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Over all good performance. Major issue on visual safety.

Overall handling is good. Mileage average. Seating is a big plus for me with the 3 seats in the model. Also, it is easy to get in/out. There is a bit of difficulty in moving the middle seat back/forth--it's rather difficult to do. The up/down motion on row 3 is easy. One major problem is lack of vision when switching lanes--there are very large blind spots on both sides - driver and passenger. I have on multiple occasions almost hit the car in the next lane while not only depending on the mirrors but also visual double checking. I did take the headrests off on the middle section and that has been somewhat of a help. Other than that major issue I would recommend the auto and consider purchasing another in the future.

- Libby H

Handles great. Good size for family.

I have loved my journey for the most part. However, within a year of owning it, the added features that were really a selling point for instance, the navigation and the DVD player, have stopped working. I have even taken my journey to a dealership and had the system tested for fixes. Basically, all they could tell me was they could replace the radio system and the DVD player and hope that is the fix. So currently we just do not even use these features at all. Would be great to have the DVD player on long trips with two young boys. Other than the added features not working, the vehicle drives well and is still very comfortable and roomy for a family of four.

- Kathy S

Gadgets and nooks and crannies

I like the space that the vehicle provides. It has a third row seat that allows me to separate my children on trips so that they do not fight. The digital screen gives me options to select about my vehicle from trip info to digital speedometer. The radio in the middle is a touch screen that controls not only the radio but the climate in the car and settings for the time, etc. it has the option to add hands free for cell phones but I have not activated it. The steering wheel controls the volume and radio settings as well as the cruise control. I love the storage space under the feet of the back seat passengers as well as in the hatch.

- Karen R

Dodge Journey smooth and comfortable ride!

I was looking for a reliable and affordable vehicle with a third row. As most people who have looked when you add that third row the price skyrockets. Then I came across a beautiful white Dodge Journey. First it looks so sharp I thought well this will be to expensive. I hope in the beautiful black interior with the touch screen oh wow I thought no way can I afford this and then the third row everything I dreamed of and more. And it was so affordable!! I was so thrilled I know have had it for almost 2 years and have had no problems at all! It drives smooth and fits everyone when needed. I love my Dodge Journey-!!

- Samantha P

Looks like a SUV but is a family van well concealed in a small package.

This vehicle wastes to much fuel. Large enough to hold 2 adults up front and only children and small teens in the back 5 seats. With no room for cargo space unless you have a roof rack. Runs fine takes to long on take off but the horse power makes up for that. Also had troubles from day one if car does not come to a complete stop, car will start to jump only had car for a year but it is reliable enough for the family I have. Will know within the next if it is reliable enough.Comfortable enough for my situation and especially for the price. Very affordable for a starting family that do not want a lame vehicle.

- Mari T

This Dodge Journey is an awesome vehicle!

I really love my car. The only thing I would do different is - I would have gotten the rear camera if I had known it would be difficult to see when backing up. All other features are wonderful! I love that I can easily see that my tires have the right amount of air in them or that they need air. I can see how many miles I can drive before I need gas and my seats are comfortable for long trip. I got it to transport my 2 nieces, nephew and my son and it is perfect for any family. I would definitely buy another Dodge Journey in the future and I recommend it to anyone looking for a small SUV.

- Pam B

It gets us to where ever it is that I need to be.

There really is not much problems with the car. In fact, the Dodge Journey’s are high in demand right now. Performance wise, the pick up is pretty slow. But for the most part, it will function well, just like any other car, if you take care of it as if it is your newborn baby. Very reliable mini SUV. My seats are leather so I had seat covers specifically made for my seats. The electronics in my car were the best. I love the Bluetooth the most. The automatic connection for the phone to my car was so convenient! It has reverse sensors and camera. I love my car and it loves me!

- Hili D

The dodge journey is a vehicle that carries family together both near and far.

My vehicle holds up to 7 passengers, storage cubbies in floor, each passenger has a cup holder. Middle and back row seats all have their own controls for heat and air, and personal lighting.Vehicle can have added storage carrier easily mounted on rooftop of dodge journey. Fortunately, I have not experienced any problems with my car. There was a recall to have a part checked which was easily fixed at the dealership. My dodge journey is also equipped with sensors that lets me know when an oil change is due, if a door is ajar, my tire pressure.

- Elmer D

Dodge Journey. Third row seats.

I love my Journey I love the three rows it has I don't like the trunk much it's to small when you have your third row up but since it's just me and my two kids I never have it up so I have plenty of trunk space. It's great on gas I love my car what was important for me was for it to have ac in the back seats for my kids because my previous car did not and my kids were always hot so that was one important thing to look for in a car for me. And it has that and I love it.

- Vanessa M

The good and bad of my journey.

The car looks great inside and out. So far it has been reliable and comfortable for my family of four. The sounds system is great too. It does have Bluetooth connection issues which is frustrating when you have screaming babies because they want their music. The pick up speed is pretty slow and even worse when people are in the car. The mpg are decent but I wasn't expecting more since it a 4 cylinder engine. Remote start and seat warmers would be a life saver!

- Kevin N

Love my Journey wouldn't hesitate to buy another one.

The only thing I would change is my Journey will be a 4 wheel drive. It's very comfortable, lots of legroom, good gas mileage. Would also get Sirius radio with heated seats, backup camera, and Bluetooth capability. Would also get my next Journey with heated seats and steering wheel, automatic start for the cold Wisconsin weather. No complaints with the Journey, love the car and I would definitely buy another Dodge Journey or another Dodge vehicle.

- Scott L

It is reliable and is our family car.

I really like the rear view camera. Really helps when backing out of spaces. I like the dual heating/cooling options. One side of the car can be warm while the other either cooler or warmer. I love the space in the trunk and all the extra storage in the car. The Bluetooth is always great to be hands free. I wish it was a little bit more roomer in the back. With 2 toddler car seats there is not much room for anything else or much legroom for them.

- Amanda H

I love the navigation system and the large display screen.

Unfortunately, we bought our vehicle with only six thousand miles to go on it's warranty and had to take it in three times before the warranty was up. There was a recall, the radio display needed replaced, and the touch screen stopped working. After the warranty, we had to take it in again for a valve repair that was no longer covered. Overall, I've been happy with it but unhappy that it's been in the shop four times in one year.

- Elizabeth A

Room for seven with a lot of cooler and storage space!

The 2015 Dodge journey has a lot of room for seating. The only downfall is having to pull the center seat forward to access the back two seat. I also love the amount of space made for storage. Including passenger seat storage and two ice chest in the floorboards in back. This car is however one big blind spot! Hard to see what is coming and going. Had some shifting issues and an issue with my fob, but other than that been great!

- Beth M

Roomy! Great to have third row seating. Family friendly.

I love the vehicle. It is pretty updated as far as radio. I love that you can have a different temperature in the front and the back of the car. I love the three row seating, but it is hard to get in and out of for my five year old. There is not much leg space so he has to be the one to sit in the third row. I love that there’s a drop down mirror instead of a glasses holder, so I can see what my kids are doing at all times.

- Amber P

It's an extremely practical car that gets great gas mileage for how big it is!

I love all the complex features my car has, such as built-in navigation and satellite radio. I love that my car is extremely useful for road trips – the big tank can last for up to 5 hours on cruise control! It also has 2 built-in coolers – one in floor of the back seat and another in the seat of the passenger seat. One of my favorite parts of this car is the park assist – makes parallel parking in a big SUV easy!

