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Happy with my sporty hatchback!

I really love my hatchback! It feels fun and sporty without an expensive price tag. I've had a few issues with a stuttering transmission, but that tends to show up in only very specific conditions, and usually when I'm close to needing an oil change. The car accelerates really well, which was a welcome change from my last car. The Aux cable was hard to find, but can be located in the glove box (I have a thin cord that allows the box to stay securely closed, while plugged in). A weird thing that I like is the lack of a gas cap. It's not a feature I would have looked for in a car, but has been such a nice thing to not have to worry about losing or closing tightly enough as to not cause any issues. I get great gas mileage, which was really important to me when making the decision to purchase. Even with my stop and go commute, I've been really pleased (around 30 miles/gallon). This is my first hatchback, and I was pleased with the amount of trunk space. With the backseat up, it's a little small, but the back seats are incredibly easy to put down (just the push of a button). If it helps, I was able to fit a 6ft noble fir Christmas tree in the car with the seats down! My car came with a specifically sporty looking wheel package which is one of my favorite features. (I've seen my exact car with different wheels and don't think it looks as nice.) The exterior aesthetic was the first thing that drew me to the car dealership, but after the test ride I was convinced. I've owned it for almost a year and am still very pleased with my purchase!

- Mckenzie M

The 2012 Ford Focus is a great first car with excellent gas mileage.

I have a 2012 Ford Focus. I bought this car from the dealer in 2016 as a certified pre-used vehicle. My car is first and foremost great on gas. I get about 29 MPG average and the most I have ever paid to fill up my tank is $28. Very economical in that aspect. My transmission is not the best. The focuses comes with a power shift transmission that I believe allows the car to act like a stick even tho it's automatic. It causes the transmission to jerk or shake when changing gears. I have put about 100,000 miles on the car by now and I still haven't had any problems with maintenance or repairs on the transmission. The detailing on the car is a little sloppy. My seals come off from time to time but I just put them back on. I have not had to change the battery or brakes in my car yet so as far as those regular maintenance goes, it's been very fair. The heat or air in the car doesn't blow super hard. I am not sure why but I would need to check it out to find out why. One of the most annoying things about my car is the SYNC media system because when I try to play music, the media system will not play music if everyone in the car does not have on their seatbelts. I am not sure how to turn off that feature. As far as just needing something reliable, good on gas, regular maintenance is fair then this would be a great car for you.

- Tiffany T

I like everything about my 2012 ford focus it doesn't really have much problems

The 2012 Focus outperforms its predecessor in just about every way. While 160 hp and 146 lb-ft of torque out of a 2.0-liter I-4 might not sound like much to the enthusiast, the reality is that the new four-banger provides plenty of get-up-and-go, allowing a 2012 Focus Titanium sedan we tested to take 8.3 seconds for the 0-60 mph run. The Focus is an adept handler too, especially when the sport suspension is selected on the options list. Braking is above-average for the segment, slowing the Focus to a stop from 60 mph in just 110 feet. Like many Fords, the Focus is loaded with safety equipment. All 2012 Focus sedans and hatchbacks come standard with traction and stability control (AdvanceTrac with ESC), ABS (anti-lock braking system), TPMS (Tire Pressure Monitoring System), and LATCH systems. The Focus also comes with dual-stage first-row airbags, side-impact airbags, and side-curtain airbags. Ford also points out that 55 percent of the Focus' body shell is built from high-strength steels, including boron steel, which Ford says makes the car safer and lighter.

- chad W

Well built compact car but not good for taller passengers.

My focus has been relatively problem free for nearly 200k miles. The few things that have gone with was the tcm which was covered under an extended warranty. & most recently the transmission clutch packs are slipping. The interior is well made & has held up good health just recently starting to have a few rattles while idling. I do most of the maintenance & repairs myself & it fairly easy to work on. The few things I have had to take it to the local ford dealership, they have been quite helpful. It's not too quick but handles well. One downside is it doesn't have much forward traction going up my gravel driveway. . I'm 6'4 so it's a little short on leg room & its very uncomfortable if I have someone sitting behind me. Speaking the rear seats not a lot of legroom but the seats themselves are comfortable both front & rear..The base model that I have doesn't have cruise control which is annoying considering I drive over 500 miles a week in.

- Chris H

Pros -- appearance, handling, gas mileage Con -- The occasional stutter

I love the look of the car from the outside. On the interior it is nice. The rear hatchback has a decent-sized storage underneath the cover. The cover, however, has not weathered well and the edge has become worn. Not a major problem, just a fact to note. The Bluetooth- enabled system is a great convenience. The touchscreen on this model is larger than on the other models of the Ford Focus Hatchback. The car handles well and gets very good gas mileage. The one disappointment has been the clutch / transmission problem. On take off it will jerk much like someone has popped the clutch on a manual transmission car. This has been irritating. I have taken the car to the dealership garage 3 times with the clutch being replaced the last time but the issue still persists. I have just accepted that this it what it is going to be and gotten used to the occasional stutter.

- Sonya C

Sync hands free is useful and easy to use. The transmission needs a lot of work

This car gets great gas mileage and looks very nice on the inside and outside. I love the 2 screens that the car has, the dashboard screen and the music screen in the middle. Cruise control is easy to access and works great! I love the Sync that is built into the car makes it super easy to listen to music wireless from my phone and can also call hands free. The one issue I have had with my car is the transmission. My car is roll backwards on any kind of incline and will continue to roll backwards until you break. The transmission is not manual, yet you can feel the car shifting gears and it is very jerky and not smooth like it should be. Every once in a while my car will shudder and have issues accelerating, but this happens infrequently. Overall it has been a great car for the cost, but definitely has some issues that hopefully will be fixed in new models

- Page W

offers quality gas mileage, but lacks comfortable qualities wanted in a car.

The 2012 Ford Focus SE hatchback is a decent car. I get almost 30 miles per gallon, so I have taken it on many road trips. It offers a decent interior design, however it offers very little backseat space. It lacks sturdy cup holders, so it's inconvenient when transporting children. The console is also extremely small, and the car lacks storage space. The car is only 7 years old, but within that time the radio has completely went out and the dealership will not fix it, despite it being a ford issue. It doesn't play radio, CD, or aux. The windows have also stopped working. Most of the windows can only be controlled from the driver's door panel, except when they occasionally work normally. The passenger side window has completely quit working. Although it offers great gas mileage, all the other downfalls of the car make it not worth driving.

- Moriah B

My Ford 2012 Focus my 2012 Ford Focus is a great hooptie to get around in

The 2012 Ford Focus a used vehicle I bought a year ago. The work I've had done on this car so far was a new battery and new starter which ran about $500 all together from Pep Boys including labor. Other than that the car runs beautifully -' the air conditioner for both heat and cold is good and there are no transmission problems. The mileage is excellent I bought it at 141325 in April 2018 and right now it's at 147,196 and I've been all over the place. I thought I would have more problems with it because of the high mileage but it seems to be fine I did however have a low tire pressure warning when it was cold and Pep Boys fixed the issue without having to change to a new tire. The only thing I don't like about the car is its color which is black and it's either too cold in the winter or too hot when you first get in during the summer.

- Sharon M

The best car that money can buy!

I bought my car from a used shop, and it ran pretty great when I bought it. Over time, like any car, things started happening all at once. The car came with bald tires on it, so that was something that I had to replace. The windshield cracked at one point in time, and that is something else I had to replace. Recently, the battery started to go bad, so I replaced that just like I did the others. I love the car, it is perfect for a first car, and that is exactly what it was/is for me. Although, I intend to get a new car just like the next person, my Ford Focus is perfect for right now to get me through college just as it got me through my last two years of high school. It has been very reliable, and I'd recommend getting this car for anyone looking for a small dependable car.

- Haley S

There's an insert that you can put in the back that hides your stuff in the back.

I have had this car for almost 3 years now and it is a nice car, but I have had some problems with it. I have had transmission problems twice at a little bit under 100k miles, so luckily factory warranty covered it, but if it were to happen again I would have to pay out of pocket. It is a good fuel efficiency and compact vehicle. It would be a good vehicle for a high school or college student. On a scale of 1-5 for comfort (1 being the most uncomfortable and 5 being very comfortable), I would give it a 3. If you are the only one riding in it or just a front seat passenger, it is fine, but if you have a full car it can get a little uncomfortable. Overall it has been a reliable car, except for the couple transmission troubles, I have not had anything else go wrong with it.

- Katie B

Great car, questionable breaks.

My ford focus is great for the most part. I appreciate the fuel efficiency and the smaller structure (because I don't feel comfortable driving bigger cars). I generally feel fairly safe in my car. The only problem I have with the vehicle is that when I was taking a defensive driving course my car did not appear to have the currently recommended braking system that is typically included in modern cars. I had to learn how to break quickly specifically for my car's old fashioned breaking system. If people don't know that (as my family didn't) then they are less safe driving. In the manual it appears that such a updated breaking system was deemed optional. I recommend checking your braking system if you own a car with a similar make, model, and year as my own.

- Jen M

A reliable car. The car is nice and good on gas.

The vehicle has great features that I like in vehicles. The car has the sports equipment package. It has fog lights, moonroof, spoiler, premium wheels, attractive blue color. My neighbor calls the car a hot ride. It also has Bluetooth feature that gives me hands free telephone. The maintenance is very inexpensive and all change and inspection is less than $25 and has about 40 miles per gallon. I bought the car brand new seven years ago and has no problem. I have the owner's manual that explains thoroughly every aspect of the operation. Inside the vehicle is very roomy. The car looks small from the outside but seats five passengers comfortably. This is a car that I will gladly recommend to friends and family members.


Factory Sony stereo with factory subwoofer and equalizer.

I have a 2012 ford focus titanium. The car is black metallic in color, leather interior, dual transmission.,all power, sunroof, . Moonroof, xm radio,factory sony stereo with a factory sony sub woofer and equalizer, large touch screen, back up camera, led interior lights that you can change the color by a touch of a button color choices are green, pink, blue, red, orange, clear, heated seats, push start, factory tinted windows, automatic locks when you put in drive. Car gets 33.1 mpg. New steering assist just installed by ford dealer. No known problems all maintenance kept up on car and have all records. Great running eye catching car with a great stereo to play all your favorite music right from your phone.

- Wendy S

Navy Blue 2012 Ford Focus

My vehicle doesn't really have any problems. I did buy it used. When you accelerate from a stop of you push it too fast it does a weird studded thing like the transmission is sticking or something but I was told by the dealership that is because of the titanium feature and the type of transmission. I feel like I get good gas mileage. It has a touchscreen media player with Bluetooth compatibility. The touchscreen also has an area to control the AC, your phone and with a SD card inserted you can even have navigation. I have power locks and windows. The driver seat is also powered but not the passenger. It's also keyless button start. I've only had a year but for a 7 year old car it is in pretty good shape.

- Kristina O

With SYNC voice activated features and automatic updates, my car is trustworthy!

I chose my 2012 Ford Focus based on what I was getting in the interior. It has black, leather, easy-to-clean seats. Not to mention, the SYNC features it offers: navigation, Bluetooth, USB port, hands-free phone, etc. After driving my car for a while, I was impressed with the safety and maintenance. My car gives me automatic updates on it's health. It also provides voice-activated 911 support. I have been driving my vehicle for well over 100,000 miles and I have had no issues with it. However, there have been many recalls on Ford Focuses. For example, there was a recall on a possible defect that could lead to stalling. Luckily, Ford will have your car in for free for any recall notice.

- Alexis M

I bought my 2012 Focus as a used car in 2014 and have been very happy.

I bought a 2010 Focus new but in 2014 it got totaled out. I then bought the used 2012 Focus that I now have. It would be uncomfortable for a tall person to travel in but for me at 5'3" it is great. The ride is smooth even on bumpy roads. The gas mileage is great considering that most of my driving is for short trips around town. It has never given me any trouble at all. I do make sure to do all the proper maintenance such as oil changes etc. I would recommend this car to anyone. I am very happy with its performance. Since it was a used car was worried but it has never let me down. It is a teal blue and I have gotten lots of compliments on the color from complete strangers.

- Linda J

Great car for the value, extremely reliable, no breakdowns

The Ford Focus is great on gas, very easy to change major components on the engine if needed by a do-it yourself type person, and has been a very reliable vehicles. I have had one recall on the car due to a transaxle slippage issue when starting from a stopped position in first gear. The transmission shudders a bit from slipping. I had the recall work done on the car and the problem still exists with no remedy from Ford to refix it. The car still shifts fine through the gears other than that little shudder at takeoff. Other than that this has been one of the best cars I have owned, and I have owned well over 20 vehicles. I shall own this car for a very long time...

- Steven C

It's the little, things that bug me most, and ford focus has a few.

Not my favorite car at all. When you are at a stop and taking off, it shutters and acts like it wants to stall and then lurches forward. This has done it since I bought the car. I think it's a cheap ford car issue because the car I had before was a 2011 ford fiesta and it did the exact same thing. No more ford for me after this one. The Bluetooth function to radio has completely stopped, can't even do a software update thru the USB port because it doesn't recognize the port. The aux port doesn't work either. I suggest if you get a 2012 ford focus that you replace the radio asap of you want Bluetooth function to car because the factory installed one is useless.

