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Comfortable and elegant for all the family.

I love my Durango because it is very roomy, spacious and comfortable, especially for long trips. You can stretch your legs and relax. There is ample room for movement. If you are traveling, there is enough space for your bags and suitcases. It is sturdy and reliable. It gives me a sense of security that I do not feel when driving in other cars. Whenever we plan a vacation to Disney world, we choose to drive my car and we can fit all our bags, medium size cooler, with our sodas and water bottles and there is always plenty of room. The same when we go camping. We usually take a lot of stuff with us, including, 2 large tents, sleeping bags, folding chairs, portable camping kitchen table, a small portable barbeque, a large cooler, pillows and other covers, plus our bags and it all fits perfectly in the back. In the front, we enjoy the space and the comfort of a roomy interior. The interior is cream colored and very nice. The dashboard is elegant and exciting, with all its colors signals and buttons. The stereo is amazing and the ac is a freezer. All in all, this car provides a ride that will be both safe and exciting, comfortable and unforgettable. You are sure to make a lot of wonderful memories with this car. You will not want to change it.

- Maria V

My car will die while I am driving.

I really do love some things about this car. I love the sunroof, the leather seats, it is easy to get in and out of, I love that it has some power and I love the seat warmers. What I do not like is that it randomly dies all of the time. I will be driving and when I go to make a turn, the car has died and I have to muscle the steering wheel around so I can pull over safely. I have to turn the car off, then restart it. We have taken it to the dealer several times but they cannot find anything wrong with it. I also do not like the tire pressure indicator. It is rarely accurate and tells me my tires are low and then not. I do love a lot of things about the car but do not feel entirely safe driving it.

- Marilyn J

Back up camera is a awesome feature to have when you have to Parallel Park and hands free Bluetooth to talk on the phone. Regular outlet plug in the back seat.

I have a Dodge Durango citadel with a bench seat. Black truck with black leather seats. I do like it a lot and is very good on gas and I thank god I haven't had any major problems. It's very reliability and never nervous to go to far. Comfort wise back seat getting a little tight with two small children and the third row of your a big shopper like me and go to Costco and Bj's. Don't bring the kids. The third row sit is always down because of the double carriage and bulky items are hard to fix shopping with little ones. I usually try and go myself if I can. Just wish it was a little wider and longer

- Dana M

Fingertip controls put your technology safely in your hands.

My Durango is the perfect size SUV for comfort, maneuverability and cargo space. It rides smooth and gets good gas mileage for its size. It has had few problems outside of normal wear and tear. The standard features of 3rd row seating that folds down make it a great family vehicle without the feel of a minivan. The doors open wider than the average vehicle making entering and exiting the vehicle a breeze. Comfort controls on the steering wheel put the electronics literally at your fingertips.

- Shannon W

Family-friendly vehicle. Perfect for long or short road trips.

The 2012 Dodge Durango has served our family well for long and short trips. We have taken it on several different Journeys. As a family of four, the Dodge Durango has always been comfortable. The only issue we have had was while traveling from a mild climate to the colder climate our heater could not keep up with the outside temperature change. However, the Dodge Durango does require basic maintenance and as long as the basic car maintenance is kept up, the car will be a great fit for anyone.

- Mal W

Durango positive and negative

Seats 6 has great towing capability. Not enough storage ( would love little compartments for 3rd row) Have trouble hearing phone calls through the radio -volume to quiet, Plus would love a talk to text feature for responding to text messages. because of eco mode car shifts oddly, stays in lower gears longer then I would like. Gas mileage when I drive is great about 24 -26 mpg my husband gets about 22 with it.

- Tracy B

Great family friendly SUV!

The car rides very smoothly. The few times I have sat in the back seat I have had plenty of room. I love that the third row folds down so I only have it up when I need the extra seats. I do not like the tires are nitrous, which requires going to the dealership to get them aired up. I did not know that feature when I bought it. But the car is nice and I love my heated seats and DVD player!

- Julie T

Fantastic value for the price - great power, reliability, looks, and function for a decent price.

It has surprisingly good gas mileage for an SUV. It also has good power and acceleration/torque. I love that it has a 3rd row and can accommodate up to 8 people. It also has great aesthetics and has also been relatively problem-free for the 7 years that I've owned it. I don't have many complaints, although I wish I got the upgraded model so that I would have NAV.

- Mike S

Dodge Durango 2012, gold. Amazing car!

