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This Dodge RAM van has been a good investment serving it is purpose well.

This Dodge RAM van has been a great vehicle, it is very dependable and reliable requiring the usual maintenance with no major breakdowns. It is great for travel with lots of room for hauling things and comfortable for two passengers. It is easy to handle and does well in traffic. It has good pick up for ease in getting into traffic. It also handles well with heavy cargo. I will definitely purchase another Dodge RAM cargo van in the future even though this vehicle is now sixteen years old it is still in very good condition and I have no plans for selling or trading it in for a newer model anytime soon but when I do I will definitely purchase another Dodge RAM van again! This is the fourth one that I have owned. The only problem that I have encountered with this vehicle is the paint job as it has had a tendency to flake, but I guess this is to be expected whenever a vehicle is not kept inside a garage when not in use and in a hot sunny environment. The cloth seats have not worn well either. In the other vans that I have owned I used seat covers so I didn't encounter this issue with the cloth seats. It also has a great sound system.

- Denise H

It is a little difficulty to find replacement parts.

I like the 4 door extended cab feature it is big enough for my big family. It is 4 wheel drive which is perfect for my family. We are a big hunting family and the 4 wheel drive and long bed are great for getting in tight places and hauling the fresh game home. The year of the vehicle does make it very hard to find replacement parts at times but it is a very durable vehicle. Dodge has been a very reliable vehicle for me. The powerful engine give it a nice pick up and go. I like the simplicity of not having a lot of crazy new tech in my vehicle. It has power windows and locks and that is the most tech I want in a vehicle. The more tech in a vehicle the more possibilities of having more issues that I can not fix myself.

- Destiny W

My truck is cool. 2002 with 126,000 miles. Time to go fishing.

2002 dodge ram 1500 2x4. 4.7 l v8. I have had only one complaint about my truck. No grease fittings on the ball joints. My truck has been used to tow my bass boat for years. Flat land or mountains, my dodge pulls the boat just fine. We have spent hours in the truck. We call it 'big red'. It is so comfortable cruising on the interstate. Sometimes we do not even play any music because we like the sound of the v8 motor. . My truck has been through several hurricanes, the paint still looks good. The stereo CD player rocks. I will positively buy another dodge truck when the one I own now wears out years from now.

- Philip S

My van has lots of room, very safe and a lot of fun to drive.

I have a 2002 Dodge van high-top. It is custom with TV, limo lighting, very nice captain chairs with a bench seat in rear. This bench seat folds down to a full size bed. It is a very comfortable van. Very long and tall which makes me feel very safe on trips. I raised my son and several of his buddies in this van. Each seat has a large window, custom lighting, tilts back for relaxing on long trips and they swivel for ease. All captain seats have arm/headrests. There is extra storage above each row of seating. There is polished wood accents, each window has folding blinds. The front main captain seats.

- Pam C

The truck is black it's got silver trim and has a great working motor it.

Really great car I love it does what I need it to gets me to where I need to go no problems at all get one try yourself they are the best trucks that you will find on the market I like them very much so try them out I did and have not went back the cars that they make are really great at price and they can get the job done at a very cheap price I think that's why I bought the truck.

- Robert J

Love the size. The extra room from having a full backseat.

I love the size of my truck. Sometime parking can be hard. But I am handicapped so if I get one of those spaces it good for me walking and parking. I love everything except the mpg. I feel very safe in my truck. It is height so I can see everything. I live having the back seat full size so I can carry things inside and it is easy for the dogs to get in the backseat.

- Jane D

Dodge ram series is the best truck on the road.

The dodge ram is a dependable all around good truck. The 4.7 v8 gets good fuel mileage and the hauling capacity is not surpassed by any other truck on the market. It also has much more cab space to stretch out that ford or Chevy. The dodge ram series in my opinion is the best and handsomest truck on the market and it outperforms any other truck on the road today.

- Daniel P

The best part of you getting the truck is that you can lift the truck.

All in all it is a very good truck. I never had any problems with the truck and it can haul just about anything you can fit in the bed of the truck so with that being said if you asked me if you should buy the truck I will tell you to go for it because in the end you are going to make out with a good truck.

- Michael H

The beast will not fail rain or shine she always gets us going.

It has a lot of rust along all the wheel wells! The rear end is wrecked and the exhaust is really loud! The miles are high because 2 drivers share it. The speakers are blown in the front and the passenger window will only roll down from the drivers side power button. But it is big and runs like a beast!!