- Kathy P

IT is the worst car made by Ford and they won't do anything about it

This Ford has had to have the radio fixed that cost over $500 but wasn't sure what it was at first and it popped and cracked and was frightening. Then it has had the transmission clutch assembly fixed two times and needs it repaired again first two were under warranty and the second repaired only lasted less than 30,000 miles and I have to pay for the third repair. Sounds like I grind gears when I take off. Worst car ever but owe too much to get another right now....even Ford agrees it was the worst car they made but won't help repair the transmission assembly even though they agreed the parts were terrible and on back order since they have to repair so many

- Carol W

I would not buy another Focus.

We bought this vehicle as a certified, formerly owned car less than a year ago. The performance & reliability are good. Styling is sporty. It gets good gas mileage. We like the backup camera and the navigation system being built in to the dash controls. The Audio system is good. I am handicapped and need to use a cane. I do not find the passenger seat very comfortable and it is very difficult to get into and out of the car. There is very little leg room for adult passengers in the back seat. The trunk is very small. We have experienced leaks around the sunroof and under the dashboard. Also water leaks in the headlights and one real light.

- Anita A

Clutch problems with 2012 Ford focus causes negative review.

I have had problems with the clutch. Bought it used and have only put on a bout 6k in 3 years yet my clutch worn out literally the first year I had the vehicle. It was under warranty and was replaced but now it seems to be wearing out again. Online searches shows others with similar problems with this vehicle. There is a class action suit pending. The car, when it operates well, is zippy and somewhat fun. It is only when you start to have the acceleration issues that you realize this vehicle has problems. Also, I came from owning a SUV to this vehicle. It is very low to the ground and the tires are very low as well. Hard to get used to.

- Cate H

Great gas mileage and perfect size for two!

My vehicle is great on gas, I use it mostly for highway driving to work and local store trips. The size is perfect for a couple(we do not have kids so the back seat is used for bags and groceries etc.) The only uncomfortable thing is the headrest it is not positioned well for me or my husband (it makes your head sit more forward than is natural, we are 5 feet 2 and 7). The package we got was basic so we do have to run a aux cord from the glove box to our iPod no Bluetooth etc. It has had a transmission recall that was fixed and the warranty extended. Overall we love this car it was our first new car and we are glad that we got it.

- Robin B

Ford Focus titanium model.

We bought this car used from a large dealership less than a year ago. The car looked beautiful inside & out. Performance & reliability are good. Gets great gas mileage. Like the backup camera and the sound system is good. My husband does all the driving for now (I am handicapped and also have an eye problem). The front passenger seat is very uncomfortable for my back and there is no lumbar support feature. It is very difficult for me to get out of. There is very limited leg room in the back. Not enough trunk space. We have also had problems with water leaks around the sunroof, front dash and in headlights and tail lights.

- Anita A

Very reliable and a pleasure to travel in.

Recently my check engine light came on and I found out it was a transmission issue. The transmission place took it to the dealership so I could get it covered under warranty without having to go through a big hassle. They tried to get the dealerships to change the clutch since it is on warranty until the end of the year (the car has is automatic and manual it has a clutch) but the dealership said the clutch is fine. I never use it as a manual and do not understand the purpose for it. Other than that I have not had a single problem with this vehicle and I got it in 2013. I am happy with this vehicle.

- Melanie M

The mechanics are slightly more difficult than you�d expect.

I have just the basic model of the Ford Focus. There is no cruise control which makes long trips not as comfortable. For a compact car the driver and passengers seat is surprisingly roomy. I have had a lot of problems with the air conditioner going out which has resulted in me having to take it to a mechanic. The steering wheel began flaking pretty early and now you get black residue on your hands. The front seats are moderately comfortable and it has a large trunk for a car its size. The gas pedal is incredibly touchy and I find that the windshield sprayer fluid 'button' is in an extremely odd place.

- Kristen B

Ford Focus 2012 a good car. Low cost car to maintain and good on gas

Interns of comfort, the vehicle is comfortable and cheap to maintain. As a students this are very important factors. Another very important factor is that it's very economic in terms of gas consumption. A full tank might take me a month long before refill. One of the thing that annoy me about it is the radio. It is because When I want listen music from my phone I have to sync the car's radio with the phone every time that I turn on the car. It is not like other radios that you connect once and it's done. In terms of size it is also a very reliable and easy to drive for those that do not like big car.

- Santos C

2012 Ford Focus se sedan!

The overall performance of my car has been wonderful. Minimal issues with 108, 000 miles on it. The seats are comfortable in my opinion and I have had no issues with inside components of the car such as the power features and moonroof. Past issues which were fixed on recall however included transmission reprogramming and door latch. Have had issues with stability links once which were fixed when the car was under warranty. Currently experiencing a check engine light that no one can figure out but it is not impacting the performance of the car in any way. Overall I enjoy my car and would recommend it.

- Brandy S

Unreliable, Non-Intuitive Vehicle

I have really struggled with the transmission on my car. I have had it replaced multiple times, and it STILL struggles to shift gears at times. Have also had the car battery die on me once out of nowhere, as well as the battery in my automatic key. Annoyingly, you can't even open the door manually with the regular key if the car battery has died. The overhead light is really confusing to work and even my father (a car expert) struggles to understand how to set it so it turns on every time I open the door. I often have to get in and out of my car in darkness. It gets OK gas mileage.

- Francie N

My fuel efficient 2012 Ford Focus.

Great price for what you get. Its pretty reliable and gets great mileage which is important since my commute to work is 58 miles round trip. No major repairs in the 6 years wave owned it. The cons are. The interior has not held up as it should. The center console began surface began peeling by the 3rd year. The headlight position isn't as efficient as it should be. On bright it still does not put out sufficient light to see everything. In general it's a good car for the price. Obviously not ideal for long trips. Even at 5' 3" it still can become cramped over long periods of time.

- Michelle C

My vehicle is a blue small sedan car which I often refer to as a small race car.

Ever since I bought this vehicle I had nothing but trouble. The first issue was that it is a dual clutch which had to be replaced due to an recall. The duel clutch makes car sputters and stalls when your at a stop and then place foot on the gas to go. The next issue was the my car cut off due to the fuel rail needing to be replaced. My check engine light also was on for extensive amount of time due to the valve needed to be replaced for a recall. It also caused my gas properly and my car to stall. Also there was another recall for the car latch which needed to be replaced.

- Lisa M

Ford focus in summary is a very affordable car to drive that drives well

Vehicle is reliable but small issues include the radio has static and pops and the electric windows are not so reliable but all in all it is a dependable car with good gas mileage and comfort. The trunk is very spacious and we can fit plenty of groceries in it. The car itself is kind of small for a large family but we make it work. We currently have three car seats in the back which is a tight fit but it can be done however it takes away from the room you have in the front. Would be a car for a single person to travel in very affordable and economical to own and drive.

- Jason F

I like my car but she has had some issues.

I have had problems with the transmission not changing gears properly (it sounds like I am just learning how to drive a stick shift. Gears grinding. And unfortunately, it's an automatic. ), door latch not latching and my door swinging open whilst driving, and radio would sound like a microphone drop and turn off until I turned the car off and restarted. I have also had issues with my tires balancing and having to get them replaced often. I have had to replace the tires on my car three times within the last four years, have an alignment done, and then tires rebalanced.

- Amy O

2012 Ford Focus SEL Sedan

This vehicle is really fuel-efficient and drives nicely now, but I had to have the transmission fixed several times. I bought the car used and it seemed to be in really good condition with low miles. When the car stops then accelerates, it would jerk. I had to have the transmission rebuilt, but it was all under warranty. It was great that I didn't have to pour any money into the car. It is such a smooth ride now. It comes with Bluetooth technology that is easy to use which is helpful in states like mine that has the hands-free law.

- Jordan F

Great Long Term Car, Wonderful Mileage

My ford focus is wonderful. I have had the car for the past 6 years and there have been limited problems. I try my best to take great care of it and it has been running just fine. One problem I have is there is a leak that no one has been able to find and fix. It only leaks into the car when it rains hard and it is barely noticeable or problematic. The front two seats are comfortable and so is the back. Unfortunately, there is not much leg room in the back seats. Other than that, it is an amazing car and I absolutely love it.

- Jacqueline M

The transmission. If acceleration is important to you then do not buy this car.

The transmission is the issue. The cars air conditioning gave out a while back but it started up again after two cans of Freon so we are not sure if there is a leak or if the actual air conditioning processor (sorry unsure of the word) is about to go out. But back to the transmission, it is very jumpy. Does not accelerate as efficiently as on would hope. The car is built pretty small but does not feel too small when inside of it. Is a good car for the most part. Not too expensive either so have to keep that in mind.

- Cheyenne H

The transmission is very obnoxious and the car does not accelerate very well.

I like the smaller size and the maneuverability. I do think, however, that it is just a bit too small. I can not comfortably seat a passenger in the front seat with a carseat in the back. To have adequate leg room in the front, there is almost zero room for a passenger in the back. My Focus has also had several recalls. The transmission is also different than some other cars. It is a mix of a manual and automatic. It drives better when shifted into manual, but is very delayed in accelerating when in automatic mode.

- Mary S

Review of used 2012 ford focus.

My car is very basic. It is very cheap on fuel which is the reason why I drive it more than my jeep grand Cherokee. A five hour drive may only cost $20-30 in fuel. It is small and easy to weave through traffic and park. It needs some repairs made after running over a chunk of metal on the freeway. The front bumper is cracked and in place with duct tape at present. The engine is noisy (always has been even after service). The Bluetooth has stopped working. This car was a bargain to buy and serves its purpose well.

- Kate L

Not a bad car and would recommend it

I have a ford focus se hatchback. I fell in love when I first seen it and thought this will be a good car for me and my son. I love the interior and design of the inside but on the steering wheel there is some type of material that is chipping away. Just be careful with the upholstery. The car drives great but not good in snow. I got stuck a lot trying to make a turn. I have had no big maintenance issues with it. Just little things and it was cheap to fix. Over all not a bad car and recommend it to anyone

- Val V

I love the inside optional lighting on the doors it's red just like my car

I really like my ford focus I have had it for almost 2 years now and have only had to replace the brake pads and of course got new tires. It is very reliable and I like having Bluetooth to my phone very easily. The only issue I have is that my children set up the my key feature and I only have 1 key so now have to purchase a new key. This feature is for new drivers so I cannot go over 80 or listen to the radio of everyone in the front is not buckled. But overall I would highly recommend a ford focus.

- Lindsay S

Ford Focus: good workhorse car.

I have a 2012 Ford Focus, Titanium, 4 door hatchback. I like the hatchback feature, there is lots of cargo space, and the fold down seats are nice. It is comfy enough for 4 adults, there is not much leg room in the back so I wouldn't take it for trips over 2 hours. It gets decent gas mileage, around the city I get about 23 mpg (mostly stop & go). I do not like the sync media system. It has never worked, does not sync well with my phone. It will randomly skip music. I mostly just listen to the radio.

- Nicole G

Fun-to-drive, convenient, gas saver.

I've owned the car since January of 2013, and it has about 105,000 miles on it now. It has been a very efficient car, saves gas compared to my other (larger) car, and it very easy to park and manage in traffic. It's a basic model without many options, but has everything you really need. The only problem was an electronic problem with the transmission control module, which was replaced free of charge by Ford at about 90,000 miles. Other than that, it's been a pretty trouble-free ownership experience.

- Nicole S

This car is extremely fuel efficient.

This vehicle seems to have some electrical problems that are caused due to the blower motor. Other than that, this vehicle is great on gas and very reliable. It's a very fuel efficient, sporty looking car that can really get up to speed fast. The 2012 model is a very flashy looking model and what I love the most about it is that I can fill the tank and drive it for over a week without needing to fill the tank again. The seats are bucket seats that are more comfortable than any other car I've owned.

- Kathryn A

My feelings on the 2012 Ford Focus

I have had a lot of issues with the transmission, as well as multiple recalls. The sync feature seems as though it won't connect most of the time, and to get it to work, I have to turn the car off/on multiple times. It doesn't get as good of gas mileage as my old Focus, or the newer models. The transmission, even after replaced, doesn't respond well. It seems to slip and not shift reliably, causing a potential problem when attempting to speed up quickly. It's potentially a safety issue.

- Daniel Z

No cruise control in this particular model!

My transmission blew out when it was only at 40k miles. Thankfully the replacement was covered under ford's warranty. After that have only had minor problems. Passenger window does not roll down, and have a wiring problem in one of the brake lights and gives me an error message in my dash although it is working fine. Besides that the car has been reliable and comfortable. It is a little smaller than I'd like. Does not have cruise control which has come back to haunt me several times.

- Alexandra C

Sturdy, reliable, and convenient.

It's a useful vehicle. Decent storage for most large items. Have honestly had very few problems with it. The only current issue would be the speakers seem to have short circuited which I hear is a common issue with the model. As I don't use my radio it doesn't really affect me. All other aspects seem to be working well 7 years later here. Hopefully I can get another 7 more out of it. This vehicle has helped me move across the country twice and I hope to keep it as long as possible.

- Marcus R

it's a great car to take small amount of people on a trip.

