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It is very reliable. Even with the issues I've had with sensors, it has always safely gotten me where I needed to go.

My Journey has it's pros and cons. It's very roomy inside. It seats 7. Both the back row and the middle row seats fold down, providing lots of space for carrying things. I've taken it on a couple of long trips and it was comfortable and got good gas mileage. As for the cons, it doesn't have much power, so be sure you have plenty space before pulling out into traffic. It's had a lot of issues with sensors, beginning not too long after I got it. It has 2 recalls but my local dealership has been unable to get the parts for the last 2 years. Overall, it's a decent vehicle, just not for me.

- Tracy L

Need a reliable and economical car? Take a Journey for a spin!

The Journey is comfortable and will seat up to 7. Gas mileage is about 22 miles per gallon. Only major issue since purchasing it new was the transmission went out, but it was completely covered by the 6 year 100,000 mile warranty. Changing oil and filters as well as tires and windshield wiper blades have been the only maintenance costs. At 75,000 miles plus the car still runs great and has no mechanical issues. I would recommend this car with the V6 engine to anyone with at least two kids, needing reliable transportation.

- Timothy J

It gets great gas mileage!

This car has been a great car. It has automatic windows and locks, two row seating, and a large trunk area for storage. It gets about 25 miles per gallon and rides really smoothly. It has cruise control and a/c. One is the downsides is that it has no air vents in the back area of the vehicle so air flow does not flow as nicely to the back seat. The battery is located in a really strange place so it makes it almost impossible for you to change on your own. We have had really no issues and enjoy the vehicle.

- Kayla G

Dodge Journey standard model 3rd row.

I have owned this vehicle for 2 years now. I have had several recalls on my vehicle but took it to the shop and they fixed it no problem and the Dodge dealership. I did experience some type of low power down while I was driving on the highway but it has not happened after the first few times. I also had a vacuum leak that the shop was also able to fix. Driving from Alabama to Illinois while pulling a trailer the car was experiencing transmission problems. It does have a 3rd row which I really love.

- Nicole G

The Dodge journey: family vehicle with the reliably you need.

The car rides pretty well and I love the fact that there is third row seating. We bought it mainly for the third row, because we were expecting our third child at the time of purchase. The seating is fairly comfortable, though we do not have much space to recline chairs, due to car seats. We were supposed to have Bluetooth capability, but the dealer dropped the ball on that. We haven't had any major trouble with it so far, and we've had it a little over a year. . . So overall I love it.

- Candace W

2014 Dodge Journey mid-size SUV.

Well it is a Dodge Journey I have to say is a very sweet ride. I love the fact that it has enough room for six people you can also fold down the third row seat and have a versatility of a truck for hauling things and I really like the fact that it has climate control throughout the whole vehicle it has USB ports throughout the whole vehicle it is like driving a car on steroids. Did I mention the fact that it is a 4-cylinder and it gets about 25 to 30 miles to the gallon excellent!

- Leigh P

Make sure you stay aware and up to date on any recalls. I've received 3 at this point. Just minor things, but things that needed to be fixed.

Overall, my car had held up very nicely over the past 3.5 years. We have had a few issues and recalls, such as the window panel not working properly. But the car has a 3rd row with plenty of room in all 3 rows. The gas Mileage is decent for a car of that size. I get anywhere from 20-23 mpg depending. The car runs great and as long as you keep up normal maintenance, it is a great car that won't leave you sitting on the side of the road.

- Amber W

Heated steering wheel and heated seats.

Great vehicle has lots of room. Third row seating. Has space for cargo if do not need third rows. Has heated steering wheel and heated seats. Easy controls system. Hands control on steering wheel. Love color. Has hidden compartments one on the floor and one under passenger seat one in the way back of the vehicle. I only thing I do not like is there is not enough room way in the back when you are using all eight seating.

- Mary L

This Journey is a basic model no extra options lacks automatic headlights.

Dodge Journey 2014 the Journey is an ok car, had a problem with the transmission, the dealer did fix it. There is nothing special about my Journey it is a basic model. Do not like that the headlights are not automatic like my last car. This is very useful item because if you start driving and it is still light out and gets dark as you are driving you could get a ticket for not having your lights on.

- Tom K

Happy family of 5. Loving the look and feel of our Dodge Journey!

There is a lot of recalls and I have had to replace tires more than usual. Love the comfortability and the 3 rows of seats! Everything is automatic and I love the touch screen for the radio and climate controls. Has a great turn radius. There is a large blind spot in the back. The extra storage is nice in the back and the secret compartments under the passenger seat and back seat on the floor.

- Chela A

Overall a great vehicle, but to me a car is a car is a car; transportation.

Too many recalls, performance has been pretty good but is starting to feel like it's dragging a bit, even though I have keep up with the routine maintenance schedule. As for comfort it does sit pretty well but the lumbar adjustment does not line-up well with the cove in my back. The biggest concern that I have is the recalls, it seems as if almost every six months there is another issue.

- Gloria A

A nice crossover SUV that is reasonably priced.

My Journey is a reliable vehicle that is suitable to my family. The third row seating allows for additional passengers when needed. The seats are comfortable and easy to ride in for longer stretches. I have had no issues with performance or reliability. The one difficulty I have experienced is the location of the battery makes it difficult to change when the time comes.

- Kim H

Nice, comfortable, dependable SUV!

I love my Dodge journey AWD! Mine has all leather interior, electronic everything, big screen radio, sunroof, just about everything you would want in an SUV, including a third row seat. I think the third row seating is to cramped for 2 adults to sit in, you would be better off putting children who are smaller in stature. But all in all, it is a good dependable car!

- Dawn G

Economical, but a little small.

I bought a bigger vehicle to carry all my grandchildren. Being that it has a third seat. It is not very convenient though, it is very hard to get a car seat in the back seat. It ok for older kids. A grown up wouldn't fit in the third seat either. All in all it is economical with gas. So far I haven't had any major problems with it. It is a smooth ride.

- Alicia D

It's good on gas and has a lot of room.

This car is a great family car. It has a third row seat and all black interior. The car is registered with Mopar so any and all recalls are readily available and easy to schedule. I have only had minor problems like the tire sensor and the airbag sensor but they were easily fixed. The car looks more like a van but the sports edition is really cool.

- Aja H

It runs great and I have never had any technical problems with my vehicle. The third row of seating is great.