- Mike S

it is very reliable for it's age

I love being able to step up into and down out of a vehicle. this has been a very reliable vehicle. it is 16 years old and still runs beautifully. it doesn't get very good mileage but I don't drive many miles each year so that is not a problem. due to severe rust I will have to replace it next year.

- roy K

2002 Dodge Ram 1500 still going strong.

Given the age and mileage (over 200, 000), the truck is performing very well. The mileage per gallon of gas is not the greatest, but we didn't buy the vehicle for that reason. We needed something that we could use for hauling supplies for the house and garden, and the truck has done what we wanted.

- Carolyn E

Had to replace engine at only 88k miles.

Had to replace the engine at 98k miles. We bought it in 2015 for a farm truck and two months later we spent $5000 on a new engine. Disappointing since we paid $9400 for it and now we have more in it than it is worth. It has been fairly reliable since the new engine. Starting to rust out though.

- Kimberly J

My great ram. Great tires. Good radio great heater. And a sunroof.

It's a good car. It's got a radio, heater, and steering wheel and 2 door that open up. Its run great. Does all the work of horse. Does Not burn oil or leak oil. It's got 4 brand new tire with new rims mud and snow tires. The radio plays great music on it. The tires are black with white stripe.

- Ann S

I find my Dodge Ram to be very dependable.

I have had my truck since 2002. I have replaced the ball joints and had to replace the radiator 3 yrs. ago. Also brake Calipers were replaced 5 yrs. ago. Ac works great needs a recharge every couple yrs. and had to replace fan motor 2 yrs. ago. It is so comfortable love taking it on vacation.

- Suzanne G

All the benefits of owning a truck.

I love my truck! I do have a problem with the dashboard cracking. This has happened to all 3 of my Dodge trucks. I feel safer in a truck. The gas mileage is a little bit more costly but my families safety is more important. And I love it being a 4 wheel drive. It can go almost everywhere.

- Pam G

Dependable transportation.

Completely reliable in all situations that me and my family has ever been. Also not to mention all type of weather conditions. Helping people move, tailgating, camping. Trail rides, parades. Also star watching on beautiful nights with the family. Taking long trips with friends and family.

- Danielle H

Reliable truck but costly in gas mileage.

My 2002 Dodge Ram 1500 5. 9 l is a big and loud vehicle which I love. The gas mileage unfortunately is not too great but is reliable in getting back and forth from work. The truck also does well when I take it to the woods and being able to fill the bed with equipment comes in handy.

- Nevin G

. The only reason I do not get another is this one is paid for cheaper to fix.

At time of purchase it was comfortable. Problems with this truck is it only has 124, 000 miles on it and the dash has cracked which found out was a problem with Dodge. I have had to replace the rear end twice and also the transmission. It does not leak oil but it does burn a little.

- George S

Dodge Ram 1500-almost a perfect truck

My husband and I bought a used 2002 Dodge Ram pick-up. It had been well maintained. I've only found 2 issues that I don't really like: 1) gas mileage 2) certain years have a defective dashboard and it cracks into many pieces and now needs to be replaced. Otherwise, a great truck.

- Lana M

My truck is my get around car I use it for everything.

I need to fix transmission it is not working that well. Also lights due to sensors and the air does not work very well. If I was able to fix the seats I would, also I need to fix my windshield it has a crack I am not able to give my truck the proper care due to income right now.

- Taylor B

it has been on of the most reliable vehicles that I have owned

I love that the vehicle is 16 years old and has been very reliable. there has one been one time I had to have it towed. what I hate is it is now rusting out and will not pass another inspection without a lot of work. the cost will be prohibitive and I will have to replace it.

- roy h

Good gas mileage, good performance.

The truck has proven to be long lasting. It has plenty of seat space, and drives well. Gas mileage is not too bad for being a full size truck. It has started rusting which sucks. Also, the dash has broken so it was not the most durable. I bought it used and at 180,000 miles.

- Sarah L

Durable family truck. Lovely vehicle.

I love this truck. It is very reliable. Comfortable and rugged looking. I have the basic trim package. Very durable. I do not like that it does not have power windows or locks. It is a good looking truck. I have helped people move with this tough truck. I love my truck.

- Paula P

The greatest vehicle I own.

I love my truck it's got 4wd and it is real good on gas seats are comfortable and it can ride three people it is really good for hauling stuff alarm system is loud and it drives real good the heating and cooling adjust the way you want it and the speakers sound amazing.