I love my car the only thing that I would really like different or the only thing I don't like is that it's small. I really don't have room for anyone else except for my two kids in the back seat with both of the car seats and me in the driver seat. The passenger wouldn't have room in the front seat because it's too close to the dash/ glove compartment. Other than that it's great on mileage. it's smooth. it's nice and a newer model car. The trunk has a good amount of space.

- nicole S

Ford Focus: Inexpensive and reliable

My car has had a few recalls on transmission and computer issues. These problems were quickly solved by the dealership and no further problems were experienced. The comfort is great for an inexpensive car. The ride is very smooth and the interior is very modern. The car has excellent pickup for a car of this style. The car is great on long trips and inexpensive to fill up on gas. I would suggest this car as a great starter car with great reliability and excellent mileage.

- Erin D

With this year/make/model, the transmission is completely unreliable.

I purchased the vehicle used when it was 1 year old. I loved it at first. It was relatively new and got me from point A to point B reliably. It has Bluetooth connectivity so I loved that as well, and an LCD display screen. However after a while I started having problems with the transmission. There was a lag after pressing on the accelerator. I've had to take the car in multiple times to have parts replaced with regards to the transmission. The car is not very reliable.

- Tim E

It has a sunroof, Bluetooth, speakers, color changing floor, hands free calling

The only problems that I have had with my car is the transmission had some issues when I first got it, but recently there was a recall for the transmission so I didn't have to worry about paying for my transmission going out. I also had a water pump break but other than that I haven't had any issues. It is a very comfortable car and it gets very good gas mileage. Some cool features the car has are, Bluetooth, hands free calling, automatic lights, sunroof and much more.

- Jessica L

I drive an hour a day and it lasts me over a week before I have to fuel up again.

My Ford Focus is the best car I have ever had! I love how the lock button is in the middle of the consul so I do not accidently hit it as I get out. It is a very comfortable car and it drives smoothly. Two concerns: the air-conditioned box is located not too far off the ground and if something hits it often times it needs to be replaced, the transmission is known to go out but if this happens within the first 7 years or 100, 000 miles Ford will replace it for free.

- Madison B

Recalls are annoying, but at least ford works with the owners of the cars.

It is mostly a good car. A few issues with recalls. There was a recall on the door latches that was really annoying to deal with. There was also a recall on the transmission. These were annoying to deal with, but were all fixed by the ford dealership at no cost to me and they provided a rental car while fixing the various issues. So the recall issues as a whole were annoying, but I liked that ford owned the issues and provided me with fixes to the issue at no cost.

- Lenard J

Mediocre Year for Ford Focus

My car had several recalls for the transmission. From what I gather, on 2012 models Ford modified a manual transmission to be used as an automatic that year. It has caused a number of problems and required me to take in into the dealer often. It does get good gas mileage and I like the look of it, plus it was reasonably priced. That being said, the passenger window is no longer working and the horn is broken. I expected better quality with a brand new Ford car.

- Julie B

Ford Focus Transmission and Engine Recalls

I got this car as a second owner. It has multiple recalls on it including the transmission slipping and the engine stalling. It ran decently the first two years that I had it. Lately, the transmission has gotten significantly worse but it still runs okay. I have put a good amount of money into it for the year it is but for a first car I think it's a good start. I will admit it's taken a beating but I have had it for three or so years now.

- Bekah R

It is a cute four door compact vehicle with enough room for everyone.

I love my car, it may be small but it has enough room to seat people in the front and back comfortably. I got it as my second car with 70,000 miles on it and it is still going strong. I think the thing I like best about it is that it is smaller and can fit into the compact car parking spots. The only thing I do not like about it is that there's a sunglasses compartment right in front of the rearview mirror so it is in the way a little bit.

- Miranda G

That year and model has a faulty transmission in it,it's dangerous but I bought it out right and couldn't afford to get a different car. So they need to know do not purchase that year.

I love everything about my car except the transmission.It jerks, skips gears, and shakes.Two years after purchasing it I had to replace the transmission control mogul and mine was the only one that the ven # wasn't on the recall list, I had to take out a 1500 dollar loan to have it repaired, a year later Ford finally reimbursed me.There has been other things I've had to fix, I just happened to get a lemon straight from the assembly line.

- Kacey G

Would recommend this car for anyone with long commutes

Love it. Lots of room for a car that gets 30+mpg drives good. The seats are comfortable. Not hardly as much room in the back seat as there is in the front. But that's to be expected the 4 cylinder engine is also surprisingly powerful for what it is. The only problem I have with this car is, when you brake on a hill, the CVT transmission kicks out, and it will roll back on a hill before you hit the gas. And it's not a straight shift

- Luke N

Overall great car! Roomier than it looks!

Overall it is a great car! Great gas mileage around 33 mpg highway. The automatic transmission has gotten out of timing and shifts a bit hard at times and this seems to be a common problem with this model. Its small but roomier than you would think I am 6' 225 lbs. and I fit comfortably and we keep two car seats in the back that fit fine. Hatchback has a good amount of room too we always have plenty of room for big shopping trips.

- Dennis H

Transmission is horrendous.

It has an automated manual transmission so it shifts gears like a manual. The CVT transmission was brand new on the 2012 and its horrible. There is grinding noises and it shifts really hard into each gear. Ours has a slow leak in the line. The chrome on the steering wheel started peeling off a month after we purchased the new vehicle and its very sharp. It is a pretty comfortable vehicle despite our issues. I love the hatchback.

- Heather B

Ford Should Focus on Building a Car that Works!

It is very uncomfortable, the interior is chintzy. The seats are very poorly made and give me back pain when driving. For a sedan there is very little headroom and legroom. It is very difficult to see out of the front windshield while driving which is hazardous. The car has never been a 'smooth' ride. I live in an urban/suburban area and it just drives horrible. Not worth buying. Also, terrible in any kind of inclement weather.

- Erin T

The sunroof and rear front signal driving.

Having a Ford Focus has been a joy. It's a nice starter vehicle its good on mileage and wonderful on gas having a sunroof is really a nice feature the rearview front driving helps a lot with parking and anything that may constrict your driving. Its low to the ground so you get that low sports car feel. It's worth the price and we plan to keep out Ford for a very long time.. I do recommend this vehicle to any buyers out there.

- Melody R

It's more fuel efficient than the upgraded fusion car.

What I like the most is the fuel efficiency. What I don't like is the 'hybrid' motor which has caused issues for a lot of drivers including myself. I think the number of buttons in the middle, between the steering wheel and glove box, are unnecessary. I don't like that there is not a light in the middle of the ceiling of the car...there are just 1-2 on either side. I do like the sunroof, the comfort, and the style of the car.

- Lisa Z

Why Ford Cars Are Terrible

I've had to repair a lot on this car considering that it is fairly newer. It has a lot of miles on it because I bought it used. But besides that, I've had it for less than two years and the transmission has already went twice, I've had to repair the battery and the engine, as well as get new shock absorbers because mine were completely rusted out, even though the dealership had just put new ones in the car before I bought it.

- Jessica M

Favorite details about Ford Focus

My model has 4 doors, is spacious in the back, keyless entry, cloth seats, removable floor mats in the front and back. Bluetooth capabilities, cruise control, a giant trunk space. Center console and large jockey box. Easy to read speedometer and stereo system. Good sound system, have had mine for 3+ years and not blown a speaker. Smooth ride, has ac and heat with seat warmers that work great! I am always warm in the winter!

- Leah S

The power overall all of my first Focus is great. Always listen to your alarms.

When pushing on the gas to pick up speed it feels like 5he transmission is slipping but then it starts to idle extra more than it is normal at times. It sometimes also does not want to slow down it wants to keep exhilarating but then you have to just step on the brake slightly. The heater is absolutely phenomenal and heats up quicker then any car I have had. It likes to just start right up and go and has lots of power.

- Jenny C

Cute, safe, reliable vehicle for the road!

I love my vehicle! I had a 2010 ford focus prior to my 2012. I have the hatchback body version, of which has an adorable look. It drives easy on the road, with smooth transitioning. Performance-great, reliability-yes, comfort-yes, features-quality. I would just recommend if you live in a snowy state, snow tires are ideal. The car is lightweight, so anything to make it more durable for the tougher driving conditions.

- Emily L

My vehicle is pretty small but the trunk is fairly large

There have been a lot of recalls on my year of vehicle including the transmission which is a huge problem. My car doesn't shift correctly ever and it feels like it's going to break down at any minute. When I first got my car it was hard to notice any of these issues but once it hit over 100,000 miles it started to have more problems than I had anticipated. I take care of my car and it still seems to be breaking down

- Taylor B

Ford Focus is right for me. Large tires helps stop & park.

The vehicle is the right size for us. Easy to drive and park. In addition, it is bright red - thus, easy to see. It is the sports model with a hatchback which we use often. Since we have a two car garage and we park backwoods it is easy since the side mirrors are large and each have a little mirror that makes everything large - our rearview mirror is also large. Easy to stop and goes very quickly. Highly recommend.

- Richard B

Overall great car, but user interface could be improved.

Awesome car! Have had no major issues in the past 4 or 5 years and I have really put on the miles. I am aware of one recall on the door, but I haven't needed it. The only downside is that the user interface which includes the Bluetooth and the radio can be really confusing and frustrating to get used to at first. But the car is good-looking, dependable, and goes 30-40 mpg. Overall, I am very happy with my purchase.

- Mary M

My ford focus has been wonderful.

My ford focus has been a dream. The car is compact, but spacious enough that I am rarely uncomfortable, though it could be slightly larger if you are on the tall side like me. The car picks up well and I haven't had any major engine issues in the year I have owned it. Aside from a faulty battery everything under the hood has held together well. The silver exterior does not carry much dirt. The trunk is very roomy.

- Kendall C

The focus is a nice sized compact car. It comfortably seats 5 and has great ac.

The focus is great on gas and has had very few mechanical issues in the six years I have had it. However, the door latches break very easily and have been recalled. I have also recently found out that there is a power steering failure warning that ford has yet to address, which makes me nervous to drive my car. It is been a good car to get to work and back, but I would not buy another one knowing what I know now.

- Valerie B

Wonderful car, sound quality of sync phone is very poor.

I love my car. It handles so nicely, I refer to it as my little go cart. The sync feature is nice, however when trying to talk through my car instead of my phone, people on the other end can barely hear me so I am not ever able to use that. The seats are comfortable. I have the hatchback version (5 door) so I love the extra room. We use this car as our long trip car doesn't that reason. Overall a wonderful car.

- Hallie C

My most reliable car ever.

There have been a few recalls but nothing that has not been handled. It is an extremely reliable car I wasn't in an accident and was lucky to get out injury. I trust and love my car. Not only is it nice and safe but easy to maintain. As well as keep clean. It is also a great size, when I moved out for college I was able to get everything’s into my car and I own a lot of clothes it was absolutely incredible.

- Emma P

Great car, with one caveat

Everything is great but you really need to know what you're getting into with the transmission. You can't take it to a regular shop--you have to take it to a dealer or authorised repair shop. This vehicle can have issues with the clutch. I had to have mine fully replaced. However, the vehicle otherwise drives smoothly and is extremely reliable. I love my Bluetooth integration and the drive itself is a joy

- Josh H

Compact fuel efficient car.

I really love this car except for a few small problems. There are a lot of censor problems with my car. The engine light came on the day after I bought it, but the dealership fixed it for me. It has not come back on, but on multiple occasions I have gotten a warning that the hood of my car is open when it is actually not. Other than that it is a really great car, good on gas, comfortable, and smooth ride.

- Molly D

Good car, but a crappy transmission.

Transmission sucks. It is actually a manual transmission that shifts automatically. Problems with shuddering and shifting is very common. Recall fix was done to replace the clutch assembly and update the software, but still had some issues. Found the issue can be resolved sometimes by "scrubbing" the clutch. Gas mileage is great, it is relatively easy to maintain myself and it is overall pretty reliable.

- Andrew W

Great car for long drives.

I enjoy driving the ford focus. Seats are comfortable enough to go for cross state rides, which we have done several times. It performs best on the long trips at about 60 mph. That is where we got the best mpg that we tracked. I have never had any issues with the engine or transmission. Starts every morning rain or shine! Love that I can Bluetooth my music and phone calls to the car and chat and drive!

- Judy S

2012 Ford Focus Hatchback

I love my car, the style and color. It is the candy blue color and I have the hatchback. Although, the year of car I have, has many transmission issues. There has been a recall and I've had that part replaced. I also had another transmission issue but thankfully it was covered under the 12 year warranty that they have put into place because of the transmission issues. Other than that I love this car.

- Traci Y

Not the best, but it gets the job done.

I have had this car since I was 18, and at first I really loved it. Now it just gets me where I need to go, it is nothing special. I have had the clutch replaced after it broke, a common issue with this particular car. I can still feel it shuddering and it does not drive smoothly, and I have yet to figure out why. However, for short trips and everyday travels back and forth to work it does it is job.

- Maria A

It is reliable and a good value for your money. I enjoy driving it a lot. Also Ford is a great brand.

I like how the car looks and the feel of the car when driving. I like the screen in the car - they tell you the direction you going, what the temperature is and the date. The air conditioning and heating system are great. I dislike how much it costs to repair this car - it is very high. Also this car is known to have transmission issues so I hope I do not have any serious problems in the future.

