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Love the size but everything else is a bummer.

I LOVE the size of the vehicle! I feel like it's literally the perfect size. I feel like it handles well and it's great in snow. However, it is absolutely terrible on gas mileage. I average between 8 and 11 miles per gallon in town is all. Highway miles per gallon gets up to about 18. Also, there is a piece within the vent control unit that is apparently a well known issue but Dodge doesn't cover the repairs. Mine broke somehow when I closed my door. It broke within my dash and fell down inside. My heat or air will now only come out the top, not the front or the bottom. Apparently the piece costs around $300 to buy and about $1200 for a dealer to repair. Overall, probably wouldn't buy a Dodge again due to the issues and the gas.

- Maleah N

If I didn't get for the price that I paid for it I would have never bought one.

A lot of electrical problems, small doors and interior, really loose steering. Although it does turn on a dime and gets fairly good gas mileage. The back seats have more room then it looks and there are a few features that are really nice, it is small thing like having a small glove box next to the driver side for your insurance information which is really cool. The handling is awkward because the steering is still loose it feels like you drift a lot. I have a lot of weird electrical problems with the car and it is a Dodge so it does burn oil.

- Anthony M

Chrysler made products are garbage. I have learned my lesson with American made cars too many times, but I keep trying to support our country and buy our products. Until we can start holding ourselves to the same standards of nissan, toyota, honda and subaru, I will not make this mistake again.

The car looks great, and is fun to drive. Functionality however is terrible. At 45,000 miles the computer broke and cost me $1,500 to replace- it was recalled on all the years but mine... crooks. At 65,900 miles the transmission failed and had to be rebuilt which was another $4,000. At 80,000 the water pump broke, and I couldn't tell -no lights or alarms- until the serpentine belt fell off- it's attached to the water pump- at which point it had blown a head gasket. I will never buy an American made car again.

- Ethan M

Super roomy, rugged vehicle.

I love my car. It runs great even at 150, 000+ miles, I can take it as far as I want without any worry about it breaking down. There’s a ton of room to fit whatever I may need in there (I recently got a love seat that I was afraid wouldn't fit, but it fit great)! The only issues I have is the lack of four-wheel drive which is almost a must where I live, and there has been an issue with the heating system that is very expensive to fix.

- Shelly S

Discontinued, the truck is great, reliable and has lasted 8 years.

Nitro is discontinued. I love my nitro, it has thus far been a very reliable automobile type, no bells and whistles, it is sturdy, and cool to look at. It is a truck. What else can I say, I love my truck, cannot get another one, since they discontinued it. My nitric is stone white and it was the heat edition. Seats 5 comfortably, no bells, just plain, I was not looking for bells, just a reliable safe automobile.

- Patricia R

2010 Dodge nitro. Worth a second look.

Reliability is top notch. After 8 years (purchased new) it has needed nothing aside from regular maintenance (oil changes, new tires, tune ups etc.) it still drives like it was fresh off the lot and the gas mileage has never begun to slip. Overall I would recommend this vehicle as it has outstanding reliability, styling, and a great road feel that really makes you feel in control.

- Zachary S

Dodge's budget SUV is a Jeep knockoff.

My Dodge nitro has reached over 100k miles and has come into some overheating issues that have cost me at least $3k in repairs. Besides being in the shop for an exuberant amount of time, the nitro rides extremely well and has plenty of space and features for outdoorsy minded people. It is Dodge's take on the Jeep formula and design.

- Travis W

Bright yellow mid size SUV.

Air conditioner quit working after having car about two years. Changed out parts on it but only blows air out of defrost. Had blow out tire this past summer. Even after getting new tire the computer screen says low air in tire. Have over 180000 miles on it and still drives good. Sunroof leaks around even though seal is tight.

- Kelly B

My nitro is the vehicle I prefer to drive.

My vehicle is easy to drive, it sits well, it is easy to handle, it has a good view, it is ok on fuel, it is easy to get into, it has a good color, it is dependable, I bought it at a reasonable price, it rides well, I have good vision through glass, it has an easy open hatchback, it is very roomy all around,

- Candice B

Good reliable car with lots of room.

It rides comfortably, lots of room. Really do not have any issues with it. I like the fact that the back seats fold down to allow more storage space for larger items that I purchase. It can seat 5 people with lots of feet room. With regular maintenance it will be a dependable car for a long time.

- Maria M

This is a fun and simple vehicle. No bells or whistles needed to enjoy it.