I love the additional storage compartments in my vehicle. Also the DVD player is great. It is a great car that I have never had any technical problems with. It runs smoothly. I love the additional third row of seating in my vehicle. The stereo and speakers are great. I love the color of my vehicle. The keyless entry and starter is very convenient.

- Stephanie R

A very comfortable vehicle and very roomy.

The car is really comfortable to ride in. Love the way it drives. The only thing I don't like about the car is it is a 4 cylinder. The vehicle has plenty of room in it which makes it easier to take the kids out for the day. Love the coolers in the back floors and all the seats! All in all this is a great vehicle and well worth the money it costs.

- Dorothy P

I love all the upgraded features in the Journey.

I love my Journey because it has a lot of pep and gets good gas mileage. It is easy for me to park but can hold a lot like the larger SUVs. I love the heated seats and steering wheel. I love the keyless entry and the remote starter. It also has rear seats that you can put one side down if you need to carry something a little longer in the back.

- Lisa P

My Journey - reliable vehicle.

Mileage is not the greatest, but ride is comfortable. I do not like the compartments in the floorboard of the passenger seats, and it would have been great to have a partition to cover the rear area so that shopping bags could be stored undetectable. I have not had any mechanical problems, but not knowing much about engines I would be aware.

- Gloria A

It is reliable, spacious, and great for mothers with 3+ children.

I love my car, I do not have many issues with it. Sometimes the air conditioner will malfunction causing the air to blow in the windshield vents instead of the front vents, even the settings are set correctly. Typically this issue gets resolved by pressing the correct functions multiple times and eventually the system will correct itself.

- Brittany D

Worth the price and a test drive.

It is very spacious on the inside and comfortable to drive. The cargo space is above average. It drives smooth and has been very reliable. I live in the north of the country so the all wheel drive is perfect for my 25 minute commute and personal use. The gas mileage though not the best is better than I expected for this type of vehicle.

- Nathan J

The third row seating is a wonderful feature.

I love that it has third row seating if we need it. Also it almost looks like a minivan but with regular doors because it is actually a crossover. It is very smooth on the road as well. I did have heated seats and a rear view camera installed and they were both done easily and look very nice and as if they came originally with the car.

- April D

This SUV is both versatile and roomy.

The large touchscreen display, heated seats, automatic start, and large rims are some my favorite things about my Dodge journey. It drives well in any condition and also it has 3 rows of seats that lay flat which allows me to transport any large item safely. I use it almost like it is a truck but I get on average 26 miles per gallon.

- Jay G

Great on gas, great highway mileage, not any noise while driving on hwy.

I was driving last night and my car start stalling. I park on the side and wonder what's wrong with the engine. I found out transmission problem. My god. The car had only 42k miles. I very disappointed to encounter a brand new car and had a major problem. Now I call a dealership and they responded only 36k factory warranty.

- Tiffany B

Good car no power get the 6 cylinder

I like the journey.it has seating for six and seats fold down.the only problem with the car is that I made a big mistake in buying the four cylinder engine.the car has no pick up and you have to be careful getting on the highway.gas mileage is ok about 22 city and 28 highway.other than the lack of power I like the car

- Roy M

I love my vehicle and how it drives!

My vehicle is very safe to drive and I love driving it. I can bring my whole family to go shopping and have plenty of room to put groceries in the back. We go everywhere in my car. I love how easy it is to park the car and to drive around parking lots. If I had to get another car, I would get the exact same thing.

- Blake P

Great SUV with so many features.

Easy to drive super comfortable lots of features great for families has 3rd row seats the sunroof is very nice. The larger monitor for radio and Bluetooth connection is seamless the entire vehicle wonderful overall. Must give it a test drive you will fall in love like a smaller Durango the sister of the Durango.

- Teresa M

Good car, well made. Just small.

Haven't had any issues. It is a little small to fit more than one kid. And with the third row up there is no trunk space. It gets great gas mileage and drives really well. I haven't had any issues with motor work or anything major. It has been a good car for me until I had a second baby, now it is pretty tight.

- Jessica P

It gets Good gas mileage in around town and also out on the open road.

It's a good little car that gets decent gas mileage. Has room for 7 but you can also lay the back seats down for a larger cargo area. Air condition works great and is set up for Sirius radio. The only con is that the front passenger are is not as roomy as it could be so not very comfortable on long trips.

- Barbara H

2014 Dodge Journey is a diamond in the rough.

This car is very reliable besides the couple recalls it has had. I constantly use the Bluetooth feature that the car comes with when I receive calls on the road. The car offers a lot of storage and is great for moving heavy objects. In the back of the car, the seats recline allowing for a flat bed of sorts.

- Kayla W

Dodge Journey is roomy and gets good gas mileage!!

I bought my Journey because it was an affordable mid size SUV and my son was getting taller so we needed a bigger car. It gets great gas mileage and is very comfortable to travel in. My only complaint would be that maybe they should have put rear air conditioning in it. Other than that we love it.

- Robin H

Great gas mileage, great room for passengers.

It is really good on gas. Drives really smoothly. Has plenty of cupholders and room for passengers with the exception of limited trunk space if the third row is up. If the third row is laid down then there is plenty of trunk space for groceries. Small children are a tight squeeze with car seats.

- Jessica P

Great vehicle with great gas mileage.

I love my Journey! It has third row seating and lots of storage room. The sears are very comfortable and it is easy to get in and out of. It gets really good gas mileage. I have not had any mechanical issues with the car. I would recommend it to my friends if they were looking to buy a new car.

- Peggy A

Love the Journey! Great for the family.

Have loved my Journey. It has had some recalls come up, but the dealership has been very good about replacing the part. The seats folding down flat in the back has allowed up to transport lots of stuff. The 3rd row is also a lifesaver. I wish there was more cargo space when the 3rd row is up.

- Cheyenne G

I love the engine. The car handle's great.

It is a good size. It's easy to handle. It is a spacious vehicle. The engine is great. Th interior of the car is great. The vehicle handle is great. Sadly with all of the great of the car the bad part of the vehicle is that it has a low life span. It breaks down after almost about four years.

- Kay E

It is a good vehicle if you are looking for a compact car but need three rows.

I like that there are three rows of seats, fitting my entire family in one car ride. The car has had minimal maintenance issues thus far and seems to be reliable. There is numerous storage areas although the "trunk" space is limited. Over all this has been a good choice for my family size.

