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This is a brand we can trust.

The light console light cover easily broke and the air vents broke easily as well. Performance is remarkable, reliability is great, comfort is so-so, and the features are basic. Ever since we purchased our truck 6 months ago, we have not been disappointed. We use our truck for towing and it has been incredible. Every time a mechanic looks at us they tell us we have an amazing truck. Even while towing our 11,000 pound fifth wheel, we were able to get 17.2 miles to the gallon on the highway at one point. We are very impressed and pleased with our 5.9 liter cummins, and trust it is capabilities. Although the comfort is not excellent, it is worth it to have a truck we can count on while constantly being on the road.

- Kayla F

2006 Dodge Ram 2500 Cummins diesel automatic. Spends it is life pulling horses.

Cummins diesel is fantastic. It pulls hard, gets great fuel mileage (22 empty and 18 loaded with a 3 horse trailer). Transmission seems a bit iffy to me, as it mis-shifts sometimes at low throttle input. Truck has 200, 000 miles on it. The drivetrain has been good. The rest of the truck is showing some wear. The paint is not the greatest. The seats are the most horrible seats I have ever sat in. Like sitting on steel bars with no padding. I have tried everything including re-padding them twice. They're still bad. For the most part, I love the truck.

- Jerry P

Great truck that will last you a long time and pull anything you put behind it.

The truck is a workhorse! Engine is strong, reliable and easy to work on. The styling, I believe is great and looks sleek but also like a truck on the outside. My only complaint is that the interior is lacking creature comforts. Basic radio and dash is all plastic and just looks very plain Jane. This can be fixed with upgrades to the steel system and painting parts of the dash to give it a two tone look.

- Bret G

Cummins is great... the rest... well... meh!

Engine is awesome. The rest of the car is falling apart. The truck has 165,000 miles and the seats are broken, the water pump has been replaced, the transmission went out, the power steering pump went out, the ac has been replaced twice, the ac fan has been replaced twice, the ac relay inside the cab has been replaced several times. Everything is falling apart outside of the Cummins motor.

- Russ P

This bad boy could pull a train

I haven't ever had much trouble with my truck, the steering is about the only thing that I guess is a little bit off and it would be nice if it got a little bit better gas mileage but besides that, it's a very strong, heavy duty, reliable vehicle and I would strongly recommend it to anybody.

- Jacob L

Longevity and excellent performance.

It is a mega cab do it has a lot of room. Good diesel engine. Interior quality is ok. The pressures sensor on the transmission usually goes out. Oil and filter changed are expensive. A lot of after market items. Great resale value. Very strong and good looking truck. This are average price.

- Larry M

Dodge Ram 2500 mega cab with the 5. 9 Cummins diesel.

Great truck. Gets around in winter when everybody else has to stay home. Front end was under built but now that I have upgraded pretty much everything it does awesome. Mega cab has mega room inside. The inline 6 cylinder diesel is a beast and gets pretty decent mileage. Love this truck.

- Joe H

Dodge the only way to drive.

Great drive and handling. Great fuel economy. Lots of power. Pulls my RV great. 220612 miles and counting. Strong comfortable reliable. Holds its value. I've owned every truck made Dodge stands alone. No other compares. The 5. 6 diesel 6 cylinder definitely gets 26 hwy 22 city.

- Charles T

Excellent pick up for the individual looking for towing.

There are no rear fender well covers which allows dirt and water to rest on the fender folds causing them to rust out. It has plenty of power to tow anything I need it to. I like the fuel economy it provides in standard operation and while towing. I would purchase another.

- Jeremy F

Sturdy and durable. These trucks were made to last

I love my truck. I have traveled across the country in it with a cabover camper with no problems. I like that I can haul small items when I need to....I feel safer in it than a car. My only complaint is that the paint job is fading in spots and it looks bad.

- cindy c

Most interesting detail is the reliability of the vehicle

Other than replacing the transmission. This vehicle has been reliable with very little maintenance due to wear and tear. With the salt in the winter it does rust easily on the truck bed and lower parts. Weather wear. Has been taken care of and motor runs great.

- Toni H

Death wobble otherwise good.

I drive a Dodge RAM 2500 crew cab. 2006. I like it because I have almost 300 thousand miles on it and it has been pretty reliable. My biggest complaint is when the tires get worn some it gets the death wobble. Usually when I turn a little one way or another.

- Dennis H

Great vehicle, motor and transmission

Driver seat wore out quickly and radio had to be replaced. Great diesel motor and transmission. Paint is fading on the roof and good after 12 years. Mirrors are nice for towing trailers are large and have the dots included. Great visibility. Large doors

- Tracy K

Watch the wheel bearings and u joints closely and the catalytic converter.

I really like my Dodge 2500, it has the towing capacity to do all the things I need. The main problem I have had is wheel bearings and u joint problems. It is completely comfortable with adjustable seats, electric windows. It seats 6 adults comfortable.

