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Spacious, and comfortable ride.

I love the size of the Durango! I do wish it was a little bit bigger though. I like the fact that you can fold the second and third row seats down for carrying large items and you can fit 3 car seats comfortably in the second row and third row(so 4 car seats all together) but in order to get to the third row you would have to undo one of the car seats in the second row to move the seat and get back to the third row. We get pretty good gas mileage from our Durango too. A full tank will last me about a week if not a little longer. We did have some problems with the tip shortly after purchasing the Durango which also led to a dead battery(which wasn't covered in our warranty), but it was a problem that a lot of the Durango’s had and became a recall. Other than that, I do love the Durango.

- Jacqui B

2011 Dodge Durango crew cab- just my opinion.

There have been quite a few recalls on this vehicle. We had our alternator start giving us trouble, but it wasn't part of the recall. It quick and left me stranded, in a vehicle that is completely electric, so I couldn't do anything, not even lock the doors. We paid to have the alternator fixed, and then a few months later it was put on the recall list, so we were reimbursed the cost. The whole ordeal was slightly more than inconvenient. It is comfortable to drive, and I enjoy that the front seats completely recline. It is nice on long car trips, where the driver needs to pull over and sleep. I wish it had a better stereo system, but from what I can tell, the newer vehicles do.

- Victoria H

The Durango seats 7 very comfortably. The third row seats fold completely down for more room in the back and 2 car seats fit great in the back seat.

We have 2 kids under age 5 so we have 2 car seats that have to fit in the back seat and the Durango can fit them comfortably. There is plenty of room in it. We did have an issue with the TIPM within the first year of driving the car and that caused problems with our fuel pump which led to our battery dying but I believe that was an issue that became a recall. I do sometimes accidentally hit the shifter in the middle of the counsel which causes the car to go from auto to manual and then have to pull over to get it back to auto. That is a feature I could go without. Otherwise, the Durango is a great, very roomy and comfortable vehicle.

- Jacqulenne B

Fantastic SUV with great power and performance.

Vehicle is loaded with all extras. Turns on wipers, lights as needed. Has cruise control that is dead on setting that slows or speeds up as the car in front on you does to maintain safe distance between car. Heated and air conditioned seats. Heated steering wheel. Has 20 inches wheels that deliver a great ride. Car has had very few maintenance with 140, 00 miles on it. Car has great lines and I get lots of looks and questions asked about it. First car that I have owned with over 100, 000 miles that I have not wanted to trade in for a new one.

- Foy W

The good and the bad about the vehicle.

The vehicle has had leaks. There was an oil leak and an antifreeze leak. We took it in and there is still an antifreeze leak. So we have to take it in again. The drivers window does not want to go up and down. It sticks and that is a problem. Rear view camera is not working and that was one of the reasons we got the vehicle. It is reliable and is comfortable. The features need to be improved. I like the color. It is easy to find in the parking lot. I do like the vehicle. Thank you.

- Debra K

Dodge Durango r/t love the heated seats and the automatic hatch and cargo room!

Amazing handling in the snow. Leather and heated seats. The color of the car is great, love the dark color. The hatch opens automatically which is great for full hands. The car unlocks when I just put my hand on the handle which is convenient and it has a push button start. My kids love the legroom and there is always space for all the sports equipment that we haul around for each sports season. Perfect for a family of four and a dog!

- Sarah K

I wish I bought the Hyundai that is just like it only cheaper.

I really like the third row seating and compared to many other SUVs on the market (even those offering third row seating) it is very roomy and does not feel cramped as others. I do not like that it has had a lot of recalls at least 5, I think. One of the key fob remotes does not always work well even with fresh batteries. The power locks do not always work, sometimes I stand there pushing the button several times.

- Jessica S

replacement for family van

We bought this vehicle to replace the family van. We still needed room to haul 5 adults most of the time. This is a good vehicle for that. Gas mileage could be a little better. We get 17 mpg in town and 23 on the highway. The only issue we have had with it was the thermostat had to be replaced. Would buy this vehicle again if we needed this same size but we won't need it so will probably will downsize

- christi N

My Dodge Durango experience.

I love my car, very reliable but it feels like I am always patching up another mess. They constantly send things to take it into the shop and it is annoying. Otherwise, the car is great and it is big enough to fit all my friends, which is nice. I would recommend getting this car for someone who is a good driver and will take care of the car.

- Lydia B

Dodge pros and cons in my opinion.

Really good in the snow. I had to replace the entire air conditioning system after 5 years. Lots of room, decent towing capacity. Third row seating is convenient. Gas mileage is average or better for a mid size SUV. Repairs are generally very straightforward and relatively inexpensive compared to other vehicles i've owned.