- Brie R

It handles great on snow and ice.

It is very reliable. Gets good gas mileage and have had no problems when driving on ice and snow. There is plenty of room for my entire family and luggage when going on a trip. Even though it does not have the third row there is still plenty of room for both of my kids and their stuff.

- Melissa B

The third row seating is amazing.

My Dodge Journey has several attributes that made me purchase. The first is third row seating. It is a tight squeeze to get back there but it's still me I have to have. Also the look is almost like a minivan but the back side doors open like a regular car. It's a nice and stylish look.

- April D

Great vehicle for a family.

I love my Journey. I have a family of 6 and I can fit all of us comfortably. I have 3 kids in car seats and they all fit comfortably in the back seat. Only downside is when you are using the 3rd row seats, you have very little trunk space. Overall on day to day use no complaints.

- Cecilia M

I like it very much easy to drive and sit up high.

Love my car love all it is features I wish it had a lift gate and GPS I do enjoy the larger screen it is very comfortable, quiet easy ride works like a car I would recommend this car to anyone who's looking for an SUV with a 3 row and is the sister of the larger SUV like the Durango.

- Terry C

Sporty, spacious and functional.

Very spacious three row seating. The handling is smooth. Very low maintenance. Sporty yet functional. Decent gas mileage. Competitive pricing to similar vehicles. There are many convenient features like colored interior lighting, power outlets and additional cup holders and armrests.

- Erika S

The Dodge is good for family.

I really enjoy my vehicle for my family. I feel as though my vehicle is safe. It is very spacious. And it is family oriented. Whenever I have a problem with my vehicle my vehicle lets me know it. Whether it is a oil change, air in tires or something else going on. It is good on gas.

- Natasha S

Buy a unused vehicle please.

don't buy a used Dodge to many problems with the motor, steering, not so go on gas mileage. Have to bring it back the sealers a lot to fix any updates they have to do to the vehicle. Always have tires shipped they cost a lot. Keep the inside clean and check for leaks after it rains.

- Jessica E

Journey rocks! Highly recommended!

The only problem that I have ever had with my car is that sometimes the airbag light comes on at random. This usually means that I have to pay a visit to my local dealership. Otherwise, I love the legroom, the trunk, the engine, and the seats. It is a great car, highly recommended.

- Rodolfo V

It got lots of room and is a great family car. It does not have a lot of get-up and go, so sometimes it is slow up the hill.

I love my third row of seating and the fact that I can easily fold the seats down to make room for bigger items I purchase. Makes my Ikea trips easy. I dislike that I recently had to put money into some big repairs... it is only 4 years old and should not require $1000 in repairs.

- liisa k

The Dodge Journey: great for family fun.

It is a very good family vehicle. Mine is a limited edition with a DVD player. This works wonders with my kids on longer road trips. It rides great. I get good gas mileage for a larger vehicle, about 25 miles to the gallon. My Journey runs great in the winter weather of Colorado.

- Vanessa M

Dodge Journey an adventure awaits you.

Love the gas mileage the third row seating and the way she performs on the road. Bluetooth is a plus. I've taken her on long road trips and I was completely comfortable driving 12 hours at a time. The durability of the vehicle seems like it will last for many more years to come.

- Jean W

That the vehicle has great gas mileage, considering it is an AWD.

I love the gas mileage it gets, and that it is AWD. I also like that I can fold the 2nd and 3rd row seating down for extra hauling room. I do not like the comfort of getting in/out of the 3rd row seating. The front bucket seats are not very comfortable for long road trips either.

- Megan W

Take the Journey on your Journey.

I love my Journey. The cargo space is great and the legroom was just what I was looking for. Purchased the vehicle about a year ago and no issues. I also like that you can control the air. To the back from the driver’s seat. Also, the heated steering wheel is great in winter.

- Amy P

Smooth riding, 8 passenger vehicle!

The Journey is really comfortable for 6-7 people. It is an 8 seater passenger vehicle, with a 3rd row. I haven't had any problems. Get regular oil changes. Very reliable! It has a touch screen in the front of the car. All around safety features. Airbags in front, side and rear!

- Charles M

Dodge Journey is a great car.

I love my car good gas mileage haven't had any issues with it could not ask for a better driving car plenty of room and storage space has a DVD player to keep kids entertained stereo system is great easy to maintain a rides smooth would definitely recommend this car to anyone.

- Joy R

Great vehicle for parents.

The Dodge Journey is easy to operate and has awesome features! Lots of space too, perfect if you have children or car pooling, the stereo is really nice as well, drives smooth, has leather seats that heat -as well as the steering wheel, has Sirius radio you can add also.

- Lauren A

It is a very reliable family friendly vehicle.

I am very pleased with the performance of my Dodge journey. We have had no major mechanical problems and have never had to worry about dependability. It's very comfortable for daily travels or road trips. The only problem I have with it is that it has large blind spots.

- Ra W

Great family car and has enough room and space for 7 people but is very comfortable for a family of 6.

I like that it can carry my whole family and most of our bags. But what I don't like is that I have to put seats down in order to get groceries because there isn't enough room in the back. I do like how it is powerful enough to haul a trailer whenever we go out of town.

- jennifer k

SUV, seats 5, amazing ac lots of carry space.

Front wheel drive is the only problem I have had, having 4 wheel or AWD would be more optimal for me but other then that there is nothing wrong that I have had with this vehicle, the performance is amazing same with the fuel economy. Also another problem is no rear ac.

- Aaron L

Spacious, dependable, Journey!

My Journey is very spacious which I need for all of the supplies and animals I transport regularly. I also uber and lyft, so the 3rd row seat is so amazing. Mechanically it has been very sound in the 1. 5 years of ownership as well, I haven't had a problem with it yet!

- Katie F

This vehicle has been great. It allows me to haul grandkids or shopping items.

I love my Journey! It is very comfortable. The third row seating does not have much leg room. It also has great gas mileage. My grandchildren like my car and they like to put things in the storage cubbies. I haven't had any problems with the car and love the comfort.

- Peggy A

Review for the 2014 Dodge Journey.

I haven't really had much problems with it except the thermometer went out a few months ago. That is really all that I can think of as far as issues with the car. But I am general it is a very reliable vehicle that I would recommend to buy for you and/or your family.

- Alexis R

Great family car - comfort, room and good gas mileage.