No problems, love my car so much! It rides so smooth and does ok on gas. This is our family car, we take it everywhere and there is enough space for really anything. I have a car seat in the second row of seats and I can lay down the third row and put my daughters stroller in there. I love my radio, it is probably my favorite part about my car.

- Terra S

I love my Durango as it is definitely dependable and has not let me down once.

I have a 2012 Dodge Durango, black in color, I am not the original owner. With the high mileage and the little bit of rust the only thing that I have had to fix is put new brakes and tires on it. Otherwise I just do simple as needed maintenance. I am a very proud Dodge owner, I love my Durango & I will never own anything else besides a Dodge.

- Reuben B

It is a great third row SUV that is stylish, powerful, rugged, and sporty.

My vehicle has top of the line features, including sunroof, leather seats that are heated and cooled, heated steering wheel, blind spot monitoring, accelerated cruise control, front crash warning, back up cameras, and DVD. It drives great and has a lot of power. It has a comfortable feel and my kids love the DVD player.

- Danielle B

It's great on gas and enough room for the whole family to travel!

I like that my vehicle has lots of space. There is compartments in the floor and the trunk is awesome. My vehicle is also good on gas, which makes traveling inexpensive. I mainly like everything about my vehicle. The only thing I dislike it that it's hard for me to park sometimes because the vehicle is wide in the back.

- Tom D

2012 Dodge Durango crew. AWD.

Perfect size for children. Car seats fit great. Car is wonderful on gas. The car has had a few recalls. Overall I love the car and would purchase a newer one in the future. My only complaint is not enough trunk space is 3rd row is up. It does great in the snow. Has a good stereo. Has the power needed in a mid size SUV.

- Meg L

Good service and drive safely.

I do not have problem of my vehicle for now I can drive safely and secure, the machine is good and the miles. I like the style I can use it and connect to my trailer every time I buy a hay for my horse and also other stuff. I also bring to travel anywhere in state for me I feel secure its easy to drive and hassle free.

- Chris Paul A

Great for me, I do think each car owner should accustom to their needs & wants.

Nice amount of space, easy to park for me it's a good size but personally for each car owner they may want to look at it for themselves, nice sized windows, safe as far as I have seen, great ac and heating, comfortable seats but that was customizable to my car and my wants so that may be different for each car owner.

- Shannon M

Big car. Big responsibility.

My Durango has more than enough room for all my people. Drives through all of the rain and snow and ice. Sits high up. I feel safe and felt safe having my daughter drives it when she had her permit. Great that all of the seats folded over for getting a lot of cargo in for transport. Easy to park for its size.

- Jodi E

Dodge Durango-great family, fun utility vehicle.

Great family vehicle. Roomy, comfortable, and fun to drive. We have had vehicle since 2014, and have put on approximately 70k miles, with no major performance issues. It is a v8, so not great on gas mileage, however, we purchased the vehicle to pull a camper trailer, and it works wonderfully, even on hills,

- Mary Z

Has problems frequently. Once it starts having problems it seems like it never stops having issues.

It's a 2012 Dodge Durango. It has about 68k miles on it and has recently started having major issues. The coolant started leaking, it was $1500 to fix. Now something in the back end is starting to leak, not sure what it is yet. I loved the car before it started having issues. I'll be trading it in soon.

- Charlotte H

Great car to buy if you have large family or like big trucks.

None so far, great car with a lot of space and gadgets, very reliable love the color and size navigation is great body size is wonderful for family extra seat comes in handy with kids and friends love the radio and sounds system love the sunroof auto start to warm up car and the auto truck opener.

- Brince M

My car is black inside and out. It rides great.

My car is a great car it runs great my friends likes how it rides it good on gas looks great. I haven't have to do much go wrong with it if you keep the oil change and keep a tune up it will take care of you. My engine I haven't had no work on it and it's a 2012. That good for a six year old car.

- Pamela M

Great dodge Durango features!

I have not had any problems with my dodge so far. It is a very nice reliability and comfortable vehicle. The back up and front facing cameras are a great feature and worn you well in advance. The v8 hemi is awesome and gives amazing power when needed. I also really love the leather seats also.

- Michelle S

The Dodge Durango: the 2003 is better than he 2012.

The 2012, the battery is under t front passenger seat which is inconvenient when having battery probs. You can not check nor add transmission fluid. You have to go to the dealership because they have a special tool to do it and it is expensive. There have been recalls on the braking system.

- Paula S

It has an extra station you can play.