- claire s

The heated steering wheel adds a nice touch!

I love driving my Dodge Journey! The seats are comfortable and I love that I have the heated seat and heated steering wheel option on mine. Riding in the back seat is not very smooth, and it is kind of cramped. If you have a rear facing car seat then you cannot move back your front seats too much because the baby’s car seat will not have room. Otherwise this vehicle is good on gas and I have had zero problems.

- Andrea A

It's perfect for traveling with friends and family.

I really like the car we have but there's small things that I do not like. For example first there is no back up camera on this car. Second, there is only an AUX connection and you cannot put your music through Bluetooth. Third, there is no bags in back of the front sits. I really like the space from inside though. I like that it has ac everywhere and it's good for traveling with a big number of people.

- Liz L

I will forever and always drive dodge, but journey's are my favorite!

The floorboard carpets are thin and wear through easily. Also the battery is in the most impossible place ever, which makes getting it jumped or tested much more difficult. Otherwise it is an amazing car with a good ride. The display is easy to read, I wish it came with car play as the bluetooth is sometimes spotty. The seats are durable and the cargo space is excellent, if you fold down the third row.

- Jessica D

Problem with check engine light.

I have the Dodge Journey and ever since I got it in 2015 I have had problems with it. The check engine light comes on about every 3 months. It is always the same problem. Gas cap problem they say the fix the problem but the engine light still comes on. I do think it is co. Affordable though and I like that it has 3 rows for people to sit but the last row is kind of small and not enough leg space.

- Kelly D

BLIND SPOTS - are larger than other cars, and make merging on roads and the highway more difficult, but the car is usually fun to drive, maneuverable and peppy.

I wish the seats were a little more cushioned and automated. The lights should be fully automatic, I'd like a back-up camera in the rear bumper. I really don't like the number and size of the blind spots that this vehicle has, and that should be an area where they focus on improvement. I really like the car and driving it is very easy and comfortable, except for merging with the blind spots.

- Ann M

Great car could use a bit more leg space.

The performance and reliability is great on this vehicle. We love the options in the vehicle. However the comfort area has a little to be desired. For a large adult male especially. There is not enough leg room in the back seat and the seat itself is on the smaller side. And for the third row forget the leg room. This car is great however for a family with smaller children for the back seats.

- Tammy R

The car is ok, not that great, but reliable. It is a nice car.

Problems with cruise control, it controls itself and does not catch when set. I hate that the basic model does not come standard with Bluetooth. Reliability is a 6 out of 10, I was able to drive on the rain in stock tires, even when I swerved, it was still controllable. Comfort is ok, 5 out of 10, it could be better, the seats feel very small, more for someone who is under 200 lbs.

- Mary M

It's got good safety ratings, and you can fit a lot in there! It's a decently priced car, and I think you get a lot for it.

I like that it has dual zone a/c, and that I can lock the controls for the a/c in the back, so my son doesn't play with it. It has a lot of legroom in both the front and both back rows. I also like that it has the third row available. The only complaint I have about the car is that it doesn't have a backup camera, and the a/c will randomly turn back on if I turn it off.

- Fiona W

Dodge Journey will be the smoothest family car you've ever owed!

The seats in the Journey are beyond comfortable. You will have a smooth ride no matter if you are in the front or the 3rd row which is very roomy since the middle row can be moved up. I am so glad I bought this car, it has tons of storage areas also! With the 3rd row down you get even more storage. The ease of access for the radio or climate control is fabulous also.

- Jennifer F

Great for a busy mom with busy kids!

My Dodge is perfect for a busy mom! It has room for my kids, groceries and the dog too! The third row seating comes in handy when we have guests traveling with us. It handles smoothly and is a very comfortable ride. I like how the rear seats can maneuver easily so vacuuming the floors is not a difficult task. The extra floor storage in the backseat is a nice bonus!!

- Erin B

Very reliable everyday vehicle that will get you everywhere you need to be.

I haven't had any problems with it yet and have had it for about 3yrs. I travel a lot with it. Besides maintenance it runs great. I usually drive about 60-80 miles per day and still runs like new. Only issue I had was the alternator that I had to replace after 3 yrs. I wish there was a notice that it would go out ahead of time but that option is not available yet.

- Kelly G

Not great for a large family.

I purchased this vehicle because the third row seating was appealing. Also, when the third row was down, I had great trunk space. Now that baby 3 arrived and I have 2 car seats in the middle row, my oldest has to climb in through the trunk because you cannot get in otherwise. Does not have automatic lights. I am looking forward to purchasing something different.

- Kerri H

Mom's SUV, Dodge Journey.

For starters it's good with space, gas saver and fast vehicle. Satellite radio which the kids like to control that. Has ac vent in the back of SUV control system as well. Seniors in back help with parking in reverse or just reversing out of a spot. Third roll can be put down to extend space for room to put luggage or bags after shopping. Over all great SUV.

- Joanna C

My own personal car. I drives and handles well.

Everything is fine there are no problems, all performance points are fine. There is not much more to tell except I am enjoying my car I have not had it long enough to know anything else about it I would tell you to get one of your own And than you can tell someone else how your car handles. Not much more to say this should be enough for any survey.

- Deborah P

Dodge Journey 2015 cons and pros by original 2015 owner.

Too many recalls on the vehicle. That has made me want to buy a different similar vehicle. However, I love the room and space in the vehicle. I have had no engine problems yet and it is at 52, 000 miles. I purchased the vehicle with 12 miles on it that I created. The sound system is amazing and I really enjoy the vehicle besides the recalls.

- Ashley E

Dodge Journey is the best!

This vehicle is large, but not front heavy like a van. It still drives smoothly, and there is room for family expansion. There are 4 extra areas for storage inside the vehicle. More storage compartments than I have ever had within the an vehicle. This vehicle provides comfort and high performance, and has demonstrated great reliability.

- Mary R

I love all the compartments my vehicle has. Lots of storage space is important.

I was hesitant to switch from Toyota (had for 12 years) to Dodge but I am happy to say I have no regrets. I've had my Journey for 6 months and haven't had any problems. It drives smooth, body style is awesome, spacious, has lots of compartments and speakers are nice! It's exactly what I wanted and the prices for them are affordable!

- Kim S

Get a Dodge Journey right away!

I love my Dodge Journey. It is comfortable. I have a great entertainment package, including great speakers. I have enough room for 5 adults to sit comfortably and still have a ton of room for storage. There is storage under the trunk floor, in the rear floor under both side seats, and the front passenger seat has storage underneath.

- Hannah M

Heated seat and steering wheel for an affordable price.

It does not have a 3rd row and it looks like a minivan. My version is the r/t so I do not know if that is standard with the trim I own or if it was a custom vehicle. Also, the navigation system had to be replaced because it wasn't working when I got the vehicle. Turned out, it wasn't an update. The whole radio has to be replaced.

- Laura L

Dodge Journey, incredible space, with a few factory setbacks.

I love the space, the folding seats, the fact I can seat 8 people comfortably and pack around many things, I have even used it to move homes. It has however had several recalls and things just pop off, I drove it off the lot with 0 miles on it, so this is upsetting. I'm working on paying it off and will be excited when I do so.

- Amber F

Dodge styling and convenience.