It is comfortable for long trips. Carries a lot of kids, pets or cargo. The gas mileage is good. I also like the warning signs - low air pressure in tires, need oil change. They are easy to read. I like being able to go into the auto store and know what I need done.

- Catherine H

White exterior, black leather interior.

Very reliable, great performance, regular maintenance, best choice, cannot think of a single thing I do not like about it. Spare tire is under the vehicle in the back. That is kind of inconvenient. Gets good gas mileage, plenty of room and storage space for luggage.

- Amy P

The Dodge Journey is a great family SUV.

I love my Dodge Journey. It has a third row. It's only front wheel drive but it handles well in the snow and ice. Heated seats and steering wheel. Leather seats make it easy to clean. Touch screen with backup camera. It drives very smoothly. And has automatic start.

- Ashley L

The sound system is the alpine set and they absolutely slap.

Love my car she's got some good power on the high end and will smoke the front tires when the conditions are perfect. Had a few computer problems with her and was a little pricey to fix but that's the first problem she's had for 60k miles. Overall been a good car.

- Jordan A

Dodge Journey, good driver, pain to work on.

This vehicle has been dependable. Only issues have been trying to work on the car takes extra hours and removal of extra parts to change out spark plugs and the alternator. Also the battery is in the drivers side wheel well. Quite a pain in the butt to get to. . .

- Matthew M

Great small SUV. Ok for small kids or for dogs.

I love this car! It would be perfect for a small family. Does well with gas. No issues. Everything is user friendly. The only drawback is that it a small SUV. The leg room is decent. The trunk space isn't great but hauls 3 kids around just fine. I would buy again.

- Abby K

Great vehicle, not a lot of storage and space.

Drives great with great mileage. Have had no issues with it. DVD player, leather seats, bigger tires, 3rd row seating, pretty close to the full package. The only thing I do not like is the lack of space for 3rd row seating. 3 car seats in middle row is very snug.

- Kyle L

Dodge journey: a roomy crossover vehicle.

It is reliable and I like that there is a third row. Option of seats. The gas mileage is average and it drives smoothly. It has a lot of trunk. Space and fits three car seats. Overall, my journey has been a nice car and I enjoy driving it as our primary vehicle,

- Cassie W

I love freaking people out with the keyless entry!

Overall I love my car. There have been some recalls issued and the dealer was diligent about completing the update. The comfort is great and there is plenty of room. I wish it was a little smarter with satellite radio options and Bluetooth but overall I love it.

- Jennifer M

Good comfortable family car.

It is a good family car, however does not have all wheel drive so I am not as comfortable driving in bad weather. The drive could be smooth. Seats are comfortable and there is a lot of trunk space for storage. Gas mileage is average. Does not have backup camera.

- Lauren B

Good price low maintenance family SUV good brand cheap parts.

Gas ride really no problems great on gas. Had the vehicle for 4 years now and still love it went on a trip out of state did waste much on gas features are great also touch screen climate control under feet storage legroom 44 not to big or not to small good.

- Mari L

Dodge Journey, super family van.

I love the family friendly aspects that it has without being a minivan. There’s lots of storage, a DVD player, navigation, keyless start, and may favorite, unlocking by touching the handle. This vehicle has great gas mileage for being a larger sized car.

- Andy M

It is a family car and is very roomy there so many cubby holes to put things.

The radio works only when it wants to. The screen just turns black and you have to unplug the car cable then after 5 mins reconnect the cables to the battery then it will turn on. Such a pain in the butt, but other than that I love my 2014 Dodge journey.

- Tiffany E

Journey Dodge my car better black.

I hate the color of the car and that the seats aren't leather. The seats could be another color as well. The car is red and the seats are beige. The seats would be better black leather. The CD player I would put a little higher instead of being so low.

- Angelica R

Hands free wins for our family.

Our Dodge journey is very reliable. We love the navigation system and also that we can drive hands free while talking to family members. The back seat is loved by our teenagers for its many cup holders and outlets for all of their electronic devices.

- Mindy M

It is the best non-minivan option available. Roomy on the inside and yet doesn't look bulky.

I like that it sits 7 individuals. I am able to fold the seats down to carry more items. It isn't too big, but not too small. I get 22 to 27 miles to the gallon, which saves me money. So much better than a minivan. I would like it in more colors.

- Jeannieann M

The size makes it perfect for large grocery hauls without being too large to make either parking and gas mileage an issue.

Our car is the 2nd Dodge Journey that we own. We like our first, 2010 model, enough to buy a 2nd. Our first car does have problems with the heat and blower fans, but it is the perfect size for our family and a great deal for the money.

- Melissa G

The Dodge Journey has a very smooth ride and is a reliable vehicle.

I think I like about my vehicle is that it had third row seating like my old minivan but a sleeker look. What I don't like it that the third row is very small and my trunk space is even smaller. Overall the SUV has a very smooth ride.

- Latasha D

It does not have a backup camera, and sometimes it's hard to see behind you.

My car is just okay. I would prefer more of an SUV on a truck frame. It's too much like a station wagon. I don't ever use the third row seat, so it's pointless. It's a 4 cylinder and kind of slow, but it gets good gas mileage.

- Kristy T

Be careful when choosing Dodges are funny acting. The cars they have issues sometimes and you WILL have to take it to the dealership

I love the space and the upstairs. I have all leather sunroof and tv in the back. I don't like the issues I've been having. My Bluetooth won't work and the seatbelt indicator won't stop dinging even when I have my seat belt on.

- Brandi W

That the back seat is surprisingly roomy even for adults.

I like that it has 3rd row seating so I can take 7 people if needed. I like the hidden storage areas under seats and under floor mats. I do not like how stiff the seats are. They are not comfortable for traveling long distances.

- Crystal H

It's very well taken care of and the engine runs smoothly and never had a problem

Nice car overall, not a lot of power like I'm used to in my expedition but very comfortable and reliable. I haven't had a problem with the engine like most dodges. The car runs smoothly and is very comfortable for all my kids

- Cody C

There is a ton of trunk space and storage along with being able to recline the back seat.

My biggest complaint is that I wish there was more more in the back seat. There's barely any leg room and once I install child car seats they are pushed right up against the front seat because there simply isn't enough room.

- Amanda S

The third row is very convenient for families that need extra searing sometimes, but not all the time.

