnt open the sliding door because it is overused. Finally, it is kind of cramped in the way back.

- Jonathan S

Dodge caravan exceeds expectations!

My van is just amazing. Drives smoothly in all weather. Fits my family and/or friends. Is consistently non problematic. Only complaint is back window wiper.

- Lyn M

It's comfortable, it's roomy and is perfect for a family vehicle.

I love our minivan. It has all the options that we have ever wanted. It has a dvd player for the kids, dual a/c, heated seats etc... Perfect for our family.

- April W

It has so much space you can fit kids, car seats, strollers, and groceries without sacrificing space.

This is a great family vehicle. I can fit all three of my kids comfortably and they can get in and out with no issues. I love the automatic sliding doors.

- Carrie G

Very versatile. This version of the stow and go seating is the easiest to use out of the three vans I've owned.

Overall it's a really good vehicle.The seats are very comfortable. I do wish it got better gas mileage. I sometimes wish the large touch screen was a GPS.

- Sue T

My Town and Country is a great, affordable family vehicle.

My Chrysler Town and Country is a great family vehicle. It easily fits my entire family. It rides smooth. I love the automatic door opening features.

- Lexi K

All around Family Vehicle

Built in comfort and reliability. A very versatile vehicle. Can haul seven passengers ,or stow the rear seats and haul a four by eight sheet of plywood.

- Gary R

The car is very family friendly.

I love how easy it is to get into. The kids love the video player in the back seat. I also love that I can put more environmental friendly gas into it.

- Tiffany S

This is my favorite VW because it is the most powerful.

Gas mileage, room in vehicle, stow and go, extra plugs in back, captain chairs in middle row, plenty of leg space in 3rd row and plenty of trunk space.

- Shanna D

Cannot get one like it in newer model.

Model has been discontinued. Cannot get a newer model. Music system has changed. I like the kind I have, do not like several features on the Pacifica.

- Judy S

I am in love with the DVD player my favorite part. .

Love my Chrysler town and country, drives so smooth and super comfortable. It is easy to park as well. Love all the features of the town and country.

- Emily A

It has a lot of space. And very comfortable.

My van is very reliability, it has enough room for my family. The van is also very comfortable with leather seats. It has a hard drive media center.

- Keith M

It is so convenient for moms who need that extra hand because with a push of a button door open and kids can hop in

I love the automatic doors especially because we have kids. We have a DVD player that is wonderful for traveling. I love the stow and go seating.

- Ashley E

It is dependable gets good gas mileage and very comfortable to ride in.

Like the way it handles and the seating capacity plus the big area in back to haul things. Only complaint it is bigger than the previous van I had.

- Wesley B

It suits my family and our needs. Definitely worth every penny.

I love my vehicle has DVD to keep kids busy, the automatic doors and windows, and the stow and go seating. I dislike the black color of the van.

- Amanda D

It's just a great vehicle for a family with kids. Many of our friends have the same kind.

I love the middle stow-away bucket seats. We have one always down which makes it easy to get in and buckle the kids. No complaints with the van.

- Kyle O

The space in the vehicle is amazing. I had previously thought only an SUV could have that much space.

I like the space, the seat storage, and the captain seats. I dislike the cup holders and it is more difficult to park then my previous vehicle.

- Caitlyn S

I love everything about me van. It is the newest vehicle i've ever owned and it is fully equipped with everything I need. I have a two year old daughter that use to hate car rides and now that she has a TV in the back she does not cry during car rides any more. It has a remote start, heated seats in the front and back and a heated steering wheel for the winter and both air conditioning with controls for the back passengers as well as a sun roof. The tv in the back is also equipped with wireless headphones. The only thing I don't like about my van is the monthly payment.

It is reliable. Before purchasing this van we had a Ford, Freestar and I can't count how many times over the course of two years we broke down.

- Chanelle W

It is perfect for a growing family with plenty of space!

It's comfortable and has great features like rear view camera. It has a lot of storage and fold down seats. It's perfect for my growing family!

- Richard J

it is great for traveling with space for at least 7 people

I like that my vehicle has lots of space for legs. it also has extra storage underneath. it does not have the get up and go that I would like.

- barbara s

Minivan for life! Comfiest ride around.