This is a very comfortable vehicle with heated seats that are perfect for long ride comfort. It easily carries 5 or more passengers, which is why it is often used. The controls are convenient to use. I am worried about the durability of the power house. There is about 25, 000 miles and the transmission shows signs of slipping.

- George G

If you do not turn the gas cap enough times your gas light will come on.

My Dodge journey is comfortable to drive and ride in. It drives smooth and has great “get up and go”. It has plenty of room for my 4 kiddos! I love the radio system it has installed because the base is awesome! The 3rd row seat folds down to make plenty of room in the back for groceries or whatever you need extra room for.

- Becky S

Buying an SUV with more room.

I just recently purchased my journey. I was looking for an SUV at the time of purchase. I test drove the vehicle and loved it. My car salesman also had one and told me about how much he liked his. I loved the third row seating and the ability to lay it down when not needed which gave more room for when I go grocery shopping.

- Susan M

The love I have for my Journey.

We haven't had any problems so far. I love this car. I feel safe in it. We were in an accident last year so this was my first choice of car so I knew me and my children were safe. I love all the airbags this car has. I also love that I can adjust the back of my cars heat or air so I know my kids are warm or cooled off.

- Savannah S

A solid choice for family.

Would like it to have back-up camera or warning but otherwise a fine vehicle. Provides useful info on display including tire pressure, as we need to inflate often. Easy media controls on back of the steering wheel if you do not want to reach. Spacious vehicle, great for families if you are not into having a minivan.

- Joseph R

It has very good and low miles on the vehicle.

My car is really a good vehicle, the only problem I have is it keeps overheating but I believe it is a sensor problem because it is not smoking. I was in a car accident February 2018 and it has a little damage to the front and back end but the damage in the back end cause a little problems with my driver side tire.

- Selena S

It's not a minivan! I'm not a soccer mom, minivan driving person and it drives me crazy when people call it one.

I absolutely love having a 3rd row seat. It has been a real lifesaver multiple times. It gets great gas mileage to be a full size SUV, but the one thing I'm not entirely crazy about is the lack of power. Not drag racing power but there are times where I hit the gas and it's like the car has a delayed reaction.

- Nikki G

The Dodge journey is plenty big for my family, who are all nearly 6ft tall.

I love my Dodge journey! It is incredibly roomie and cleans up very nicely. The only issue I e had is when you have the abs on and you are going over 65mph on a bumpy/hilly road, the breaks will engage going over these. It makes the car jerk while you are in motion giving the feeling of not being in control.

- Danielle D

Love all the space yet compact.

This car is amazing and the perfect fit for my family. I would recommend this vehicle to all my friends and family. I would purchase this vehicle again if I ever need to. Journeys are amazing! You can fit 7 passengers comfortably or keep back seats down and have a massive trunk and still carry 5 passengers.

- Kaitlyn J

The radio has issues. We have had to replace the radio/ navigation unit 3 times. And it is a pain in the Burt to take it to the dealership every time!

I like the design of the vehicle. I think it is a modern looking small SUV. I also like the fact that it has 3 row seating that allows us to fit our children and their friends when necessary. I also think that it drives and handles well. We take it on many road trips and have not had any problems yet

- Mike S

Car is a good size and comfortable for families of 6 or less.

It is a reliable vehicle that comfortably fits my family of 4. We can fit up to 6 adults plus one car seat when third row seats are up. The gas mileage is good. A lot of room in the back when seats are folded down. Have issues with the ac randomly turning on, also the ac will not work randomly.

- Amber C

It's a great value car for families not wanting a van.

I like the value. It is the lowest priced vehicle that seats seven which is great for a family. It's not the biggest for travel but it's manageable. It's value based so it doesn't have a lot of features and the build quality is not always the greatest but for the most part it holds up well.

- Tim M

The SUV good ride and u will like to travel in the Dodge Journey comfort.

My SUV is very comfort and it ride smooth it is a great family ride on will like to purchase this ride good room travel SUV the Dodge Journey is a good crossover fueled by adventure the Journey is a good roomy reliable would and people will love this Journey if u have kids good u ride to have.

- Johnnie L

My wife ordered a WHITE interior and we both just LOVE it! The Sun Roof is FUN too!

We LOVE our Dodge Journey Limited! My wife ordered it with what she wanted on it in July of 2014 and we got it Aug. 2014. Even after 4 years of ownership we LOVE it! The only thing we WISHED was that it offered MORE options like her Chrysler Town and Country Limited that she had before!

- Ronnie M

Great everyday family car.

I consider this car to be a good everyday car for families. Fits 5 backseat passengers and seats can be adjusted for extra leg room. Adjustable temperature controls for the back is nice. Good mid-size SUV. Although I wish it had more horsepower, it really is a great everyday city car.

- Yvonne R

To summarize his vehicle is easy a lot of power with options at a low price.

I have a 2015 Dodge Journey, it is a great car good power good options poor man that want speed and a bunch of extras at a great price this is the car for you. I got my car with sunroof 283 horsepower big screen stereo all the extras that electrical seats heated little bit everything.

- Darrel S

Dodge journey, small on leg room.

The journey hesitates especially with acceleration. It does not fit 7 comfortably, especially if sitting in the back 2 seats. . Middle seats can afford enough leg room if fully extended to the back row, but then the back row seats cannot be used. Not as fuel efficient as I had hoped.

- Marie K

Great amenities auto start, heated seats, steering wheel. Back up camera.

It has just enough room for our family of 4. We love the Sirius radio and the DVD player. It drives and rides very nice. It was reasonably priced. 8 Not too big and not too small. A lot of nice amenities. Wish it would get better in town gas mileage but excellent out of town mileage.

- Misty L

Bare bones version. Basic model.

I like the gas mileage my Dodge Journey gets. It is comfortable and for a smaller SUV it has quite a bit of room. The one thing that I have discovered that I do not like is that there is not a lot of room in the console and I feel really that the design of the store could be better.

- Kari C

This vehicle meets all the needs of our 7 person family, and really love the backup camera

I really love my vehicle! It had all the amenities that I was looking for (heated leather seats, sunroof, third row). The only disadvantage to this car is the location of the battery (behind the front drivers side wheel) made it very difficult to change when I needed a new battery.

- Katelyn N

2015 Dodge Journey a reliable vehicle.

2015 Dodge Journey is average. No issues, reliable, but not great on gas mileage. Acceleration is okay but at times, takes time to get up to speed limit. Interior is nothing special but easy to navigate. Haven't had a day that it hasn't started so in all, it is a reliable vehicle.

- Racheal A

I have a black Dodge Journey 2015 it is wonderful and no problems.

There has been no problems with the vehicle as of now. I have only had this for about three months. Only thing I would suggest is more room for the third row. It is a very reliable truck. My passenger says that they wish it had a better seat due to his back and better head rests.

- Bree D

My great car is the best and I feel very good with him.

I don't have issues with my vehicle everything is work saved gas and feel reliable, the oil change is cheaper and my car is super fast thank you, is a car very comfortable, but maybe the next year I am going to change for a car the year, the carrier company is Dodge I love that.

- Ana A

The Dodge Journey is safe on the road, and has all the features you could need.

I love that I have enough room for both my kids and it is not a mom mini van. The floorboard storage is great for storing items and the dual climate controls is great for everyone! Once the third row folds down there is a huge amount of space for anything, including strollers.