- Kris S

Good truck for country/farm use.

We bought it used. When we bought it, the a/c didn't work, nor does the heater in really cold weather. The exhaust is loud. We had some issues with shocks. Otherwise, it has been a pretty good workhorse for us. It gets around, and while it is noisy, the ride is good.

- Joyce H

2002 Dodge RAM 1500, all original features and parts are alive and kicking.

Love it, its my everyday vehicle for school and work and not once has it broken down on me. Yeah it's got its dents and bumps but all parts are factory original and I would happily buy another if this one tanked. Dodge RAM 1500s are always going to be my top pick.

- Corey B

I love the style and look. We installed a DVD system and remote start as well.

I love that it sits up high and I feel safe driving it. We have had problems with a/c and had full replacement, antifreeze evaporation with no solution, sun cracked dashboard in front window, and our battery dies constantly (major pain, dies if not started daily.

- Tanya H

Beautiful white RAM 1500 truck.

I love driving my truck. The seats are super comfortable. I move around a lot so it is super reliable. Being female, I love breaking that stereotype that only males can drive trucks. The only thing I would say I hate about it, is the amount of gas it wastes.

- Ayme G

American country girl and her truck.

I love my Dodge truck. The handling is good. And the space and interior design is good as well. It has done good for me in all areas. My only complaint is the traction and how light it is yet that does well for rallying and off-road racing. At least for me.

- Sadie S

Dodge ram 1500 very dependable and reliable.

I could not ask for a better vehicle. I love the truck have had no major work done to it and it still runs great. Has never left me stranded. Very dependable and reliable vehicle. I own 2 of them and wouldn't trade them for any other vehicle out there.

- Rebecca H

In conclusion, my 2002 Dodge Ram is just simply not a durable truck it has great powers but it's not long lasting.

My 2002 Dodge Ram was a very good powerful truck, but the last of the engine and transmisión is not so great. It's performance dropped dramatically I have to take it to the mechanic quit a bit fixing the breaks and transmisión.

- Erick P

In short the truck runs great and has good space and features

It's a really nice truck I have the srt version and it's amazing , it's been in my family for years and works great there's enough space for up to 6 passengers and even has storage compartments under the back can seats

- Tommy M

It works great in all weather types.

I love my truck. It is the best. I can put so much stuff in the bed of the truck. It works great in the winter and when I put my plow on to plow the snow it works awesome. I never have any problems with it.

- Stacie R

This truck is taken care of very well. It is clean inside and out.

I bought the truck used and it was in very good condition with low miles. It has been a dependable truck for me. I am able to complete multiple DIY jobs since I can haul equipment and other things easily.


Good truck that could be great.

The truck was used when purchased. It has a rusted hole in exhaust. Has an extended cab with two full bench seats. CD radio power lock power windows. Ac /heater. Bed liner and over a 100,000 miles on it.

- Audrey C

It has 5 seats which is bomb and is pretty compact

He's an old guy with some issues but we're still buds. He is a small dark blue truck with 5 seats making him very convenient for just about all of my needs. I have very few complaints about this vehicle

- Thomas B

Ups and downs of the 2002 Dodge Ram 1500.

My truck is old and rusty. Sometimes the air does not work in the summer and it gets hot. It is convenient for picking up large cargo. I do not get stuck in the snow during the winter.

- Fred R

It's great on gas for a big truck.

No complaints. I love my truck because I my money from it and it's so big inside that everyone has room, perfect for long trips. Very comfortable, n smooth ride. Love my Dodge ram.

- Chris C

Dodge rams are great for power but not long lasting at all.

Dodge rams are great for power, but they are terrible on durability. They are not lasting especially the transmission. Constantly have to take it to the mechanic every few months.

- Tyler P

It is two wheel drive and it is old.

I like that it is a full size, four-door truck, but it is old and has some issues. The tires are expensive and I have had to spend a lot to fix it up. But I like having a truck.

- Leah S

It is super comfy to travel in it.

I feel safe driving my truck and it is comfortable. I dislike that it is not 4wd. My vision field is better than in a car. Parking spaces are not always long enough for trucks.

- Sharon F

Its dependable, and durability.

My truck has over 200k miles on it. Lately it has been on the decline for performance, comfort, and miles per gallon, but It's a very reliable truck considering Its age.

- Edward M

Navy blue with silver lining around the doors and windows on the grill of the car

I love my car there has been no problems since I bought it I've had it for two years you can fit five people in it you can take the seats out it has a hatchback trunk

- Chardonnary Q

It has 125K miles and still runs strong and looks good.