The size of the Nitro is a good mid range size and I like how it sits up off the ground. The biggest drawback is that the air conditioning is very weak and doesn't cool the vehicle much. The side views to your blind spot are also a bit different based on window placement.

- Amy G

No interest I details. Have a lot of space.

The only issue is the brake light go out frequently and have to be replaced quite often. The replacement of the lights are in a difficult place which is not easy to reach. I have noticed all Dodge have the same issue with light or bulb replacements. Otherwise no issues.

- Tee T

VERY reliable-SAFE UTILITY SUV /CAR for everyday use

reliable over time wish it were front or all-wheel drive and have cruise control and a sunroof, vehicle right-sized for us and safe and comfortable for short and medium trips but problematic for trips of 5 hours or more

- don b

The gas mileage is horrible, as I have friends and family members that own full-size trucks with better gas mileage.

I like the space that it offers in all seating rows and trunk. I love the look of the vehicle. I dislike the gas mileage. I dislike that there was no third row seating option, even with the large size.

- Jessica B

People should definitely know that the air conditioner is not going to be a high performer. You will get lukewarm to slightly cool air at best. If you live in a warm climate, this might not be the best vehicle.

The size is nice. It's not big or small. I don't like that the interior came stock so there are no fun bells and whistles. And the air conditioner doesn't put out cold air, only lukewarm.

- Amy G

The gas mileage isn't really great. But I love it so much that i don't even care.

I LOVE my Jorge! Very roomy inside, able to haul saddles, shavings, all kinds of horse show gear. haul a horse trailer with no problems. This is my favorite vehicle ever

- Holly S

It drives well in the winter.

The speakers are lovely and as are the heated seats. The back windshield could be a little bigger but it gets the job done. I also really like the backup sensor.

- Keaton S

You won't get more than twenty miles per gallon and that's highway road trip mileage.

It's just a pretty SUV, not practical for needing to haul or go off the beaten path. It is great for back and forth from work. Mileage is rather terrible.

- Abigail P

The brakes and rotors are constantly needing replace.

Beautiful vehicle. . Lot of maintenance to keep running. Brakes and rotors are terrible. Drive wonderful in highway, spacey and I enjoyed having it.

- Pearl L

Mechanically it is very reliable.

"Truck-based" SUV, aggressive looking, 4x4 works very well, fold flat seats including front passenger for extra room, and has pretty good pickup.

- Anthony B

The air conditioning may or may not work at times.

I like that it has automatic windows. I hate that it guzzles gas. I hate that it is old and needs work. I hate that it does not have OnStar.

- Sonya S

The most important thing is that the gas mileage is below average.

I like the style and body of my suv. It handles well when driving. The seats are very comfortable. I dislike the gas mileage.

- Ellen A

Not good on gas. Family vehicle.

Very dependable, 4 wheel drive, good in snow, cruise control, holds 5 people comfortably, a/c CD player, good for traveling.

- Danielle B

My vehicle is capable of traveling through many different types of terrains.

I like it just fine never really and a problem with it but once. I hope it stays that way cause it cost a lot to repair.

- Christy G

I enjoy it, runs well. It was affordable.

It has decent gas mileage, and is a reliable vehicle. I like the color as well. It has enough room for my whole family.

- Alyssa B

Has all the technology for today's need.

I like this car. It is a good looking car. It is comfortable. It is dependable. I have no complaints about this car.

- Angelica N

It is roomy and is great for someone with kids.

No complaints. Perfect size. I love it. Perfect for road trips and kids. There’s enough room to sit comfortably.

- Melissa M




love that is similar to many Jeep vehicles

similar to many Jeep vehicles no problems to report Love the comfort, has 4 wheel drive capability when needed


White beauty with four doors, front engine, rear-wheel drive/four wheel drive.

It is reliable and dependable, sporty looking, five seater, has a sun roof and lots of inside trunk space.

- Trisha L

the 4x4 it handles very well in bad weather also has fog lights

I had this truck for eight years and had no major problems good running,handles very well in the snow

- frnk t

it is super reliable. and sexy

i love my nitro, only wish it was a bit bigger. and maybe better cargo area.

- dani F

Handles great in the winter in the snow

I love my Nitro. no issues at all. I would buy it again and again

- Mark B

It is a 4x4 that is on demand,or you can leave it in 2 wheel drive

It is roomy, can hold 5 people and I can carry stuff in it

- Ernie G

better than most, looks good. no major problems. I love it

it looks awesome. no issues to report. over all awesome.

- dani s