- Stevie F

It looks smaller on the outside but has plenty of hidden storage and extra seating

My favorite feature is the backseat having the capability of folding down or also being another row of seats. It has the seating space of a minivan but way more compact. The accent lighting for the dash is red and I wish I could customize that but really no major complaints.

- Emily M

Great gas mileage and comfortable ride.

The journey is very comfortable. It runs good. Has great gas mileage and can fit up to 7 passengers. There is lots of storage and the upgrade on the package comes with the uconnect radio and microphone in the rearview mirror. You also have a backup camera and leather seats.

- Tiffany Y

Good car but make sure you have all of the recalls taken care of

The computer is messing up and it has randomly shut off while driving and the heat/air comes on randomly by itself. I love that all of the back seats fold down and there is enough space for my young children (not as much as I would like but better than a 4 door compact car)

- Raelynn M

Lots. Of room for packing a load rides and handles good with a load.

Good car no trouble with it at all I live on a dirt road and it handles well on in the mud and drives good on interstate running 90 miles a hour. I drove it from Alabama to California no trouble pulling the hills with a load. It didn't use any oil and got good gas mileage.

- Sherry R

Family car with 3rd row seating.

I like the looks of the car. I really like that the SUV has 3rd row seating. It can seat 7 people. It is a great family car for the price. I do not care so much for the performance as it takes awhile to get up from a stop and go. Other than that car is overall a great car.

- Shawn B

It is a good mid size vehicle for those that are smaller in size like me. I am 5'3" and it is are to see around and in a bigger vehicle. I really like the Dodge Journey and most likely will buy another one!

I like the size of the Journey. I had a Durango and it was too big and hard to park. The Journey is a nice size that you can have 3 row seating or have cargo space. It is easy to park and maneuver in traffic. What I don't like is that I don't have a power liftgate.

- Linda F

Dodge Journey good mid-size SUV.

Third row seat is too close to second row seat. Maybe ok for children but not for adults. Passenger seat needs more options. Love heated steering wheel wish there was cooling option too. Would like more storage space. Like how vehicle handles. Love the screen choices.

- Tammy L

Sporty well equipped 4 door SUV that is a joy to take on a journey.

Very comfortable. Good gas mileage. Has good pickup speed. Has a lot of storage space. Back seats fold down for large items. Hands free speakerphone system. Button on steering wheel to control radio. Rides smooth. Front seats recline. Seat cover is very easy to clean.


This car has been extremely reliable for me.

I like this vehicle because it is the perfect size for may family. We have enough room to take road trips and carry the luggage we have. The gas mileage has actually been better than advertised. I am 50,000 miles in and have not had any major maintenance issues.

- Greg K

Unsatisfied customer who really likes SUV's.

No power yet still a gas guzzler. Had to have it towed 5 times for everything from a bad fuel pump to bad sensors. Still owe $12000 on it but was told it is only worth $5500 when I tried to trade it in. Would not recommend this vehicle to anyone looking for a SUV.

- Julio V

Great SUV for price, really good deal.

Transmission in my 09 was faulty but the 2015 model is better so far. Very comfy and spacious, good price for an SUV, the gas mileage is decent as well. I like the 3rd row seats that fold down for trunk space. That is a great feature for my family. Great overall!

- Elizabeth H

2015 Dodge Journey is a good basic small SUV.

Performance, comfort, reliability, have been good so far. I would like to have a few more features. We have not had any real problems yet. We bought it used about 6 months ago. Has good power. 3rd row seating and decent storage in the back with the 3rd row up.

- Nancy I

The most important thing people should know about the Dodge Journey is that it can seat seven passengers!

My Dodge Journey is a mid size SUV that allows me to sit high off the ground and have good visibility out all of the windows. The color is a blue-green that gets lots of compliments. The interior has leather, heated seats which are amazing in New York winters.

- Danielle S

The Dodge Journey has been very reliable and has plenty of space.

the only issues we have had with our Dodge Journey is the driver's seat has stopped moving up and down. The car is very comfortable and spacious aside from the third row. The third row can feel cramped, and there is no "trunk" space if the third row is up.

- Jennifer N

The heated steering wheel is my favorite thing.

Great family vehicle. We have one that has a third row option. The upgrade feature are nice. Heated steering wheel, and seats are just a added plus. My last car I didn't have navigation in it and this one does. I also get great gas mileage in this vehicle.

- Ryan W

Great family of five vehicle.

Dodge Journey works wonderfully for my family of 5. There is plenty of space, it is reliable, and runs well. I love all of the features and feel as though this is a great family vehicle. It is comfortable for long car rides, both for work and for vacation.

- Stephanie N

good car, great price. it is dependable and not super expensive like most 3 row suvs.

I like that it has a 3rd row, and I was able to get some 'bells and whistles' on the vehicle without spending an arm and a let on it. It has been dependable so far. My main complaint would be that sometimes the car feels cramped when filled to capacity.

- Megan D

I like it very much in the color.

I have not had any problem with the car it good on gas and very roomy my friend all like it to they want one they self the seat in the back fold down then it becomes one roll or make it a two roll seating they are on sale at a good price if you want them.

- Valencia V

It is roomy and a good value among similar types of automobiles.

Our Journey is very comfortable and provides ample room in the back seat for the kids. We have a base model, so none of the bells and whistles but it has been reliable so far. The only issues so far have been 2 recalls and a tire sensor that quit working.

- Amy D

It's great car to zip around in with extra space to haul what you need.

I love the look and how my car handles. I has enough room for my whole family of 5 but not always comfortably. I love how my car is easy to maneuver. The only thing I would change would giving it a little more leg room in the back and a back up camera.

- Tiffany D

My SUV named smoke written by me.

My Dodge Journey drives really good. Its flex fuel option helps because you can put regular and e85 in it. Its very spacious. Has lots of storage space. I love my car. It gets me from point a to point z. Great interior and exterior. Comfortable chairs.

- Angel W

The Journey is good vehicle.

The Dodge Journey is a cross over fueled by adventure the Journey is roomy and reliable would be a great vehicle to have it comfort good trading vehicle two cooler on the floor in the backseat beer drink will love this vehicle great road performance.

- Johnnie S

Dodge Journey review: going from minivan to suv

The journey is a great small family suv. It has third row seating , which is great when you have more than 3 small children, though a pain when you need trunk space too. It is very reliable so far. It can feel cramped when compared to a minivan.

- Tiffany H

Great on gas mileage is probably the most important thing about the car

It is very roomy inside but not too big on the outside so it is easy for me to drive. I also love the fact that it has 7 seats and still has room for groceries or luggage. I dislike all the recalls and little issues that the car has had.

- Karrie D

Dodge Journey. The family vehicle.

It is very spacious for a family with 3 kids or more. Has all the room you need. Easy to navigate. Easy to move around in. Comfortable seating. Very reliable. Easy to fix. It is the ultimate family vehicle if you prefer a SUV or a Van.

- Shawna S

Amazing reliable keyless entry sporty suv

I absolutely love my Journey. It is very reliable with routine maintenance it will last you a very long time. It is great on gas in the city and even better when traveling. I love all the space inside, great for families with children.

- Leslie R

My car is the best family vehicle I've ever owned. It has lots of room and was really affordable considering all the features that came with it.

My car is a great family vehicle. It is fairly fuel efficient. It has rear ac for the children. The only complaint I have is that it doesn't have enough power to pull hills without stomping on the gas pedal. Not nearly enough power.