- Dana B

Nothing with 3 Rows Compares to the Durango Period

The 3rd Gen Dodge Durango by far the best looking, best handling, most powerful, and most capable 3 row SUV. Nothing else comes close to the SUV driving experience like the Durango's (Excludes the brother GC Trackhawk, but it doesn't have 3 rows). Will be trading in my current Durango for a new one and nothing else.

- Jordan F

This model doesn't have a selectable transfer case offering a low range for off-road use, nor much ground clearance. Also this doesn't have a 'HEMI'...

This Durango has lots of room for passengers, cargo or BOTH! we chose the V6 for economic reasons, including lower cost to insure, less thirsty for gas & lower purchase cost. We really enjoy all the features of this SUV too, Like video entertainment for rear passengers, heated seats & All wheel drive all the time.

- Shannon B

Love this vehicle. If I were to buy it would be a Durango again.

It is been a good vehicle, a few repairs as it has 166,000 miles on it now. I am driving it till the wheels fall off. It is a great SUV and drives nicely. I have no regrets with the purchase. I have been the only owner. The radio now locks up when I enable Bluetooth because my phone is too fast for the software.

- Tiffany I

Safe, very reliable and beautiful SUV.

The Durango we have is a real pleasure to drive. It is very easy to handle and gives a super comfortable ride. It is very roomy and just feels very solid and safe. It responds quickly. We feel quite safe while using this vehicle. It is also a very attractive vehicle. Have had absolutely no trouble with it.

- Cherry B

Roomy, spacious, runs like a charm, silver color, only small issues.

Wonderful for 4 kids, runs like a charm, small issues that are normal wear and tear, base package but works for my family. Seats are comfy but wish I has seat warmers, plenty of space to move around, use this vehicle for everything to take kids to and from school, grocery shopping, etc.

- Amber K

Dodge Durango crew - the best and worst.

The oil is leaking into the antifreeze and now it will not start. Had it repaired 2 months ago and now the issue is back. Almost ready to trade it in. Although, I love this so much. It has been very reliable up till now. Even drove it from Illinois to Florida twice without any issues.

- Kim Y

It sits high so getting in and out is easy.

We love the comfort of the car. It sits well. Do not like the poor gas mileage. We never have maintenance issues. We appreciate the extras including the sunroof and the mirror feature which comes in when we’re going in reverse. We appreciate the storage room in the back of the car.

- Connie K

Dodge Durango 2011 performance.

I am currently having transmission problem. When I first got the vehicle I had a recall on my alternator. The alternator was free and the service was well appreciated. I am currently looking to buy the 2019 dodge Durango. Dodge always had good performance cars with long longevity.

- Al D

Dodge Durango, would definitely buy again!

Love the tow capacity, powerful v8 engine. Most trunk space that I have seen in a 3 row SUV. Do not like the location of the AWD/4low knob in this model year. It's easy to bump when shifting or setting items in passenger seat. Glad to know that was corrected in newer model years.

- Erin S

The features and appearance of the car.

I love my car it has all the options you could need. I have heated seats power moonroof and power door locks. I have leather seats and 8 cylinder engine. The car is white and black interior. The radio has but option to hook diretc.ly to my phone media and also has Uconnect..

- Frank F

It is 4 door. Black 4x4 beauty. I named her Lilly. She does great in the winter.

The air bags stick out to far. Wish my seats was heated. Needs better ashtray. To close mirrors. I really do not know what to write. Does not seem like it should matter. I do not know how many I am typing. I need bigger words about my car. My car is always needing work.

- Kay E

2011 Dodge Durango black heat.

I really enjoy the interior of my Durango the speed performance is great it gives you just enough power. The body style is sleek. And very cost efficient on gas. There is a lot of room for passengers and cargo. I would recommend this vehicle to my family and friends.

- Amanda W

I Love my Durango and will be my next car as well!

My Durango has a lot of recalls and the transmission is having a problem and won't shift gears. However, I LOVE everything else about my car. The outside looks great while driving, and the inside is comfortable, stylish, and updated with the latest. It is also fast

- Kim N

It's very safe and reliable which is very important to me, a mother of 2.

It's a fully loaded Citadel with air conditioned seats, heated seats, DVD player, heated steering wheel, leather interior. Very spacious 3rd row. It is expensive to fix, since its made by mercedes; however, we are happy to know we have quality parts in the vehicle.

- Brandi C

Why we love our Dodge Durango.

It is very comfortable. It has a lot of power especially when you need to pass. Ours has the automatic high/low beams and automatic windshield wipers. Also the rear camera, front camera with brake warning, and side camera to alert you to cars in your blind spot.