My family loves our Town and Country. It has been an extremely reliable vehicle and has an overwhelming amount of storage and comfort space.

- Heather S

It is very family friendly.

I like the comfort for everyone inside. I like the ease to drive and turn corners. I love the integrated navigations entertainment system.

- chris C

Its dependable and runs good.

No complaints, I love the navigation system and the DVD player for the kids. The seats are comfortable and the back seats stow away easily.

- Anita D

The Town and country is very reliable and comfortable.

The Town and country is a great mini van the ride is comfortable and it is very roomy .we bought it because it is easy to get into the van.

- Michael C

Great in all weather conditions.

Stow & go seats are convenient and easy to operate. Power and pickup in engine is excellent. Comfortable, safe and preity fuel efficient.

- Betsy G

roomy but poor gas mileage

Its roomy and has great handling. The gas mileage even though its average I would be looking for something with better mileage next time

- Karen H

Stow and go gives me so much more freedom.

I have not had any problems with my town & country. I carried my 3 kids around and acts like a truck when I need to haul or move things.

- Brian K

It's roomy and drives well. So far we haven't had any major issues with it.

I don't like it because it's a van. But it drives nice and serves its purpose for our family. I love heated seats and steering wheel.

- Angie A

you are able to charge a lot of different electronics at once.

I'm only a passenger in it it is comfortable enough but the chrome on the inside can be blinding and the black seats get extremely hot.

- cyndi m

White 2016 town and country

Love the space and storage and I also love all the features that came standard in the van. Including leather seats and the DVD player.

- Jennifer P

Great minivan for families

Being able to open the sliding doors and liftgate with my key fob is so great. It helps get the kids and all the groceries in the van.

- Hayley W

Our minivan is spacious especially for us, we are a family of six.

It is very comfortable and is very roomy especially for us. We are a family of six and it makes our road trips a lot more comfortable.

- Raquel D

This car earns amazing mileage. Truly extraordinary.

Lots of room, it is easy to drive and to see out of the front, holds a lot of people or things, I wish the leather seats were heated.

- Kelly K

my van is a conversion van for wheelchair access so i can get in it easily.

it has lots of headroom & leg room. it has nice heated seats & mirrors. it has a single cd/dvd system but i wish it held at least 4.

- ron p

It is very versatile and has a lot of room.

I love it because the seats go into the floor so I can haul stuff in it and I have enough seats for everyone when not hauling stuff.

- Kathy L

It's a van with plenty of space

Once our warranty expired our electric motor on our passenger doors gave out on both sides, our vehicle wouldn't even lock anymore.

- Nely M

Roomy, comfortable and very nice minivan. Buttons to open everything.

I love this vehicle! Tons of space, storage and seating. Many usb charging ports throughout vehicle. Very comfortable and reliable.

- Kelly P

It is amazing and we love it so much. Best car ever.

Nothing. We love our town and country. It has 3rd row seating, DVD player. We love that all the seats fold down and easier travel.

- Shawn B

Space, space, space! It is the perfect vehicle for road trips.

I really like my minivan, it has lots of space and gets good gas mileage. Just wish Dodge would put better transmissions in them.

- Pamela J

So much room for when we travel and it is nice ride. Love it.

With children this is the best vehicle. It has room, great features for the kids, and easy in and out for my children. I love it.

- Sarah P

It has stowaway seats and a lot of room.

I like the back up camera. I like the sliding doors. I like the DVD player for the kids. I like everything but the payment. Lol.

- Melissa O

reliable for a family , trusted to get you where you're going

plenty of room for family trips. able to convert inside to handle moving stuff.has a good entertainment center to keep kids busy

- k S

It is a safe vehicle that gets a large family where they need to go.

It's been a great vehicle meeting all of my growing family needs. It is spacious and comfortable. It makes traveling a breeze.

- Tiffany B

Gas mileage is very important. Make sure yours has it.

Not great on gas mileage. Air conditioner does not adequately cool entire vehicle when it's really hot out. Blind spots at back.

- Lisa K

Fits all my family in it comfortably.

Like a minivan, good for families, holds lots of stuff. Dislike - too many knobs & buttons that I do not know what to do with.

- Nancy E

It's a very dependable vehicle to have for a family.