- John C

It holds a lot of people Found it it is amazingly say

I like that it can seat seven people or has a great air-conditioning system as well as it is technologically advanced it's all touchscreen. I wish I had built-in cameras as well as a little bit more room especially in the trunk

- Chris D

It is not a great car to own.

Not enough room when we travel. Have just had problems with it. Had to put an alternator in it. It was way too pricey. I love the comfort the driver's seat has. I love how the seats fold down. I love the digital speedometer.

- Laura K

Hands free Bluetooth use is awesome.

Electronics on Chrysler products tend to have issues so I think they could use some work.... Love the size of my car, the safety features, design and dependability. DVD player is great but I have had some issues with it..

- Michelle M

The Dodge Journey has lots of room for all of those big shopping trips including storage in to floors.

I love my Dodge Journey it has all the features that I was looking for in a car. It has leather seats, navigation, backup camera, rear entertainment system and I purchased the blacktop edition which I love the look of.

- Jennifer M

The third row seat really does not have much foot room.

The only thing I wish I had is a sunroof. And I really would have liked a different color instead of black, but I got the only one on the lot at the time. And I had to leave with a vehicle on the day I purchased.

- Holly C

Black leather with red stitching sunroof and digital radio and bluetooth

I love my car all leather seating, seat warmers, satellite radio. Comes with sunroof. Seat 5 with comfort. Large trunk space can fold down back row seating for extra room for large items and shopping trips.

- Dione P

Has many faults. Is better for parents that have the time to take it in for the many recalls and program bugs. I do really like the feel of it though

I like the size and maneuverability of my vehicle. I absolutely despise the electronic key system that often does not work. I do enjoy the dash screen for music though it no longer will sync with my phone.

- Emi C

when looking at this car consider the legroom for anyone riding 3rd row.

It's a nice vehicle. I love the idea of my brothers family riding with my family to go out. However the kiddos are getting bigger and the 3rd row seating has very little leg room for anyone who sits there.

- amber m

It has third row seating and hidden storage compartments.

I like that it is big enough to fit my whole family of 6. I like the hidden compartments of storage everywhere. I do not like how tight the space is for the third seat. I do not like the middle bench seat.

- Stefanie D

It's a good reliable family care.

I like the speed and power of the Journey. I like the option of a 3rd row seat. I like the heated seats and separate rear heat and a/c. I dislike the size in that I was used to driving a minivan prior.

- Melissa B

Love it great family car!

I love my journey! Only complaint I would have is access to the third row is a little difficult. The backseat is a very good size. I have 3 car seats and they all fit great! Rides and drives very good.

- Cheyenne B

Overall great vehicle, smooth ride.

The vehicle has had a lot of recalls. I love the car but the space for the third row seating is a bit too tight, needs a little more space. I like having vents all through the car for the heat and ac.

- Suzanne O

Why I bought this type of vehicle.

This vehicle gets fairly good fuel mileage. I love the style on the inside of the RT version. I wish it had a backup camera on the one I bought. Also wish it had a built in DVD player for the kids.

- Mal K

It's a crossover, but it drives like a car. Smooth ride, good details on the dash

I really like the car. My only complaint in there isn't a lot of space in the back seat. We have a car set and there isn't much room for the passenger in the front to move back with the car seat there

- Adrianne M

Smaller third row vehicle that is affordable for families and good on gas.

It is decent on gas. I like how it is an affordable car with three rows. I have a big family. However, with the third row up, the trunk is very limited to how much you can put inside it. Drives well.

- Amber R

drives great and has plenty of power

The size,power, and driving radius. However the third row seat is a complete waste, I'd rather have the option to have captain chair put where the third row is so that 4 adults can ride comfortably

- dard G

Issues I had with my Dodge Journey after only 3 years

Issues with internal equipment starting the first year. Internal issues such as the Radio/nav/backup camera. We have had to get 3 different radio systems replaced and have only had it for 3 years.

- Casey A

Great friendly family car! Super useful and easy to use!

It has 3 rows which are super handy when it comes t adding people to the car. But you can also fold the rows down and create a total open area so if you are moving large items it is super useful!

- torie s

Great car! Have had since 2015 and never had issues with it

I love my dodge journey but wish the 3rd row seat was actually able to be used more often. You either can use the 3rd row or use the back for storage. Not both, but other than that. I love it!

- Katie C

It gets better mileage than I expected it to. I like the color. It's a metallic blue.

I like the color, but it's up too high. It's hard to get in it. We get good gas mileage. It's easy to handle. I wish there was some place to put my purse when I'm driving and have a passenger.

- Janet r

This SUV has a very favorable overall performance.

I love that the vehicle has 3rd row seating. It performs well on the highway. Smooth acceleration & braking. It gets good gas mileage to be an SUV. Smoothest riding SUV I have owned yet.

- Rochelle H

I like the storage space we have with the back row of seats folded down. It also gets decent gas mileage. The one thing I dislike about the car is the amount of recalls and problems we've had with it. I would probably never buy a Dodge again.

It's had a lot of problems. We get recalls for the car very frequently and have had other issues. Wheel bearing went out at only 50,000 miles and we've had issues with the screen in the car.

- Brittney S

It has been reliable and comfortable it is a good car for a family.

Pretty good gas mileage, has a lot of seats for my kids but the very back seats are a bit squished. I like that I can fold the back seats down and have room to haul big stuff when I need to.

- Hilary M

Good economical SUV that offers plenty of space

Love the 3rd row seating when I need it. Has plenty of room for my family. Is very comfortable ride.Only dislike is that it doesn't come with a divider for the backseat to separate my kids.

- Nunya B

That it can fit up to seven people, which is really great if you have kids, but it is not a huge vehicle which is nice.

I like that it has a third row seating, and that I can fold that down for extra room to haul things. I wish the seats sat higher. I have trouble seeing sometimes though. Good gas mileage.

- Becky B

Great family vehicle and great on gas!

I have had this vehicle for a little over a month and I am very pleased. Drives great and I love the added electronic features. 3rd row seating makes the vehicle spacious and comfortable.

- Myra W

No interesting details about the vehicle. I would not recommend this vehicle to anyone not even my worst enemy.

Been in the shop five time for electrical issues. Have issues with check engine light coming on and off all the time. Usually because the sensor on the gas cap doesn't work all the time.

- Troy C

t can fit 6 people comfortably.

It is a third row seating vehicle and it is pretty good on gas to be big. It has lots of hidden storage and a little bit of trunk space as well. It has push button start which I love.

- Stefanie D

It gets really great gas mileage for an SUV. 28/30 mpg on the highway

I love the size of my vehicle. It is the perfect size for my family and good for all extracurricular activities. My son is in band so we have to be able to haul his band equipment.

- Tabatha M

Better than driving a minivan around

Love this car - rides great Only current problem back seat seat belt is locked and won't unlock - had to rearrange 4 kids car seats because of this. Trunk space is very limited

- Jennifer W

My car is really easy to drive.

I like the overall layout of the vehicle. It has 3rd row seating and that's a plus. I do wish it got better gas mileage. I also wish it had a stereo with better functionality.

- Lance S

Small third row seating available in mid size SUV, at an affordable price.

I like that it has third row seating in a smaller SUV for those times I have extra kids. I like the options that are available in the model I have. It is comfortable to drive.

