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Works well for families, very comfortable, runs amazing.

My excursion is an Eddie Bauer trim. I love how many features it has available. It has a DVD player in it which makes road trip more enjoyable for my kids. It can seat 6 additional people other than the driver. The cargo area is pretty spacious. I can really get a lot of groceries, bikes, large household items like paper towels and what not back there. My excursion is also a diesel which I love besides having to fill the empty fuel tank that's 44 gallons large. This vehicle just works so well with my life I don't feel any need to look for any other vehicle.

- Susan E

I love this vehicle and I am a truck girl!

I love driving my truck. It is super reliable and comfortable. It is a limited and has all the bells and whistles. It needs its usual check up. I have had problems with the passenger door lock not work but it is an old vehicle and we need to tend to it. We have a family of four and a dog. We all fit in it well. However the gas tank is an amazing 44 gallons which is great when you need it to last but the cost at the moment is pretty high when its close to being on the empty and you have to fill it up.

- Katie G

Powerful towing capable SUV.

My vehicle is a Ford 2004 excursion a very popular luxury powerful SUV that is no longer produced so rare as well. This vehicle is a very powerful diesel with great towing capabilities as well as good gas mileage. The engine has been upgraded with a chip so it is more powerful than others. This vehicle is roomy, three rows of seats which can be removed to accommodate anything that needs moving etc.. This is in excellent condition.

- Kristin D

Beautiful excursion diesel powerhouse.

This is. 2004 Ford excursion diesel engine. It has great towing capabilities plenty of room and very fast this is also rare they stopped producing these in 2005 so it is a very sought after model for a great luxury loaded SUV. This engine also contains a chip therefore faster than most models. The interior is very comfortable and roomy with three rows of seating removable if needed.

- Kristin D

Great vehicle, can take a lot of damage.

The brakes need to be replaced quite often and the steering needs to be fixed quite often too. It has run fine for how long we have had it with a few hiccups in between. It is a great vehicle and it used a lot to pull our boat and four wheelers. It also can carry a lot of materials in the cabin too.

- Alexandra L

My favorite family vehicle.

Love my excursion. Had to replace an egr delete, two injectors, and a few sensors. This is not a new vehicle so maintenance is expected. I have a diesel model, I am not sure about the performance of the gas excursion. But we love ours! Fits my family, all of our stuff. Drives and rides great.

- Tam L

Comfortable for the whole family and you can haul anything almost.

Love my car. It has been great car. Very roomy and have not had to put a lot of money into it to keep it running. Only drawback is the cost of the gas. The best thing is how comfy it is to ride in it on long trips especially.

- Erika T

It is a great family vehicle for traveling! Holds your family plus all your packing needs

I love the size, the amount of stuff I can haul in it, that all my kids can comfortably fit in their car seats, and we can haul trailer. It is an older vehicle so it has flaws and mechanical things are starting to appear.

- Priscilla J

It's big and tough and reliable.

It's huge and holds and hauls a lot of stuff. It's so big you can see everything. It goes through anything. I love the color. I love the big v10 engine. It's a great value it's very reliable.

- Mike C

It is a great vehicle that I wish Ford made still.

I love that it has lots of room and is fun to drive it is safe and a great vehicle. I dislike that it was a 6.0 but we have fixed everything.

- Jamie H

The seats are big and comfortable. We have two captains chairs in the middle row.

Its 4x4 and suspension could be better. I wish it had auto locking hubs, but it has enough seats for my big family to fit comfortably.

- Lovie M

Roomy bulky great riding smooth and comfy.

Live the bulky feel and the room to haul anything you would ever need to and the roomy interior. Make it easy to haul all my family.

- Jennifer A

No power if you have no turbo.

The only problem I have ran into was the turbo hose breaking on me twice. And having to replace both batteries,

- Ryan L

My Ford Expedition is awesome

Everything is great It drives smoothly Only thing is the mpg is not as good It's pretty great though Thanks

- Rob E

everybody should pay vehicle in cash, no debt or make a monthly payment on it.

it is almost 300,000 miles on it, it is rusty, uses lots gas when tow it.

- adamn t