I love the style, colors and features. I enjoy traveling in our van, it is very comfortable and spacious for our family of 6.

- Sarah T

Comfortable and it had a lot of room for people to sit.

I like the room. I don't like that my seat controls are already not working. I like the dvd player. I like the backup camera.

- Allison M

Chrysler Town and Country - Great Family Van

I have a Chrysler Town and Country van. It has plenty of storage areas, cup holders, and gets good gas mileage for my family.

- Jess W

The reliability of the vehicle is amazing.

It handles well; & I like the way it looks, I have no complaints with this vehicle other than I do not like the gas mileage.

- Bob S

It's family friendly and very roomy. Good miles per gallon.

I like the sliding side doors. I also like the entertainment package it keeps my kids busy. I like the gas mileage we get.

- Becki k

Heated steering wheels are amazing! Easy to put seats up and down.

I love the stow and go, heated steering wheel and heated seats. The gas mileage is descent. It drives nice. No complaints.

- Jill D

Great features/poor car seat layout

Love the dvd player and dual temperature control. Hate that only 1 car seat can use LATCH/top tether in the 3rd row seat.

- Jennifer S

It has great gas mileage your able to hook your phone up for Bluetooth.

I love the fact that there’s stow and go seats there’s a DVD player in it as well it is great on gas mileage as well.

- Chris W

It is very safe and reliable but not great on fuel.

It is very roomy. The seats fold down for storage. It runs so smooth. We can even put an air mattress in it and camp out.

- Jessica C

It seats 7 people. There are three rows of seats.

I like the interior. I love the option of having the moonroof open when it is nice outside, and closed when it is rainy.

- Sydney S

It's very safe with all the airbags including side impact airbags that are in it.

I love how it rides. I have the built in DVD player and my kids absolutely love it. It handles great in the winter time.

- Krystyne H

The maintenance is low and very easy to take care of.

I love everything about it! I can not pick anything I do not like. I have never been happier with a car in all my life.

- Jess D

Family car with lots of space.

I love the smoothness of the drive. I like that it has a DVD player with earphones. It also has lots of storage space.

- Maria D

2016 Chrysler Town and Country

I like that there is lots of storage, it drives smoothly. I think it's better suited for families with small children.

- Roberta D

The van is very roomy. I fit 7 people at a time which is great for my in laws who have a hard time getting around

I lease a Chrysler town and country. I like the way the doors open and close with a button. I like how the van drives

- Michelle D

Excellent warranty and almost no maintenance.

Dislike the slider doors lock broke and doors won't open. Like spaciousness and storage capability and entertainment.

- Sandy B

It's still a minivan, so there is some stigma behind that still.

The ride is smooth. The space is nearly equivalent to our SUV. The doors open easily with room to load our children.

- Andrea C

Very roomy and very easy to drive.

Very roomy and very comfortable to drive with a lot of options gas mileage is not so good and it has a lot of noises.

- Thomas W

It's a good family vehicle for hauling kids and all of their stuff

It's a reliable car for my family. It's convenient and has plenty of room. Love the heated seats and steering wheel.

- Dawn F

The stow and go will bring us back to this vehicle when we buy again!

It has a ton of room for the kids. The stow and go feature is our favorite. The outside design is not our favorite.

- Nicole E

It is a great family car for kids.

It is spacious and conducive to a family. It rides smoothly and is easy to maneuver. There is nothing I dislike.

- Molly L

It is affordable for a growing family.

I love the power doors and power gate. It is such a family friendly vehicle. Good gas mileage and a decent price.

- Susana S

There is room for extras such as more people, a lot of luggage, etc.

The vehicle is roomy. It is easier to see out of than a lower car. My kids can watch movies on the dvd player.

- debra p

It is reliable and roomy and has a lot of features.

I love everything about my vehicle. It has everything I would want in a vehicle and my whole family fits in it.

- Amanda K

Space when laying down seats.

Like the space for hauling things.... Love the fold down seats for extra space.... Video player for grandkids.

- Kathy L

Love my Chrysler van! Comfortable and roomy. Never squeezed in.

Comfortable, roomy, fits tons of stuff, and 7 passengers comfortably. Love it. Seats easy to put down and up.