It fits our family of four it's a good car overall just wish it had more space. I love driving it it's easy to park it's a good car overall. I like that it has automatic roll down windows. My other car that's newer still has roll down windows. I think overall it is a good family car.

- Janet S

The most important things other should know about my car is that it has been a very reliable car so far. It's good in snow and has t had to nat issues yet.

I love the three row seats and the heated seats and all the accessories- sunroof, auto back door, heated second row seats. I dislike that it has leather seats and the mpg is horrid! I also dislike hearing that I'm going to have so many problems with it as the mileage gets higher.

- Keli N

Plenty of room for family and friends.

Reliable (never taken to shop for anything other than standard maintenance), comfortable, fits all of my kids' friends, stylish (I get compliments). It is my go-to for all family road trips. Plenty of room for everyone's luggage, and lots of legroom for my growing teenagers.

- Dawn K

Dodge Durango is a decent vehicle that drives smooth and is easy to operate.

It drives really smoothly, although it is big and I usually do not like big vehicles I was please with how easy this one is to drive. I have had some transmission and water pipe issues though and I have had to get them fixed multiple times. The car does overheat a lot too.

- Rebecca L

Dodge Durango with a lot of miles.

Really comfortable ride, lots of room, feel very safe. Has a back up camera which is constantly not working and dealership will not help out but other then that it has been a very reliable car for our family. Have over 160, 000 on it and keep it up to date on maintenance.

- Susanne R

Dodge Durango 2012 crew edition.

No problems from the vehicle. I have always loved Durango and my model is nice and spacious, perfect for my little family. All the features on it are amazing as well. It drives smoothly and the interior is perfect. I recommend getting a Durango if you have a small family.

- Luiz A

We love our Dodge Durango!

It's a very sharp looking vehicle. It's big enough to haul my 3 kids again comfortably. We haven't had any problems with it except routine care until very recently. And that was just a quick and easy fix with the AC. It's been a very reliable vehicle for our family of 5.

- Taylor F

Dependable and great family vehicle that will meet all your needs

This is my second Durango and it is as awesome as the first one was. If you stay on top of maintenance this vehicle will cover all your family needs! Having multiple kids in sports it was a life saver for having room for kids, their friends and all their equipment!

- Barb P

Sick SUV! Luxurious and spacious.

This car is good for big families, although trunk space is not very big with the third row seats up. Good features. Spacious and luxurious. I have not had any issues with it so far. It's performing well. Very reliable. Comfortable, heated seats sunroof and.

- Selene J

it's a family friendly car and works well as a luxury car and the outdoors

I like the leather interior and the heating and cooling built in feature on the chairs. Auto start comes real handy in Alaska. Love the horsepower of the hemi engine. Have had some issues with the power steering in the last year.

- Martha H

Not comfortable to sit in or to drive.

Not comfortable to drive, sit in for long periods. A/c takes longer than it should to cool truck off. Car has no insulation. Your sunglasses are burning hot when left in sunglass holder. Gas mileage isn't great for a 6 cylinder.

- Pat R

An interesting detail about my car is that the back up camera has red, yellow and green lines so you can tell how close your car is to something.

It has no problems at the moment, it performs incredibly. It's also incredibly reliable and dependable. The seats are extremely comfortable and provide optimal leg room. It has amazing features such as a backup camera.

- Maya S

Drives great and handles great.always starts good mileage.

Many recalls bad paint replace straps on fuel tank recall on parking brake $560 my cost to replace 2 rotors 1 caliper repair rear end brakes recall on parking brake my cost on transmission cover that rusted out %70.

- Jerry R

Dodge vehicles are very dependable and durable as long as you take care of them.

I like the size and storage space it has. I like the hemi engine and how fast I can accelerate and pick up speed. It has all the luxury features that make driving enjoyable and hassle free. I have no complaints.

- Janette F

It's been very reliable and a great car. I've had it 6 years and been very happy

I really love my Durango. I love that it's sits higher off the ground. I love the plum color. I love that is can seat 7 people. I wish I had the leather seats, sunroof, and captains chairs in the second row

- Jessica M

The Dodge Durango is my perfect mommy car.

I absolutely love my car. The only problem I do have is my husband is a very big and tall man and I do not fill as though the car is wide enough for his shoulders and tall enough for his head room.

- Sarah s

It has great safety features and drives smooth. It is a great family vehicle. My kids love the dvd player.

I like that it is an SUV with 3rd row seating. It has all the features I like. It drives better than any vehicle I've ever had. I also like that it's a mid-size SUV with a V8 motor, which is rare.