- Tia E

Great ride & very reliable!

Very spacious. Smooth ride. Great reliability. No major issues other than my locks. Nick in the wire. Quick fix. Also the back seat locked up, took them 30 mins to open up the seat & fix. Gas cap also does not stay on tight. Will have to buy a new cap.

- Carrie D

Durango: the car of comfort and problems.

We had a recall on the alternator and it killed the ace and battery as well. Now we continuously have problems with the car even once the recall was taken care of. Besides that, the car is very comfortable and roomy. I love the TV feature for my child.

- Sarah G

Has plenty of legroom even in third row, and for SUV gets decent gas mileage.

I like the room that the Durango has. I like the power and the fact that if I do not need all 8 cylinder it drops down to 6. I do not like how low it is to the ground on front end, have replaced front skirting and the front collision sensor twice.

- Ann T

It's is powerful while driving in the snow and I feel very safe during a snowstorm.

I love the car because it is great in the snow. I feel safe when driving in the snow it has plenty of power behind it to drive in snow. I love that it has three rows of seating so I can take one car when going out with family and friends.

- Joanne S

It is really fun to drive my Durango, especially on the highway.

I love the way it drives, feels, looks, and it safe as well has great technology. The only problem is that it has had a lot of recalls and the transmission is having a problem and won't shift gears. The sound systems us AMAZING!

- Kim N

Durango fits the needs of a 6 person family

The vehicle is great, drives more like a car than an SUV. The only bad part is that there is not a lot of room behind the third row seat to pack things. It sits 7 people comfortably and isn't terrible on gas.

- Jessica O

Fits 6 comfortably for a mid-size SUV and still has room enough for luggage.

The durango has plenty of room for a family of 4 and is comfortable for long trips. It has a very smooth drive and seems to be very dependable. I would definitely buy it again knowing what I know now.

- Jimmy S

Very smooth and comfortable riding vehicle, especially on the highway.

It is very comfortable and spacious. I am disabled and it is relatively easy for me to get in and out of. My only dislikes are the city gas mileage and the high cost of parts when it needs repairs.

- Ricardo C

It was easy to put kids car seats in it when they were little.

It is all wheel drive which is the only thing I do not like about it. I want 4 wheel control. It drives great. Fits a lot of stuff because the back 2 seats fold down. It seats up to 7 people.

- Alison P

Dodge Durango r/t excellent family vehicle

We have a Durango R/T 2011. We absolutely love the smoothness of the drive! I love dodge's safety features with the anti pinch windows and the auto adjust mirrors while backing up.

- Danielle L

Dodge Durangos are very economical and get great gas mileage.

I like having an SUV and sit up off the ground. It rides really well, good gas mileage and navigation. I wish it were a bit more roomy but it works for my family of 4.

- Megan W

There have been lots of recalls. Make sure they are all taken care of before you buy.

There have been a lot of recalls on my vehicle. Right now the AC is out and haven't been able to get it fixed. If it didn't have problems, it would be a good car.

- Melissa C

That it was purchased with the main intent of carrying my dogs. Also, with the lumbar settings it's very comfortable.

I love that it can transport many people. It's a wonderful vehicle for people with dogs. The only dislike I have is that it consumes so much gas. (bad gas mileage)

- Cindy H

Something important for me is the third row seating

This is my second Dodge vehicle. I have been happy with the performance of both my cars. I will more than likely purchase another Durango for my next vehicle.

- Tamia D

All wheel drive option works well in the snow.

Good gas mileage. Lots of room. AWD works really good. Vehicle moves great in the snow. Owned for four years and had no problems, besides regular maintenance.

- James P

It is a good gas saver and they last a really long time with good care.

Like the comfort, accessories, power. Its big enough to handle most cargo needs.... I do not really dislike anything. All issues were covered by warranty..

- Tina E

The vehicle has many safety features and gets great gas mileage.

I love how roomy the vehicle is! It is very safe. It gets great gas mileage both on and off the highway. Plenty of space for luggage and extra people!

- Heather N

It is a very dependable car that has no mechanical issues.

The smoothest ride of any vehicle I have owned. The all wheel drive makes easy driving in adverse conditions. I have no complaints with this vehicle.

- Mark M

Plenty of cargo space. And it has power to get around town.

I like that my car has lots of cargo room for stuff. It also has the 3rd row option. The only thing that can be better in the car is the gas mileage.

- Liliana K

There’s a button for the rear door.

I love that is AWD full time. I do not like that it does not have a sunroof. I like how sporty it looks but still holds all the family and then some.

- Stephanie. R

Its reliable. Have not had any problems with it since i've bought it.

I love how roomy it is and that it has enough space for my family. Love having a third row seat and my absolute favorite is i love having HEMI power.