- Adrianne W

I love the DVD player for the kids

Lots of computer and cylinder issues with the vehicle as soon as it hit 100000 miles. The gas mileage varies.

- Amanda S

Safety and comfortable. A Lot of room to have everything we might need for a quick summer trip

I love it. Super spacious for kids and sports. Able to fit everything in that we might need for summer fun.

- Kim O

Hard to clean dog hair out of carpet.

I love having a van. It is very reliable and practical for our family. I dislike the black leather interior.

- Lauren S

Convenience. It makes my life easier with three kids.

It's roomy. It has nice features. I like the DVD player and that I can stow all the seats down if I need to.

- Melanie B

This is a great family vehicle

This vehicle is a great family car.It is spacious and gets great gas mileage. I recommend this car to others

- Melinda J

It is a very comfortable ride.

I love the convenience of my van having 2 kids. I wish it had built in GPS that I could see on the screen.

- Stacy F

It is perfect for a family that wants a comfortable, reliable, lots of storage.

My vehicle is amazing, great storage, comfortable seating, has automatic doors, a DVD player and great ac.

- Brooklyn F

The quality of the vehicle and value of the vehicle.

The seats completely fold down in the floor. Seats are comfortable. Drives great. The vehicle looks great.

- Lila F

The storage space is great!

It has everything I wanted except for the fact that it does not have the get up and go that I was used to.

- barbara H

Love the backup feature. The camera is perfect & I love it for safety reasons.

a lot of buttons & gadgets. No real problems so far. We like it. Rides rough sometimes and not the tires.

- Sophie D

The safety features are very good.

I like that it is big. I do not like that it is slow. I like automatic door. I do not like the Bluetooth.

- Max M

It is an amazing van and has a lot of room.

There is nothing I hate about my vehicle. I made sure when I bought the van it had everything I wanted.

- Laura M




It gets great gas mileage

I love everything about this vehicle. There is no con to this vehicle. I would recommend it to anyone.

- John b

It's a great family car. Very roomy and tons of storage.

I love the backup camera, and navigation system. I am short and so I don't like e brake but that's it

- Georgia I

It has fold down back seat that folds down into the floor

Not sitting on the ground and it plenty of space Do not like the fact that the back seat is too low

- Carolyn S

It is dependable and helps my family get where it needs to go

I like that it has the room my large family requires. It also has the built in dvd to help entertain

- Jennifer Z

I love my van! I have all the room I need for 3 kids plus storage space. Also, the captain seat in the middle row make it easier to use the 3rd row. All of the extra features are nice as well DVD player, heated seats, sunroof, backup camera etc.

It's ok to drive a van. The extra space was well worth trading in my SUV for a "soccer mom" van.

- Kendra G

We really like our Chrysler town and country van. We like the space and also the ability to put down the whole back seat. That comes handy for many reasons. It's reliable and a nice van.

The space is very very nice. It is so roomy. Very nice to have whenever you want to move items.

- Tiffany W

It can haul a lot of people and items and has great feature of stowaway seating

My drivers seat is uncomfortable. I love the automatic doors. Have had a few mechanical issues

- Jean S

Van is easy to drive and handles well.

Very comfortable ride. Has lots of storage. Do like the safety items. Dislike is gas mileage.

- TJ L

It's a nice car could get better gas mileage but it has a lot of space

The sliding doors don't open and one of them lets it a buzzing sound when doors are unlocked

- Sandra B

It is a great family car and gets very good gas mileage, I also like that it is a flex fuel vehicle.

It is a great family vehicle. I love the stow and go seats and that it has leather interior.

- Brandi K

The stow and go can only be used when the front seats are all the way forward

I love the stow and go seats. I love the DVD option. I love the foldability of the seats.

- lyn B

The car handles well in the winter. Tires wore out in 2 years

I like having a van. I think the doors don't open enough and I hit my head on the ceiling

- Kyrstyn S

It's a great family car. I would recommend it for families with young kids.

I love the leather seats and the sliding doors. The third row has little to no leg room.

- Christine L

It has lots of room and it fits seven people. It drives great and the ride is very comfortable.

I like that it has stow and go. It has a comfortable ride. There is lots of room in it.

- Sande B

the most important thing should know about my car is there is a lot of room!