- Annemarie Z

Economical. The vehicle is very economical, great car to use on long trips.

The car gives great gas mileage. It has good space and is very comfortable. The problem that I had was with the transmission that had a recall on it from the manufacturer. There was also a problem with the gas tank that had a recall on it also. I feel that the transmission should be covered after 100,000 miles if an individual receives a recall notice and the vehicle has over 100,000 miles already.

- Naomi A

Ford Focus: Reliable, trustworthy, and attractive car that allows for hands-free phone use

I love my car because it is reliable and looks nice. Furthermore, it syncs with my phone (and I feel Ford does this better than some other types of cars I've been in) so that I can listen to podcasts while I drive. It allows me to take calls hands-free. I really don't have any complaints about my car, although we often use a larger car when driving kids or lots of luggage, or driving in the snow.

- Marci H

Ford Focus hatchback with heated seats.

I haven't had any problems with the vehicle other than from the previous owner. I bought mine used in 2015 and I love all the space I have for such a small car. That being said it does have a stiff drive to it and looks boxy. The middle seat in the back is very small and has no leg room so do not plan on driving five people around often I love the hatchback and the heated seats are amazing!!

- Leanne B

Does not have many blind spots. Safe car; It doesn't talk or overly beep at you.

The Focus is a safe car, does not encourage you to make up your own driving speeds, etc. It's very comfortable, rides well, my features include constant read out of how many miles to go before I need gas. Car is dependable. One drawback for me was that it struggles to take off or turn with air conditioning on. I find this frustrating but I have always had sports cars before this one.

- Holly R

2012 Ford Focus titanium hatchback.

The car has had battery problems and internal computer problems so sometimes it would just shut down and lock up and you couldn't drive it for like 10 mins. The problems are easy fixes though and the car is really great when it comes to gas mileage. It is also really comfortable and has all leather seating. Also having the hatchback means I can fit way more stuff in it when I need to.

- Sarah G

4 door silver Focus basic features - nothing too interesting pretty basic sedan.

The air conditioning blew out twice but the first time it was under warranty. Second time I literally just passed the extended warranty by 3 months. The price was good as it was previously a rental car. But if I buy again I will not buy a Ford. Most of the parts are plastic and over time break easily and are not cheap to fix. Positive is that I hit 100, 000 miles and still running great.

- Kristen C

Focus is too small for car seats.

After 4 years in my car the sync Bluetooth went out. I called ford to speak with someone and they said it would cost 500$ to update the system. The comfort of the car is decent, after having a baby in the backseat I realized we needed more space. The passenger seat is too close to the car seat when at a comfortable distance for the passenger. The performance is great, it runs smoothly.

- Monica A

The 2012 Ford Focus gets outstanding gas mileage whether it's city or highway driving.

We rely on our Ford Focus for most of our driving. The gas mileage is really good, high 20's in the city and high 30's to low 40's on the highway. The reliability has been good, only 1 major repair - water pump. The transmission has had 2 recalls but the repairs were covered and handled quickly by the dealer. Over all the Ford Focus has been a reliable and fuel-efficient commuter car.

- Charles M

Ford Focus - small car but big mileage

For the most part I love this car. I've had it for 5 years. Great gas mileage! Now that I have my daughter I could use a little more room but trunk space still works for us and all her stuff. Only issue I've had is the sunroof will leak when the tracks are not cleaned regularly. It has almost 120k miles and still original everything but tires and breaks so have no complaints at all.

- Amanda O

2012 ford focus: functional in theory.

Sadly, the 2012 ford focus lacks common features that many find necessary for driving a car. For example, it lacks access to an aux cord. Many features on my particular model have been recalled. The driver's side door swung open. The car has been recalled for emission reasons. The radio stopped working unexpectedly. It is for these reasons I cannot recommend the 2012 ford focus se.

- Casey S

Very sporty looking on the inside if the car and great gas mileage.

The performance is great very reliable so far, I absolutely love my car I just wish it was a little bigger for my kids in the back seat. It does however have a huge trunk to fit a lot of things in. Picks up speed very well. The speakers in the car and the whole stereo could be louder and the AUX cord could be located in a better spot but that is really the only downfall of the car.

- Christine S

Ford Focus Titanium is Great!

I love how efficient the Ford Focus Titanium is. It has a very sleek design, and it drives very well. I get great gas mileage with it, which is my favorite part. The touch screen is easy to use and adds a level of luxury. My only critique is that the back seat is extremely small. It is a comfortable vehicle for the people in the front seats, but not as much for those in the back.

- Rachel H

The vehicle gets great gas mileage.

I didn't like that the seals fell out of the doors within 2 days of it coming home. I had a factory recall on the TCM module but luckily the car dealership fixed it for free. It could use more trunk space because it's a pretty small trunk. The car dealership also said it hadn't been in an accident but the bondo they put on it started to crack after 2 years of having the vehicle.

- Morgan K

Some of the features that were a good idea they don't have anymore.. Like the option to scan car for maintenance problems.. How convenient for them to turn that feature off.

I got this car straight off the truck brand new and it's been a good little car. The only thing I don't like is the transmission because it's a mix of standard and manual? You don't use a clutch but the car has one and they did not tell me this.. It started acting up and I found out they wanted to charge lots of money to replace a clutch I knew nothing about so buyer beware..

- Stacy C

You can set the Audio to not play when the car is on and people are unbuckled.

This car needs winter tires for winter. It is front wheel drive and does not handle well in the snow. I do like that I can set my car to make a sound when I go over a certain speed and have the Audio in the car stop working if the seat belts are not being used. I really have not had any problems other than the traction control in the winter time or during a heavy rain storm.

- Jessica V

2012 ford focus review and concerns.

I bought this car from my aunt and the only complaint I have about the car is that it makes a grinding sound when switching from first to second gear. I have gotten it checked out and was told that was a normal sound due to the dual clutch transmission other than that it drives great. Very comfortable! Plenty of room for my family! I love the sunroof! Love the red color!

- Melissa P

2012 Ford focus. Great gas mileage. Few issues.

Overall a great car. Great gas mileage and comfortable. Had transmission issues when first bought that were fixed through recalls. The rubber around the doors are poor. They do not stay in the groves and have to be reinserted. Only other issue I had was a year after I bought it and the back window exploded. I found that others had the same issue but no recall was found.

- Sonya Y

Good mpg, shaky transmission for the long haul.

I have had the vehicle since 2012, and overall it has been very good for me. Unfortunately, once it hit 100,000 miles the car started having transmission issues. This is something that I found out was common for 2012 ford focuses. The mpg is really solid. I am thankful for the car, but I am confident that this car will more than likely not make it to 200,000 miles.

- Luke S

Bad engine and transmission

The Engine was recalled and the transmission constantly needs to be repaired. It has bad acceleration but is great on gas especially if driving on the highway. The windows stop working and the battery light has been on for over a year even after I purchased a new battery and the repair shop ran multiple tests to confirm it was on 100 percent but the light stays on.

- Anna T

Not the worst car, but far from good.

It has had many problems since we purchased it. It's had several recalls. We had to take it in the get a computer part replaced. I recently had to replace the fuel tank and fuel pump at my own cost only to have them recall the fuel pump less than a month later. The fuel pump was the reason my fuel tank imploded. I wouldn't recommend this car to family or friends.

- Stephanie M

2012 Ford Focus, it is a manual hatchback, has Bluetooth, and cruise control.

2012 Ford Focus is my first Ford ever and I love it. I just got in a really bad car accident, and that car saved my daughter’s and my life. It is very reliable, I drive only a manual, it has Bluetooth feature, and cruise control which is a must have. The only problem I have is it is a little too small if you have children, other than that it is a fantastic car.

- Wesley P

Reliable care but could use some more space.

My Ford Focus is great because it gets me where I need to go, it is been fairly reliable with minimal issues, and it receives decent gas mileage, even still at 160, 000+ miles. The only part that is rough for me is the space. I travel quite a bit and oftentimes with my wife and out dog and if we are traveling for a long time, we run out of space pretty quickly.

- Ethan V

My car is good to drive and has many features that include radio/cd player. .

It does not have cruise control. It sometimes feels like the tires do not get enough traction on the pavement when starting off, but tires are good. It has been reliable. The seats are comfortable and there is plenty of legroom. I like the trunk coming way up when pressing the trunk opening button. It has a great radio/cd player and I love that it drive good.

- Carolyn H

Simple but efficient. It rides easy and is comfortable.

This vehicle performs well. Easy to drive with minimal problems. I got my tires realigned last summer. I had an issue when I needed to jump start my car once, the theft protection system activated. I had to take it in to a repair shop to get it deactivated. Minor inconvenience but it was free and fast. Otherwise I've never had any issues and it works great.

- Emily E

Security blanket fits car seat just fine and has 6 airbags I always feel safe.

This car is great on miles to the gallon. Pretty spacious and good for a small family. Has had many factory recalls but always gets fixed and works normally. A big fan of the bluetooth and the stereo sound. I've had this car since I got my license and it is gotten me across the country a couple of times and I wouldn't want any other car to be my first car.

- Rebekah M

Transmission fluid can only be replaced at a ford place. Very unhappy about that.

It's a really great little car. The only issue I have is that I wanted to get some upkeep things done, but the place I went to said that they weren't able to do it because it was "dealer only" but the ford dealership near me is terrible and they just want to waste your money so I really don't want to go there. They shouldn't have things be dealer specific.

- Lara M

First car I have ever purchased, a great and reliable choice!

My Ford Focus is wonderful. It had a great turn radius, drives smoothly, has a modern and sleek look on the outside and interior, and is a very reasonable price for the great quality and mileage it is able to accrue. I love that it has a USB and Audio ports. The only reason I'd purchase a different vehicle is to have a vehicle that is a bit more spacious.

- Blake T

Beware the 2012 ford focus sel hatchback

The car great when I first bought it, but then the problems started; first the transmission went out then the electric steering went out. I put more money into fixing it then paying the lease on it. There are so many recalls on it and it looks like the shocks are already going out. It's a good little car but this year and model just aren't good at all.

- Alan A

It has an amazing speaker and awesome underglow lights

I love my Ford Focus. I call it my little mom car. I have had minimum problems with my car expect for a month ago my transmission module went out but if the car is under 150 thousand miles it is under warranty. I love how I can fit both of my children's car seats in the back of the car with no problem. The hatchback style also gives me a ton of space!

- Vanessa P

2012 Ford Focus SE. Four doors. Automatic windows.

I have had issues with the engine, my car would shudder while braking, RPM was really high when accelerating. Turns out, this model had known issues with some kind of control module. Extended warranty covered it but did spend money on other repairs before finding out issue. Can still take some gas to accelerate, really have to push on the accelerator.

- Elisabeth W

Ford's got a good thing going with me.

The plastic cap for the wiper fluid is not very well made and after six years of having the car it broke. Otherwise, the car has been running great. If you would need to find parts for repair or replacement it is not difficult or that expensive. This is my second car since I have had my license (34 yrs. Old now) and it is going to last a long time.

- Elizabeth R

Great Vehicle with a lot of space, definitely a great choice!

It's a very comfortable car, good space especially for someone without kids and a single person. The car can sometimes glitch going up hills because of the 6 automatic feature. Very reliable car, super kid friendly. Fashionable car. It has a sunroof, lights that change colors on the door handle and under the feet or the drivers and passengers side.

- Dana M

My fun with my Ford Focus. No gas cap cover or door lock.

My 2012 Ford Focus hatchback is a fun car to drive. The hatchback is flexible and very adaptable for lots of loadable situations. It is very good on gas as I get 26 mpg and 35 mpg on the highway. The only real problem that I have had is a automatic clutch problem that I had. It causes uneasiness if I drive it on the highway for any length of time.

- Pat G

2012 ford focus runs great even at 100,000 miles.

Had a lot of electrical issues with the engine acceleration. Had to get the rpm settings adjusted 2 or 3 times. Also had a lot of leaks with the brake fluid because of a pinched line. Once we got all of that fixed though it has been perfect and reliable. I just hit 100,000 miles a couple of months ago and it is still running great. Plus it's cute.

- Carolyn V

Welcome to my nightmare!!

This car has been nothing but trouble since the very beginning. There are constant computer malfunctions. I have paid for a great deal of repairs only to have ford issue a recall at a later time. The fuel gauge does not work in a consistent or reliable manner. There have been instances where the car has stopped working in the middle of a highway.

- Morgan W

Good gas mileage, comfortable seats, good speakers

The Bluetooth setting are nice to be able to connect your phone to your car for Hands free use. My car gets good gas mileage between 30-33 mpg. Has comfortable seats, accurate Cruise control, and a nice heat ac setting. The only problem I guess I could say about it is that the battery is a pain to get to and to take out if you need to replace it

- Jake S

It�s simply okay. They fix it but still a pain.

Drives okay. Transmission issues and the touch screen doesn't allow me to do my Bluetooth for some reason and I can't switch to the music portion of my radio. However I was able to find service issues on my car that ford had to service my car for free. There is also a door latch recall that was so massive it took a bit to get it taken care of.

- Anna B

Stereo includes features like Sirius XM radio, Bluetooth, and two USB ports.

