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Comfort driving truck. Smooth ride and very gas efficient.

The dodge ram is such a smooth ride. Easy to operate and comfortable to drive. I am Farley short so sometimes I have had issues in the past with other vehicles. This vehicle I have no trouble seeing above the dashboard. Does not burn much oil and is in general very gas efficient.

- Lori R

Emissions issues, extended warranty recommended.

The only issue I have with my truck is the emissions equipment failing on a regular basis. The truck is meant to tow and work. Tows 9,000-10,000 pounds with absolutely no issue. . It's comfortable, has some upgrades, fast. The extended warranty is a must.

- Kate R

It works fine, we drive it a lot across the country from North West to South East!

We have a red 2009 Dodge RAM 2500. It is very nice, seats 6 people, has nice comfy seats. We bought it used and so far it is working great. The only problem we have is that the air conditioner isn't blowing cool air and can't keep up during the summer.

- Joana W

It is easy to drive in high traffic, because you can see over other cars, and you can go anywhere in it. you can haul whatever you want in a truck.

I love my Dodge Ram. It is comfortable and great to drive. We travel in it and never have trouble parking or driving of road. I pull a trailer with it and you never know you are pulling anything. I would not drive anything else.

- Rhonda L

Vacations and travel is much easier in my Dodge Ram 2500 diesel.

I have a Dodge Ram 2500 diesel and I love it. Our family loves to vacation quite a lot and we find the truck is perfect for our needs. With our truck we are able to travel in areas that would be difficult for a car.

- Sharon C

Ram box - the Ram box is really useful for holding all kinds of things.

The truck is really good, especially with the Ram boxes for holding a lot of extra stuff. Very durable, have had it for years. Not my truck, but I have driven it a few times and it feels great!

- Brian C

It is Ram tough. Very reliable durable can drive in any kind of weather.

It is powerful fast drives well in any kind of weather. Can pull a fifth wheel a boat whatever you might need to tow. It has 2 batteries can stop on a dime. It is a reliable truck very fast.

- Lisa V

Comfortable reliable Cummings

Plenty of space and comfortable great fuel mileage after tuner installation great for pulling and hauling only mechanical issue has been the air conditioning went out but was a simple fix

- James B

It's big with a great towing capacity. But the tires are expensive and the fuel is expensive.

I absolutely love my truck. I don't like that it's so high off the ground, lower would be better. The fuel economy is terrible. Other than that, I'd say it's perfect.

- Meredith J

Its loud and big. It will scare small children.

No complaints at all! It's great for our little family of three and there's plenty of space for the dogs to go with us when we go out and about running errands.

- Elizabeth O

Looks good, has a nice design.

No major problems, do maintenance only. I really love my Dodge RAM truck and plan on driving it for many more years as I just bought a brand new set of tires.

- Steven M

although it may look like It's hard to maneuver it isn't

the way it handles, the easy of driving it, the crew cab, about the only thing I don't like is the mileage, I wish it got a couple more miles to the gallon

- earl M

Dodge is the best truck out there I would not drive another make

I have always been a ford fan. Until my powerstroke blew the head gaskets. I switched to dodge and will never go back. I love this truck.

- Zach G

Has good gas mileage and very nice safety features.

Love the fact I can haul tow or get out of anything. I however am not a fan of the gas mileage. The 4 wheel drive is always nice though.

- Samantha A

The Dodge Ram is a good work truck. It is also stylish and dependable.

My truck is stylish and dependable. I use it to pull my fifth wheel and also to plow snow. I do wish I got better gas mileage .

- Joe Y

It is a comfortable ride on long trips.

No complaints! It is a special Texas edition. If I had to change anything it would be for the exhaust to be a little quieter.

- Lara K

It is fast and in good shape.

I love my car because it is so fast in great shape there is a lot of room so you can fit your boxes in the back.

- Alex T

I like how my vehicle is a truck and a Dodge.

My vehicle has had a few problems. Like the starter has went out and the brakes have overheated once before.

- Ila P

It's very reliable. Has many towing and moving capabilities.

Great thing about the vehicle is its power and durability. The issues would be gas and parking.

- Chris G

It beats every other make of truck

I love my Dodge Ram I have no complaints

- Randy B