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Ford Excursion: power house of a family vehicle

My truck is older, a 2003 with over 200,000 miles, and still going strong. There are the occasional minor maintenance one would expect from an older vehicle, but it is very reliable. It has enough room for the entire family to travel comfortably even with the dog or a trip to a warehouse store to stock up on essentials. Even loaded with family and things there is enough power the run the air conditioner and still merge with traffic. I love this truck and wish it was still available as an option to replace this one when I can no longer fix it.

- George A

Our fantastic fabulous Ford.

My vehicle recently was painted due to a rust issue. I wish it had 4*4 conversion on it. I also wish that the heater and air conditioner had more power. It is very reliable and I wish they would bring this model back so we have newer options. Carpeting in the back holds onto dog hair like it is a dog, very hard to keep clean.

- Abigail B

Great vehicle for a family, dog and long trips!

Great comfort, roomy, been a great vehicle for 15 years. Have done several family trips in it. Been very dependable, handles very well in snow and gushing water running down hill. Great third seat for my 77 pound dog! Second row seating is great how they are split and move just one seat at a time!

- Sherry F

03 Ford excursion with the 6. 0.

My vehicle is the 6. 0 power stroke, and it has given me nothing but problems. If you want a diesel truck, I highly recommend not getting one with this engine. Unless you have the money to bulletproof it. Otherwise, its very spacious and luxurious and has major cool factor.

- Jessica P

It is the best and biggest vehicle ever!

It is fantastic! I just love how it runs. I have never had any problems with it. It is big and can fit a lot of people and things. Its engine runs loud and strong and can pull campers, heavy trailers, or anything. The features inside are basic and quality.

- Beth V

It is absolutely amazing, it can hold 7 people, while pulling a trailer and can go anywhere.

I have driven this vehicle for over 10 years. It is a good strong diesel and can go anywhere. I love all the room it offers. I wish ford would bring the excursion back.

- Stacy P

It is very reliable and safe to drive. This vehicle is excellent for long trips.

I like my excursion because it is spacious and rides smooth. It has a good engine and I rarely have to do any maintenance, very dependable.

- Maxine T

It fits my very large family very well.

Radio doesn't work, would like it to be 4 wheel drive, it needs a paint job, and tech is outdated but I love the size of this car.

- Abby B

Needs paint and a tune up.

Radio does not work on car, carpet holds onto dog fur, and needs 4*4 conversion for snow. Would like updated internal a/c as well.

- Abigail B

it runs on diesel fuel so it is incredibly loud. It puts my baby to sleep it's so loud

It's too big and I hate parking it. It's also rough on fuel. I think it costs our family too much to drive and is a pain.

- Felicia S

It is big and heavy, there is tons of space.

I love the comfort and space my excursion has along with the leather seats and DVD system. It has been very reliable.

- Shaun M

It is good in all different kinds of weathers and perfect for a big family

I like that it is big and spacious and has a good engine. What I don't like is that it takes a lot of gas.

- Anastasia P

It hauls a lot of people and hauls cargo i love it.

It pulls my trailer and hauls a ton of people. It has bad gas mileage though

- Billy c

I like driving my van better than my car :My wife is the one who likes the car more.

I love that we have a lot of room inside. That is broken down.

- Jeffrey D

Irreplaceable. Don't make it anymore. Diesel. 8 passenger. Reliable. Comfy. Big. 4x4.

Take it on vacation with grandkids. Very reliable. Love it

- Erica W



- candy D