I like the crossover design. I like the roomy back that can be converted to extra searing if needed. I dislike the loss of storage room when the seats are up, though. My old Chrysler Pacifica had more room in the back.

- Stephanie L

Best vehicle to feel like you get a bang for your buck.

I love how there is ac vents in the back and very back especially during Texas summers. Most band for my buck versus all other cars out there. It's been 4 years since my first buy and I still love my Dodge journey!!

- Krystal P

It's a great alternative to a minivan. It serves well to haul kids and adults of all ages everywhere i need to go.

I have a beautiful red dodge journey. It is perfect for hauling people or stuff, although it doesn't do good at hauling both. I love my optional 3rd row back seat and all the leg room that the primary back row has.

- carie S

Reasonably Priced, Comfortable, Economic, Transportation.

Comfortable riding for long trips. Good size with enough room for four to travel even if one is a teenage girl. Get good gas mileage even with the ac on. My only complaint is the cost of updating the gps system.

- Harry M

It's paid off! It was a reasonably priced and reliable vehicle making it much easier to pay it off.

I like the gas mileage, there are a ton of little cubbies to store things, it's very reliable. I dislike that I didn't get the third row seating. I know Journey's do come with third row, none however did not.

- Tiffany V

It is a great car and family spacious inside.

I like that my vehicle does not waste a lot of gas. I also like how the inside of my car lights up so I can see my surroundings at night. Lastly I like the smooth feel of it when I drive and smart features.

- Jacqueline P

The car is safe and reliable.

My car is very easy driving. Great on gas mileage. Perfect to log around the kids and have room for extra friends and carpools. It is safe and reliable. Works very well for family and fits 3 car seats.

- Erin O

Got it at a great price, got a lot of car for the money.

It has plenty of room and has a third row seat option. It is comfortable and great adjustable seats with plenty of storage space. Great on gas, is a 4 cylinder. Only problem. . It has a blind spot. .

- Donna L

there are tons of hiding spots for items, makes going to events easy to hide purse or anything you don't want others to see and risk a break in

mine did not come with bluetooth. I also wish that we could remove remove one of the middle seats and be able to have it out always because my kids like to sit in the back but its a PAIN to get too

- Randi C

It is a smooth ride. Decent on gas and it is affordable it is decently durable.

Nothing it rides well has not given any major problems. I recommend you to look into this car because it is good for young families and it is a smooth ride. It is affordable and it is solid on gas.

- Daniel C

Its keyless entry is easy to use.

Performance has been good. Reliability wise there have been a few recalls. Comfort is great. The navigation screen is great but dims when the lights turn on and is impossible to see during the day.

- Ryan L

Has lots of issues with the navigation system recall on the cruise control.

Love all the great features. Lots of room and has a 3rd row seat. I hate that we have had it in for repairs numerous times and the navigation system has to have a payment to upgrade the maps.

- Lisa B

Not the best for a growing family when you take into account car seats and strollers.

I like the vehicle overall, but the doors open too wide and always hit everything, the back is too loud and you can't hear anything in the front. Decent space and love the backup camera

- Jessica C

Spacious. Extra storage space. No access to third row.

I love all how much room there is. It is nice having additional storage compartments. Not a fan of my kids having to crawl over the second row of seats to get to the third row of seats.

- Lisa S

It has better gas mileage compared to other vehicles it?S size.

I love the backup camera. It has a DVD player to keep the kids busy. And I love that it is a 7 seater. I wish it got better gas mileage but it is good compared to other larger vehicles.

- Sam M

It has 3 rows of seating!

I love the third row seating and it is still considered an SUV and not a van. The front seats aren't comfortable for any longer distance because the head placement is too far forward.


Good gas mileage, seating for 7; sporty, not soccer momish.

I love the 3rd row seating. I love the gas mileage. I'm a Dodge girl and really wanted a Ram with a Cummins, but decided to stay practical for now... In a few years I can get my truck

- Angie H

Very reliable, no major problems, all wheel drive with traction control, feels safe

Likes- color, gallons per mile, spacious interior for car size, all wheel drive, Bluetooth, stereo,90 degree doors,push button start Dislikes- easily scratched, can't work on myself

- James G

It seems to be reliable. It needs an oil change once a year and they are expensive.

It gets me to where I need to go. It is too big for me. I am too confused as to how to reset the functions like the clock. I had to send away for a manual and it is too confusing.

- Chris C

It is very reliable and has a lot of room.

Very reliable vehicle. Plenty of foot room. Car has a lot of wear and tear but still looks really new. Drives pretty smooth soon. Has been known to make knocking sound from a fan.

- Shanna G

The seats go down for addition space.

I have no problems with my vehicle at this time. The only thing I find wrong with the vehicle is that there is not enough room in the last seat for a person to sit in comfortable.

- Maria P

Rather inexpensive, not family friendly

Does not have get up and go, has 7 seats but not roomy for growing children or car/booster seats. Other than that no major issues, just is not a good fit for my family currently.

- Kristen M

I get great freeway mileage.

Third row seats are nice but eliminate all trunk space. Since it's not a turbo assisted 4 cylinder you do not get the best fuel mileage and going up hills are hard on the engine.

- Casey W

It had 3rd row seating and does great on gas.

We had some issues at first and have had some recalls since but I love it now. It gets great gas mileage. I do wish I would've gotten a Durango or something bigger for my family.

- Angela S

My Dodge Journey: Pros and Cons

My Dodge Journey has a third row which helps seat seven. It folds down flat giving great trunk space. It only has four cylinders so going uphill with a car load is a little slow

- Sara V

The price of the car is not worth of the performance.

The only thing I do not like is if the oil is not changed, it begins to burn more gas, and monster what kind of tires are on it, the car slips all over the road on rainy days.

- Aaron D

Gets good gas mileage. Fits a lot of people and car seats. Plenty of storage.

I dislike the color but it is growing on me. It's a burnt orange color. I love that it fits a lot of people and car seats. Third row seating can fold down for extra space.

- Ashleigh G

The 3 row seating is tight.

I got it for the third row seating but the spacing between the seats are too tight and no space in the truck area when all 3 rows are up! No other problems, I love it!

- Callie D

The Dodge Journey is extremely reliable and a great value for the vehicle you get.

My Dodge Journey is very reliable. The SUV gets decent gas mileage for its size. The interior is very spacious and comfortable for passengers as well as storage.

