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I have had my fiat for 8 years and still going strong!

I love my fiat. It is bigger than it looks. I recently moved to a different state and was able to put the back seats down and pack lots of things. Driving long distance really proved what great fuel mileage it gets. It is able to go a top speed and has good acceleration. You do feel small when your surrounded by semis, and in cases of strong wind and really heavy rain it does feel like it struggles a bit. Really small wheels so if you plan on going off road a lot - not for you. I have a manual transmission. I do think it is an easier manual than other cars. I do not know whether this is because the fiat is so small or something more advanced. . For living in a city, this car is perfect. It is easy to park in tight spots and move around.

- Elena F

Great gas mileage- 30 mpg in town and close to 40 mpg on the highway.

a first I loved my fiat; great gas mileage, easy to park and lots of fun to drive. I am only 5'2 and was so happy to discover that my driver's seat could be adjusted up to enable me to see comfortably above the dash. Love that it is a hatchback with tons of space in back. Be aware that it does not have a spare and if/when you have a flat, most tire places don't stock your size tire. So unless you go to a dealership your tire will need to be ordered. Now, 85, 00 miles later it has started to have trouble accelerating up hills and inclines. I have also noticed that a lower speeds it sometimes seems to have a hard time shifting.

- Janice H

Not the smoothest transition when accelerating to higher speeds, but a pretty smooth ride once it gets going. This car is easily maneuverable and perfect for the city and it is tiny parking spots. The sport feature makes the car drive like a larger car, making the wheel more stern and helps with accelerating quickly onto the highway. I like the automatic air/heat controls, but do not love the formatting of the gas gauge as it makes it difficult to view the gradual decline of your gas as is seen in the format of most other cars. Overall, I have thoroughly enjoyed this vehicle.

- Rae G

Park anywhere. Even next to the truck taking up 2 spots.

The fiat 500 is pretty reliable, it only died on me once when it needed a new battery. The battery should be replaced every 4 years. The windshield wipers are difficult to change, as are the headlight bulbs. It can fit more than you think though, and gets great gas mileage ( about 34 mpg). Tires are also pretty cheap since they're so small. I would recommend getting a roof rack for larger items, it has been a huge help. The interior is also quite nice, though my red seats stained kind of easily.

- Sarah S

It's the best little car that anyone could ever have.

I have a sport version and I love it so much. It has surprisingly great get-up-and-go, it's quite compact so I can fit in anywhere, and it gets about 25 miles per gallon. Only problem I have had was a faulty PCV valve that came out of nowhere and took forever to get diagnosed by the shop. I actually found out what it was online before they could figure it out. Not at fault of the company itself. But it was still a really scary problem to have. Other than that, I've loved my car so much!

- Raven H

Overall experience: satisfied with some slight irritations.

I really enjoy the fiat. It is surprisingly spacious and can fit two adults and two children fairly comfortably. The air conditioner has had some problems and has had to be fixed several times, and the cost to change the oil is a bit more than other vehicles that I have owned. Being an Italian car, I have had mechanics not want to work on it if they did not have the correct address tools. However, it is fun to drive, gets good gas mileage and is fairly quiet.

- Robyn A

Why I love my fiat 500 car.

Compact enough for a single person. Very comfortable. Acceleration is not the highest but it rides wonderfully. Great gas mileage (most I have gotten is about 40 miles per gallon). Back seats fold down for extra luggage space when needed. Seats are comfortable. Tires can be a bit pricey but if you are a careful driver and do not drive long distances you will not need them often. No major mechanical problems since I purchased it. Extremely happy with my car.

- Rosa M

My little red fiat is full of spunk and savings

My fiat is great on gas! Just love that 20 bucks can get me from work and back for two weeks.the tires are not expensive to buy new which is really nice when you get an unexpected flat. Drives smoothly. The two front seats are a lot more roomy than i expected them to be, made a few 9 hour trips without an issue of comfort. Great air and heat system. Easy to drive, fits anywhere. I absolutely love my little red fiat!

- Jordan M

My 2012 fiat 500 gets 28 miles/city and 33/miles highway.

I have had my 2012 fiat 500 for approximately a year and a half, and had no issues with it thus far. It is amazing on gas, it gets 28 miles/city and 33 miles/highway. It has good features for it being almost 7 years old. It was installed with Bose speakers, which added a nice touch. I have zero complaints about my car, and I would recommend it to anyone who has to drive a good bit for work, school, etc..

- Melissa G

Low gas bill, easy to park, but expensive to maintain

FIAT 500 is a compact, affordable and stylish car. IT gets me where I need to go, end of story. Due to it's small size there is not much room in the car. No console and the glove box is TINY. It can be expensive to repair any broken parts. Not many service places specialize or even work on FIAT. However, once replaced, things can run like new for several years. Gas bill is always quite low.

