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The Ford excursion has great power and can fit so much in it. This vehicle has a great capacity for holding many people and packages. The towing power is phenomenal with a 6. 8 engine. Es. The 3. 5-liter, turbocharged v6 engine is mated to a 10-speed automatic transmission and provides effortless motivation. We got 16 mpg overall, which is on par for this class. Handling is rather ungainly, and the ride is a bit stiff. The cabin is quiet and the third-row seat that is truly suitable for adults. Both the second- and third-row seats can be folded flat with the push of a button. The controls are easy to use, including the rotary knob gear selector. Available safety features include automatic braking, l.

- Allen F

Our family's Ford Excursion has been a very reliable family car for many years.

We have had our car for 9 years. It has had almost no major repairs except for a transmission replacement last year. It has over 230,000 miles on it and has been a great car for our large family. We wish that Ford still made this model, but when we switch to a new car we will be downsizing only a little bit to the Ford Expedition. Our only complaint on our Excursion is the safety features and technology are a little old... but so is the car.

- Christina H

What I like about my excursion.

The Ford excursion is the largest sport utility vehicle ever made. My particular vehicle came with a triton v10 gas powered engine. It is also a four wheel drive that can be engaged with a switch on the dashboard. It has two air conditioning systems, one for the rear of the truck and one for the front. The truck also has two heating systems.

- Mickey M

My experience with this vehicle.

It's a family owned vehicle very reliable. We have had this vehicle for few years. We did change the tires and added a small lift. Gas runs great. Other than that all together the vehicle is sufficient. Performance wise its smooth ride. Good for long car trips as far as comfort. Features include nothing out of ordinary.

- Kim D

Great family friendly vehicle with room for everyone

It is comfortable to sit in for long drives. It is very roomy and plenty of space for everyone. I love the third row. It is full size, with plenty of trunk space. It is easy to drive and handle. Drives smooth, handles most trains easily. Not a great in town, city vehicle. Great for highways and family traveling.

- Jennifer E

It is comfortable for long trips, performance of this vehicle is really good.

I love this SUV!! Ya it is big but we need it. We have our own business and it gets used a lot. We have 5 kids and there's enough room/space that there's no fighting that someone is touching me. We haven't had any problems with this SUV at all. It tows very well I am not afraid to tow anything with this SUV.

- Jennifer N

I love how great it was on gas, to nice amount of room it had.

It was nice, got me to point A to point B. It was a lovely first car to buy. I loved the way it rode. It was a nice first car to help with getting to work and school. Good on gas. It was nice being able to have a trustworthy car to help me get around. Now someone else in the family has it.

- Val K

It's huge and it can carry a very large amount of items or large individual items easily.

I love our 2001 Ford Excursion. It is diesel and gets great mileage per gallon. It's been very dependable through all these years. We can load up and carry so many different things in the back, which is covered and inclosed. Third row seat is a big advantage to have.

- Cyndy K

I would recommend just not the 5. 4 lt.

Electrical issues, not great gas mileage, interior is nice, towing weight is great, issues with spark plugs blowing, body holds up, quiet and comfortable ride, parts are easily excusable, repairs can be high with proper maintenance car will last a long time.

- Richard L

Ford Diesel Excursion -Reliable & Dependable

I love my Ford Excursion. It is a diesel engine. We added some accessories so it gets better mileage. Average 24 miles per gallon. Very roomy with leather seats and plenty of room for luggage. Third row seating can be taken out and center seats fold down.

- Nancy B

It has LOTS of miles on it at this point and still runs great!

I love my car. When we bought I had 4 kids in the house and needed the 3rd row seating. It's great for traveling and very comfortable. My only complaint is that it is so big that I can't always get through drive-throughs, like at restaurants or banks.

- Jennifer D

It is huge. We can fit lots of people for trips.

Love the versatility and interior space that comes with my vehicle. Towing capacity is also a perk as we travel with something attached quite often.

- Miracle P

Good vehicle over the years, nothing major to fix just maintain it.

I like my vehicle because it has a nice cargo section in the back and is easy to load. It's comfortable to travel in when going long distance too.

- Michele S

The most important thing is the truck uses too much gas.

I like being able to get everywhere I need to be. I don't like how it rides. I like that it's made in America. I don't like how big it is.

- Kafi S

It's a great vehicle if you have a lot of friends and family and love traveling.

It has three rows of seating. Has plenty of cargo room in the back. Its powerful and has plenty of towing and pulling capacity.

- Chad S

The most reliable vehicle I have ever owned.

Best vehicle I have ever owned. Big, efficient and reliable. My only complaint is that I can not buy a new one.

- Geoff N

Very big and can be difficult to park.

Some engine problems here and there but for the most part my excursion is very reliable and comfortable.

- Jayden V

It's safe, big and you can fit everyone in it as well as tow horses.

It's big. I can use it to tow my horses. I can fit my family and friends in it. I feel safe in it.

- Maria H

it's Ford tough, has a huge motor and can get up and go...

it's big...bold and roomy..i dislike the gas mileage..it averages around 12-14 miles per gallon

- Tracy T

It's my only car and wouldn't want anything to happened to it

It was the first. Car I bought myself . Big enough for my kids and their friends spacious.

- Judy D



- raul C