- Maria K

Good vehicle, drive lumbar seat system is great on load rides.

Very comfortable, rides well, v6 so good pick-up. Lots of room, but I would have rather not had the 3rd row seats. When used 3rd row has very little foot room.

- Gloria J

Not to big just right have enough room.

I like the storage spaces they have. I did like all the cell charges they had, but 2 stopped working 2 years after I had the car and they can't find out why.

- Patsy H

The Dodge journey is the best and the most dependable car ever.

It is a great car it has never let me down yet. it drives well and its sturdy and dependable. It seat 8 people and that is just the amount I need for my trip

- curtis w

It's fun to ride in, super spacious , and reliable .

I think the thing I like the most about my dodge is the size of it. I can grab me and my friends and we can all hop on a road trip together. It's super fun.

- Sarah R

It has 3 rows of seating , and has airbags.

I like the extra row of seats, I hate that it is all leather, I like the entertainment system and heated seats and steering wheel , i hate the sunroof leaks

- Kim S

That it is touch started so the locks can be controlled by touching the handles.

I do not really drive, it is my fiancé's/family car. I enjoy the keyless access, and the ac. Though I do not care for how sensitive the sensors are in it.

- Aaron L

It has heated seats and steering wheel which are great for cold days.

I love the heated seats. I love having navigation. It rides very comfortably. It would be nice to have a button or sensor to open and close the hatch door.

- Alley P

It is a very good town SUV.

I love my car. I have not had any problems with it. The only thing is a 4 cylinder and it does not have a lot of power when we are going up the mountains.

- Liliana Lopez L

It's a bit underwhelming.

I like the navigation, optional 3rd row and bluetooth connection but this model has a manual trunk latch that I find annoying since I have a small child.

- Charita M

It's like your driving a luxurious car with all the amenities without the high price tag.

I love my journey because it has so many features, drives beautifully, lots of space for kids without a crazy expensive price tag. I have no complaints!

- Virginia L

2014 Dodge journey best of all versions

I love my vehicle it's luxurious also when it gets muddy here it can get me out of anything without a problem I have no complaints about this vehicle

- George M

It only needs regular gas.

It is roomy, drives great and handles well. It is a good vehicle for a family and is still sporty. It is not great on gas, but it is still worth it.

- Michelle C

This suv is very Comfy and affordable. Very pleased.

Love everything about this suv. it has worked great for my family of 5,we all fit in it great. it is also really affordable so that is a huge bonus.

- Julieann L

Bluetooth three row seating keyless entry and start rear ac and heat

It had transmission issue say 4 wheel drive but not so good in the rain not the greatest on gas but the 3 row seating and storage is very convenient

- Britney C

Really dependable car. Is really good in bad weather. Rides well.

I like that it drives smooth and the design.. I dislike the cargo area would have been a little bigger,not so much room to buy things in the back..

- Ruth L

Roomy, economical, good visibility and ride, easy to park and reliable.

Very versatile and economic to use. Roomy and great for hauling groceries, etc. Seats 7 people if you need to. Only negative is no backup camera.

- Rick M

It has plenty of legroom

I like the size, the comfortable seating and the gas mileage. I'm still not used to the push button start and don't know what all the buttons do.

- Denise C

That there are a lot of safety recalls as well as other things that just do not last as long as they should.

I like the high clearance, which is why I bought it. I dislike the unreliability, and the low gas mileage. I will not buy another Dodge vehicle.

- Sharon R

My Dodge Journey is a safe car that runs well and is good on gas.

I like my Dodge Journey because when I drive I sit higher than I do in a car (I'm not very tall.) My car has always run well and is good on gas.

- Lori P

Comfortable and roomy, runs smooth

I love my dodge journey, very roomy, and gets good gas mileage, drives smooth, has a lot of space when u put the seats down to haul large items

- Deana M

I love the space and the size. It is very sturdy.

It is a strong and reliable car. Only thing I don't like is that it is a gas guzzler. But it is spacious and very comfortable for a big family.

- Caroline R

Affordable - 2014 under $15, 000.

3rd row seating, 19 mpg city, button start, AWD, auto and slapstick, very reliable, comfort seating and 2 back row seats fold completely down.

- April F

It is a very safe vehicle, built solid, doesn't feel like I am driving a tuna can compared to other vehicles I have driven.

I love my Journey because it is not riding the ground, it is a solid vehicle, safe vehicle and it is very spacious without losing gas mileage.

- Cindy B

overall can be great for families

the electrical system can be wonky. it sometimes turns on the ac when i turn it off. it also is only 4 cyl which is good on gas but low power

- carmen a

This is a great vehicle for those families looking for something bigger than a car but smaller than a full sized SUV.

I like the extra space the vehicle has with the third row seating. I like that it gets good gas mileage. I don't like the front wheel drive.

- Janice B

Love my 2014 Dodge Journey

I love my car. I haven't had any issues with it so far. It's very reliable and gets awesome fuel mileage. I love the keyless entry option

- Alexa H

Gas mileage for this car is excellent.

Fits my family of 7 perfectly, handles really well in rain and snow. I am really impressed with how it feels like an SUV rather than a van.

- Alicia K

It's a great, reliable family car, at a good price

I like that I haven't had any problems with it since buying it. I loved the price we purchased it at. I only wished it was a little bigger

- Ruth O

It has a lot of room and runs really well. The third row seating is an awesome choice.

This car is a great car if you have a family of 3 or more. It fits both of my Children and both of my dogs with ease. I love this vehicle.

- Brittany A

It easy on the eyes. Cleans up great. Has a great feel while driving it.

My Dodge drive great. Mpg is good. Handles great in curves. Good when carrying the grandchildren on trips with us. Good seating capacity.

- Quentin O

It is compact and easy to drive.

It rattles. It makes noises especially when driving. Sounds also when shutting off vehicle. Tire got a huge bulge less than 20,000 miles.

- Peg L

Affordable family car with room to grow and great gas mileage.

I like the layout and gas mileage. I wish there was more storage. I also like that I can charge my phone and play music simultaneously.

- Lyndsey M

There have been quite a few recalls.

I like the overall size of the vehicle- not too big and not too small. Third row seating that can transform into trunk space is great.

- Randy h

My 2014 Dodge Journey is amazing

I love my Journey. I've had it for 3 years and haven't had any major problems. They should make all models to have automatic lights.

- Christy N

It is a great vehicle for a family with 2 children.