- Elizabeth G

If they need a lot of space, they won't like it. It's definitely not a family car. But for two people, it is very convenient and the back seat allows for a passenger or two.

I love my Fiat. It's small so I can park in more spaces. It has good gas mileage. And I like how it looks and how it's designed. It's a red convertible which is awesome. It's very stylish. I may not be able to put much stuff in it, like groceries, but that doesn't bother me. I work around it. That has actually allowed me to space out my shopping in order to get sales.

- Kelci R

Expensive to maintain. Always scraping the bottom of car on stuff sticking up.

I like the way it looks but the inside is too small. The cup holders do not hold regular size cups. The same year i bought the car the window broke and will not go up or down so i just keep it up. And it is supposed to get 52 miles per gallon or at least be good on gas but i get gas every other day. While you are driving you can see the gas gauge go down.

- Della P

Compact Car that is also efficient.

With the Fiat the parts are more expensive and you have to order them online and go to a specific auto shop to get things fixed. It does however get great gas mileage. It does well in the rain and snow. The leather seats are nice and the you are able to open the truck door with a button on the key. Since it is small it's easy to find parking spots.

- Kami L

Interesting detail is that the window control is on the dashboard not the door.

Small things break and the parts of it Italian parts so it can be more expensive to repair. The gas is great and the convertible top is super nice. Fits in small spaces but is not good if you have any type of family or storage uses. The trunk is small but for someone who does not carry a lot on them it is very nice to have.

- Carrie F

It's not very good at 0 to 40 mph. It takes a while and sounds very loud.

It's small and orange with 2 doors and very small cabin space. It doesn't accelerate easily even though it has a 4 cylinder engine. It doesn't have bluetooth even though the steering wheel has the buttons for hands free communication. The good thing is that you can back up with less stress because of the rear sensors.

- Joshua C

Small car with a small engine.

I love the way my car looks, and it has a great engine for being so small. However, the transmission is a little wacky. It does not shift properly very often. I often find myself with the pedal to the floor just to get up a small hill. This is not always the case though, as the car can get up hills without a hitch.

- Erin S

Costly repairs for vehicle.

I love my car, it is great on gas, comfortable to drive. The inside is cute. Problems I have: it is hard to find parts for it. Tires have to be ordered, I paid $20. 00 just for an oil filter. My car recently sat in the shop for a month waiting on a part that was on backorder that 96 other people were waiting on.

- Cynthia D

Fiat 500c sport: economical and a hoot to drive!

Early on, the clutch plate went out, which was a real pain. Although the dealership swore they "had never seen anything like this" it turned out to be a factory flaw, covered by warranty, but it was like pulling teeth to get the dealership to provide a loaner car for the 5 days they took to replace the clutch.

- Judith H

My fiat 500 is a fun, reliable car that I can take anywhere.

It is small but I can surprisingly haul a lot. Gas mileage is awesome. It is fun to drive! It is comfortable to drive. Back seat is too small for adults but would be ok for younger children. It handles curves nicely. It is been very reliable. It is Bluetooth. The car radio has a CD player and Bose speakers.

- Judy R

Very reliable and easy to maintain vehicle.

My vehicle is pretty reliable, and has good endurance. The only problems with it are the breaks are a little glitchy and I have to get new windshield wipers. The seats are pretty comfortable and has a good heating and cooling system. I would recommend this car to anybody looking for a new and reliable car.

- Haley O

It is small and fun; fun-size!

It is fun to drive, especially when the weather is nice enough to open the top! It is small, particularly the backseat, trunk opening, and cup holders. Repair shops often do not have tires or parts in hand, but they can get them in a day or two. People often comment and ask questions about this little car!

- Cynthia M

Fun to drive, great gas mileage.

I love my little car. It gets great gas mileage. It has cost me with the repair of the windows on both the driver and passenger front windows. The up and down mechanism broke. It is very small, so I get a lot of attention. People ask me all the time how much I like the car and I can honestly say I love it!

- Jan S

The sports mode is super fun!

The car is super efficient, and reliable. It is eco friendly with the gas mileage, along with the fact that you can actually fit a lot more than you think you can in the car. The only downside is that the trunk will not open and there’s no safety inside the car, so you cannot open it from the inside.

- Vanessa M

I love my adorable little car that looks like a roller-skate.

I have had this car since this model first came out–at the end of 2011. I have had no problems with it and it is fun to drive. When I finally replace this car it will be with the exact same model. I love the heated seats, the convertible ragtop and the nice stereo system. Plus, it is adorable.