Mine is the Sport model. It has comfortable interior. It has the 360 engine, plenty of power. It has a great stereo system. It has 125K miles and still runs strong.

- Frank D

dodge is a great brand! ram 1500 was the total way to go

my truck is blue, which is a color i love. i wish i had gotten a four by four, instead of a two wheel drive. my only complain would be that i need more space.

- maria f

Safety at its finest! Heavy duty!

It was a gift to us and it has been a great work truck for us. We are able to haul a lot of things in the bed and it also kept is safe in a minor accident.

- Jennifer M

1500 Dodge Ram 4 wheel drive. Poor gas mileage. No distinctive features.

The truck is relatively comfortable, back seat not so much, ashtray is not in good proximity of the passenger seat, has no power, very poor gas mileage.

- Lisa I

Very roomy inside the truck. It has 6 seats with an option of it being 5

It is extremely reliable. I need a newer model because mine is just getting old and wear and tear but besides that it fits my family very comfortably

- Victoria F

It is very dependable and is made very good. It still drives like a new car.

I dislike all of the plastic for the front of the inside truck. I like everything else. I wish it was not fuel injected. I am pleased with dodge.

- Renee S

Ram tough trucks built to last

My Ram has been mostly trouble free. I have had to replace the radiator and hoses. The dash ended up cracking, but other than that, trouble free

- Dale F

Easy maintenance just regular oil changes and tires every few years

I bought my truck used six years ago with over 100 thousand miles and have had little trouble it is great for hauling and lots of interior room

- Nikki K

I will definitely buy another

It's been very dependable, looks great, rides great, and decent on gas mileage. I have no complaints about it and it has never let me down.

- Norm G

It is old with lots of miles but it is trustworthy.

I love that I can haul pretty much whatever I need in the bed of the truck. It does ride a little rough but it works when I need it.

- Julie G

I like the fact that it has a full size backseat.

Love my truck but not too happy about the rust issue around the wheel wells and tailgate. Almost 400, 000 miles and still runs good.

- Lisa W

This is a good vehicle. Will buy another.

Dashboard on every truck around this year model has cracked severely. Performance of the engine is good and gets good gas mileage.

- Justin W

It is durable and gets good mileage for a truck this size.

I like that it has 4 doors. There is not enough room in the back seat. It's great for hauling things. It has cruise control.

- Linda E

Drives great in any weather, on any terrain.

Well built, little maintenance, very few issues over the years, as old as it is it still runs great. Hope it lasts forever.

- Kat S

It has a lot of miles on it, but it still runs really well.

I like that it is an older year vehicle, but it still runs great. I like that is has plenty of room for comfortable travel.

- Natasha M

its paid for it may not be the best looking thing out there but it has not let down

the dodge ram holds up to whatever i tow with it or carry.you have plenty of room inside the cab you can fit up to 6 people

- christopher o

Needs engine work heater a c some some front end work

Needs work front end engine work good body trans clean drives and handle well meed maintenance dependable need heater a c

- andy C

It is dependable and long lasting.

Wish I could afford to buy a new one. Loved this one. It handles very well. I have no complaints after all these years.

- Suzanne G

Its black, big and beautiful

I love the style of the truck and how it drives. I like that it has a lot of room. I dislike that it's a gas guzzler

- Kelly H

It is just a very versatile truck.

I have no complaints. I love my truck because I can haul stuff and I can go in the snow. It just looks good.

- Julia B

It is personalized for my family and it is dependable.

It's a good truck with moving things and getting where we need to go. It has minor details just like others.

- Erica F

It's Dependable rugged nice to ride in AC works great

It's very dependable fun to drive It's rugged nice and comfortable.it use a little bit more gas than I like

- Mike R




It does the job that I got it for

It's drives nice and it's has a lot of power and room to store things

- Bob M

It's great on gas. And runs amazingly. A very trustworthy brand.

It's a small picked up truck. Runs great. And a brand I trust

- David E

They are amazing vehicles..Lots of room and power

We just purchased used..But fell in love when we first saw it

- Tammy F

Plenty of power. Rugged. Great all around vehicle. Made to last

Love it. Has plenty of power. Can tow/haul about anything.

- Lisa L

It's a workhorse. Will lull or haul what you need to.

Great power roomie. Cost to much bad fuel mileage.

- Bruce T

The space the quality and durability

Very helpful and durable I love my car the space

- Mar B