- April B

It has plenty of space for people and cargo.

I like all the space for people and cargo. I like the body style and the 4 wheel drive. I don't like how because it has so much towing power it can take a little bit of time to really get moving.

- Claudine H

It is very spacious it is perfect for a family.

I love my car it is big it has 3 rows. I love that is has a big trunk and lots of legroom. I also just like the way it looks. The only thing i dislike is that it takes a lot of gas to fill up.

- Ashley H

It is a workhorse that will hold up nicely for several years.

I like how comfortable my Durango is. I also like how it fits my family comfortably and can take the abuse of young children. I get irritated with it because its' gas mileage isn't so great.

- Charity F

Its an American made vehicle.

Very reliable SUV, not great on gas but it is an SUV it is to be expected. Safe and spacious for my family of four. Third row seating very convenient for having extra passengers.

- Gabby T

More space than your other third row options… Durango is the car for you

I particularly love the space and the third row seating in my Dodge Durango. It is plenty roomy and accessible for anyone. Love the storage, too, when I am not using my third row

- KimMarie H

The dodge Durango can tow calling trailers really well.

I feel like they did a crappy job making the engine. It has had lots of problems because of that. I feel that I should not have had to replace the engine before 100k miles.

- Krystal M

The clutch has a problem.

I have had no major problems. I change oil regularly and have changed air filters three times and it runs very well. Gets very good gas mileage for an SUV. No complaints.

- Dana S

It is the most amazing thing ever.

Well It's pretty simple, It's amazing. Runs well steers well and all around reliable and in it for the long haul. I can't think of a better car to take a road trip in.

- James D

The Hemi engine will blow your socks off. The power is freaking amazing!

I like sitting up higher. I love the satellite radio and the NAV system. I dislike the lack of legroom in the back. Changing the oil is unnecessarily difficult.

- Krista M

Good car just lil things I improve on.

No problems. . Good gas mileage. . Wish it had bucket seats. . And it does have a sealing problem on back hatch where dust comes in when I drive gravel roads.

- Katie B

Gets pretty good gas mileage for having a V8 engine.

The Dodge Durango run very well. It has the v8 hemi motor, so it can pull almost anything. It also has a lot of nice features that make driving it very nice.

- Richard V

Its awesome, it drives well, handles well.

Rides really well. Has lots of room. Its ok on gas. Exterior has held up well interior could have been a better grade if materials. Has had several recalls.

- Mike P

The car is the basis of our life and survival.

It is a very durable and dependent vehicle. It is very stylish for a black SUV. It accommodates such the large family. The windshield cracked very easily.

- Megan K

It is amazing on gas mileage for a SUV and has a 3rd row.

I love everything about my vehicle. The space, the trim, the drive and especially the gas mileage efficiency. There really is not anything I dislike.

- Mika P

It is a great family vehicle with decent mileage and lots of seating options.

I like the smooth ride. I like the 3 row seating. I dislike the kids doors opening so wide. I dislike how fast the back tires always wear.

- Julie C

Dodge Durango: Great family vehicle!

My vehicle has rust on the rocker panels, but other than that, it is a great car! Plenty of room for children, travel necessities, pets, etc.

- Emily W

Drivers well, but never buy the first model year of any vehicle.

I love the look and the way the car drives. there has been a number of recalls on the vehicle making this have to go to the shop many timey

- melissa L

It has a good transmission.

What I like about my car is that it is very economic in gas and has a good motor and I travel every time and the ride is very comfortable.

- Joselito P

I appreciate how safe my vehicle is.

My vehicle is not equipped with newer technology to use you connect. I do enjoy the way the vehicle drives and how long it has lasted.

- Lauren V

The breaks can be touchy.

I like how tall the vehicle is. My most significant dislike is how awkwardly long the dash is. I also like how smooth of a ride it is.

- Trinity B

It is great for a family who has to take kids to sporting events, etc. There is plenty of room and the three rows are amazing.

Love the Durango and would continued to purchase. I have had a few issues with various items but overall would still purchase again.

- Leigh L

It drives very well in the snow and rain. That is why I bought it for the bad winters we have her in Michigan

very nice car, never have I had any problems with it. I have had it for almost 2 years. I have only change the oil and wiper blades.

- norm D

The most important thing others should now about my car is that I take care of it, and I will be real mad if you mess with it.

I like the size and the fact that they have three rows of seats. The only thing I dislike is how often we have to fix problems on it.