- Susan W

The car is rugged, takes a lot of miles. Never had major engine problems.

I like the size and model of the SUV. I dislike the numerous manufacturer recalls. Too many service appointments and rising maintenance costs.

- Felicia T

It's a great family car. It has a lot of space. Safe

Likes: dislike: The look. No sunroof As a lot of space. No Navigation As 7 seats Safety

- Kamah V

Very comfortable, dependable, fun to drive. Handles very well in the snow.

I like it a lot because it is very comfortable for me to drive, and because of the remote start and heated seats. I dislike the gas mileage.

- cinnamon m

Has an outlet port and can has a lot of power for an SUV.

Spends a lot of gas. But has an outlet to charge your phone. Delay in Bluetooth. 3 rows of seats and drivers seat is really adjustable.

- Rose M

It has lots of storage space.

The Durango is powerful and has a lot of storage space. Also has a 3rd row. The only negative is it doesn't get very good gas mileage.

- Louis T

Dodge Durango, the easy enjoyable ride you can count on.

It is hunter green, power windows, sunroof, it is very reliable, easy and comfortable to drive in for long periods of time. I love it

- Anne S

The car holds its value and is a very easy car to drive in all kinds of weather.

I like that it has enough seats for my whole family. I dislike how many buttons and gadgets it has and how much gas it consumes.

- Sarah W

Good in all types of weather. Safe and roomy.

Some blind spots, safe, good in all types of weather, tire pressure valves go bad fast, recall issues with fuel relay pump.

- Ann B

It's comfortable, very nice to drive.

I like the style. I like the space inside. I like all the extras that came with it. I don't care much for the gas mileage.

- Cinnamon E

that has all the luxuries and safety measures as an import

It's spacious, has all the luxuries inside of a luxury car, has reverse camera and sensors that help me drive more safely

- iris W

That it is a great gas saver.

I wish the driver side seat raised up and down. I like my Durango,it is reliable. I wish that it had front wheel drive.

- Holly E

Not pretty, but functional.

Love the 3rd row seating. Love the space, even with all 3 rows up. Mileage is great. Wish it was 4wd instead of AWD.

- Heather N

Runs great. Just need a to make them easier on gas.

It likes to suck the gas. But it does good in the winter time. The 4x4 kicks in great. I wish that we had a new one.

- Teresa S

Lots of room and options, I have Citadel model and would purchase again

Love the space and all the tech options! Smooth ride and easy third row access Lots of recalls always at the deAler.

- katie F

It is very comfortable for a big family and has an easy ride.

I have a 2011 dodge crew hemi. It is perfect size for my family. I do hate that it does not get good gas mileage.

- angela b

It is very good on gas & it is only like $30 to fill the tank up.

Gas mileage. It sucks the gas. The heater is not the greatest. I do not understand why I have to type so many.

- Kay E

Where the driving manual is.

The color and the style. Plus air bags. The cost is also important. Plus the model and comfortable seats.

- Kay H

It has issues that need to be taken care of. We have had several recalls on it.

It runs good now but it has had a few recalls. Dodge was really good about getting them taken care of.

- Corina R

Very comfortable ride with a powerful engine.

This car is very reliable. Is a comfortable ride. Has power in the engine for great get up and go.

- Cassie M

Dependable, great safety features, comfortable to drive

Very few mechanical problems, large seating capacity, great for long trips, body style looks good.

- Stephanie A

It's bigger than it looks and rides so smooth compared to other suvs

I love the heated and cooled leather. The power of the 5.7 Hemi. The factory DVD and navigation.

- Weylin M

I can not think of anything that people should know about my car.

It is a nice ride. I like that it has SiriusXM Satellite radio. It gets good gas mileage.

- Tamara R

that it is a premium suv, nothing its missing

have a large cabin, easy to get in and out, has rear camera which help reverse it

- iris n

my car is very safe and has amazing safety features to make sure that you are providing yourself and family with the best possible safety

I like the nice safety features in the car. It has a nice nav and backup system

- Keri M

I drive it a lot. I go to many states with it.

I like the looks. It looks mean. It's roomy & fast. I get good gas mileage

- Shannon J

Like the backup camera and space to store things in the back. Dislike some issues like problems with ac

It is a fairly affordable and spacious suv that is good for a family.

- Gabi G

The ability to seat seven and is so comfortable and looks great,

My Durango is very comfortable and looks great, No complaints

- Sheila B

Reliable and it is also very cheap to fix depending on where you go.

It's an average car but what I could afford at the time.

- Trinidad T

It's a good car to drive a larger family since there are seven seats

It's getting old so things are starting to break.

- Bobby M