I love the gas mileage and the space for my children. I dislike how large the blind spots are. Overall it is a great family vehicle.

- Rachel W

Amazing car, gas saver, spacious, comfortable.

Very comfortable for a big family. Spacious. It is a gas saver also. I can travel 4-6 hours away from home still with 1 tank of gas.

- Kerry Q

It's a great looking vehicle but without a warranty it would have ended up in the junkyard a long time ago. After only owning it for a year the transaxle blew causing a long wait(months) for parts and a week before we could get a rental. I will never get a dodge again

It's not what you think it will be. I def recommend a warranty that covers the cost of repairs because there will be a lot of them.

- Megan S

A good family vehicle, that fits 7, but not a lot of trunk space. Good crossover

I wish I had a back up camera. I would like more automatic buttons, especially lights. For a 2014 I just thought it would have more

- LeeAnn W

The Dodge is a good daily driver.

The only problem I have had with the car is the driver side recliner bar it broke and it is hard to lean the chair forward or back.

- Austin H

Good vehicle for the money!

I have a third row seat option. It is a 4 cylinder so it does not cost a lot in gas. It drives very smoothly, no rattles or noises.

- Donna L

It does great in the winter. In all seasons really. I have always felt safe while driving it.

I have no complaints. I love the 3rd row. I love the size of it. It's the perfect mom car in my opinion. I live that it seats 7!

- Krista H

I like to brag about all of the features that it came with.

It rides very nice. There is 3rd row seating which is great for 4 kids. I do not like that is only gets like 15 mpg in the city.

- Ashley L

Front to back its a gem, as it never has problems.

I love how it handles, gas mileage is great and the car rides well. You just do ordinary maintenance and it just runs and runs.

- Alan H

It gets good gas mileage.

Comfortable great gas mileages so no problems has most of the latest gadgets and has a sunroof. Easy parking and fun to drive.

- George P

It is a big vehicle and has very good speed.

I love my engine, my interior and my exterior. I dislike the way my car got dented. And there's not much else. I love my car.

- Richard T

It is has a roll over safety feature on it.

I love my vehicle. I bought it with very low miles. I know have over 100,000 miles on it. I haven't had any issues with it.

- Natasha M

That is doesn't get up hill very fast. IT takes a while for it to rev up

My car is just the basic model, wish it would have bluetooth but that is fine. It drives well and doesn't have any problems

- paul h

That it a good size SUV, plenty of cargo space good mileage.

Its is good on performance and very reliable. The seats are nice and comfy love the rear vents in the ceiling for my kiddo.

- Marsha H

It has terrible acceleration.

I like that it has a lot of compartments, but it is fairly small and has poor acceleration. It is good for a small family.

- Jonathan G

The screen is cracked in the front.

I like the space, and the touch screen in the front. I do not like the shape of the car it looks like a soccer mom's car.

- Abigail M

The highlight is it's spacious trunk which can fit whole bunch of stuff

This is SUV type vehicle which fits whole bunch of stuff in it including stroller and two car seats for both of our kids

- Rafi M

I get good gas mileage. Somewhere between 21 and 23.

It's pretty well appointed.It has a navigation system and satellite radio. I don't have any dislikes about the vehicle.

- Kevin B

I am very pleased with this vehicle. I have had no major problems with this vehicle.

I love to drive it. I have plenty of room for me to move and drive .I have plenty of room for kids and all their junk.

- Terressa B

Reliable, nice looking, comfy, smooth ride, plenty of space

I've wanted this vehicle for 5 years and finally got it! I love the way the body looks and the interior. Rides smooth.

- Brittany P

Great gas mileage... reliable

This has been one of our favorite vehicles. It's very reliable and has gotten great gas mileage on our road trips..


Great gas mileage, comfortable, reliable and affordable

Comfortable, good gas mileage. Issues with battery & computer screen going off when breaking. Otherwise, no issues.

- Brandi E

All-wheel drive is horrible in the snow. Lots of slippage.

Spacious and comfortable enough for everyday driving. Gas mileage is okay. Third row seating is only for children.

- Gabriel I

It has good feet room. The engine is great.

It is nice and roomy. It is great if you have a family. The engine is great. If you like SUVs you will love this.

- Kay E

The brakes are very touchy.

When the third row is up, it does not have much if any storage space. It is very crowded for a three row vehicle.

- Kat M

The car drives nice and smooth.

It is roomy and has lots of trunk space, but no backup camera or heated seats. I like the color and smooth drive.

- Lauren B

Easy and comfortable to drive.

Very comfortable.. Good gas mileage.. Plenty of room for luggage and "stuff".. Room for 7 passengers if needed..

- Kathy S

A must have car for any age and family size

I absolutely love this car. Everything about it is great so far. I would recommend this car to any and everyone.

- Jennifer F

Reliable, good gas mileage, comfortable, made to last.

Like reliability, color, safety.. Like employee discount.. Dislike look, gas mileage.. Great service department.

- Bernie M

Please don't buy a Dodge.

Transmission problems and I think this car breaks down very easy. It doesn't stand up against this Vegas heat.

- Stacey L

My Dodge Journey runs very well.I have had no problems.

I don't like push button ignition. I don't like that I have to start the car to close the windows if I forget.

- Sally P

I love the sunroof, heated seats

It has Great features, sunroof, siriusxm, all wheel drive, heated seats and mirrors. I wish had bigger trunk

- Dave B

It is a great car to have but be weary of the gas u will spend

Its kinda small inside it is a good car but the size makes travel hard. It drives well and is a smooth ride.

- John R

Dodge Journey 2014 drives economic, safe, comfortable and warm.

Great to drive long miles distances, comfortable and very economic in gas. Features include Heated seats, BT

- Zuly S

There is no tow hitch, so if you need one for any business , this car is not it.

I like that it has 3rd row seating. I hate that it doesn't have a tow hitch. I like that it's easy on gas .

- Karen s

Family friendly reliable transportation

It is roomy reliable and is perfect for a family. It is comfortable for long trips and good on gas mileage

- Donna C

It does not keep good time on the clock on the radio.

It has been very reliable, comfortable and inexpensive to operate. Plenty of room for my family and cargo.

- Paul B

The Journey has a great sound system and smooth driving vehicle.

Love the vehicle, wished I had the upgrades. It is comfortable, plenty of cup holders and charging ports.