- Dodge W

Reliable and enough power to spare. Love my truck.

There have been a number of electrical problems, but I have all the bugs worked. This truck is the most reliable and powerful vehicle I have ever owned. It is the mega cab so there is enough room to sleep two adults comfortably for short camping trips.

- Scott B

Great Dodge ram 2500 mega cab with the Cummins inline 6 cylinder.

The only real problem with my Ram 2500 has been steering components. Power steering hoses failed and had to be replaced, new hubs, new tie rods and all new ball joints. I'd say the front end of my Dodge was definitely under built.

- Joseph H

Heavy duty trucks, toughness comes at a price

performance is good in terms of power, towing and overall capability. Fuel economy is poor but that is par for the course in large heavy duty pickups. reliability is average and repairs have been relatively cheap and minor.

- william c

It's a giant truck that scares all the little priuses away.

I really love this truck. It runs great to be bought second hand. Keep in mind the one I have is a mega cab and the backseat is amazing. You can fit a twin size bed back there.

- MaryJo P

It is a strong vehicle with multiple good safety features.

My Truck has a mega cab. It has a large passenger compartment. It is a diesel and is very fuel efficient . The truck has a good towing package for my fifth wheel RV.

- Bob K

It is dependable. It has not let me down in the heat or cold.

I wish it got better Gas mileage. I like to have the 8 foot bed. It hauls pulls well .Proportional springs with a soft top would be nice for riding when not loaded.

- Marshall S

It's a great truck for work and play

It's a nice truck that does what I need. The diesel engine doesn't have emissions stuff of newer models. My complaint is it doesn't have a great payload rating.

- David B

I like that it's a heavy duty truck. Great quality for my money.

I bought my truck brand new and it has been amazing for hauling my boat along with farm equipment. It has really held up with little to no problems.

- Jim U

I built the truck to fit my needs.

I love the power the truck has. I love you load capacity the truck is able to handle. I love the mpg the truck gets for being such a large truck.

- Mikey A

It is a comfortable ride and has minimal repair edfort

I like the size and being able to transport variety of things. Sometimes the size makes it hard to park. Diesel can get a little expensive

- Heather C

It is a diesel truck that is great for hauling and towing.

I like the power of the diesel motor. I enjoy having four wheel drive. I dislike the age of the vehicle as well as the mileage.

- Landis A

Good truck with minor issues.

2006 was the first year of model change. With that truck has various issues and recalls. Biggest issue #4 fuel injection line.

- Richard K

They run great! You will not be disappointed with this purchase.

Wish the backseat was bigger and had more legroom. I love the power and the gas mileage is descent for a truck of its size.

- Lindsey E

Its big, fast, loud and red.

I like my vehicle because its a diesel, and I don't like the poor fuel economy it gets. Overall it's a good truck to have.

- Andrew D

It is very dependable. I never have to worry about it.

I like the size which allows me to move stuff around. I love that I sit higher from the ground. I feel safer .

- John M

It is a work horse and it can haul almost anything.

I love the size and the durability of the truck. My only complaint is the wiring issues that dodge has.

- Rhonda B

2006 Dodge Ram cummins truck.

Great power and torque. Lots of cabin room. Handles great and pulls like a freight train. Great truck.

- Roger H

It is possible of going through snow and mud. Can attach a plow to it

This vehicle has problems at high speeds. This vehicle drinks a lot of gas. This vehicle is wide

- John F

it's a dodge ram 2500 with a cummins engine and dual exhaust

I like the look. I like the sound of the hemi engine. I don't like that it's starting to rust

- Lisa B

That it is 4x4 And loves the open country.

I love the off roading capabilities. I receive great gas mileage. And it is very roomy.

- John G

It has a cummins motor and towing package and navigation

I like the way it looks and sounds. It's older so it's starting to rust. It runs good.

- Lisa K

It's built tough and can easily go in the snow

I Love the reliability of a Dodge Ram. It's a great size for snow plowing

- Mel T

I love my 2006 Crew Cab Dodge Cummins. It is a reliable and tough vehicle. We have pulled other vehicles out of the mud, regularly pull a trailer, and roll down the highway with ease. This is a tough truck and already has nearly 200,000 miles on it, but is going strong.

Tough and Reliable Heavy Duty Truck Can Go Anywhere and Do Anything

- Sonja B

We love our truck!!!! It is great on mileage and travels well.

I like the size of the cab. THe bed cover is great also.

- Kim M

The engine was built to last. I expect to put at least 300000 miles on it. I don't like rust is showing up on the fender.

It is a highly desired vehicle. It will hold its value.

- Carolyn H

Dodge hemp has bad gas mileage, 9mpg pulling a trailer

Need a different transmission , in the cummins

- Pa M