I love my car. It is the perfect starter car. As a relatively new driver, its size is really easy for me to navigate. My trunk and backseat are spacious enough without making my vehicle to bulky. The only thing I had to get used to was the way it drives. Although it is automatic it drives like a standard. Other than that, I love my Ford Focus.

- Destiny C

Best small car I have ever had.

My focus has not let me down when I first got it I had some issues with the tires. But all of it was covered by the warranty. Replace 3 tires for free. It's been great for traveling. Gas an amazing sound system even a built e subwoofer in the trunk. The cruise control is super easy to use and it accepts voice commands to change radio stations.

- Jesse C

My little dragon-ford focus.

This car is great. Excellent gas mileage, compact and cute. I do have options like heated seats, sunroof, Bluetooth, spoiler, tinted windows and many others that add to the appearance of the car as well. Being a 4 cylinder it does lack the get up and go and is terrible in ice/snow (I live in the Midwest and we have a lot of that this year).

- Nikki D

The Ford focus meets all expectations of a college student

The focus handles really well. It is super comfortable. The gas mileage is really good as well, I only need to fill up once a week. The Bluetooth makes calls on the road easy to handle, no need to pick up my phone to look at it. I wish there was a little more storage in the trunk but it is a smaller car so there is little that can be done.

- Morgan C

People have had trouble with the car shaking and having trouble when it is shifting gears at low speeds. I have had it make an abrupt shift at high speeds only a couple of times.

I enjoy the sunroof and sync system where I can call people without touching my phone. The only problem with that is the microphone doesn't always understand what I am saying. The car gets good gas mileage, but the transmission isn't the best. At low speeds the engine revs up and has trouble switching gears especially when going up hills.

- Cat B

My ford focus: fits me perfectly.

My ford focus fits me like my shoes, I wear merrell. It fits me, it is comfortable, I enjoy driving the car. Has all the features I like, including premium sound and a sunroof. Everything seems to be in the perfect spot, I love the leather seats and I especially love the paddle shifters that are used for voice control and cruise control.

- Jerry F

Ford Focus: Amazing Gas Mileage

The Ford Focus has amazing gas mileage! Our car gets about 31 mpg on average. It is roomy, and feels like a nice mid-size sedan. Feels modern and sleek. Interior is nice and comfortable. Live the extra trunk space with the hatchback that we have. No significant problems. Engine needs to be re-mounted soon. Overall I love the Ford Focus.

- Kara P

The seats lay down in the back which is convenient as it provides more room.

This is the newest car that I have owned. All of the buttons confuse me and it take a long time to hook up my aux to the radio. The doors do not have their own lock button. The lock and unlock button is located on the radio. There was a recall on the transmission and the gas tank and sometimes my mileage will drop faster than it should.

- Jessica M

2012 Ford Focus-Good or Bad?

I have had my vehicle since 2013 and since that time it has driven quite nicely. I have had to take it into the Ford dealership for some issues in which they had sent notices out that my make and model was affected by. I now have to replace the transmission, of which I am told that Ford has had many issues with in terms of my vehicle.

- Hope C

The most interesting detail would have to be the amazing paint job. It is cool.

No problems. It is great! I absolutely love it and it is always getting me where I need to go. It is great for me and my friends to get to work and other places we need to get to that are important. It is the greatest car, I swear, it is just amazing and I have always wanted one like it, so glad I got it, really, it is great, love it.

- John B

Drives well in and kind of road conditions.

Handles very good in all road conditions. This is my second Ford Focus due to the way it handles in snow. I like the size because I am a small person. Also I like the shape and the way it looks in general- it is a pretty car. Has a lot of trunk space and has a lot of room inside of car. Gas mileage is good. Seats are very comfortable.

- Lisa R

It has a smooth ride., and is roomy and comfortable.

I love my focus.. it serves me very well. I work a short distance from my job and it is approximately eight miles from my home so driving a brand new off the showroom floor is not necessary. I recommend purchasing a Ford Focus. It is a four door has air conditioning and runs well. It gets me where I need to be and it rides so well.

- Patricia B

2012 ford focus titanium with only 35,000 miles.

Small gas tank so I am filling up just as often as if I had a larger car and tank. It's a noisy ride so not that great to take on a road trip. It does have some nice features such as heated seats and mirrors, individual temperature control, all wheel drive. It has been pretty reliable as we have never had to take it in for a repair.

- Julie K

Simple and easy to drive & maintain.

It had issues with sputtering upon acceleration, the dealership supposedly fixed it but I still have that issue. I personally feel that there have been numerous fixes with the car despite how few years I have had it. In general, it is a reliable and spacious car. I wish the interior was offered in leather at the time of purchase.

- Kelsey G

Great space with major recall flaws

I love the look and how it used to drive, but it has way too many recalls and problems. These aren't simple issues but major recalls that affect drivability. I love how small but spacious it is though; it provides enough room for me and I'm fairly tall - the tallest person who has been in my car is 6'4 and they had space as well.

- Francis S

The 2012 focus did not come with a trunk release button.

I absolutely love my ford focus. It is compact, but it is very roomy on the inside. It is excellent on gas it is very reliable, comfortable, an excellent performance no problems yet to speak of. I would recommend the 2012 ford focus to any one of my friends are family is excellent on gas very compact and small but yet very roomy.

- Cree W

Minus the engine, it is a luxury car.

Constant mechanical problems. Its costing me an arm and a leg to have to fix so much. As soon as I purchased it I had to immediately replace the clutch. Now my entire cooling system is failing and I haven't even had it more than a year. Ford Focus's are always having recalls so I have no idea why I still decided to purchase one.

- Brooke M

The Ford Focus is incredibly reliable, while remaining stylish and practical.

My Ford Focus drives smoothly, with great handling, I can be truly confident behind the wheel. My car is reliable and consistent, I am planning to hang on to it as long as I can. I consistently make hour long trips, almost daily. With regular servicing, I have yet to have a problem with my car. The Ford Focus is the way to go.

- Tod W

The gas mileage is great. We travel around town as well as long distances. In addition, it's a very dependable car.

We had a 2007 Ford Focus, 2-door hatchback. They discontinued those. We LOVED that car, but it was beginning to have problems. We bought the 2012 but had to get a 4-door hatchback. We're not as happy with it. It doesn't have the same roomy feel the 2-door had. The trunk space is smaller. But we love the gas mileage.

- Kathy W

It is just a basic car and I got a good deal as my husband was a Ford employee.

My Focus is a smaller car as I am a small person. I do not know a lot about cars but have a good dealership that is a great help. It is very reliable and heats up fast for the Michigan winters. All controls are within my reach although turning the radio up or down and turning the air on or heat on I do not use any other.

- Nancy C

2012 ford: not so clutch after all.

We've had multiple issues with the shifting mechanism in our car, a known 2012 Ford problem. The computer programming has been updated multiple times and the clutch has had to be replace. To their credit, Ford is definitely taking responsibility for these issues and we've had all necessary repairs covered under warranty.

- Kim S

The car is fully electric, it is not a hybrid, with a range of about 75 miles

My Ford Focus is electric with a range of about 75 miles. It is perfect for driving around the city and is very easy to maintain. The only issues I have had are that some rodents made their home inside the engine compartment, since there are only 19 moving parts, the rodents found the space very cozy and ate some wiring.

- Manuel G

It is a cute car. I really like the LED lights.

I have had the car a little over 2 years. The transmission and gas gauge is on recall. I have had problem with it. Even when they fixed the transmission it still messed up. They have not fixed the gas gauge last I heard they don't have the parts. Waiting for the parts. I have owned Ford's for years never had a problem

- Jennifer B

My silver steed, I love it and I hate it.

It had transmission problems when I first got it which was a recall. I love that it has an AUX cord. I really like how sensitive the brakes are it has really been there for me in times of need. I also like that the seats are not leather but still a really nice quality. However the steering wheel gets sticky in the sun.

- Kaitlyn S

Reliable small car, long-term capable.

Great vehicle. Reliable and definitely feels smooth on the road. My radio went out in it a couple years ago but that's literally all the maintenance I had to do for it, besides oil changes and new tires. I would definitely recommend this car to someone who's looking for a small, reliable, and long term capable vehicle.

- Shane S

Good car and good gas mileage for the money..

The car works wonderfully and few problems with it. Very reliable. It is an automatic. I actually prefer a stick shift but got a great deal on this program car. Due to being very light weight it is not as good in snow as others I have had. Since I am now retired I do not have to get out in snow as much as in the past.

- Diane B

Very Low lows and very high highs

The way the windshield wipers go in is very hard to deal with, and they often fly off. The sun roof also leaks regularly. Very reliable with good gas mileage, though. Love the way it looks and the all leather interior, it is very easy to clean. The bucket seats are also very comfortable, and I love the lumbar support.

- Kelsey D

Pros and Cons of the Ford Focus

I love the look and color of my car! It's comfortable and I like having cloth seats rather than leather, and heated seats. It also does really well on gas and is very reliable. The only thing I dislike about my car is the aux cord plug in is in the glove box, making it so I have to get a long cord in order to use it.

- Haley B

Dark silver Ford Focus, leather interior.

It has had battery issues in the past, but these are not surprising given the age of the vehicle. It is stable otherwise. It does not accelerate very quickly, or very smoothly. On wet days, the wheels have poor traction sometimes, when accelerating from stop. A full tank of gas will take me between 300 and 400 miles.

- Johnnie K

Red 2012 ford focus with black interior.

Very comfortable, has mechanical issues such as engine malfunctions and check engine problems, good gas mileage, kind of small and not a lot of room, easy to maneuver, mostly reliable, mostly performs poorly within the rain and snow, factory mess up with uncovered wires, good speaker system, small tank, large trunk.

- Gabrielle W

130k miles and still going strong

130k miles on it and still going strong. Mechanic says it passes emissions better than a new car at times. Picked it up used at a dealer and just fell in love with the look, color and performance of the vehicle. Only problem was a recall of part of the transmission which got fixed promptly and no other problems.

- Dwayne B

Focus Sedan Review Great Car For The Great Price

Ford Focus is a good size car but not if you're over 6 feet. The car is good for small families like mine. It has a good sound system included, and comes with navigation. The engine is alright but it has little torque over 4,000 rpm but still accelerates quickly. Overall it is a good reliable car for the low cost.

- Michael J

Great compact car with amazing features

The car is a little small on the inside, it is hard to put cups in the drink holders because of the position of the center console. There isn't many places to put anything but in the door, glove box or center console. The trunk is small, it's hard to take trash to the dump. Other than those features I love my car

- Lindsey S

Cute affordable car for a small family

It's a very comfortable car. There's an aux. It's a very good size for a small family or even for just one person. It runs pretty good on gas. I love the car for my small family. I've had it for 4 years now and if I were to get a new car it would get the same model just the updated version of this one I have now.

- Natasha M

I think it�s really cute and again good in the snow

When other cars mostly SUVs had to pull over in the snow, my car was making it happen and getting thru 2 feet of snow. I figured I was going to be stuck however I made it home and although I bought new tires a month before this happened I felt lucky. It's small but it's easy to park and get past cars in traffic!

- Kim E

Decent car for work purposes.

it is a little too small for our needs. The back seat could use more leg room. Our car had a transmission recall and a door handle recall. The car has a tire pressure sensor that is helpful. However it would be more helpful if it would also indicate what tire needs air. Also the radio is difficult to operate.

- amlong M

where the under lights in the floor can change different colors.

Have had to replace the transmission control module not long after getting the car. The car could use a little bit more room than what it has now. It's hard to change the back windshield wiper so that needs some improvement to become easier to change and the computer to the car seems to go in and out sometimes.

- Emily W

Unreliable and poorly made 2012 Ford Focus SEL

The clutch had to be replaced many times, it stalls out when the gas gets below a quarter tank, AND the radio hasn't worked in over a year. Very cheaply built and when I went to ford they refused to reimbursed for clutch and radio. Before the radio stopped working, it made an awful popping and scratching noise.

- Megan B

Cute and sporty with sync options (which ford dismantled).

The 2012 focus has had many problems involving the transmission and programing. I have had to take it in for several recall or factory notifications. I have had issues with finding common parts accessible to my particular car. A lot of parts are only provided by ford which makes it hard to do common services.

- Alicia H

An interesting detail is that is had Sirius FM.

The Ford Focus is one car that I can truly say I feel safe in. It is small but roomie at the same time. This vehicle is great on gas. This vehicle is one that can get you anywhere and through any space especially the tight spaces. I am a horrible parallel parker, but with this car I feel on top of the world.

- Timothy M

The lock button is by the volume knob on the radio.

Dependable car, great gas mileage, comfortable driving short and long periods of time. Automatic features such as automatic headlights come on when raining and when dusk sets in. Reliable with no mechanical issues as long as you as the owner do your part and make sure the routine maintenance is done on time.

- Elizabeth C

Even ford cannot afford a ford.

The real reason I do not like the car is because the TCM problems and so many recalls it is nuts! They are also in court now deciding on what recalls to do next for the fuel pump! Other than that the radio has blow the display for the radio has blown and the service has not been great. I would not recommend.

- Evan F

It's a blue Ford Focus hatchback and it's a small 4 Ford automatic.