- Lisa M

Fiat 500 review. The good the bad and the unimportant.

Rough ride due to short wheelbase and cargo area to small for my needs. 5 speed manual is fun to drive. The size of the vehicle makes it fun to drive, like a go kart. I hate the annoying beep that continuously goes off until you pop your seat belt on. I do enjoy the AUX input and the USB inputs.

- Derek M

Fun and functional first car.

This car is so much fun to drive. It gets great gas mileage and it is small enough that it fits just about anywhere. The clutch is pretty sensitive, but now I feel like I really can drive anything. This was my dream car and I never thought I would actually get one and I absolutely love it.

- Mckinley G

Fun in the fiat. I have a sunroof. I like to open the shade when it rains.

Dealer closed a couple of years after I bought my fiat. Getting service became difficult and my oil change coupons we're worthless. Mostly, the fiat has been reliable and fun to drive. It gets great gas mileage. I have had to replace the battery and tires. I have 42,000 miles on it.

- Sandy B

That my car is a standard and it takes time to get up enough speed.

I like that it gets really good gas mileage. I like that it fits in small parking spaces. I like that it doesn't take long to vacuum or wash because of its small size. The only thing I don't like about it is that you can haul furniture or anything else big inside of it.

- Tracy L

Fiat 500 - my favorite car!

My fiat runs great! Sport mode works just fine, great shifting transmission. The sound system is great! I haven't had any problems with my vehicle since getting it. The heated seats are my favorite for cold Michigan winters. Overall the best car I have ever driven.

- Madison L

The front part of it is spacious but the back is not, and it's excellent on gas

I love my little Fiat, it's the perfect size for just me, but it hasn't a lot of pick up and go, it's pretty, has a good safety rating, and fits my personality. It's very good on gas. I can make it from Las Vegas to San Diego on one tank which cost me about $30

- Chris F

Poor brakes, can use 87 gas but 93 listed preferred, synthetic oil is expensive.

I dislike the trunk space and might as well not have a backseat at all. Gas mileage is adequate for long commutes. Fiberglass body is very flimsy and minor fender-bender has punched holes. Technology that comes standard is fine - Bluetooth, stereo, automatic.

- Amy A

It gets plenty of legroom despite it is compact size.

The car gets reliable mileage on the street as well as highways. It is very durable and was on a trip from the Midwest to New York City. It surprisingly has plenty of leg room and storage space. It is very economical. It gets a reliable amount on the dollar.

- Wayne A

Decent commuter car with middling comfort.

Fiat tends to have electrical problems with the lights and dashboard errors. It often thinks there is ice on the road, temperature sensor does not read correctly. I like the gas efficiency and the comfort is okay. It is not an attractive car in my opinion.

- Amy A

Everyone loves my little red fiat!

I saw my car in a movie and said I had to have it. I love its looks. I love its handling. I am a big person and I fit in it sweetly. With the hatchback, I can carry so much. The fuel tank is small so it is easy to fill up. The fiat gets great fuel mileage.

- Jerry R

My fiat 500 handles like a Indy 500 race car.

I like the fiat 500 for its ability to handle while driving. If driving in snow I would make sure you have snow tires on the car due to how light the fiat is. It's great on gas and if you pack light, great for long vacations. Great car for a great price.

- Amber V

It is economical to drive. It has a small gas tank, but that is not a concern.

It is easy to drive and park. It handles really well on turns and curves. It does not have a lot of acceleration. It is fun to drive. It does not have a lot of space of hauling large items, even bags of dog food, but you can use the trunk to haul things.

- Deb O

My fiat has become so personal to me that I've named him, and he has become part of the family with his own personality.

I love my fiat because it is perfect for the city; it can be parked in any space, it has great in-town gas mileage, and it is very reliable. It is already six years old and I have had very few problems compared to other cars I have had for six years.

- Nicholas H

It gets great gas mileage and is small and compact making it easy to park/drive.

I like that it is small and compact and easy to park. Also it gets good gas mileage. I dislike that it the clock is always off no matter how many times I change it. I also dislike that the dashboard lights such as tire pressure will not turn off.

- April J

That it's not easy to find the right company to fix any detail of the car.

I love the fact that it's smooth and easy to drive. The car might seem very small but it's pretty spacious. I dislike the fact that I have to take my car to the dealer to get simple things done like oil change and it's not cheap.