- Heidi W

Gas mileage is not what it was led to be.. Replacing battery will be a hard job.

Do not like the wheels and black interior.. Does not get as good gas mileage as I expected.. 3rd row seat is to small for anyone to sit back there.. Fairly good looking vehicle.

- Judy C

Great vehicle if you have kids.

Great handling. 3rd row seating. Very roomy and comfortable. Heating and cooling options for both the front and rear of the vehicle ensure that the kids are always comfortable.

- Trisha L

Very spacious, has a third row of seats for extra passengers or you can lay them down and have extra storage space for moving items or shopping sprees.

I like to drive a vehicle that is higher off of the ground than a standard car. I like that it is AWD and there is a 3rd row of seats for extra passengers. It's easy on gas.

- amy b

Great value for the money!

I love the way that it looks and it runs pretty smoothly. I do wish it had a little more space especially trunk space but I know with a crossover like that, that it is hard.

- Megan R

The heated seats and steering wheel are absolutely amazing in the winter.

I love it-it has so much space and is so comfortable. It drives amazing. I have had no issues with it so far. Heated seats and steering wheel is standard, and wonderful!!

- Megan G

This car has too many recalls on it.

I would like it bigger in the back and to be a taller car and it could use better gas mileage! It has too many recalls! I like the car though it drives good and is nice.

- Augusta W

For the guys this vehicle comes stock with 287hp and has several hidden cooler type compartment in the floor board and under the passenger seat

This vehicle is amazing very spacious yet small so for people afraid of big vehicles no problem here all seat Kay completely flat unveiling unlimited trunk potential.

- John W

The size of the car is awesome. It can fit all my kids and hockey equipment!

I love the size of my vehicle and the power of the engine. The only complaint I have is that the in car navigation went out and it's taking a long time to get fixed.

- Jessica A

It drives really nice. It is a quiet smooth ride.

I dislike the gas mileage. In the winter i get an average of 3-4 mpg less. I love the size of it. It is not too big that i can't park it. The 3 row seating is great.

- Diana S

It is an awesome car all around.

I love my car. The thing I love most is that it is roomy. It is a great family car. Also love that it has ac all the way to the back. Love all the features it has.

- Brenda C

It is a sturdy car with decent gas mileage

I mostly like how it looks but don't like that it is silver. Mine does not have a backup camera or hands free which I wish it did. It is a good sturdy car though

- Amy V

My Journey is a comfortable and stylish SUV

I like the size of the vehicle and number of seats. I do not have automatic lights or truck opener, which is weird. My connection to my navigator has never worked

- Kama S

My vehicle is ideal for people with big families, especially when you travel.

I love the room I have in the car. It is very family friendly, especially when we are taking trips. The only thing I would say that bothers me is the gas mileage.

- Anna C

It drives well. Decent gas mileage.

I like the look of it. I like the satellite radio. I dislike the distance between the gas pedal and the floorboard. There are significant blind spots in the back.

- Melody G

It's a great family car if you don't want a minivan.

Love the 3rd row of seats the vehicle comes with. Love the gas mileage it is very good. Love ac in front and back everyone can control the temperature they like.

- Tee M

Dependable auto to get you and your family to and from activities with enough storage space to take trips also.

The journey has been a decent vehicle. The quality has been very dependable, the interior has held up nicely also. The only complaint is the depreciation value.

- Julie P

Like the amount of space it provides. I don't get stuck entering nor exiting my car which is another great thing.

Very reliable, and smooth throttle. Very good on gas can go 2 weeks with a full tank. Very spacious and comfortable. Not many accessories but still a great car.

- Berlutchy J

The car is Good for families. It has foldable seats and plenty of legroom for long trips.

It is a good car. It has a lot of room and storage. I like the seats and the console. I dislike that it has no go power and uses so much gas going up hill.

- Kathy H

It is fuel efficient and fits a family of 4 perfectly with a lot of trunk space.

I like the size and fuel efficiency of it and how well it works for my family. It is all wheel drive as well so I do not worry about getting stuck as much.

- Frank B

It is reliable and family friendly.

I like all of the compartments I can put snacks and extra clothes in. I do not like how small it is in the back trying to fit in two full sized car seats.

- Ariel M

It handles well and excellent gas mileage

I like that it is a v6. I like that is has 3rd row seating. I love the gas mileage I dislike that it isn't as a van as I have a 2 year old in a car seat.

- Barbara W

It's been a very reliable vehicle!

Love the sound system in it! Gets decent gas mileage for the size of vehicle. Seems to have a slight transmission issue when it shifts between 55-60 mph.

- Kevin M

Good for smaller families. Good on gas. Don't get the v4 it's gutless to the point I have a hard time getting over the passes.

For my family size it's on the small side. I have the v4 model and its gutless. Does great on gas though. I will be trading it in first chance I get.

- Crystal s

Dodge journey 2015 not that great

Not as much space as you would think. Also the gas mileage is not that great. We have one with third row seating and it doesn't work that great for us.

- Richard G

Reliable and easy to drive family vehicle

My Dodge Journey is a reliable car and easy to drive. It has a lot of storage and amenities. One issue is rough transmission shifting known to Dodges.

- Jessica M

It seats many people. 8 seats is awesome!

I like the color of my car...red. It seats 8 people which is wonderful! I hate the driver's seat. It's uncomfortable! The headrest is the worst ever!

- Valerie D

It lags a bit when accelerating. Especially when the A/C us on. Feels like the car struggles to get up to speed.

It's spacious and provides enough storage for groceries and other belongings. It is easy to get in and out. The shape and body size are just right.

- Lesley S

Third row seats without all the bulk!

Had the car for a full year and no issues. Love my third row seating and heated seats. Only thing I would change would be more room in the third row.

- Emma B

Great for families and for hauling cargo from place to place

Haven't had any problems with the vehicle other than sometimes we need to completely reset the radio via the fuse to get the satellite radio working

- Eric R

It is a really good car for a good price. It is also roomy and comfortable. The great has mirage is a plus, plus.

I likér every thing about my Journey. The gas mileage is great, handles easily, is very comfortable when going on trips and easy to clean interior.

- Jeanette H

Dodge Journey limited 2015

Drives great, the mpg is not the best but it is so convenient. It is spacious, has a lot of commodities especially useful for those with children.

- Jocelyn G

It is very dependable and comfortable.

I prefer a minivan. It is not equipped to have a wheelchair ramp on the side or back. Other than that it is a good vehicle. To me a car is a car.

- Hope M

it has room to spare and the features are good

i like the room of the car and i like the features like the speakers are really good the gas mileage could be better but the car was a great buy

- Katty S

The Dodge Journey is a very comfortable,vehicle and seats 7.

I love my Dodge Journey, it is a very comfortable vehicle. The only thing I dislike is my last car had an actual plug ac/dc in for electronics.

- Bobbi D

Fast, spacious, and great for blasting music.

V6. . Gets up and goes. It is very spacious and can seat 7 people. I absolutely love the bass, manufacturer speakers sound pretty good in this.

- Josey T

Comfortable first row and front seats. It is very smooth driving

Very comfortable, easy to see out of and very handy to get in and out easily with small children. The back is very tight though. Hard to travel

- Kellli B

It's not a van!! It is an SUV. Just because it looks a little like a van does not mean it is one.