I love the room I have. I love the trunk space. I love that there is a TV for the kids.

- Kaylah C

A comfortable and very smooth ride. The van is very quiet.

Great vehicle, not too big to get into and not so short that I need a crane to get out

- Pat J

lots of space to put people or items in and travel with

love the room and amount of people it can hold great accessories and love driving it

- kristin k

I appreciate the safety features.

I like that I have enough room For my family! It's comfortable and easy to drive.

- Laura H

I like that the van offers plenty of space for my family.

It allows families to travel and has extra room to bring what is needed with them

- Amy E

it's a great car for families, gets good gas mileage and has great storage

I love the seating arrangements in the back for my kids and the storage capacity

- Erin G

It is comfortable and it drives easily. It is a nice quiet ride.

I like how quiet of a ride it is. I like the dvd system. I like the looks of it.

- Linda L

I love that the seats fold down into the floor. I like that I can open the van sliding door and trunk door from my key fob.

The overall dark coloring makes the vehicle very hot when sitting in the sun.

- Kathy B

It has a ton of storage room in the vehicle. I can fit 5 kids and all of their sports gear without any issues.

Like all the room it has. Love all of the storage. Hate that it has no power.

- Heather S

very easily useable. from work car to family car. we love it.

Stow and go seating. Remote doors. Heated seats. backup camera. Love them.

- Gerald M

It is great for a family of four and is very functional for long trips.

Functional for a family of four and lots of room for hauling large items.

- Angelica S

roomy and easy to get in and out of

Have to have a van because of disabled child and total of three children.

- Wayne H

The Town & Country has been a great vehicle for my family of five. I can easily haul my family or haul materials I need to use around my home.

You have to be able to handle the road noise if you buy a Town & Country.

- Brian K

Nice for families, heated seats, DVD player (s), kids and adults love.

My child loves the DVD player, the van is very comfortable, lots of room.

- Judy K

I love the stow and go storage. It is also very easy to adjust the seats to put them up and down as needed. I also love that it has a DVD player for long trips. It drives very nicely and seems to get good gas mileage. No major complaints!

Great storage and easy to move the seats to make the storage accessible.

- Rachael O



- Matthew C

It's probably and underrated choice.

It's got good power, it's comfortable, it handles well, no complaints.

- Ryan C

It's great for large families to travel in. The features make it a easier and more entertaining ride.

It's comfortable, a lot of space and all of the features are great.

- Jillian K

The van has lots of room and fits seven people as well their stuff.

Love the color. Plenty of room. Fits everything. Rides smoothly.

- Judy O

Love the space and options like heated seats, DVD player, etc. Dislike the limited options for installing 3 car seats. Also hate the clunky Bluetooth/dated technology.

It was a good value for the price. I got all the options I wanted.

- Tracy T

My van gets good gas mileage. This enables us to spend less on gas and more on the things we want to do!

The stow and go seats Gas mileage is good Space to carry people

- Kate H

It's reliable and works good For a family vehicle with multiple kids

It's a great family car and can fit all of our family items

- Colin F

It is family friendly. It provides entertainment. It's comfortable.

It has lots of space. Love the DVD player. It rides smooth.

- Miranda H

The van is very comfortable to travel in, has convenient features like automatic sliding doors, automatic hatch release, back-up camera, stow and go seating, and dvd player. It does feel bulky to drive, but haven't had any performance issues thus far.

It's great for kids because of all the convenient features.

- Sarah J

I dislike that the movie screens flip down from the roof.I like the way it drives. I like all the features.

That it drives well and is a great family car. Very roomy.

- Jessica C

I Love my Chrysler T&C my favorite feature is the stow and go seats I can configure the vehicle to fit my needs! It has great sound and my kids enjoy the video system. IT is a great family vehicle!

The Stow and GO feature is AMAZING can't live without it!

- Elizabeth t

It is great for traveling, short trips and longer.

It is sturdy. It is comfortable. It gets good mileage.

- Jane A

It is only as good as you make it.

the car is good on gas. I love the stow and go seats.

- Clark B

comfortable and Lots of space for

roomy-lots of space comfortable easy to drive

- j S

nice ride for everyone. plus safety features for peace of mind

love it smooth driving and safety features

- lisa L