- Monica T

Fiat: cute car to get me places

The car itself is very comfy and adorable itself. Has nice features such as seat warmers, handsfree bluetooth, and very good with gas. Very easy to drive and perfect for city life because you fit anywhere a full size car can't

- Mariana G

Fiat 500C convertible. Great drop top

I love my small compact car. I get reliable gas mileage, and have plenty of room for everything i need. For a small car it is surprisingly roomy. It has been very reliable and only needed small maintenance repairs,

- julie b

A fun and sporty car good for city living

Although it is small in size, it comfortably fits four people, and still has a moderately-sized trunk space. It has good gas mileage and a good pick-up. There is also a sports mode that you can choose.

- Allison D

Affordable and great gas mileage.

I love my car! It is perfect for commuting to work or running errands. Gets great gas mileage and was extremely affordable. Not great for family travel as is very small, but works for me.

- Carla S

It isn't meant for hauling lots of stuff because of its size. And the back seat space small.

I like the size of my vehicle it's a fun car to get around in. I have had one problem with it the cable gear broke and thankfully after being fixed it seems to be doing just fine.

- margaret s

It's a cute little buggie. It's cheap and does between 25-30 miles per gallon in the city

I like the gas mileage I like being able to park in almost any parking space. I hate how cheaply it's made and how things break so easily. Also I don't feel safe on thee freeways

- Jennifer K

The Bose sound system and Bluetooth technology. Sun roof!

My car is reliable. My area is ridden with potholes so it is been hard on tires. The tires are small and do not handle severely bad roads always. Great gas mileage. Fun features.

- Jane A

It is very small. It has a backseat, but barely any normal sized person can fit back there. Also, there is barely any trunk space.

I love my car but the mileage is high now. The batter recently went out. It is quite small, so I would like to upgrade to a bigger car. But financially, I can't do so right now.

- Jillian H

Passion, sporty handling, economical, runs great.

I turned in my BMW for this Fiat 500 and don't regret it. This Fiat has everything the BMW had ,at half the price. This Fiat has so much passion and I love driving it everyday.

- Vincent K

It is a great small car for any busy city or for local commute.

Love the size! It is very convenient to park and weave through traffic. Very cheap to fill up. It could be a little more efficient. It is expensive to buy parts for it.

- Alicia J

It is easy to drive and handles well.

The car runs good. Just now to small for me and my infant. And had issues with the spare tired. I used it once then after that couldn't get it down again when needs.

- Ashley B

Fun fiat 500 pop that is fun to drive.

I like the gas mileage, small vehicle, fits easily in tight spots and has flexibility in getting into places most other cars will not get to. It is fun to drive.

- Keith A

It is adorable and fun to drive.

I like the styling, heated leather seats, convertible ragtop, sound system, the fact that I can fit a lot into a small car. My only complaint is the tiny trunk.

- Lisa D

How to change the tires. If you can't get ahold of anyone then you need to know how to change your tire when your alone.

I enjoy the gas mileage. The advantage of having a small car also allows for easy parking jobs. I don't enjoy not having a lot of space. I often feel cramped.

- Taylor B

The vehicle is small but surprisingly roomy and comfortable.

It's a unique design. The vehicle was affordable and I have had no problems at all other than routine maintenance. It is also quite fuel efficient and peppy.

- Robert G

Good car gets good gas mileage.

There were problems at the beginning while fiat got the kinks out but its running fine now. I love that I can put the back seats down and fill up the back.

- Sheryl D

It's the most fun car ever and so perfect for my lifestyle.

My car is fun, easy to drive and economic. I made friends by joining Fiat groups and got to go on outings with them. It's starting to show its age though.

- Pam H

It is very small good on gas but has electrical issues.

It was a lemon when I bought it and it is smaller than I realized. When my car started to have electrical problems the company refused to take it back.

- Candice J

Amazing mileage and handling

The car gets amazing gas mileage and is a fun little car even though it lacks horsepower it is still a nice daily commuter car. Very fun and practical.

- Sean H

I have the convertible one so looks more stylish.

My vehicle is fast. It's not hard to find parking most of the time. It's great on gas. Even though it looks small on the outside it still looks roomy.

- Jennifer H

Small car, easy to find parking for. Can squeeze through small places and gets great gas mileage

I love my Car!! Wish I had two of them. Corners are a breeze. Takes them very well and fast. Wish I had a turbo model. Great!! Fun car to drive!!!

- Keith W

My FIAT has a convertible top. The top is quite unique because it has three different options for how far the top goes down.

Cute, fun little car to drive! Has been great for gas mileage and has a good sound system. Has a convertible top that can also serve as a sunroof.

- jenn s

Don't buy fiat! There are so many electrical problems that I experience with it from the time I bought the vehicle to today, it's a piece of junk.

Electronic problems abound with the fiat 500. I also found that it has not withstood the test of time. One headlight goes out every 3 months or so.