It is a small car, very reliable and we haven't had any problems out of it I absolutely love the size of the car but its not big enough if you have a family I would recommend getting a bigger car instead of the Ford Focus, also I love the color it's my favorite color blue the best vehicle I've owned before.

- Heather F

My Ford Focus = if taken care of, should be reliable.

Bad transmission, clutch. Gets great gas mileage. It's a little small. Have driven cross country wisc to Call multiple times with no problems. Handles the mountains just fine. With new tires it runs very smooth. Couldn't sync my phone with the vehicle. Good sound system. Decent size truck for a smaller car.

- Patrick S

It has problems with the transmission and the rear end eating up tires.

There are known problems with the transmission on this model. The back end eats up tires. I have to replace them twice a year. I would not purchase this vehicle again. It cost me a lot of money to keep running. Also, the hood has completely faded out. I don't think a good quality paint was used on the car.

- Connie B

It�s the best car I've ever owned

It's a very nice car to have for a teenager or young adult. Love the color, it's red. The interior is black so it's good in the winter but not the summer because it gets very hot. Even has an awesome sunroof which I love! But due to having a baby come in December I don't think it's very big for a car seat.

- Keelie L

My Focus. Love the heated seats, GPS feature

In 7 years I have not encountered any problems that were not routine maintenance. The ride is smooth, options are useful Heated seats for winter great A/C in the summer. Radio synced with phone. Many available options like backup assistance. Lots of room with fold down back seats-almost like a minivan

- Cora Z

I have always liked smaller cars with lots of little extras.

I would really like this car except for the transmission issues it has. I have had to have four put in, thankfully all under warranty. But it will fail again, and no warranty next time. Ford knows it is a faulty design, but will only warranty for 100,000 miles. I feel it should be as long as I own the car.

- Rhonda C

Efficient and Comfortable Daily Driver

The Focus is a convenient car for daily driving. Fuel efficient and comfortable. I find it sits lower to the ground than I would prefer but still enjoy driving it often. The voice recognition and associated USB and Bluetooth connections are sometimes glitchy so I usually charge with the 12V accessory port.

- David M

FORD focus titanium review

The ford focus titanium has been a great solid car. There have been a few recalls that the dealership takes care of. I enjoy the leather seating, moonroof and feel of the car. Main complaint would be that the turning radius is not that great, no remote start and no heated seats. Otherwise I love my car.

- Jessica G

2012 Ford Focus Hatchback SEL edition

Has a know recall on the transmission and gas tank. Otherwise it is peppy, spacious, and gets great mpg. New phones tend not to sync with the bluetooth. The ground clearance is short, so watch speed bumps. The rear wiper blade is an odd size and hard to find. But, it handles well and has great pick up.

- Casey C

Great gas mileage and if you take care of the car can last for many miles.

there have been quite a few recalls that have to do with the electrical work on the car. These recalls have to do with the transmission and it causes the car to jerk when hitting the gas pedal. They are inconvenient but if you take your car to the dealership they will fix it and there will be no charge.

- Kristina I

Great call just a little small

I have only had my car for about a month, so far seems great for the price range I was in. Have had no problems and it looks great. Has been reliable as a travel a long way to work. I have to say I am a 6ft tall man and the car can seem small or cramps after a long ride, that is the only criticism I had

- Scott H

An interesting detail would have to be how great it is on gas, it's amazing.

I really enjoy my car, it is a 4 door. And better than my first truck. I did have trouble struggling putting in a car seat but other than that it is a good family car. It has a truck, instead of a bed which is what we needed to expand our family. No problems just yet, runs well, is great on gas as well.

- Lisa J

The vehicle is a great car for road trips and reliability.

It is a very reliable car. It has built in Bluetooth so you can call people through the car as well as play music from your phone if your phone does not have a headphone jack. It is very comfortable, has black cloth interior. It has a smart transmission which sometimes does not allow for a smooth ride.

- Christina H

Ford Focus 2012: Buy this gamble of a car at your own risk.

The vehicle, overall, has been okay. However, from the time of purchase, I've had inconvenient problem after inconvenient problem. The radio stopped working entirely after less than a year, the tire pressure sensors gave out not long after, and I've had the transmission looked at no less than 3 times.

- Ben W

Fine little car that shutters when it shifts.

The car shutters when it shifts gears and the Bluetooth does not always connect, but otherwise it is a fine little car. I haven't had any major issues with it other than the shifting. It is got lots of room in the trunk and back seat, there’s minimal blind spots, and the cruise control works great.

- Amanda M

Very Roomy For a Sedan and Runs Smooth

Has pretty good power for a 4 cylinder. Runs smooth and we've had no mechanical issues at all. The car gets great gas mileage and is very roomy for a sedan. The trunk fits plenty of groceries and also a couple stadium chairs. The air conditioner is really top notch, especially in this southern heat.

- Niki P

Ford Focus 3012 good roomy car good on gas with all the safety features.

My car Ford Focus is really good on gas plenty of room front and back. It's a hatchback with cover on trunk which makes it impossible to see what's in the trunk. I can sync my phone to car so I don't have to hold my cell. It has back window wiper with jet spray to clean. It is a all around good car.

- Nancy G

Ford focus review make and model.

Just put a replacement transmission in it. Other than that I have a hole in my left drivers side tire. I recently had an oil change about 2 weeks ago. There is a broken light on the rear passenger side. Some minor scratches. And my rain guard recently broke off from hitting a raccoon going to work.

- Tim B

Perfect for road trips or in town driving.

Reliable overall but occasionally needs the timing on the transmission checked. Roomy enough for 2 large dogs and suitcases when traveling out of town. Great gas mileage. I fit comfortably but my husband has to move the chair all the way down and back, effectively eliminating a seat from the back.

- Megan M

Has great features for a mid-sized vehicle.

I like that it is a hatchback and I am able to carry larger loads than I have been able to in the past. I also enjoy the sunroof in the summer and fall. The heated seats are very useful in the winter. I only have issues with the leg room in the back seat when someone too tall sits in the front.

- Kelly l

Awesome ford products for the price to get you from a to z.

No problems I love this car good on gas and has a lot of pick up. I would definitely buy ford products always great cars and the colors are great. I had to get transmission replaced but was under warranty and everything went great. It is a great work car if you do a lot of traveling for your work.

- Rebecca O

I think that an important thing to know about my car is the mileage. I like to compare with others.

There isn't anything wrong with the car necessarily. I'm just not quite used to it yet. It drives like my old car that was totaled in a wreck, but it just doesn't feel the same. No complaints on how it runs. It's a hatchback, therefor a bit larger than I'm used to, but it drives like a small car.

- Laura L

The one most important thing that other should know about my car is that it's fuel efficient and very reliable.

My vehicle is really reliable when it comes to traveling around. Especially, having great miles per gallon and very fuel efficient. Paying for gas is very low price and easy to pay. The only problem I have with it is that it's a black car, so when the sun is blazing it will get really hot inside.

- Dustin W

Great family car easy maintenance

I've owned for 2 years so far and haven't had any issues with the car! I love how it handles, the gas mileage, and ease of maintenance, probably the best car I've ever owned! The brakes need changed soon but that is just normal for any car and I think the water pump was changed by previous owner.

- Derrick T

I drive a 2012 Ford Focus.

It has been reliable and comfortable and has met my needs as long as I have been driving it. The car has been useful to me during my time in college when I had to move at least once or twice a year and has held up through numerous road trips. I also like how the car looks and it is unique shape.

- Lexis H

Ford Focus se, a very solid vehicle.

It is just big enough. It gets good gas mileage and requires little maintenance. It is a very solid family vehicle. It is a vehicle I feel comfortable letting my son drive to school and back, if need be. It is a comfortable, reliable vehicle to take on trips. Overall, I am very pleased with it.

- Andrew L

Love my car! It�s an amazing little machine

It could be a little bigger, the back seat is a little small. It also has leather seats which can be no fun in the summer or winter. I would love it had more cup holders and possibly some storage in the trunk. But I love that it has Bluetooth and hands free calling. It's sound system is amazing

- Brittany C

The make and model of the Ford Focus is a very reliable vehicle.

I have had problems with the transmission but overall a very nice vehicle. It is a very reliable vehicle and gets me to where I need to be. It is a nice vehicle for someone my age and it has everything I need for a car. It gets very good gas mileage along with getting me to where I need to be.

- Emma L

Great car for short daily commute to and from work

Have been very happy with my Ford Focus. I have had minimal problems and expenses other than regular/annual car care. My only complaint was I did have some computer/electrical problems that caused the car to shut down but I was covered under warranty and fixed quickly by my local ford dealer

- Ryan A

Sunroof. Sync. Have the option of different colors of interior lights.

The car has had several recalls. Ford was quick to make me aware of the issues. The rubber pieces on the door come off often but able to glue back on. The car is reliable, gets great gas mileage, and I love the sunroof. It also has Bluetooth capabilities which is great for hand free driving.

- Stacey P

Bluetooth equipped, electronic, and definitely a gas saver. Gotta love it!

I really love my vehicle. It is very well equipped and definitely a gas saver. Also it is electronic so it is up to date on everything such as Bluetooth so you can connect your phone to the car. I wouldn't trade it for nothing. A great car indeed and I would highly recommend it to anyone else.

- Pamela P

All around a good car with a nice amount of space for its size.

I really like the car. It's reliable and hasn't caused me any problems yet. The only thing I'd change if I could would be a button to get to Bluetooth audio settings. Right now the only way you can do that it by voice which isn't a big deal but it gets annoying when people are talking to you.

- Peter O

2012 Ford Focus grey rebuilt title.

I absolutely love my car, excellent on gas! It is a gray Ford Focus, I purchased it after being rebuilt and have had zero problems with it. My only concern is that it did not come with the gas card which I found out made it worse on fuel and worst to drive, so I need to purchase one of those.

- Brooke R

Perfect car to anyone for all wants and needs.

My only complaint would be gas mileage. It does not get as much as people say for this car. I love all the features for this particular make and model. This car is also equipped with Bluetooth that is actually 100% hands free. Plenty of room to meet anyone's needs. I highly recommend to all!

- Melissa Z

Spend less on gas, gets great gas mileage! Makes long travel more affordable!

Back seat is very small, the electronic transmission can be loud and make weird sounds. A lot of recalls on the car and gave to take into the shop. Otherwise it is a reliable car and has survived lots of travel between multiple states! Has great gas mileage and gets lots of miles per gallon.

- Brittany K

It is easy and fun to drive. Maintenance is not a major problem with it.

There is a lawsuit going on for the year and model of my vehicle due to ford's car defect with the transmission. It also had some door seals that were not secured into the car/door frame properly. The above lighting fixtures are not securely in place and the dome light stays on all the time.

- Laurie K

Very good other than transmission known issues.

Transmission issues as with many other owners of this vehicle - computer failed at 100k miles causing car to be unable to start - a replacement transmission needed at 180k miles after failure. This has been the only issue- currently at 205k miles. Very reliable otherwise and great to drive.

- Scott G

Great gas mileage and a no gas cap design make it great for travel.

I have had very little issues with this vehicle. Just replaced the original battery after 7 years! Only other issue I have had was a transmission problem that was covered under the warranty. Great gas mileage and wonderful car. Highly recommend it to anyone in the market for a new vehicle

- Josephine L

My new 2012 ford focus sedan sel.

Just bought my car a couple of months ago. After it was in the shop getting a new transmission due to a recall. It is been very reliable since then, it gets good gas mileage and I have been enjoying driving it. It is a very comfortable car. It handles very well and is a comfortable drive.

- Clifford C

I have a bright red Ford Focus, equipped with great mpg.

My model had a recall on the transmission for the year 2012. I bought it used, found out the person before me didn't get it fixed so I got a free new transmission! Haven't had any problems since. Got it fixed quickly. Awesome stereo system. Many of my friends have the same vehicle. Love it.

- Emily T

My car gets great gas mileage.

I enjoy the fact that my car gets great gas mileage in town and also on the highway, and is also easy to drive. I have had minimal issues in the last 4 years owning my car, most of which were routine maintenance issues or recalls that were fixed for free a the dealership in a timely manner.

- Chelsea S

Comfort and ease over visibility.

My ford focus is overall enjoyable to drive. It is easy to handle, and is a convenient size to park in small places, etc. However, the car has limited visibility from the back and I find that the battery life of this car is not amazing. I have had the battery replaced twice since owning it.

- Nicole B

Ford is finally Focus on quality.

I have found the vehicle to be dependable and quite comfortable for someone that is 5'11 height and 240 pounds. I have had the car with 8 years with little problems. As for performance, what do you expect? It has a little bit of pep for sure, but that is not the intention of the vehicle.

- Alex N

Silver sports looking car

There is a recall where the gas gauge won't go below half a tank of the car shut offs. This is very inconvenient and there is a long waitlist for it to be repaired. Other than that it is pretty reliable. It is also safe otherwise. I enjoy driving it, and plan on keeping it for a long time.

- Allegra W

2012 Ford focus Transmission issue

My 2012 Ford focus is great other than the transmission but they don't use that same transmission anymore, there was a lot of issues with the transmission in the 2012 to 2014 I would definitely recommend the newer Ford focus there good on gas and dependable I just don't recommend the 2012

- Kacey C

I have no desire to give it a title.