I like that it has a third row. The fuel mileage is nice. I do not like how crammed the third row is. I have to put the little one back there

- Nycole K

I love to use the navigation system in my car. I love the big screen it has to offer and the different options you can choose from.

I like the Nav system in the car and the third row fold and go seats. I do not like that the carpets are black and you can see all the dirt.

- Victoria R

My car is a start to push vehicle.

No complaints about my vehicle. I love my Dodge journey and have had it for a year now. I love the space it provides and the start to push.

- Liz G

What I like about the Dodge Journey is it's very comfortable and third row seating

I really like my Dodge Journey the only thing I don't like about it is the push to start button. The battery dies on the remote quite often


It has pickup to move quickly when you need it or need to rely on it

I like cruise control and that it gets good gas mileage. I dislike you have to take the whole engine apart to fix anything on the vehicle

- Marc R

The room in the car allow space for kids to roam

It is good on gas mileage. It seats all of our kids comfortable. Enough leg room for our big trips. I like the technologically in the car

- Heather L

Roomy inside but not overly large SUV.

Roomy, backup camera is great, decent gas mileage. Only thing I haven't liked is too many recalls that I have to take in and get fixed.

- Lora M

My model specifically does not have bluetooth so it is inconvenient not to be able to stream my music

It's perfect size for our family, plenty of cargo space and tons of storage, especially the coolers in the floorboards in the back seat

- Lisa B

Seems to need a front end alignment more often than most.

Main complaint is the rear end is one big blind spot. Not much leg room in the 2nd and 3rd seats. I like the overall size of the car.

- Holly S

I love lot of things but the extra amount of cup holders is the best thing ever.

To many recalls on car and the trunk is to small I love everything else about it and the smooth driving it just has to many recalls.

- Elizabeth P

It is a great vehicle for big or small families.

I like it because it is great on gas. I dislike it because there is not enough room in the third row for my kids to sit comfortable.

- Cassie L

Very reliable and roomy with all the features you want in a vehicle.

My Dodge journey is very comfortable and roomy, and is very reliable. I haven't had any trouble with my vehicle since I bought it.

- Aline T

It is a dependable vehicle.

I do not like the fuel efficiency. I do not like the size of the trunk. I like the overall design of the vehicle, it is appealing.

- Jay W

I love towing with my dodge--great for the lake

it has been very reliable with good gas mileage and great for towing the boat. I wish there was little more room in the third row.

- jules b

Rides very smoothly. Handles great. no complaints with this vehicle

First drove it out of state as a rental, when it came time for purchasing a new vehicle, I went with the Journey. No complaints.

- Barbara m

Great economical family car

Dodge Journey r/t is a very reliable, economical car with lots of space for a mini SUV. Great street performance and looks great

- Pedro M

The dodge journey is a great suv for my family. I have had it 2 years and it's been great.

Love my journey and so do my kids. It has plenty of room for them and plenty of room for all the groceries. It is great on gas!

- Nicki M

It accommodates to your every need.

No complaints at all I love how smooth the car runs and drives. I love the color of the car. I like how good the car is on gas.

- Hayley R

It handles and drives very well while being economical on gas for a large family.

I like the gas mileage. I like the way it handles and rides. It does not have enough room for my growing family. No complaints

- Chris H

It is not good on gas within the city.

Uses too much gas. It is nice size. Not good on city mileage. Costly repairs. Hard to keep clean due to the size of the truck.

- India S

The car is very safe & reliable.

I like the rear view camera. I like the interior gadgets. I do not like the bench seating. I do not like how much gas it uses.

- Sarah P

How it drives so nicely and has all the grayer we're looking for.

We are a family of 4 and it fits us perfectly. It has a DVD player that is amazing for the kids. It rides and drives so nice.

- Misty W

It is kinda big but you do get used to it.

Car is very spacious and very reliable. Going on the road with this car is no problem. Very reliable form of transportation.

- Eddie V

We drive this everywhere good on fuel has hidden compartments to store stuff.

This vehicle is very roomy it is a 4 cylinder which is great on gas has Sirius radio no backup camera or auto start seats 8.

- Keith Q

Thoughts of my Dodge Journey.

The ride is pretty good. Good on gas. Reliability of the car seems to be pretty good so far. Very comfortable on long trips.

- Angelino D

It can hold more cargo than you would expect by looking at it.

This vehicle is a good size for my needs. It is reliable. It handles nicely. Fuel economy is a little less than I expected.

- Paula P

Dodge vehicle , it's bigger like seven seater for full Family

It's good comfortable big car for big family, specially when you going far away like 10 Hours drive it's quite conformation

- Sam K

Growing family? The Dodge Journey is for you!

The vehicle comfortably seats seven people. I purchased the four cylinder which is the only issue I have with the vehicle.

- Melissa J

It is a car that is well worth the money. Easy to maintain and is built well.

It has a very smooth ride. I also like the features such as leather seats, heated seats, touch lCD screen in the console.

- Shad M

The journey is an affordable family car with lots of extras.

It rides well. It is very comfortable and reliable. Lots of extras without costing a lot. Does not get good gas mileage.

- Angela S

The vehicle really lacks leg room. Tall people should avoid this SUV.

The Dodge Journey is a reliable car. The third row is a nice feature, although it really can only accommodate children.

- Tania V

Comfortable and not bad on gas mileage. Easy on driving

Seats 7 and have navigation and all wheel drive. This car is very comfortable and a lot of legroom for the whole family

- Heather C

The Dodge Journey 2015 is a great family car that seats 7 comfortably!

I love that it has 3rd row seats i can use or put down of i need more space! Its comfortable and fits my whole family.

- Mary M

How great on gas it is . and what a great car the dodge journey is

I love my car . its roomy. It is great on gas . I have a lot of space to haul stuff when needed. It's just a great car

- Stacey A

Easy handling and drives very smooth.

It has plenty of space for 4 kids but I crashed due to the dealership lack of maintenance and my bumper is messed up.

- Eva M

It rides good and great on gas.

No complaints it is great on gas. And roomy enough for my family. a lot of legroom and we can fit all 3 of our dogs.

- Lucy R

No leg room or car seat room.

2nd and 3 row have hardly any leg room if you are over 5 feet tall. Also barely any room for car seat. Otherwise ok.

- Kelly H

It is a safe auto, comfortable rides great and good gas mileage

I like this Journey it is quite has lots of room for the driver and passenger sound system is great good gas mileage

- Dennis M

V6 It is very spacious Bass is great

I absolutely love the system. Its fast and its roomy enough for me, my fiance, and our two kids. Plus it's fast! V6

- Josey T

My car is the perfect size for a family. I love the interior design

My vehicle is the perfect size to fit a family of 5. I love the color design and features that come with my vehicle

- Litzy G

The ridE is smooth and has plenty of power for pick up

I love the height of the journey. It has plenty of room for my husband and I. I just wish it had better gas mileage

- Sharon G

It is very nice car. I love having the 7 seats.

Visibility can be hard. I would have liked another seat in the their row. Prefer color blue color inside of black.

- Pamela K

the safety it provides my family members and reliability everyday

I love this Dodge journey. It is a smooth comfortable ride with all the modern technology that one could think of.

- jeff p

My Dodge Journey allow you to answer calls with Bluetooth

Best car I have ever own so far. Lots of room, runs very good, great on gas, and it hasn't given me any problems

- Maranda J

They all use the same key.

It a reliable car good on gas in very roomy drive good haven't had any problem yet keep my oil change every 3mo.