- Megan H

It works well for me and my family. I can have my kids with me and still fit groceries in the back.

I love the size of my SUV. It has so many extra features that make my life convenient. The only thing that I dislike is the payment.

- victoria m

It is a reliable car that gets me to A to B.

It is a great car very little maintenance needs with exception of the few recalls. Had if for 200 thousand miles had only 1 problem.

- Bobby R

It's very reliable and comfortable!

It's been very reliable. The third row seating is great when needed. Love the heated and cooled seats and heated steering wheel.

- Jane P

Fits a whole family including dogs. It's easy to pack up and go

I love my car. It is the base model and it has all the features I could need. It rides great and handles great even in the winter

- Sara O

There are too many issues with it and recalls. It runs fairly well as long as nothing goes wrong with it.

The Durango has too many recalls. Had a new head put in and still having problems with it. I wouldn't recommend this vehicle.

- Stephanie H

It has been the best suv ever made and I will buy another

I have loved my suv more than any other car or truck or suv that I've ever had. It has been a great suv. I would buy another.

- Karen K

It is the safest SUV on the market. If you are searching for a SUV that has storage and safety features for your family, this is the car for you.

It is safe and top of its class in that regard. It fits my entire family comfortably. The storage features are fantastic.

- Jonathan P

Its slow to accelerate, so tailgating doesn't help me go any faster.

I like the body style of the Durango. The extended row seating is suitable for my family. Dislike is parts are expensive.

- Megan R

It has great gas mileage and I love the backup camera,.

Its reliable, I can fix most of the issues that pop up. It's easy to clean with just the right amount of cargo space.

- Amy S

Dodge durango third row seat great family car

I love my car, a lot of room, includes third row seat, comfortably seats seven. Smooth ride. Reliable and efficient

- Melissa R

Great family car for traveling.

Great entertainment and safe family vehicle. Plenty of space for running errands with the whole family comfortably.

- Stacey G

I like it, if there's something in particular they want to know, they can ask.

Roomy, plenty of room for shopping. Nice to drive. I like being slightly higher than a sedan, better visibility.

- Lynda S

it has plenty of power and room for kids

first off I like the way that it looks. It has a lot of cargo room. It also has plenty of room for the kids.

- neil S

That it is fast when you hit the gas.

The color of the truck. The gas mileage the truck provides. The set up seating in the truck. The XM radio.

- Kourtney B

Good gas mileage city or for long distance driving.

I dislike not much room on 3rd seat., other than that I like it speed. I would of tested drive it first.

- Lupe L

It has great road performance.

It is very comfortable and roomy interior and smooth ride great for traveling. It has modern technology.

- Kristina R

It takes us everywhere and we take good care of it.

I love the room it has but wish it was newer. I love the new Durango's. We never use the 3rd row seat.

- Megan H

It fits a lot of stuff!!!!

I like that my vehicle has 3 rows and seats a lot. I can fit my dogs and a lot of gear. I love it!

- Sara L

It is a good car but being under the Chrysler brand it has some issues.

I like the styling of the car. It has decent gas mileage. Interior quality could be better.

- Chad W

Fuel mileage is not good with this vehicle

I love the features the car has. Unfortunately, I do not love the fuel mileage received.

- rebecca M

I like that it is big and roomy. It makes me feel safe. I don't like filling it up with gas.

It is a large suv that seats seven people, enough for large families to fit comfortably

- charlie l

It has a big interior to fit people and it is fun to drive.

I like that it is so big. I feel safe in it. It is big enough for the whole family.

- Ann P

They are nice however they tend to lack power. I recommend getting the hemi

I like the room. I don't like the body style. I don't like the lack of power.

- Brad B

It fits 7 people in the car so it works for long trips or a big family

I love that it get me thru the snow I hate that it waste so much gas

- Mary M

Very roomy and comfortable with multiple kids in it

Love the room. Love the pick up of it . Wish it had more features

- Misty K

Well it's just a simple car and nothing so special

I like it because it's a full SUV and my family can fit it

- Liza G

Love the 3rd row seating. Good on fuel mileage. Wish a little bigger

Third row seating is awesome, ECO fuel mileage is great.

- Abbie M

I love the size of the car because it fits 7 passengers. I love that it drives like a small car. I absolutely love the backup camera.

Even though it is a big car, it is super easy to drive.

- Alissa B

It has lots of storage space under the seats plenty of room

Love all the room in it has but hate the roof leaks

- Katarina B



- AL R