- Buffie M

2014 Dodge journey with low miles.

My vehicle has leather heated seats, dvd player, sunroof, built in Bluetooth. MY vehicle is very reliable.

- Bethany S

2014 silver Dodge journey.

My car is very smooth to drive and easy to navigate. I love how spacious it is and the ample storage room.

- Mackenzie H

It drives really smooth. We are over 100000 miles and it just run very nice. Both highway and in town.

Fantastic gas mileage and just a fun vehicle to drive. It has been great for our long trips to see family.

- Levi T

It is a pain to park in small areas.

I love the 3rd row. My whole family fits in it! It is great on gas. And I love to go on road trips in it.

- Sandy S

It has third row seating.

I like the fact I have a third row seating. I also like the AWD feature. It could be a little more roomy.

- Brittany U

I works great for the active lifestyle

Great all around SUV . It has been very dependable and fits my lifestyle perfectly. I would purchase anoo

- Scott W

Good on gas. Plenty of room if you have a big family. AWD.

AWD is great unless you get stick in mud. Outs good on had but to me it is to big with 3rd row seating.

- Jennifer L

it has great room for a big family and lots of room for luggage.

It drives well in the snow. also goes well in the mountains. it also has enough room for a family of 5.

- christian m

It runs and drives smooth and quite. We have not had any issues at all.

I have no complaints! It is easy to drive! Easy to get in and out of! Good gas mileage!! Comfortable!!.

- Janet M

great on gas. for being a dodge this car has exceeded my expectations

great on gas very easy to drive. would like a little more leg room in the 3rd row and widen a little

- maria d

It doesn't get good gas mileage. It gets about 15 in town and up to 20 on the highway

I don't like the gas mileage it gets. It seats 7 people. The third row could have better foot room.

- Ashley B

It has a security feature where it unlocks the door just by grabbing the handle!

I like the shape and style of the car. It does take a lot in gas. I wish it was a third row model.

- Lacey A

It is a fantastic Family car that will be part of the family for years to come.

I like how efficient the vehicle is. I also like the mileage. Finally, I like the vehicle brand

- Xiomara P

It gets me from point A to point B with no mechanical issues.

I like the push to start. There is no AC in the back. I don't have the third row which I wanted

- Sabrina V

It's safe to drive and easy to drive.

I like the color. I like the availability of the charging ports. I do feel safe in the car.

- Maylisajoy K

It has third row seating.

I like the auto start option. I also like the 3rd row seating. I don't like the 4 cylinders.

- Angela B

My Journey handles great on the road and has plenty of room for passengers

I love my Journey, it has plenty of space for passengers, storage and gets great gas mileage

- Cindy T

It is a good car for a family and it is good for traveling.

It is roomy but I dislike the way it looks and I have had some issues with the electronics.

- Rebecca W

it's a very reliable car and runs great. there's nothing to change about it.

i have no complaints about my vehicle. i love it. there is nothing i would change about it.

- Lacey H

It has great gas mileage at least.

I wish it had more room. It has 7 seats but not much room at all. Also a lot of recalls

- Kristen C

Unstable, feels like the car is slipping out from under you.

Good gas mileage. Do not like the stability of the vehicle on highways and over bumps.

- Erin S

This model if it has a backup camera it will be in the rear view mirror.

It does not have much get up and go. It does not like highways. And that's about all.

- Sami K

Does not keep alignment, has multiple blind spots.

Has good gas mileage. Does not keep alignment, needs multiple tire alignments a year.

- Amanda N

My Dodge has travelled to Canada, Nevada, Idaho, Wyoming, Montana, Washington and Oregon from California and it still running great! It's comfortable with plenty of room for our family of 3 and lots of luggage. Plus, two bikes on top. Plenty of power in the mountains and handles good.

The Dodge Journey has been extremely reliable for our travels around the country.

- Sherry D

The one most important thing would be that it's a solid enough car.

I have no real dislikes about. It's been effective so far. No real complaints.

- Josh Q

The Dodge Journey is reliable and dependable. I have not had any problems. It has seating capacity for 7 people but third row is small.

The Dodge Journey can hold seven people but the third row legroom is small.

- Amy V

Has great gas mileage and plenty of storage

Likes: All the extra storage, Third row seat Dislikes: Needs more leg room


Love the way it handles on bad roads. Love the size and look. Love the third row seat.

Reliable and safe when driving on slick roads and unfavorable conditions.

- Mary G

The 3 row seating which folds down to give you spacious cargo area

I like the 3 row seating. I dislike it is sluggish, especially on hills

- Sheryl C

Best vehicle ever I have owned. I really love my journey!!

I like that it is roomy. I love how smooth it drives. Dislike nothing.

- Kim L

I like my vehicle but it needs more space. The backseat needs to have more space.

The vehicle is gas efficient. It runs smooth. It great for traveling.

- Nitcher S

It's a great family car that has a 3rd row. Second row seats lean back a lot and is very comfortable for kids

I like the size of the car. Has Little to no power. Great family use.

- Pilar V

As long as keys are near or in the vehicle u cant lock yourself out

I love my vehicle. I don't like that it doesn't have a 3rd row seat.

- Kimberly C

It's a good car, the get up a and go is a little slow.

It is comfy. It gets decent gas mileage. The get up and go is slow.

- Alicia M

I like that it is good on gas mileage. The color isn't hard to get used to either, burnt orange. Fits a good amount of people as well. Plenty of storage space as well

Lots of space. The back seats also fold down for even more storage!

- Paul G

It is only a four cylinder and seems to take a lot of gas.

My Journey is too big but reliable. It gets me where I want to go.


It a great car but the price is a little high

Love the way it drives, just wish more.leg.room.in the back seat

- Rebecca C

Has a powerful hemi engine.

It drives well but has been very bad with gas mileage of late.

- Kathy p




It is a very nice vehicle. It is very roomy and comfortable. I dislike the color of the vehicle and the color of the interior. Overall it has been a good vehicle.

The 2014 Dodge Journey is a very comfortable and roomy car.

- Clara W

It has great warranty nice to ride in as you sit higher than in a car.

It is comfortable to drive. Great gas mileage Nice ride

- Kitty U

All wheel drive is great, pick up is good though a little touchy.

Like the size and comfort. Dislike the gas mileage.

- Al B

the car is very comfortable

is big. the car is also tall and i need a pillow.

- jenny p