It works very well. It is not fancy or have any special features, but it works well for what it needs to do which is get you from point A to point B. It held up well through the years. I cannot think of anything more to say. If I have to write more there will be nothing important to say.

- Melinda H

Fords are a great choice of car, as long as you don't take it on long road trips.

My Ford is a really nice car, but driving it from New Jersey to Florida caused some issues. But before the long drive, the car drove well.The interior comfortable and does not stain easily. All in all my Ford Focus is a great car, as long as you don't plan on taking it on any road trips.

- Malina B

A good car for the size of it.

For the size of car, it performs pretty well. Not the most comfortable on long trips but not real bad. Gets pretty good gas mileage especially in the months without snow. For a larger person, this would not be a good car. They would be pretty uncomfortable as their legs would be cramped.

- Pam V

Very fuel efficient little car

Very fuel efficient, not very fast only has a 2.0L engine but reliable. Tires as well as other parts are cheap given it's a small car and a Ford at that. It's not very big it's perfect for a commuter but too small as a family vehicle. Spacious trunk. Mostly made of plastic so lightweight

- Fred J

Ford Focus is great reliable and easy to drive.

My vehicle works great. Sometimes the radio just goes out without warning, but that is the only issue. It is reliable, good on gas, and simple. I have never had any trouble out of the engine or anything. I actually do not know a whole lot about cars so I am running out of things to say.

- Stormy S

If you are of average height, you will have no problems seeing.

It is hard to see over the good over the car. It is not the best car for a short person, I often run over curbs because I am unable to see over the hood. It also has a lot of blind spots. If someone is in the passenger seat, I have to ask them to bend over so I can see while I back out.

- Rebecca L

Comfort, reliability, and style.

My 2012 ford focus is definitely a reliable car. So far I have not had any problems with reliability, and the few fender benders I have been in, it has kept me safe and not taken too much damage. It is also quite comfortable. I drive 2-4 hours very often and I never feel uncomfortable.

- Meagan T

Years of dependability, constant durability. Never lets you down!!

I drive a 2012 ford focus. It is a durable and dependable vehicle being as I have had it for 7 years and we have yet to see the inside of a garage for repairs. Outside of regular maintenance and upkeep. It went to shop for tune up and oil changes on regular dated basis. But that is it.

- Yvonne R

My 2012 ford focus experience.

It is a nice safe car it has rear parking aid and it is great gas mileage. I drive it everywhere. It is 100 percent safe for kids has child lock even has a sunroof. It is good if you know how to drive a standard or just kick it into drive for automatic. It comes in a pretty blue color.

- Katherine S

The gas mileage for this vehicle is the best I have had since I have been driving.

These year to 2016 Focus have sever transmission issues which there is a class and mass action lawsuit because of. It basically a standard transmission in an automatic controlled by a computer module. Although it is a well known issue, the dealerships lack responsibility for the issue.

- Dustin T

Blue Ford Focus, amazing condition, great gas mileage.

My vehicle is very reliable. It gets me where I need to go and I haven't had a single problem since I have made the purchase. It has great gas mileage and also is cheap on gas which saves me great money. I cannot say that there is anything with this car that I have had a problem with.

- Kayla K

It is reliable, repairs are inexpensive, great on gas. Just minor tech issues.

There's issues with the radio system it keeps restarting itself at random times. The lighting system that changes colors in the interior popped out of the ceiling and will not work. It is great on gas. The stereo system is great. Back Seats fold down to create more space in my trunk.

- Nicole B

Do not buy this car unless you want lots of repairs.

Transmissions problems (car bucks, shudders, trouble acceleration problems), rear windshield too small, Audio jack is not easily accessible (it is in the glove compartment). Ford dealer has not made good on door latch recall notice. This car is actually part of a class action suit.

- Christine F

Ford: Fix Or Repair every Day

In the three years since I've had this car, it has had over 10 recalls, numerous transmission problems, and I have had terrible customer terrible experiences when trying to get these issues fixed. I have never had this many issues with a car and I do not plan on buying a ford again.

- Jessica C

It is a great little car for general purposes.

It is fuel efficient and has plenty of cargo room for a little car. I like that it is compact but roomy. The drawbacks are being so lightweight as to be a poor performer in snow, and it takes a long time to accelerate to highway speed especially on a hill. Hills in snow are a no-go.

- Valerie N

Ford Focus 2012, transmissions problems.

A lot of transmission problems yet still love my car, I love the comfort and the ease of gas mileage. There is a problem with the way the transmissions slips in and out of gears making it uncomfortable. I still love the reliability. Also the original tires do not hold up very long.

- Kathleen E

Fantastic 2012 ford focus!

I think it is really reliable, has really good gas mileage. It is super comfortable and I really like the fact that it has Bluetooth audio and other voice commands so you do not need an aux or to use your phone. The only thing I do not like is that it is really small in the inside.

- Alejandra F

Amazing Ford Focus SE! Super Reliable and Stylish!

My car is really reliable, gets great gas mileage and has a very sleek look! The interior has nice cloth seats, and aux cord adapter, and an amazing speaker system. The trunk has ample space for packing it up for a road trip too!! I love my car and recommend this model to everyone!

- Christina C

This car is very comfortable and super stylish.

Very comfortable leather seats, backup cam is helpful, Bluetooth rocks, I can answer my phone without picking it up, and very compact so I do not have too much trouble parking. It is zippy getting around town and is super chic looking. The only thing it could use is leather seats.

- Lexie R

Overall, my vehicle drives pretty good and I don't have much to complain about.

My car which is a 2012 ford focus runs pretty good. Although it has had some problems in the past, most of which was on recall. For example transmission, modular and fuel tank were all on recall. The car is not a four wheel drive meaning it does get stuck in bad weather like snow.

- Kayla K

The USB port is located inside the glove box of all places!

This car has great gas mileage, and is small and compact, so it is easier to finding parking for. The negatives for this vehicle is that it does not have much room inside, and is not the greatest car for winter weather. The comfort of the car is average, the seats could be softer.

- Alexandria C

It is easy to drive and it suits my daily driving needs.

I like that it is a small car. I dislike the location of the auxiliary cord in the glove compartment. It makes it so I can't close the compartment and listen to songs on my phone. I wish it had a dashboard compartment to hold things as well. I do like that it has good gas mileage

- Deana P

It's a good car with some minor bad details.

this car is good on gas but it does not have very much room in the vehicle. It would be a great starter car for someone. Air condition and heat work very well. The cloth on the seats get stains easily just from opening the door when it is snowing and the snow falls on the seats.

- Leah M

It's a great car that is reliable.

I love my car. It's pretty fancy and is super reliable. I get about 37 mpg highway. Which is not bad at all. It has a rearview camera and proximity sensors on all sides. It also has parallel parking assist which is neat but I never use it. I love the hatchback it is very spacious

- Tiff M

Great car no matter whether you drive city or highway.

There is not much I don't love about my Focus. It gets excellent gas mileage, probably better than most cars of that size. It has plenty of get up and go when you need to merge into heavy traffic. If there is one thing, it is the amount of insulation that cuts down on tire noise.

- Bonita S

The gas mileage is unbeatable.

Really good gas mileage, very reliable, I like that it has sync features it makes it very safe on the road. Great trunk space for a small sedan. Comfortably fits 4 people and can fit 5 but the middle seat in the back row is kind of small. Air conditioning and heat is very speedy.

- Annika W

classic and comfortable ride

reliable, comfortable, and runs smooth. Great gas mileage. I love how great the car runs, I hardly ever have to fill the tank. The ride is perfect for college students or anyone who drives long distances home. it's speedy and cozy. fits 4 people comfortably, and my dog loves it

- mckenna H

It's a cool car and it was free.

It's alright. Runs well and it was given to me by my mother. I was walking to work so she gave me a car so I wouldn't have to walk in this cold Missouri winter. It is black and has a good heater and air. Comfortable seats and good leg room. Only problem is it uses a lot of gas.

- Angela P

Total Recall (After Recall)

The main issue I have with this particular year and model is there were a lot of recalls. Top problem was the recall on the transmission module. I was without a vehicle for a week. Then had to take it back in for another few days because there were still issues with the module.

- Toni G

Reliable, comfortable but has a few small flaws.

The ford focus is a automatic transmission but it has a clutch so I have had the clutch replaced 2 times since I have had it. Also the vehicle has electrical issues so the horn does not work. Within the first year of having the vehicle I had to have one of the screens replaced.

- Kayla H

Best vehicle you could buy!

I love my vehicle despite the fact I have transmission issues, it's comfortable, excellent on gas and very roomy, would definitely recommend for a family car or every day use, it's the perfect vehicle. It has a wonderful interior, great radio and lots of trunk room and storage.

- Lauren J

It sucks; I do not like it at all.

Always breaks, there's always problems with it and the problems are the same that are the same issues. I was more or less forced into buying the car. As soon as I am done with this payments I will never have another Ford again. It is not a car I would recommend to anyone ever.

- Bailey B

Ford Focus best car of my life! The one and only car.

The Ford Focus is one of the most comfortable cars I have ever driven. It has such a smooth interior and it drives so smooth. One thing I truly enjoy about it is that it has an AUX cord which I can listen to my favorite music all of the time. Also, has Bluetooth option on can.

- June G

Great car, great for anyone!

Comfortable but slightly difficult to see over the front end. The clutch issue has had to be resolved twice and will probably happen again due to poor design. All that being said, I like the car. Size is great. . . Not too small which was a main concern when looking for a car.

- Mary S

My Ford Focus runs well and gets great gas mileage.

I like the size of my Ford Focus and the gas mileage it gets. It runs nicely for the most part and gets me where I need to go. It has had some transmission issues in the past. One was covered by the Ford company in one was not. Other than that I am very satisfied with my car.

- Jessica K

Fantastic 2012 Ford Focus

Problems it had is the constant recalls on the clutches. It had been replaced twice. The car has been maintained well for 181000 miles on it. It's very comfortable, great for long it short trips. Great on gas. The car is fully loaded with GPS, backup camera and leather seats.

- Kim B

Ford Focus, the good, bad and ugly!

Not bad on gas, mainly a lot of transmission problems. Very nice to travel in, but it has be in the shop with the break down on the transmission. I would really love this car if not for it is flaw. As soon as the warranty is out and it breaks down, I cannot afford to fix it.

- Shirley J

Not so sure I would want another Focus because of the front seat design.

I love the great gas mileage if get with the Ford Focus. The radio signal is not all that great like we get in larger vehicles. The front seats are not comfortable for long rides. After more than 30 minutes of riding my low back and hips hurt to the point of needing Tylenol.

- Michele P

The ford focus is a decent car but I would not recommend it to anyone.

Locks sometimes do not work and they are hard to figure out. The radio is hard to control you have to select multiple things before you can change the station. Gas mileage is great for what I need it for. The air and heat is either hot and too cold. Overall it is a good car.

- Maddie S

Does not handle well in snow or winter weather.

One thing I wish I would have thought more on was a car that would handle well in bad or inclement weather. This is not a good car for that. I live in Wisconsin and this vehicle does not handle well in that. Overall features are fine, a/c is awesome when the weather's warm.

- Lari F

The focus is a decent car but buyers should be aware it has issues.

Lots of repairs and maintenance needed. I have had to replace the transmission twice. I spend thousands every couple years to keep the car running. There have also been several recalls regarding this car. The gas tanks is warped and will need to be completely replaced soon.

- Chase M

2012 red Ford Focus. Dent on back passenger side bumper

There is currently no issues or problems with the vehicle. I use it on a daily basis for personal pleasure and some business. I am however searching for a new bigger vehicle as I feel the back does not provide much room for passengers. Overall the Ford Focus is a great car

- Rachel H

Great people Focus on great rides.

Great gas mileage. Drives very smoothly on the highway as well as around town. Very dependable. It is a great beginner car for teens/ graduation gift. Very modern look and feel. Would be nice to have the OnStar option with it. I love the Bluetooth that comes along with it.

- Kim M

Smooth safe midsize car.

Not too small. Good size seats. Soft interior. Great sync system. Drives very smoothly. Very clear controls. Safety features. Bluetooth feature for music. Phone answering features through Bluetooth. Controls on the steering wheel for easier access and changing of controls.

- Mckenzie B

My car gets really great gas mileage and is an affordable car!

I have the special file efficiency model which uses an automatically shifted manual transmission (different than an automatic transmission) and have had problems with this. I otherwise love my car and my family and I have owned fords in the past which have been great also!

- Josie Z

Overheating transmission in the rain, while not moving?!

It overheats when it's not even moving, skids out, transmission troubles. It seems to have trouble shifting gears, it's an automatic. The windshield wipers don't work very well. It is nice that it has a computer screen to customize settings. Doesn't get great gas mileage.

- Courtney E

I love the car, but it has some technical flaws.

My vehicle has a transmission extended warranty. I have to replace or fix my transmission every few thousand miles. This makes it difficult to drive in a city, where the transmission is constantly shifting. Constant shifting is what causes the defects in the transmission.

- Bailey F

I always have major problems. The parts inside are not worth the money

There is currently a 4 billion dollar lawsuit on this vehicle. For using faulty transmissions. Don't like anything about it. The leather is not comfy. The clutch was replaced 4 times in 2 years. No major feature is special enough to mention. The inside seal is peeling off

- Julie G

Great gas mileage for road trips.