- Valencia S

Spacious blue journey 2015.

Spacious, comfortable, good mpg, the color, it has so many amenities. It also is very convenient when traveling.

- Joy G

How safe it is to drive. .

I love driving it, is so easy. Love it. The hook up for phone is great. Makes answering it easy. No complaints.

- Lisa A

Rear climate control. Individual back seat passenger can personalize their own temperature

Bucket seats add for comfortability. Spacious with third row seating. Rear climate control. Decent fuel economy

- Tabitha C

It is very dependable. It never breaks down either.

It is fully loaded. Bluetooth capabilities, power everything. It runs great. I get amazing gas mileage as well.

- Sean S

It's one of the less expensive three row vehicles.

It runs loud. Trouble with brakes in the rain. Didn't realize the size of these specific tires weren't common.

- Sarah M

That the electronic systems are always going out. and it is stuff that's not easy and quick to fix.

It's had 12 factory recalls since I purchased it. t's a pain to have to take it back and forth to the dealer.

- Steven W

It fits big guys so nice.

it is a very shiny and lovely fun family vehicle. It allows us to get everywhere we need and lots of karaoke.

- Henry S

It moves fast. Extremely fast.

It is comfortable and reliable transportation. My only complaint is it is leased instead of bought outright.

- Mary H

That it's comfortable and holds our large family. It fits our family well.

I like that it has three rows of seats. It's very comfortable. It normally runs very good and drives well.

- Kristina M

It is constantly going into shop for recall notices.

I love that it is good on gas mileage. It is too small for my family and car seats. It has no engine power!!

- Devin P

It has some pretty big blind spots.

I like that it has three rows. I don't like how the back row doesn't have top tether anchors for car seats.

- Jessica V

It is a reliable vehicle for a very affordable price.

I've had some issues with the transmission and cruise control, but overall it's reliable and a great value!

- Kat G

I paid for it by myself because I knew it is what I needed.

No complaints! Very roomy and comfy! I will trade it in on another one! It has great extra storage space!.

- Rita N

Its big enough to put my family and the next door neighbors.

I love my Dodge journey it's a SUV and have had no problems so far. It's great on gas and very dependable.

- Ricardo T

Love my 2015 Dodge Journey!

Very reliable, handles well, comfortable seating for 7. Have had no issues at all since purchasing in 2016

- Alyssa M

It is a great family car.

Love the ride and look of it. Its spacious and comfy. It has so much space and it has a touch screen too.

- Brittany M

It has 3rd row seating and is very comfortable

The backseat needs a little bit more room. I wish there was more room in the trunk when the 3rd row is up

- Matthew H

Great car acts like a jeep but is a price that you can handle

It has a great turning radius, lots of cargo space, and is sleek. It's not your average soccer mom car.

- Lisa W

That it's not a van. It has a sunroof. Very comfortable and makes short people like me love to drive it.

Love the features. The way the motor speeds up. Love that it fits 7 people in it and you can't tell.

- Kim G

It has great mileage and not expensive to fill up.

It has been reliable. Has been roomy so far for me and my three children. Love the third row option.

- Tati T

It gets good gas mileage but there isn't much storage space

not a lot of room behind 3 row to put stuff, can barely even fit lawn chairs, gets good gas mileage

- JL S

Dependability and safety are key features of the vehicle I would say. Great on gas as well

Like the space and headroom even for low end model. Don't like it being on the low end model size

- Chris G

Third row seating! Big trunk space and very comfortable for everyone!

I love third row seating and large trunk space, it is a nice smooth ride and very comfortable.

- Kristy B

Roomy for price overall low maintenance

It has room for 8. It gets decent gas mileage. It is not a fast car and does very poor in snow

- Lanc L

It gets good gas mileage. It drives nice. The body style is nice for an suv.

I absolutely love it. I love the 3rd row seating and there is plenty of room for a family of 5

- Trisha C

Others should know how expensive and how high quality it is.

I like the interior of my car as well as the gas mileage although I dislike the color of it

- bri j

It's a smooth ride. Easy maintenance. It can hold several people and lots of stuff.

I have had no issues with this vehicle. It drives very nice and gets great gas mileage.

- Jamie E

Comfortable, easy to ride, stability, safety, good gas mileage and affordable.

Spacious for 7 people. Good gas mileage. Comfortable and smooth long distance riding.

- Raj R

I like that it's spacious.i like the low gas mileage. It runs smooth

It is spacious therefore great for families and the low gas mileage saves you money

- Isabella P

Gets pretty good gas mileage

Good gas mileage. Nice size for family. Don't like that the door strips come up

- Brandee s

Great gas mileage for daily commute and road trips.

I like that it is an SUV and rides like a car. Very comfortable and spacious.

- Camia E

It is a crossover with third row seating that seats 7.

I like the size and that it has third row seats. It gets good gas mileage.

- Matthew A

I love the gas mileage, and the size. I like that it has a lot of seats, and storage bins underfoot. I like how easy it is to park.

It gets good gas mileage and it's affordable for the number of seats (7).

- Contis W

Drives well and rides great on long and short trips

Excellent performance and economy. Handles well Good gas mileage

- Gary W

Dependable and safe with airbags all around.comfortable seating.

The room I have for my grandbabies. Seating is very comfortable.

- Sherry M

It is a sturdy car that has 3 rows of seats for my family. The air conditioner has a high pitch squeal so I don't really use it and the outside temperature always shows WAY too high

Three rows of seats. Great price for a larger car that seats 8.

- Nichole S

It has a 3rd row with lots of room for kids. Love the get up and go too!

Like all the room and gas mileage it gets. No complaints really

- Carrie B

It holds 6 passengers and has plenty of cargo space to help move

I love how roomy it is. It handles nice. Gets great gas mileage

- Dawn M

Roomy and very very comfortable.

Love the handling, room, interior. Gas mileage could be better.

- David B

Very easy to drive and comfortable. Plenty of room for humans however our large dog is somewhat too big for the back. I wish it had a DVD player.

Great family car and easy to drive. Fuel efficient and sporty

- tina n

It is very good on gas and very comfortable, We traveled across country last year and had know problems

We like our car. This is the second one that we have gotten

- Lynn H

It is small. Tiny trunk space.

Too many issues with the car. It is good on gas. Too small.

- Marlene W

I like the size of the vehicle. I dislike the trunk size when all the seats are up. Wish gas mileage was a little better.

Great storage compartments in vehicle. seats cleans well.

- Chardonique F

It gets me from point A to point B. Nothing special.

Looks just like any other SUV. Nothing special about it.

- Carol R

Comfortable great gas mileage easy access for my elderly mom

Lots of room. Easy to get in and out of. Third row seat.

- Becky W

It has a great layout. It has good gas mileage. It has good features like hands free calling, and bluetooth connectivity.

It has good user interface and is comfortable to drive.

- Josh D

It is a safe ride, and lets you know if there is something wrong with it.

The only complaint I have is that my car has no GPS.

- Rebecca D

This car is affordable. The third row is perfect for hauling around children.

Love the bluetooth. Wish it had navigation system.

- Angie R

There is no open back. That you are shown in videos. If you let the back seats up not a lot of trunk space

I like the style, not enough room, and blind spots

- Keshia P

Great family car good gas mileage

I need a backup camera back radio antenna

- Tara M

Insignificant but effective.

- Stacy F