- Bruce W

City Car that is good on gas

fiat is a city car that is very good on gas. I can park in tiny spots in the city so that's a huge plus. It did not have too many problems so far.

- nia A

It has been a very reliable vehicle with few repair issues in 6 years.

The Fiat 500C is economical and sporty. It is small enough that its small motor makes it feel very sporty, yet the interior is surprisingly roomy.

- Stephen A

Fiat 500 is a very reliable car

This car is very reliable. Gets me wherever I need to go with no problems at all. I bought it used with 97,000 miles, and is still running great.

- Kimmie V

Fun to drive; easy to handle and park. Holds a lot of cargo with seats down.

Fun to drive and easy to handle. Chronic problem with tire pressure monitoring system. Recent problems with ac, corroded connectors to battery.

- Joni S

Love the gas mileage both in town and on the highway.

Great gas mileage, easy to zip around town. Very reliable, no problems, easy to park. Best for only one or two people. Easy to maintain.

- Kerri B

Fiat 500 Fabulous but Faulty

Oil is leaking into spark plug wells and causing engine to act up. Great on gas mileage and when it's running good, it's a great car.

- Elizabeth S

Its small and fits almost anywhere.

For being a small car it is very big inside, roomy and is a very nice car. It runs very good and you can make turn almost everywhere.

- Kat L

It is much roomier than it appears. It easily fits a 6. 3' over 200 lbs driver.

Aesthetic, size, fuel economy, performance. I bought a salvage so there are a few minor issues but they do not quality as complaints.

- Denise H

It greets great gas mileage but when parts need replacement it gets really expensive.

I love my car. The parts are expensive though. Great gas mileage. Super fun. Easy to park. I get compliments on it all the time.

- Karina C

don't buy if you want something safe and reliable.

My vehicle is drives slow, don't feel 100% safe in bad weather, no pickup. It is not spacious and sound system is not quality.

- Angie S

Great for getting around in. Almost like driving a golf cart.

Love the outside look, and speed and easy to drive. Dislike the mechanical problems and expense of accessories for this car.

- Erika C

No spare tire. The car is a great car, save on gas.

Save on gas, great on the road. Like the way it looks. The dashboard is easy to read.the only thing wrong is no spare tire.

- Oscar M

easy to drive and park in the city.

like small, easy cars. sunroof and fuel economy also a factor. don't like the frequency of repairs needed since purchase.

- stanley S

It is a two door car and 4 people are able to sit in the care safely.

Comfortable car to get to and from work. Good on gas and easy to clean and drive. This is a very reliable car to drive.

- Miranda L

It is a good car, will last a long time if taken care of.

It has great gas mileage. It is decently fast. It does not have good audio. Its cheap to repair when it gets damaged.

- Jason S

I love my car. It is small but dependable and affordable.

Gets great gas mileage. Is super cute. Difficult to carry passengers and or large cargo. I wish it had heated seats.

- Jennifer M

Cute social car for outings

convertible top that goes all the way down. Seats are comfy with extra heat for the winter. Oil is kinda expensive

- Chelsea A

The inside of my car is bigger than you think, I can fit 5 adults and luggage.

I like the gas mileage. I also like the parking is great. Not a lot of storage. Not a family car with 2 doors.

- Ashley K

It is very dependable, has ice-cold air, and fun to drive.

I love that its compact and cheap on gas. I hate that i have to shift gears and have no rear entrance doors.

- Debra W

It has good mileage and is gas efficient no problem very very good 10/10.

I love its size, it is nimbleness and style. I wish it was a convertible. The armrests broke really easy.

- Susan R

Nice vehicle. Lots of nice features.

I like the size, gas mileage. I do not like that hard to fit stuff in and hard to get out if back seat.

- Rhea S

Fun to drive, amazingly rooney

Fun to drive, no major issues, would recommend this car to anyone. Would buy again with no hesitation.

- johanna e

It is a economic and good vehicle

It a an economic vehicle. It is comfortable and have good warranty. It has made with more accurate.

- Amir T

It is cute! Very easy to drive, and super fun! I love the style.

Easy to drive, especially in the city. The trunk is small but with the back seats lowered is fine.

- Elisa R

gets great gas mileage especially out of town.

Gets great gas mileage but uses mid-range gas not regular. Can only hold two adults comfortably.

- dennis b

It's a small car, but it drives like a beast. Can find parking easy.

I don't like that it's too small. I like the quality of the interior. The speakers sound great.

- Anna J

It's mine and a great car. Very good mileage and it makes people smile.

It's a convertible. Love the vintage sea green color. Great mileage and it fit everywhere.

- Melissa S