The 2012 Ford Focus is an all around great car very comfortable. When your driving all the controls are in easy reach not to distract driver. Also it's a great car for trips very good gas mileage at almost 40 mpg hwy that is makes a trip less stressful on the pocket book.

- Brian K

Our Ford is well used vehicle.

It has 130000 miles and still gets 36 to 40 mph. It is very reliable. We just took a cross country trip and put another 5000 miles on it. Problems have been with the transmission, but have been covered by Ford. The body has held up very well, still washes up beautifully.

- Deb L

Good family car, comfortable and easy to drive.

Seems to go through tires pretty quickly and some transmission issues. I really love the features. The touchscreen is very useful. I wish I had the built in GPS service. I love the heated seats in the winter! A nice sized trunk makes it easy for my family of 4 to travel!


Small compacted car with a decent trunk and great gas mileage!

My car gets great gas mileage so it is great for traveling! Unfortunately, it is not made for tall people and the radio could be updated. Also, it does not have cruise control. At first I thought that wouldn't be a big deal, but when driving it a lot I start to miss it.

- Maddie F

There's a recalled part that has to deal with the transmission.

It drives really well but we have had some problems with a recalled part. It is had to be replaces a couple of times. If you have a car seat it gets kind of cramped but there's a lot of space in the trunk. The seats are very comfortable and overall it is a reliable car.

- Alyssa S

Economy, sporty with luxury details.

Great gas mileage. I like the “fast back” look—very sporty. It is possible to get a lot of luxury amenities. I can lay the rear seat backs down and carry some pretty big items back there. . The “sync” audio system Bluetooth my phone right through the speakers.

- Diane L

The customized color for the interior is pretty sweet.

It's been extremely reliable, I have had no real problems with this car. The warranty on it covers a lot, transmission, clutch, axles. Easy to drive, lots of space and very good on gas. We go for weekend drives all the time and hardly need to fill up until we get back.

- Robert B

It has Bluetooth media. Great on gas.

Very small but drives good. Great on gas. Fast, transmission seems to slip. I guess it is just the way it shifts. If you can get past how small it is, it is a nice car. 500 miles to the full tank. Would be a great car for a trip across the country for a couple people.

- Brad S

It gets good gas mileage.

It has many problems. It has many recalls and other problems. I have replaced brake pads and rotors, clutch, transmission parts, coolant holder, door handle latch, and heater core. It is ok with performance. Reliable it is. It is comfortable. It gets good gas mileage.

- Lara D

Great car! Amazing gas mileage. Very durable. Can withstand road trips easily.

I love my car! It has incredible gas mileage and alerts me anytime there is something wrong with my car. Love the radio the Bluetooth connection works perfectly. No major problems mechanically. I also was issued a powertrain warranty that is still good till this day.

- Jessica M

2012 ford focus: issues and functionality

The Bluetooth function not user friendly. It Takes several steps to get to. The vehicle also has a lag when starting from a stop. I have had issue since first purchased new vehicle. Other than that, very reliable. I have never had any issues with maintenance or parts

- Celeste A

Great mpg, trunk space car feels roomie very fit for a mom

Problem with front axle and tires. Other than that car was amazing especially on gas mpg. Full tank is only 20-25$. Comfort is good car is a little smaller than most but it's roomy, trunk space is awesome. I love how smooth it drives. And the acceleration is the best

- Camille C

Ford Focus 2012 car review.

It's a good car; not really a special car but at the same time, it's a reliable car. However, I have had problems with it despite dealerships telling me everything's okay. It's also a little loud for my taste and gas mileage isn't the best. It does look cool though.

- Alvaro G

Consistently great vehicle

Ford Focus has great mpg, consistent and reliable performance and low maintenance costs. Storage and seating are comfortable. Car handles extremely well in all weather conditions. I've traveled through many states in my Ford Focus and have had no worries whatsoever

- Vicki H

Nice size family car good on gas.

The size is great for a family of five, lots of trunk space for groceries or for going on trips, but in the winter time when you go to take off it doesn't want to go, in my opinion this can be very dangerous, has child safety locks for those who have small children.

- Zachary S

Great mileage is the most important thing others should know.

I love the size and color. There were several recalls on it throughout the last 6 years, which were inconvenient and disappointing. It is showing signs of rusting and I've lived with a garage for the last 5 years. I get a lot of mileage and it's great for traveling.

- Raquel G

I still owe too much on it to be able to switch to another vehicle

There is nothing that I like. It runs terribly, has shorts in its electrical system that burn out bulbs and prevent the radio and CD player from working, the running lights sometimes do not go off. There is a leak in the radiator. The suspension does not work right.

- Larry V

Small sedan, great on gas. Good used car for a good price.

Small car, great on gas. Not very comfortable for long drives, especially for tallish people. Pretty nice, cheap reliable car for a couple or small family. Lots of trunk storage space! My car had a defective trans module which a local Ford dealership fixed for free.

- Makayla M

Great driving summer ride.

Nice compact care which gets 37 miles to the gallon. Leather, loaded, with moonroof, Sirius radio and hands free phone. Very comfortable vehicle. Downside if you live in a state which receives snow, you may as well stay home. Terrible handling in winter conditions.

- Kimberly N

The shape and looks of my car.

I had some minor problem not big ones, my car is good on gas and rides really nice.. The ride on the car is really good and comfortable .The body of the car is in good shape and has no rust in it. The inside the car is in good shape, no stains or rips in the seats

- Joseph G

If you get a focus buy the top of the line with all the bells and whistles. It gets great gas mileage and you will like the ride it has.

I love the color of my car it is called yellow metallic blaze and it looks 3 different colors by the way the sun hits it. I never get tired at looking at it. I also love the way it drives. The only complaint is the transmission issues that they have in this year.

- Nancy S

Hands free talking, great gas mileage.

The car has great gas mileage. The interior has lots of room. The backseat can lay flat for extra room for large items. . All the radio controls are located on the steering wheel. Cruise control is easy to operate. The car is equipped with Ford sync for hands free.

- Cindy E

The seat heaters. I wish the back seats for when I sit in the back

I think it's a great car we've never had many problems with it. The only problem I can think of is the touch screen. Sometimes it works sometimes it doesn't. The screen glitches a lot. But my favorite thing about the car is the seat heaters in the two front seats.

- Marie R

It needs transmission work.

My car is 5 years old, it is a Ford Focus titanium. I have had bald tires, I have had to rotate tires. But overall it is a good car and seem to be reliable. I have had it for about 8 months now. It has a lot of upgraded features. It has a great Sony stereo system.

- Brendan B

Great gas mileage with ford focus.

I love has great gas mileage. Have not issues with ford focus. I think it's a reliable vehicle. If I were thinking of buying another vehicle it would be a ford focus. Wish they would be a more room my son is 6 feet 2 inches, has trouble to feel comfortable in car.

- Mary A

It is small compact And affordable

A lot of recalls I have had to replace transmission at thirty thousand miles, the clutch sticks. The seats are not comfortable and there is not a lot of trunk space. I like the gas mileage and that I can use E85 gas, which is often more economical than regular gas

- Samantha G

The best details is that it is compact but it is not cramped.

The car works great has good gas mileage, its simple looking and doesn't attract cops. It came with Pirelli tires. The air conditioning works great which is a must in the southeast of the united states. It has a large trunk good high beams and it was inexpensive.

- Ryan L

Good on gas it has navigation system

It's good on gas it's a 4dr hatchback red with tinted windows. It runs good. It's a 4 cylinder. It has good tires on it. It's a 2012 grey interior. Sync radio system. Just had a new engine put in. Brakes are good it's a automatic. Low mileage good highway mileage

- Rochelle S

Life with a Ford Focus Hatchback

The vehicle becomes very well for an everyday driver. The only issues I ever had were with the stock rims, they seemed to always cause issues with valve stem leaks. It isn't the fastest or sportiest but it does pack a nice punch for a little four cylinder engine.

- Brian L

Focus on the focus it needs attention from you.

A lot of problems with struts and tires. The radio is also very confusing which I found to be very strange. It is a good vehicle as far as gas mileage goes. Rusts quickly if you do not watch out for it. I like the fog light feature and the headlights are awesome.

- Haley G

The 2012 Ford Focus is a great, basic, reliable car.

Very reliable. You can fold the back seats down to expand the trunk, which great. I like having Bluetooth, but when I'm listening to music and a text goes through it is really annoying. I've tried multiple times to turn it off, but it always turns back on again.

- Jaclyn C

Economy is the keynote of this vehicle.

It is too small, I am 6' 5" inches tall. . . Enough head room, but I feel cramped. The rear seat is actually inaccessible unless you are a small child. Mechanically the vehicle operates in an above average manor. Gas mileage is as good or better than advertised.

- James C

Love that it gets great gas mileage.

It gets 30 mpg, handles great. The only issue I had was with the transmission. It had a recall on it right after I purchased it. Luckily it was under warranty and was fixed within 4 days. After it was fixed, I have had no other issues with it. It is a great car.

- Heather V

Ford Focus SE 2012 Review

I love the mileage on this car. I typically get 35 mpg on my daily commute. There is a known issue with transmissions on Ford Focuses, however my car is running smoothly so far. I only have 20k miles on it and I am loving it so far because it feels so new to me.

- Jessica H

It is a good little car to drive around in.

It is had several recall issues and the paint on the roof has come off quickly. Other than the recall issues, it has been a great care with getting me where I need to go. I suggests this care for those who have to drive distances, as it does well on the highway.

- Kris C

The color of my vehicle is royal blue, 20 inch tire and it can drive in snow.

The one issue I have is the engine it is constantly needing to be fixed, it does drive well enough and I wouldn't exactly suggest this car as a great choose but will not chase you away from it so if anyone decide to get this vehicle be positive on your decision.

- Faith U

In all the vehicle is perfect for a beginner car and for small families.

This car is really efficient. It gets me where I need to go. The gas mileage is amazing. It is perfect for a beginner car and for single parents. Safe car. Brakes are amazing. Perfect for road trips. Sound on the stereo is great. It has Bluetooth capabilities.

- Ruby B

Good gas mileage, not so good transmission.

Problems with the transmission. Had to have it in the shop a few times but not within the last 2 years. Warranty extended because of it. Gas mileage is good. Comfortable to take on road trips. Good size for a small family. More space in the back than it looks.

- Amy Y

I love my car and it is all around so nice!

I really love my Ford Focus 2012. It is very reliable and I have never had a problem with the car. There was a call back on the transmission but they fixed it for free. I would definitely recommend this car to anyone! I will probably have it for years to come.

- Nadia V

Very efficient gas mileage in a dependable car.

My only issue with my vehicle is the automatic transmission. It is different that any other automatic I have ever driven. All newer cars have the sensors for low pressure on tires, however, I feel that this is totally a money making scheme by the manufacturer.

- Sherry S

The speakers sound really amazing!

Great gas mileage and speakers sound great. I love the interior and I hope it lasts long enough for me until I have children because it would be a perfect car for them. I love the hatchback and color of my car. It is like my own little racecar I get to enjoy!

- Maddie R

I love the color of my car, it can go a long time without a wash.

My car shakes when you press on the gas to take off, I have had to replace the engine a few years ago and recently and rack and pinion. It is really great on gastos had 3 recalls in the last 3 years and it has been really hard to get my car fixed. Nice color,

- Vanessa G

Reliable and safe for any family

Love the truck. It is easy to drive and use. This is the first I have owned a truck. It is great to use for moving however since it is an older model it does have some issues like sensors not working or the lamps break. Overall though this is a reliable truck

- Christine A

Ford focus is a reliable petite car.

The car is great, reliable, and good on gas. I have never really had any problems with it. I love the size and the design. It is great if you are look for something to use every day. It has Bluetooth, air conditioning, automatic windows and it is a automatic.

- Tia W

Ford Focus, small but great.

Decent car, trans module had to be replaced by dealer, transmission issues are unfortunately common due to Ford using faulty transmissions with knowledge of transmissions being faulty, great gas mileage, good for long trips, all around nice car, handles well.

- Kayla M

This car has great gas mileage.

The car has extremely good gas mileage. I think there might be an issue with the tire system because I have needed to get new tires 3 years in a row and it is always the same tire that has the issues. It is very comfortable. I love the sync and sound system.

- Sam G

White 2012 Ford Focus, 126505 miles.

Old and used but reliable. Some problems but nothing that causes immediate concern or lack of use/performance. The fuel gauge within the vehicle is off, often times leaving me have to guess how much fuel is in the car, but other than that the car works fine.

- Leo M

Great fuel mileage! Easy to clean. Comfortable

So far no problems. Only praise - great fuel consumption, reliable, easy to park, easy to drive. Comfortable on short and long trips. Fits 3 grownups comfortably in the back seat. Easy to vacuum out. Great looking. Easy to keep clean. Not bad looking either.

- Carla C

I do not have an opinion on that.

It has been reliable. There were a couple recalls that Ford was good about fixing. I have a basic model. It has more pep than my last car but could use more pep. The seats are not that comfortable and the backseat has terrible legroom. I like the hatchback.

- Sharon K